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Friday, December 07, 2007

Inspired Movies Number 2..

Here are ten more movies I though about last night while crocheting and just thinking.

1. Anaconda. Not really for kids but a great adult movie. Jennifer Lopez plays in this one. She isnt that bad in this one. Never seen the second one to this one. But anyway they get lost out in the middle of a jungle and meet up with this man hunting Anaconda's.

2. Searching for Bobby Fischer. A movie about this 7 year old boy who picks up on chess like nothing before by watching the homeless play in the park. Interesting really. A family oriented movie.

3. Star Wars 1-6. I have my favorite lines from these also. Esp the Jeti wave that Jeff and I do to each other.. LOL.. Yes I know it sounds childish but we have to have some fun... I dont have to explain this one.

4. Road House Patrick Swayze Very handsome tight muscled dude doing all the bouncing in a bar. Again maybe not for the kids with all the fighting and such but again we adults need some movies to ourselves.

5. The Stand Stephan King at one of his best I think. Its not creepy really like IT and its not lame like some of his others. So these people go looking on how to stop whats going on with what they have on there backs and nothing else.

6. Men In Black that one is good but I couldnt stand the second one. I mean a good sci fi is this one here. Maybe not Will Smiths best but close.

7. The Scorpion King This guy is looking for a lady and finds her and she is suppose to be a virgin and cant have sex or else she will lose her powers she is suppose to have. Interesting movie. Lots of fighting again.

8. Dancing with Wolves. Watching one man get along with the Indians from our past. Knowing its not real but still it could have been that way once in a life time. You just never know. We let the girls watch that one because its a good lesson in history really.

9. Interview with a Vampire. Ann Rice is a good writer and I have never read the book but we have the movie here. Its interesting how they used Tom Cruse as there top Vampire.

10. Apolo 13. Tom Hanks and three other are to go up to space but dont make it because a line breaks and they dont have enough fuel to get back to earth if the keep the shuttle running so they have to fit three or four other people in the little shuttle attached and then shut everything down. They have no heat or what nots. Well they get back to earth but its intensely wondering if they will make it.

11. Pretty Woman This one I watched as a young teenager and wondered what it would be like to have a life like that and then find love a rich man will to change me and love me for who I am.

Ok. I have mentioned 21 movies in the last two days. I could go on but I wont bore you with my favorite movies. Well enjoy this list as well. I will be back on Monday.

One of you mentioned you hope Jeff gets a break over X-mas. He will work the week before X-mas and then he will work X-mas Eve until 3 pm and then X-mas day off. Not much time off from work. But we are looking at going to my dad's house on Dec. 22nd.

I am almost done with Zombie's bigger blanket of the two. I need two more skeins of yarn for it and I am done other wise.. Another 20 inches and I am done. That wont take long.. Anyway I have a couple of scarves to do and then I dont know whats next. Maybe one more afghan. If you any of you want somethign done just ask. I can try is all I can say.

I am going to make cookies this weekend. I am going to look at making some of those Hershey Kiss Cookies and Peanutbutter Cookies. I am really looking forward to the holiday season since it seemed so glum a few short weeks ago. I owe some of this Season Glow to Candy Minx with the thought of selling some of my stuff. Well enough for today. I will be back on Monday and have a wonderful weekend and enjoy it as well as you can.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

10 Movies That Inspired Me as Child Into Teen Years!!!!

Hi there I got this idea from Zombie when reading blogs today. Ten movies that inspired me or that I remember watching the most as a child into teen years and now still rewatch as an adult.

1. Savanah A little girl that has rich parents a person taking care of her other than her parents.. It proves money cant buy happiness esp after she runs away and gets mixed up with two men that just escaped prison. Its a really cute movie really.

2. The Wrath A movie about this girl that gets raped by these guys and her boyfriend gets killed by them and he comes back in another life form basically and he turns into this car or some how runs the car and then runs all of the gang that hurt him and raped his girlfriend off the road and kills them. Interesting movie really.

3. The New Kids. No not the singing group either. This one was never put in the movie stores for some reason. I havent found it at least. This ones about two kids that lost there parents in the military and then get stuck living with an uncle in Florida they havent seen in years.

4. Sister Act 1 and 2. Just funny with Whopee Goldberg in these two movies. She inspires so many young children and other people in these two hiliarious movies.

5. Chomps A great kids movie about a robotic dog. This guy makes him to impress his soon to be father in law for a security dog but it doesnt end up that way. Just a hiliarious movie for kids and family members alike.

6. Annie Yes that one is an old one. An orphan that meets a really rich person to give her a loving home even though he wanted a boy and decided after a week with this little girl that he loved her as much as he would and could love a boy.

7. Arthur. Just having this one in the house is just a hoot. Really this drunk guy is constantly just making things fun and jokes all over the house. I mean Jeff and I have our favorite parts to this one and we rehash the lines all the time.

8. Scream. I think this is one of the only scary movies we have in the house. I dont care for scary movies. But this one wasnt gory like a few we have attempted to see so its good. It keeps you on your toes.

9. Big Trouble Little China Kurt Russel keeps you going in this one. Always doing something. Starting out with a bet and then into the bottom of a chinese place trying to save his friends girlfriend and another girl he fell for but wouldnt work out.

10. Stand by Me. A principal coming in to change the way of a school that has fallen and he does it also. I mean he gets rid of the drug dealers and dont we all wish that could happen in real life. Well it wont happen because then they would be on the streets when the kids get out of school instead of having them in the schools. But anyway.

I am not good with actresses or actors names but these are the movies that inspired me as growing up. There are plenty more but these ten are the ones I could think of for right now. Enjoy my list and make your own if you would like. this was no tag but would like to see what movies inspire you even now till this day.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Boy am I a dutiful Wife....

Hiya all. I am just coming in from shoveling the drive way and side walk. Yikes is that a chore. I am going to warm up a bit then take a shower and then just sit my fanny down and do nothing after feeding the girls there lunch. Maybe just sandwiches. I wanted some soup but I dont have any right now so it will just have to wait till I do. I love a good bowl of chicken noodle soup this time of year when its cold outside and I have just came in from shoveling.

It was light and fluffy today so it didnt take as much out of me as it did on Sunday when it was wet and thick. Its suppose to snow again tomorrow into Friday and more shoveling. I wish my mom could send that snow blower she has for me in the mail where we can quit shoveling the all this. I know its a job that has to be done but hard on the back. I am going to curl up under Zombie's blanket and work on that here in a bit. I have to clean up Bris boot mess first. She had to go potty and forgot to take her boots off so I have to go clean up the wet mess in the kitchen into the bathroom. Thankfully she didnt go through the livingroom over my carpet. I hate wet carpets. I get up to go to another part of the livingroom and the carpet is wet. No thank you.

You know one thing my friends Jeff has worked 27 hours in two days now. That is right 27 hours. I feel so sorry for him. He leaves at six the last two days and hasnt been home before eight Monday or last night. Then he is so tired he doesnt know what to do with himself. I mean phyical work is killing him and I wish he would get this thing done he is working on and then I can tell everyone but until its done completely he wants me to keep my mouth shut.

The girls were bothering me to go outside today again. its only 20 degree's and I have no idea what the windchill is. I havent checked recently. You know I wonder where we will be in a year from now if Jeff gets this thing done he is working on. I hope some where better than we are now with him working at least. The girls got half an hour with him last night after he came home and wound down and ate his dinner of scrambled eggs, hashbrown, and toast. He wanted the protein. And he doesnt eat steak so this is his best way of getting it besides Peanutbutter. LOL..

My foot I hurt back in August has been giving me troubles with all this cold weather. I cant tuck my feet up under me like I could when it was warm out. It gets really stiff and then it hurts. And then I stretch it out and then it hurts even more. Yikes. I hate when I hurt myself. At least I didnt break anything when I fell off our front stoop..

Well I suppose I better go feed my babies and then just plunk my fluffy arse down and just sit for the rest of the afternoon unless I get energetic to do some thing else. You just never know with me. Catch you all later. N.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

11 inches of snow

We got 11 inches of snow on Saturday into Sunday morning and 1-3 more tonight. Yikes huh?? Well they said its wetter now the first few days of December than it had been in November. LOL.. I thought that was funny Well here are some photo's for a day or so while I catch up on my cleaning. All that white stuff Jeff and I shoveled. My mom has a small snowblower for us but I dont know when we will get it. They visit once a year if that. And I am sick of shoveling. Jeff was going to do the shoveling on Sunday but I wanted the excercise and now I regret it because my back is in so much pain but I am not complaining because it was my idea to go shovel all that wet snow. The light fluffy stuff isnt so bad but this heavy wet crap just gets to me. Anyway some photo's of the girls going outside and playing.

The front of the house. I didnt go out to the side walk because I was in my slippers and didnt feel like getting them wet. So this is from inside the front door and just a piece of the front yard. Beautiful looking really. I love the snow but hate driving in it even if I am a passenger.

Here is Kora posing before she came in. She had already taken her hat off and ready to come in when I went outside with the camer to take these few photo's. She is growing up to quick for me.. Beautiful child anyway.

Brianna and Kora wrestling before they came in. Girls. They love it outside and they play for an hour or so then come in and ask for lunch. Its a wonder they are so close sometimes.

Another of Brianna and Kora. This one I got Bris face instead of her back. LOL.. It just amazes me to know they love it outside. Its probably colder than some of you are used to but hey we like it here anything from 10 degrees or above is beautiful. LOL..

Sunday while we were outside Kora asked if they could go see if Jonathon could come out and play for awhile. I said go but come right back if he cant. Well someone told her he could later and she looks at me says yeah right. He wants to play his video games more than play with us girls. And they havent been down there to play since the end of Oct. I refuse to let them play in the house down there. And I refuse to let him play in my house. He doesnt listen all that well and he gets bored down here because the girls dont have Tv's in there rooms. Well guess what all kids are spoiled like some. My girls can have TV's in there rooms when they can pay for there own TV's. It may sound harsh but its the truth. Well I e-mailed Laura yesterday since she is busy moving her friends in next door to her since she got the guy that was living there evicted. He had a dog and the dog wasnt covered under the Landlords insurance and she was just being a total bitch towards this guy. I mean sure he has tatoo's and he would get loud and his girlfriend and him would fight but its none of the neighbors business what they do. Well she got me in the middle of it and I told him before he moved I had nothing to do with it and I thought he was pretty cool.

I mean sure he did drugs or what not but if you stay out of his way he wasnt going to hurt you. I mean I barely talked to him. I think the month he lived down there I talked to him maybe twice. The first time I introduced myself and the girls and then once before he moved out because they had an undercover cop watching his place and he asked me I had any idea who the car belonged to. I had no idea. Laura is trouble and I want nothing more to do with it. Now she knows her neigbors and I am not going to put up with her sending her son down here to play in my yard this summer if he cant come out and play on a nice winter day. I think all kids need some fesh air during the winter. Anything above 10 degree's the girls are bundled up and sent outside for half an hour to 2 hours at a time. I let them come in when they are cold but usually its not for two hours at a time and then we usually have hot cocoa and lunch at that time.

Its 25 degrees today and the girls were outside for an hour and a half before coming in. They love it and I love knowing they like it getting fresh air. I am so glad they like there V-smile but they also like getting outside and playing in the yard. I have never seen such a lazy bunch of people down at Laura's house. I mean she calls and says she has a head ache and she has so much to do. Well you know what if you would do small things each and every day instead of putting them all together she wouldnt have so much to do.

I mean when I clean my house I have certain days for certain cleaning chores unless we are going to be gone and then I do the extra chores but a little bit at a time gets things done a lot faster than complaining about how much work you have to do. I mean like today I have sweeping and mopping today. Yesterday I did laundry. Tomorrow I take my middle of the week break except for dishes and such and then Thursday I clean the bedrooms and Friday I sweep and mop again really good. I mean come on here.The weekends are saved for family time. But she has her ex husband, Jonathon's father living with them and another room mate living down there you would think that she wouldnt have as much to do but hey its none of my business right. Well she has made it my business by telling me. I am so sick of it. She says oh I will come down to visit later and never calls or shows up. I am fed up with friends like that. If you cant come visit its a curteousy call to say sorry but I am not coming tonight. I dont know when but at least let me know you arent coming down.

I am sorry I am ranting. It just gets me how different my children are compared to there friend down the street. I love my girls for how they are and I have to admit there arent many other children on our block. So they either play alone or they play with kids Bri's age in diapers. Yuckie. No thanks. I am not prejudice but its just the thought having a three year old in diapers and they know what they are doing. Actually the little girl behind us is four almost five and they still have her in diapers. I hope its a mental problem not and not a parental problem. Yikes... Anyway I think I have ranted enough to day about other people. Enjoy my snow photo's and I will be back tomorrow. N

Monday, December 03, 2007


Hey there world. I have a delema really here. I have a craving and I have no idea where to find the recipe for these cookies. They are round and small but when you take them out of the oven you put a Hershey Kiss in the middle of the top of them. Anyone out there know what I am talking about or know how to make these if so could you please e-mail me or put the recipe on my blog for me in the comments section. I cant remember what they are called or I would know what to look up. Plus I cant find my damned cookbook I had around here. Its probably still in the basement in a box I never went through. Well thanks all and catch you tomorrow. N.

Thanks Squirel.

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.

Thanks to Courtney here the bottom one..


Chicago Dating

Saturday, December 01, 2007

X-mas Wish List....

Here are things I would love to have for X-mas..

The rest of the Harry Potter series. I have 1-3 so I just need the last four.

A hair razor... I cant think of the name of them.

Some really good books besides the HP series.

I cant think of anything else right now. I love romance, fiction, fantasy, and a whole bunch of others. Mystery. I am not asking any of you to buy I am just putting a wish list out there. It cant hurt... LOL.. I was thinking of this last night as I went to sleep last night and it stuck. Well talk to you all later.

Let me tell you all something. I feel for my husband you all are my witness to this testimony... LOL.. He didnt get home till almost 8 pm last night and now he is working today and he just called me and told me he wont be home till 2 or 3 this afternoon. Usually they are suppose to be done at noon and no later but they have just that much more work to do today because of our snow storm. I feel for him because he works so hard and still no one appreciates him there. The new guy that was suppose to have worked today quit yesterday. My poor hubby. He works so hard and now he only gets one day off instead of one and half. that is how he see's it. I hope this project he is working on at home gets him somewhere because this physical job is killing him.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Twas The Night Before A Snowy Weekend!!!!

Hi all. We have about 3-6 inches of snow coming tomorrow into Sunday so I had to make joke out of it. Its going to be slippery and yuckie out so we are going to make a good weekend of just sitting around and doing nothing. I promised you all photos of my decorating. I didnt get one with the lights on around the big window wrapped up in the garland but I did get the garland photo though. Enjoy.

My beauty posing for a photo op... LOL.. she had just had her hair put up and wanted a pix taken. She is so cute with her hair up but she wont leave it long.

Not for sale. These have already been bought. But these are for Zombie and and Mrs Z. I am working on the big one and I hope they like it when i am done. Zombie the big one fits the length of our bed so its a good sized blanket. This is the smaller one of the two.

Now my stubborn child that doesnt get stuff she has already worked on. Yikes. I get so fustrated with her sometimes. I try not to but we have worked on this stuff before. We are working on one less and one more. She knows what to do and persists on acting like she doesnt. Oh well not complaining still better than having her in the public school system.

But that is it folks for the weekend. Jeff will more than likely have the computer all weekend so catch up with you all on Monday. Have a safe and happy weekend.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Pissed off Bitch

Hi all. No I am not mad at Jeff. I am pissed off at Laura. My box never arrived for Richard to take to Kenya with him for the Orphans. I will never trust a friend to do a favor for me again. I am sorry but I am the wrong Bitch to piss off. I have this feeling that she never sent it. I am contacting Richard throug e-mail and seeing if he can contact the Post Office where he lives to see if its being held with his regular mail. But then again if its not I have no idea what to do. I have no idea how she mailed it to him. It should have been there before now. It was supposedly sent on Nov. 12th sometime. And its already the end of Nov. I have never seen a package take so long to get from Wi to the other side of the States. Come on people this isnt fair.

I am angry at Laura plus myself. I mean if you are that busy getting your wedding planned dont promise to send a package and then not do it. I am waiting for her to call me back because when I called her just now she was on the phone with her dr. She could have let the voice mail pick up when I called just now. I have few friends here in WI and I dont care to have them either if they are going to do this to me. People suck in general and I have a hard time with them since I left home. I talk to a select few of my friends from back home and I have to enjoy there company to talk to them.

Life is not good right now. Well it is but my feelings are just about to explode when she calls me back. I havent talked to her since I got my book back to make the afghans that Zombie and Mrs Z asked me to make. I am done with the smaller of the two and I will post it tomorrow. I have to replace the batteries in my camera again. I know I need some rechargeable ones but I dont have the cash right now. The money I got actually helped us pay our phone bill. It was either that or lose it and lose my friends for the time being. I voted for keeping our phone.

Well I will let you all know what happened to the box. I need to go and figure out what to do for lunch and then get Kora moving. We have to bring our movies back also and its cold outside. Its 21 F and cold with the wind chill. Well catch you all later N.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You all have more than likely heard about this but its still sad. I am not a Redskin fan but I hate seeing people die. I mean did he get shot for a reason or hate from another person. I hope they find out who did this and why they did this. He was to young to die. Worth a few million more than likely but still. I wish I had millions but not to do die having it. I suppose everyone wishes they had millions of dollars sometimes. Money is everything to certain people.

You know when we refinanced our house in July the mortgage guy we worked with knows Brett Favre personally. Yes I said Personally. I have never met Brett but I have been told he is like a really neat guy to know. I have been told that he doesnt act like has money. I would like to meet him some day. Just see if this person is right about Brett. You just never know until you meet someone. Its hard to take the word of some one else.

But check out this link if you havent heard about Taylor. I cant remember his first name but its in the article. Enjoy my friends.

Cant Believe this

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi Jeff and I rented some movies Saturday night and we got a newe one we hadnt seen before and didnt know what it was going to be like. Ok I like a good scary movie once in a while but not gory. Yuckie.

Well we didnt finish it or even get through 20 minutes of it before we decided it wasnt for us. It was called Pitch Black and it started out weird and it ended up being gory when we shut it off. We got the last three Star Wars. I mean the original three. I own the first three that just came out. I would love to have the original three to complete the set.

Any one hear of them making another three to finish the series off completely? I know there are three more books but any idea's if they are going to make movies out of them?

Then we also got Space Invaders and it was an ok movie for being made in the 80's sometime. The girls liked it. I have noticed with them watching movies they act out what they have seen. Its actually quite cute.

Then the girls got a movie for themselves. They got the Aristocrats. Cute movie. Not all as it seemed to be cracked up to be though while watching The Lion King previews. LOL...

I am going to go get the tree here in a bit and get that put up and then my bulbs on the tree and then going to start thinking of X-mas projects for the girls to do for the tree. Then hang the Garland on the door ways. I guess I am in the mood slightly. Its been rough to get in the mood lately.

Well anyway post number two for today so I will leave this as is and catch you all later. N.

A Conversation at Home

Me Honey I want to go to Philly.

Jeff Why do you want to go to Philly.

Me I want to go because of a blog friend lives out there.

Jeff does his wife know you want to go out there.

Me its not a male I want to meet.

Jeff oh ok. Then who lives in Philly.

Me Monica.

Jeff is that a last name or a first name.

Me First name

Jeff oh ok.

Me Monica said if we go out there to Philly she wants to help me learn how to make a home made apple pie.

Jeff WE ARE GOING!!!!!

We had this conversation last night while I was making dinner.

Also when I talked to Zombie on the phone my girls kept wanting to say hi but I wouldnt let them. They love talking on the phone. But you get Bri on the phone and she says hi and thats it. LOL.. Kora is a little better but not much.

Monday, November 26, 2007

An Interesting Weekend....

Hey world. How is everyone today on a Monday. I am fighting with Kora to get back in the groove of working and then we are putting up the tree later on today when we come back from our walk. I am half way done with the smaller of the two blankets that Zombie and Mrs Z asked me to make..

And then I actually talked to Zombie on Friday night on the phone. A very interesting person from what we talked about but the interesting poing of this is when Jeff talked to him. You know Jeff didnt like the idea of me blogging for a very long time until he talked to Zombie on Friday night. Thanks for giving him something to look forward to. He was working on his Programming all weekend long. Still doesnt have a working project but working on it slowly.. LOL.. I mean I havent seen him like he was all weekend long.

Jeff looked like a little boy with a new toy and friend to share it with. Thanks again Zombie Slayer for your help in that area.

I am doing my part in this. Jeff worked Saturday morning and he came home and went to change and straight to the computer to do his programming. He would only stop to eat and then right back at it again. He got fustrated a few times but he has dealt with so much lately at work this is a walk in the park for him. I feel so bad for him with this job he has. I mean I worry when he's out on those icy roads after it snows and then the tires he delivers are as big as a door way sometimes and some of the people he delivers to refuse to help him unload those big tires and he has almost gotten crushed more than once.

The girls enjoyed there weekend. They fought all wekend long and Kora refused to tellt he truth about her closet rod falling yesterday. She was hanging on it and she told Jeff that it just fell off the closet wall. RIGHT!!! They are both going through a phase of lying and its getting on my nerves really. Anyway we had a good weekend.

Also I am planning on getting Kora the Clifford Series for X-mas and then I have no idea's for Brianna so if any of you have an idea for a three year old that is educational or what not that is about twenty dollars that would be great. I thought books for Kora this year because she is enjoying reading and such.

Alright off we go on our walk to Wal Mart for a few items. I dont buy Chinese made things Just some cleaning soap and such. So nothing real important. Talk later my friends. Have a safe and happy Monday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Boy Do I feel Stupid!!!!!!!!!

Well my friends we did have a Turkey yesterday. Jeff borrowed a few dollars from his boss on Wednesday night and stopped by the store and got us a turkey and some pie and such. I didnt get my ice cream to go with my pie but that is ok. At least we got what we had. Zombie i am going to start those afghans on Monday for you. We had mashed pots, turkey, cranberries, and stuffing and cherry pie for dessert. He even bought a small can of sweet pots but I wont touch them and the girls had a little bit but didnt care for them. I made them eat what they took though. So it was good and we watched the packers beat the Hell out of the Lions. Go Pack Go. LOL... We are 10 and 1. Yeahhhhhh.... Well enough of that. Well I am off to shower and then sweep the kitchen at least from the leaves the girls drag in with them and then make a grocery list for when Jeff comes home when we go to the store. Catch you all on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.

book review...

Minetter Walters

Here is my last review for the Fall Rading Challenge but am participating in the Winter Reading Challenge also.

This book starts out with a weird start to it really. Its starts in May 30th, 1970 and with three boys and two girls and one of the girls younger brother. Well they are truanting from school and they are drinking acohol and one of the girls starts teasing the boys so they get even with her by gang raping her and not touching her friend.

Then it goes into some letters and some court details from this person called Howard Stamp because he was accused of murdering his grandmother. Howard was slow. I wouldnt call him mentally retarded but slow.

Well 30 some years later this lady called Georgina comes along not believing Howard could have killed his grandmother and she gets hooked up with Dr. Jonathon Hughes. Well they start looking into this together and get a bunch of details before the end of the book. They talk to alot of people and restart the investigation on this. I am skipping alot here.

Well about the middle of the book things take a twist and they find out who did kill Howards grandmother and they just have to prove it and then they rehire a dectective service. Well she helps them get the information they need.

End of book they have the person who killed Grace Jefferies even though Howard killed himself in prison three years after being convicted but he was none the less proven innocent.

I have skipped alot here but given the details to read the book. I would suggest to read this book. I thought it a great read. Esp if you like mystery and wonder at the same time. Just wondering whats going to happen next. It was one of my .50 cent reads I got from Good Will

Your IQ Is 80

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Average

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average

Your General Knowledge is Above Average

You Should Be a Mechanic

You are logical, calm, and detail oriented.

You're rational when things are chaotic, and for you, reason always prevails.

And while you are guided by logic, you aren't a slave to it.

You're flexible when it counts. You are always open to being wrong.

You do best when you:

- Work with your hands

- Can use tools, machines, or equipment

You would also be a good architect or carpenter.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just Remembering Happy Times

Hiya all.I know I wasnt sure if I was going to get to a new post today or not. I was watching my afternoon shows for once and I started crying. I got to thinking about the Holiday tomorrow and realizing the only person I have left on my side of the family besides my real dad is my mother.

I was remembering when I was Kora's age how we all used to go and sit at my grandma's house all day long and wait for the turkey to get done and visit with eachother and all the laughter that came and went in one day and some bickering of course.

The only person that kept all of from a full blown fight was my grandfather. I dont know what it was about that man but he kept us all from fighting. He was just wonderful from what I remember of him. He passed away when I was in first grade on Thanksgiving morning.

Then things sort of went down hill but we all still got together at grandma's house and had a blast. I was starting to get old enough to help in the kitchen and do other things besides do dishes. I got to help mash potatoes that year and that was my job every year after that because I got them done better than my mom. LOL...

Then it went and I got out on my own and Jeff's and I's first Thanksgiving together we had Great Grandma, grandma, mom, Ken, Matt, and Bruce at our house. I know none of these names mean anything to most of you but they do to me. Matt was my grandma's life long boyfriend. She wouldnt marry him. And Bruce is my second counsin. It was wonderful having these people in our one bedroom apt at the time. I mean it sounds funny but look at us now.

Then grandma Joan passed away Feb 6th, 1999. She killed herself we think. She OD on some pills she had in the house. They found a carton of milk next to the couch where they found her and some pills shoved down her throat. That is the persons house we used to go to all the time and spend Thanksgiving and most X-mas's at. She was always in pain because when I was very small she was drunk and got hit and her bone in her ankle was removed and she could walk but she had a hole in her ankle.

Great Grandma Elsie had a stroke in 2001 because she just got really depressed from having to bury her daughter two years before and she just couldnt handle it any longer and I miss G G the most. We were really close. She had her stroke and then she my aunt and mom fought over the power of Attorney for a long time. Then my mom put a restraining order on GG and Marie. Well I wasnt suppose to have contact with either of them because of the restraining order but I did anyway. It would have deserved my mother right to go to jail for that one.

Anyway GG went into a nursing home and fell and hit her head about a week before the last time I saw her and she kept telling me she wanted to go home with me to see my mom and they wouldnt let her go. I would have taken her too. She fell one more time after this and they had to put her in the hospital for it and when they put her back in the nursing home she just gave up. She didnt want to be there and I dont blame her really. She passed away Oct 9th,2003.

Now Marie my aunt was 72 years old or so and even after the restraining order was done over the year that my mom had put on her, she wanted nothing to do with my mom. I dont blame her one bit. She was the feisty one in our family and usually started the fights and ended up leaving half way through meals after Grandpa passed away. She was schitzophrenic and took way to many pills. She ended up with Cancer and they didnt catch it in time to save her. But she passed away sometime in July. I dont even remember the date. That is sad.

Now the only person I have is my mom on my side of the family not including a few cousins but the next of kin. She wont make it another ten years if she doesnt get her diabetes under control. She eats what she wants and when she wants instead of taking control and eating moderately.

I was just thinking about the people in my life that made me happy and I am thankful to have had them in my life even if it was for a very short time. Life is good when you think about the good times.

Again Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your families my friends. You dont need whole bunches of people to be happy. Loads of love N and family.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I have found a space for my crafting. here is the url. New Crafting Area. Go here to see crafts. I will still post new stuff on this blog for those of you to see when I make something for family but other wise for things you would like to purchase this is the blog to visit. N.

Hi there. I know its early but we arent going anywhere because we dont have the cash. We were thinking about going to his mothers house but no money and then my dad had invited us to his house instead and of course no money there so we are staying home and just us. I have said this before we are doing our holiday on Saturday instead. That is just fine with me. I can handle that.

I am looking forward to the turkey, mashed pots, cranberries and stuffing and then pies. OOOOOO so good. Yummie. I might even talk Jeff into a pail of ice cream to go along with the Pies. I like ice cream with my pie instead of whip cream. Esp nice warm pie.

I have to say I am thankful to have the little family I have and have a husband that works for a living instead of some of the people I know personally.

I am thankful to have friends that care enough to give me ideas how to make extra cash when in need of it.

I am thanful for being able to do what I do and have the knowledge of crocheting.

I am thankful for having my house for over a year now.

I am thankful for having alot of things but its hard to put everything in order.

The main thing I am thankful for is having my life to live and give my girls and husband the best life at home I can.

I am thankful that I am able to home school both girls. I know Bris not in school yet but she is learning preschool stuff while Kora and I work on other things.

I am thankful I have my health and am able to keep up my house hold and family.

Alright you all get the idea why I am thankful. Anybody want to give it a shot on why you all are thankful to have what you have. I know why most of you are but its great to read this and its no tag but just curiousity. I have no idea what I am doing tomorrow so I have no idea if I have a post or not. So that is why I did this today. Take care my friends and if I dont have a post up tomorrow I will be back on Friday to tell you what we did on Thursday. Then more than likely the weekend. Talk soon. N.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Heart Broken

Hi there all. I am heart broken today. No not by Jeff and my family. I am recieving a documentary about the kids in Kenya sometime in the next couple of weeks and I just got an e-mail from the lady that is doing the documentary.

She e-mailed me and told me she had posted the documentary and it should be here in about two weeks and I e-mailed her back thanking her and wishing her well and she told me its not well over there right now. She has misbudgeted for X-mas where the kids dont get a X-mas dinner. I thought my life was bad until I read her e-mail. Its so sad. I wish I had a thousand dollars to send over for a dinner for 100 kids and maybe some presents for those children but I dont.

Maybe next year when Taxes come back I can help out more. Or am I just wishing. Jeff and I arent going to have alot left this year after taxes because of somethings that need taking care of.

But I was feeling sorry for myself last week as you all read and now I get this e-mail and I realize just how much better I have it than those kids do over there. I mean most of them have lost there parents to Aids and some of them may even have Aids themselves. Its so sad ot hear about. I am thankful I live in a country that has hospitals and medical assistance if you need it and other such services.

Life is too short to be sad but you all have had a rough time and gave me plenty to do look up to when it comes to getting small things for the girls. I even have Jeff hyped up about my selling my crafts here. I have a new item to add to my list of afhgans. I made a scarf and headband set over the weekend. Its pretty neat really. I will post them later. I need to go get some cleaning done but I just wanted to talk about Nwamba.

She takes care of about twenty children in the Orphanage. She is the one doing the documentary. She seems like a very sweet person. I will let you all know what I think of the documentary when I recieve it and watch it. Well off to start my cleaning. Have a wonderful day my friends.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Its Friday Again Already!!!!

Hi there. You know all I got up to make Jeff's lunch this morning and I almost forgot what day it was. He eats bolgna MWF and peanutbutter on Tues and Thurs. Well I was so tired this morning he almost got Peanutbutter again today. It wouldnt have been the first time in the last 12 years I have done that. Alright almost 12 years. Things seem ok for the time being. I told him what I am doing with my work and he supports me one hundred percent and says if I can make money this way go ahead. I have made him out as an ass sometimes but most times he is loyal and does love his girls. But when he's mad forget all the loyal shit. He can be a total dick when he's angry and then I am forgotten on what I do for this family.

The girls are good as usual. Kora has her Friday off because I have figured that we work the extra four hours during the week Mon-Thurs when Jeff comes home. I wait till he comes home for her to read to both of us so she spends about an hour reading because she likes to read. And just because sometimes it takes her an hour to stumble through a book. LOL.. I know she is just learning.

I went with Laura and Norm yesterday to get there marriage liscense and and also got some info on Passports. I know we cant afford them now but I wanted a round idea of how much its going to cost us because I want to travel in the next three years. I would love to go meet Kitem and Helene if she is interested and go a few other places. I know Kitem you said I am welcome in your home. Thank you and we will make that a plan but for now lets just get our Passports going in the next year.

I helped Laura cook some of her food yesterday. She is having Potato salad, those little hotdogs you usually use with toothpicks, ham sandwiches, finger sandwiches, and a few other things. She went out to where they are having the wedding today to decorate and then they are getting married tomorrow sometime. I dont even know when. Her husband to be is staying here in town and driving out to the wedding site with his mom and sister and brother tomorrow and Laura's sixteen year old daughter.

I have to admit I have no idea what we are doing this weekend. I think we are going for a walk tomorrow if Jeff doesnt have to work. I hate dragging him out after he has worked for a few hours on a Saturday. Its just mean so we will more than likely go on Sunday if he feels like it. I hate this time of year. My eyes are all itchy and my nose is running away. Not literally but that is how it feels.

Also here is one of my favorite recipes if anyone is interested. I found this one on a Bisquick box. Enjoy it and hope you all let me know what you think of it when you try it. I am wondering if you could put a vegetarian twist to it. If so let me know. I was talking more about like Hammer since I have learned he is a Vegetarian. I also double this to make it thick. But I will just give you the reg instructions.

Deluxe Cheeseburger Melt

1 1/3 cup Oringinal Bisquick mix
1/4 cup water
2 eggs
1 1/4 cup shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 lb ground beef
1 can (10 1/4 oz) cream of mushroom soup
1 cup frozen mixed Vegies

Heat overn to 400. Spray 13x9 pan. Stir mix water and eggs and 1 cup of cheese. Spread in pan. Brown Beef, drain. Stir in soup,and vegies. Heat until hot. Spread over batter in pan. Bake 22-25 minutes or until edges are golden brown. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake 1-3 minutes or until cheese is melted. 8 servings.

Enjoy my friends its one of my favorite dishes but Jeff gets sick from it for some reason. He cant eat the frozen vegies. They just dont get along with his tummy. Well I have babbled enoug here. Have a great weekend and I will be back on Mondy sometime.. LOL.. Take care my friends.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Girls Once Again..... LOL..

Hi there. I have a new post of course but this is my girls. You all know that though. Kora is raking the back yard doing some work with me shoveling the leaves into the garbage can where we can bring them out front for the leaf eater to come by and take them. Plus Kora was working off some of her punishment for playing with the drain pipes on the side of the house on Monday afternoon. Her and Bri got in trouble from Dad when he came home and found out they had been playing with the drain pipe for the rain gutters and he wasnt happy with her. I had no idea they were playing with them or else she would have gotten it from me when before Dad came home.

Anyway she wasnt working that fast so we switched places for a while. I got to the point where I was getting hungry and wanted to come in. Well I started raking the leaves and shoveling and then making them haul the garbage can out front to dump on the curb. That worked better than waiting all afternoon for Kora to figure out she didnt need to bring all the leaves across the lawn to make a new pile... LOL..

Then today after we got done working Kora decided she wanted to lay down for a bit. She is her mothers daughter. She buries her self under her blankets. LOL.. Yes I bury myself under the blankets when I am cold. I hate being cold. But the funny thing is, is when I warm up from being cold I end up going to sleep. Yes I know it sounds funny so I usually try and keep myself some where in between. Its not easy for me to do so though.

Now here is just my baby. She had been up since six this morning. She just wouldnt think of sleeping in with me. She crawls in bed with us at about 5 and then usually goes back to sleep with me for a while in the morning. But this morning forget it.She wanted nothing to do with sleep. But I have gotten lucky with both girls with going back to sleep for a bit after they are awake. I know I shouldnt but I doze off during the day on the couch and they play in there rooms. I have never been an early morning person so I like to sleep.

Hey any of you out there with small children or kids the ages of mine can you answer a question for me? Or those of you that remember the kids being small.I notice that anytime we have a good meal on the table Bri regresses where she wants to be fed like a baby. I know she can feed herself because she does it all the time and when I tell her to eat by herself she gets mad at me. Any idea's why that is???? I am slightly confused on that... Anyway we are doing loads better here and Jeff has no idea what I am trying to do. LOL.. Trying to keep it as a secret for the time being.

I also tried getting an account to sell things on Etsy but I need a credit card and I dont have one in my name..And of course I dont have his numbers for his. So no go there and I think you need a credit card for Ebay dont you? Just wondering. If anyone knows more please let me know. I would love to get some stuff for my little family for X-mas even if it is from the dollar store as you all have suggested but I have to say there is no where to skip on bills next month. Thank you all for your idea's. I have never thought about alot of them until I got a few comments saying why dont you try this. Because I had never thought about it until mentioned... I have never thought about selling my stuff either. I have always just crocheted for new family members and such and my own.

But again thank you all and I will get going. I dont want to bore any of you... LOL.. Talk later ot tomorrow my friends.

Update: Never trust a friend to go to the store for you and get a thing or two when he or she is going. I am so sick of it. I asked Laura if she would pick me up a can of Cream of Mush soup last night when she went to the store. Yeah sure I will. Well guess what she never went and today she said she was going and I havent heard from her since she called and asked if I had some 30 gallon black garbage bags for them to clean her basement with.... I am so sick of trusting people. Then I call and ask my Dear Sweet Hubby if he would mind making a stop for me and he gets mad at me. Its my fault he didnt pick the stuff up last night when he was at the damned store. I am sorry I dont have any money in my pocket.. That is going to stop right now. I am going to start doing my own work and getting some cash for it. Then I dont have to make him angry at me. I am spoiled and I am sick of being spoiled by him. Its going to stop. I quit. You know how bad I just want to walk right now. Its not good enough is it he says that he is working 14 hours today. Well sorry I asked you to go to the store but he doesnt listen to me when I say it. He just thinks I am mocking him. Well you know what its enough. I have had enough. I am going to make him wonder where all the extra money is coming from... Well people I am sorry to add to this post today but thanks for listening and reading. I am still here but thanks.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

If you Build it they will Use it.......

For SME!!!!!! LOL.. Sorry thought you would like this one when it came up. I just couldnt forward it to you. I had to post it.... I am starting to feel like old me again in the next few days again. Well enjoy and I really hope I didnt affend anyone with the last post. I didnt mean to if I did. Its just one of those think about it deals....

This is the actual turnoff from Banff, Alberta, Canada to the #1 highway to Calgary.
Great picture isn't it? They had to build the animals (especially the elk) their own crossing because
that was where the natural crossing was and after the highway was built there were far too many
accidents. I understand it didn't take the animals long to learn that this was their "road. "

Monday, November 12, 2007

Damned People.

Deffinition of Fascist:

often Fascist An advocate or adherent of fascism.
A reactionary or dictatorial person.

But here is my definition of it really. I hope I dont miss use the word. Ok here is the kicker for the word. I cant find the definition in the Webster Dictionary. Yikes huh?? Well anyway there is a point to this banter of shit I have here. I have a lot on my mind today and I am going to start with some men I know in general ok. No men on my blog roll but people I know personnally. Ok... LOL..

Starting with whom I think is a total fascist is our Pastor. He is trying to Jeff that if we dont continue going to church we are going to Hell. Well guess what Jeff and I havent gone to church in over a month again now. And also according to that factor we were going to go anyway because we dont live the lives that these people live anyway. Always praying and doing something wrong and realizing that its wrong and trying to get the holy ghost. Yes I know we were both baptized but life has been even harder on both of us since then. I am not going to go into a religion thing again. We are both comfortable with how we dress to go and what not but also what pisses me off about people like Pastor Fraser is that when you are asked to do something either say yes or no. Well Pastors mother was sick and they werent sure when she was going to go and as I have mentioned before Laura is getting married on Saturday and she had me ask if Pastor would mind doing the Wedding. So I called him and asked him and he talked to her and told her to call his wife and they would set up a couple of times to meet and talk and such like marriage counsiling before the wedding. Well he kept coming up with reasons why he couldnt do it.

I just wish if you cant do something please tell a person up front please. I hate when a person Hem and Hahs about it. I have to admit I am no better sometimes but if I am not sure what we are doing I will do it till I figure it out but after I figure it out then I tell that person straight up what is going on. Well Pastors mother passed away Wednesday afternoon. She went into a coma and never woke up. Like I told Pastors daughter when she told me at least being in a coma she wasnt in as much pain as she was before the coma. Am I really that cold hearted or am I just to truthful with people??

Now on to other things in life. Jeff and I got into a huge fight on Friday night about something. I dont want to mention what exactly the fight was in case he reads this. Sometimes he goes in with me to check a video. Well anyway things got heated and he threatened to leave. Well of course I cant make him stay with me. So I started asking questions like if want to leave Why did you marry me and I may be slightly depressed. Call this what you want. I dont know anymore. I was feeling all weekend like a piss pore mother and other things. Nothing he said its just how I felt. I mean I can be hard on the girls but if they dont something and I am to hard and he questions me and then when they do, do something I an not hard enough and he questions me. I just dont get it. I felt like all weekend I kept fucking up. Alright I usually dont swear on here but I felt like a total failure.

Then yesterday things escallated again and it wasnt pretty. Both girls were cowering in a corner because of the yelling matches going on and I felt so sorry for them. Then I was so upset I kept yelling at them for the smallest details. I dont know whats wrong. I felt like I was finally losing my mind. You know maybe I am in some ways. I finally asked Jeff after I calmed down enough to talk to him if it was possible that I was going though a nervous breakdown.

Maybe I am doing to much around the house with no time out of it with no money coming in. Also here is the kicker for you all. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and I realized I have no talents besides my crocheting. I have no abilities for anything. Also if I go back to work we lose a 1,000 dollars at tax time for him being the primary income provider.

I know that sounds like a lot of money but it is esp when you have to pay day care expenses too. Then who is going to home school Kora and Bri when its time. No real day care is going to school your child. Sure Jeff has an interview on Wednesday for the second job but I feel sorry for him taking on a second job. We are about to lose either our phone and internet or if we cant make our house payments our house. We have been here for 13 months and I dont want to lose my house. I love my space and what I can do with my space.

My life seems to be turning upside down right now. We are even going to put up the tree this year because there is not going to be anything under the tree from us to the girls. I know that sounds petty but we have not enough money this year. I dont remember the time we have been so low on cash. I am embarrassed to say this. There will be no lights up at our house or X-mas tree. We believe in X-mas just no money to fund it like we wanted to this year. Sure he gets a bonus check but that will be for catching up on late bills or else have somethign turned off. Then we wont have to worry about a thing. We cant live without heat or water or what not. I know it sounds terrible. But that is how things go every year and I wont go to get as an adopted family for the year. Jeff would kill me for one thing. Not literally of course but he doesnt like looking like a charity case.

I know he's called me today and nothing was mentioned of last night but I still wonder if he will come home tonight. That happens all the time after a good fight. No one was hurt besides feelings but still its not easy for a week or so after one of our fights. I have a hard time talking to him after one. I am not sure what will put him into another anger fit and then I will take all of my feelings I am feeling now and put them back up. Its not easy. But like you all said before marriage isnt easy. I know that and I appreciate all your advice. Well anyway I suppose I need to go do somethings and then get the girls some lunch. Take care...

Ps here guys and gals if you need a place to put some funding for a good cause please do so here. I will never ask again but if you feel you need to do please do it here and it will help my African children I am helping with for Pen Pals....

Richard M.Brodsky Aids Foundation

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sweet Family Faces.

Here is some of our nieces. This is Ashley and Irin. Enjoy. and if i can finally get the ones of John and Shay to come up too I will post them.

The top one is Ashley and the bottom one is Irin.

For some reason I cant get the ones of John and shay to come up and I dont have any of him on my camera. We havent seen him since the girls were small. But enjoy the two I just posted.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Hubby.... and Kids....

Nirvana Polly... I just had to do one video today. Its a good video. Actually a great song. Not real heavy.. Enjoy.

Hi there all. I am sorry to post about my dear sweet hubby again but I am so proud of him really. And my girls too. Jeff realizes that with the stuff I do around the house I could never work right now so he is taking on a second job at Uhaul. Its only an extra 15 hours a week if that. So no big deal right... Well it might be. Its not as physically demanding as Pomp's is. All he has to do is loan out trucks and customer service and such. Put a trailer hitch on once in a while.

Daddy and his girls. Brianna wanted a piggy back too but she is too small yet to sit on his back like Kora does but he does play with her as equally. So more photo's of daddy and his girls.

I dont know if you can see their hats real good but if you can I made those. I found a very neat and easy pattern for them. They are suppose to come with scarves but I cant keep the scarves even on the sides.

The pattern was an adult pattern so I took and used a very tiny hook and made these for the girls.. I say I did a very good job on them. I enjoy my work. Jeff and I are sending out my box on Monday hopefully. I was hoping to be able to do it on Saturday but I dont know if Jeff has to work or not yet. I sort of hope not. I want to get my box of afghans out in the mail to Richard to get to Kenya.

Well I suppose my girls are hungry and I need to go see if the kitchen is dry enough to get them some lunch. We eat a late breakfast and then a later lunch and then dinner when Jeff comes home. But they get an early snack in the morning so they dont starve from the time they get up. They have fruit and something to drink. Anyway catch you all tomorrow. N and girls.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Where to Start.......

.................Sometimes like Notta said we just dont know where to start when typing. I have a hard time thinking of things to say and just wonder where I am going when I start a new post.

Well lets start with Laura today. No I am not complaining about her. Her wedding plans have come to a great deal for her and she is almost done with them. She was going use the Pastor that runs our church but decided on a person from The Salvation Army today. Our Pastor was jerking her around anyway. His mother is very ill and he kept telling her he would do it if nothign happened and what if something happened to his mother the day of the wedding. You dont do that to somebody. You just dont leave them hanging like that. I think that is really rude. But hey this man has no respect for woman in general really. But I went over there for a few minutes last night and she has her flowers done and wine glasses and such. I have to say Jeff and I arent going to the Wedding. I am not to fond of a few of the people going so we arent going to participate in there joyous day.

I made the girls each a hat. I havent taken photo's of them yet. I think they are just adorable. But they are suppose to come with matchin scarves but I cant keep the sides on my scarves straight so I am skipping the scarves for the time being.

Jeff and I have looked at our calander and just realized that we wont be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday Nov.22. We have to wait till Saturday. LOL.. This payday coming up on Friday is our Mortgage payment and nothing left of it so we have to wait till the 23rd. Then it will be too late to start cooking so Saturday the 24th we will celebrate our Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it also. We were going to go out to his mothers house but decided to stay home. I wasnt really in the mood to go out to her house and have her tell me what kind of mother I was anyway. No thank you. She wasnt much better with her kids but she likes to try and make us daughter in laws realize we are just as terrible. So I avoid visiting with her as much as possible. Then over New Years they want to come to our house. I dont know yet. They want to come up for the weekend. I think I will disappear for the weekend down the street. Sounds rude but I will give her time with her grandchildren and son. I will just go visit with Laura and if they tell me they are hungry I will just tell them to have grandma fix them dinner.....

Funny story here really about my mother in law. She came to visit with us when Kora was 13 months old so Jeff and I took advantage of her being here and took an afternoon to ourselves. She said go I can take care of Kora. So we left and everything was cool. Jeff and I had fun. Well when we got home his mother had said that she woke up right after we left and she didnt dare lay her back down because she was afraid she wouldnt go back to sleep for me that night. Well I got uptight about it and then his mother told me she didnt know what to feed Kora when I told her before we left that there was left over mac and cheese in the fridge or soup. Which ever she decided on. So my baby was tired and very hungry when we got home. You would think after having five kids of your own you would know what to do with yoru grandchild. Yikes..... Well we ended up with a blow our fight about it and she left the following day swearing she would never step foot in my house again.

Now her and her partner want to come visit us over New Year's Eve. Anyway I am not to thrilled about this visit. It wasnt my idea it was hers so I am just hoping she doesnt try to pull another stunt. A while back she tried talking Jeff into taking the girls and leaving me but he refused. Jeff had hit our niece by reflex because she hit him first and I stood up to his mother finally and no one liked that one little bit. I was the bitch for standing up for my husband. He had apologized to the spoiled little shit and it probably did her some good to get hit like she did. And everyone kept nagging on him because he hit her and I finally stood up and told his mother to piss off and I got it from there.

I have had my problems with my mother in law but then again whose fault is it really? I dont know. Sometimes I blame myself because I want to do things on a live and learn basis and then sometimes I take advice but not the way my mother in law gives it. Life is just plain weird.

Like I said at the top I dont know where my posts are going when I start so enjoy some of my stories about my MIL... I could go on but I dont want to bore you to death with the fights we have had. Stupid childish fights over nothing really.

On to my mother really quick here. I told my mom that the girls could use some clothes yesterday because she asked what they needed. Well today my mom said she was looking for clothes two sizes to big and of course I got angry. I know where she is coming from but Kora cant wear clothes two sizes to big. She is so skinny that they would fall off of her. You know my mother asks but does what she wants to do anyway. I dont understand it. Anyway I suppose I need to go get my girls some lunch. They just came in and its chilly out today. I am going to make left over Speghetti. I will catch you all later or early tomorrow like usual... Have a good day and stay warm for those of you in cold climates..........

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Long Weekend

Hiya there. Here is what we did on our long weekend. Boy am I sore from the weekend though and also I just wanted to apologize for Friday's post but it was on my mind and I needed to get it out. Thank you all for your comments and help on what to do and suggestions.

Now on to our weekend. Some more photo's but these were taken at Bairds Creek here in town where we hiked for about 4 miles and the girls were real troopers. They never once complained about how far it was. I cant get a stroller down the trails we take. So Bri walks and then comes home and takes a real good nap. If she is still sore after our walks I will give her a childs aspirin but not often. Anyway to start out the post here are some photos of the changing leaves. Just beautiful.

On to my girls being funny before we started the hike. Jeff had to kindly go water some trees.LOL... So we were waiting for him to wander his sorry butt back out of the trees.

Here is a photo of Jeff and I. I still think I look hefty. Oh well nothing I can do about it for now. Just have to look that way. Enjoy anyway.

Here are some photo's of the creek that is what named the area we are in. Its just beautiful back there. I would love to go back when its early spring or summer with loads of Bug Repelant though.

Now two very pooped little girls after we got home Saturday...

Now on to Sunday... We took a break from our long walk on Saturday and just sat around watching tv and watching the Packers win there 7th game this season. It was so weird because for a while it looked like we were going to lose that game. Go Pack Go....

Then yesterday we decided to go out as a family instead of our night out tomorrow. Jeff priced our tickets to go to Appleton tomorrow and they were to expensive for just the two of us so we took the girls bowling. I wish I would have brought my camera with me though. It was so neat watching Kora. She had bumpers up and did fairly well actually. We didnt let Bri actually bowl. We let her up on deck with out her boots on and roll the ball once. By time we quit bowling Kora had the right idea of how Jeff and I were bowling. I think twice out of the three games she bowled she did use the bumpers. It was neat. Here are her game scroes. First game 66, second game 66 and third game 80. Pretty good for her first time bowling. I have no idea what mine or Jeff's were. I love bowling for fun but could never do it for sport like so many people do.

My legs hurt and so does my back but hey that is part of hiking and bowling. Jeff's hand hurts from holding the ball. He has had trouble for a while with his bowling hand from work. He pinched it at work a while back and it hasnt been the same since. Sorry for such a long post but I just noticed I havent been posting as often again. I am busy around the house. I need to go clean the kicten yet today and then go sweep the basement steps. I was going to mop them today but I am running out of juice to do to much more work. Anyway enjoy these photos and I will see what I have to do tomorrow to post again. LOL.. Take care all. N.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Odd and Ends Things Not really Important.....

Hi there. A new post today. Yeah for me. LOL.. I try to have a new post up every day or every other and I had a good rant going on in my head this morning but of course by now I dont remember what I was going to rant about.

Jeff has worked so hard the last few weeks. He has to work tomorrow morning again but that is ok because he has Monday off at his request. He seems to need to take his last vacation day before he loses it and I dont blame him one bit and he deservest he break. He works so hard there and still to this day sometimes they dont seem to acknowledge the shit he does for them.

I am almost done with my Afghans for Richard to take to Kenya Africa. I am going to have to send four of my own since I dont think Laura will be done with her two she promised to help me make. I have gotten my two done plus two more in the time its taking her to do hers. And I have a house and family of my own to take care of also. I guess its just where our priorities lie right? Anyway I am so happy with the ones I have done. You all have seen three of them. I dont have a photo of number four yet because I am not done with it.

Its nice out now but by Wednesday we are suppose to have snow here. It wont stick this time around but still snow. Yuckie. I dread digging out all the gear. I dread shoveling the sidewalk and the driveway but its great excercise though.

The girls are outside raking the yard and pulling the leaves out front where the leaf eater can pick them in a few days again. Yesterday was funny. They had a pile out front and the leaf eater came by on one side of the street and turned around and came down our side. Bri's looking out the window and the leaf eater stops and picks up there pile and she looks at me and says now what are we going to play in our piles gone mom.

She is such a character. She is also zipping her own coat without help and she is only 3. I had to help Kora up till she was almost five. Yikes. Just there cordination really. I mean the girls will stand on Jeffs back on the bed and Bri will just stand there balancing and then jump onto my side of the bed and land gracefully. Kora on the other hand she isnt as graceful.

Other things on my mind but not sure if I want to talk about them here or not. Its personnal and I am not sure if my readers want to hear about it.

Lets just say I have never had a hard time with Sex in my life. I have to admit I started when I was young. I was 16 the first time I had sex and yes it was ejoyful but now after two kids I could careless if I have sex or not. Its not that I dont enjoy it but I just dont feel like it. I have to admit afterwards my back hurts, my hips hurt. I am complaining. It has nothing to do with Jeff but I just hurt. So as long as I can get away from doing it I dont do it.

Like I said it was personnal. I know people into there 60's still having sex and enjoying as much as the day they started but for me its not like that. I didnt hurt when I first started when I was 16. I was fairly skinny at that point too. I was a 125lbs when I first started having sex and now I am almost 200lbs. That 75 lbs makes a difference. I guess that is why I have been trying to lose it all summer and now Jeff told me just the other night before bed that he thinks I have put some of my 15lbs I lost over the summer back on. That depresses me instead of making me feel better.

I walk and I clean the house and I move. Its not like I sit in one spot all day long and let some one else do my cleaning and such. I take care of the outside of the house and so forth. I dont know. For my male readers I am sorry to have you bear through that small rant on sex.

Well anyway I suppose I need to go find something for lunch for us girls. I have left over potatoes I am trying to figure out what to do with.

I was looking at a gravy over mashed pots and bread. I know high calories and I am trying to lose weight. Any suggestions would be great. Talk to you all soon. N.

Hey all I will be back on Tuesday. Jeff has Monday off so we are going ot spend some family time together and I will give you a great post on Tuesday sometime.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wow Where has the First Year Went!!!!

Hey everyone I have been joined here for ONE wonderful year and hopefully many more to come. I was looking at my very first blog yesterday and realized today Nov. 1st is my one year blogoversary. I just cant believe where time has went. I mean after 232 posts. I am still going strong and have some great friends on here. I am glad I met every single one of you. I mean you all have impacted my life some how and I am glad I met you all.

Blogging has given me time to think and learn new things I never thought possible to learn about. I have learned a bit about Politics, and just releasing some of my anger here instead of keeping it inside like I have for a long time.

I want to thank Sme for giving me her mothers link and then helping me set this up. I love the comments I get and answering the comments really. Its my fun and my way out of the house some days. I dont have many friends in the physical world so my cyber friends are who I talk to almost every day and keep track of instead of those that I dont talk to. Well I suppose. I need to go shower and get dressed and then finish my cleaning. I took a break yesterday because I ran out of PineSol.LOL.. I know a good reason not to clean right??? LOL.. Well anyway have a good day and thanks for being here reading with me. N.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Girls and Jonathon!!!!!

Here all I am not complaining. I just think its stupid for kids to do this stuff but they have to learn one way or another right??

Well last night night Jeff came home at 6:30 and the kids were outside playing by the side of the house. No biggy so when he came in the house I went yelling for our girls. Well in the process Kora had taken her shoes off last night outside. She blames Jonathon. No biggy really so while I was outside his mother calls and asks if he was still down here. I said yes and I also told her I was sending him home. She asks me to walk him down around the corner to see her Halloween Decorations. So I walked him home and went in and talked her for a few minutes and came home.

Well in the process of me being gone for five minutes the girls were in our room with Jeff and Kora was telling him the new game Jonathon had taught them. It was pull your pants down and show your butt. Well of course I get all hyped up about this new game and drag both girls down to Jonathons house to find out what was going on.

Well I guess they were going to blame eachother so when we threatened to keep them apart for two weeks Jonathon came clean about it and admitted it was his idea. He watches his step dad and brother have mooning contests and thought it was funny so he was trying to teach Kora to do it.

On another topic my mom asked what I got the girls to go out in Halloween with tonight and I told her they werent going. She starts in on me telling me what a horrible mother I am and I just get really pissed off at her for her telling me what kind of mother I am. Its my choice if I want the girls going out trick or treating. What really confuses me about Halloween is that all year long you try and tell your kids not to talk to Strangers but then one night a year you send them to strangers doors to ask for candy. I dont think so.

Maybe I am just paranoid but I dont think so. Jeff was brought up not doing it and I was but I understand where he is coming from. I dont mind them not going. I see it as if they want candy we can go get them a bag from the store. I may be a hum bug of a person but I dont believe in it as I did when I was a kid. My mom started in on me about depriving my girls of there childhoods and me not being the person she thought I was.

I am slightly flustered with her right now. I am sorry if she had everything handed to her on a sliver platter. But my girls arent going to be as spoiled as she is and was from her father. I know I sound like a royal bitch but hey that is just how I am.

I gues it just gets me. I am trying to be the best mom I know how and to keep my girls safe. I know that other parents bring there children out tonight but I am not going to be joining them. I am sorry for that one and if any of you think I am a horrible person for not joining I dont blame you really. Maybe I am when it comes to Halloween. I wont be handing out candy tonight either. There goes the real kicker of the night. Now I really sound like a royal bitch. No Halloween for her kids and no Candy for those other children.

I am a good person. I could really hold off on a lot of things with my girls but they get X-mas and B-day Parties and such. So what is one Holiday missed?? I dont see the problem with it. Anyway I just thought I would let you know whats on my mind.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Comercials and Idiot things in life!!!!!

Hi all. I have the TV on and listening to my daily shows I watch. Well this one gets the vote for the most idiotic commercial. I dont know if you all have heard about the deaths from that Gerdisal. Be One Less???? Well according to a blog friend of mine KC. I am not going to link her so you can check her out on my side bar ok. Anyway she did a post awhile back about it and it killing a few girls.

Well anyway I was watching tv and the Commercial comes on and they give what the side affects are but they dont say what it has done to those that passed away. I will not have my girls getting this shot. If the dr says its manditory I will say no its not since my girls arent in public schooling any longer. The schools say that girls from about ages 9-24 need this shot.

No way will I be burying my children before they bury me. I dont care if they have fixed this shot or not.

And we are always hearing about men needing a longer Penis. Yeah right. Or those 3 day period birth controls. What is the problem with dealing with it on your own. I mean come on girls and women here. I mean we were meant to bleed for 4-7 days without chemistry deciding when and how long we bleed. Or if a guy cant get it up I mean its never been dealt with from a Dr. The men have always just dealt with it.

I know I am being blunt but I hate hearing about all this stuff they have out there. Even if I hadnt had my tubes tied after Bri doesnt meant I would be doing any of these special Birth Controls.

Anyway things are good here. Jeff is working another 55 hour week so far. He worked at least 11 hours yesterday and I have no idea about today. Kora did her first page of math by herself today with out me reading the instructions to her. She read them to me and did the problems.

I am so happy for her. Bris counting to ten by herself now too. I hate comparing my girls but that is something Kora did do until she started school.. Bri also has almost her whole alphabet down. She keeps forgetting D when she does the alphabet though. But she does well and she is trying at least.

We are also looking at getting a dog from our Humane Society when we get taxes back this year. They only want $175 for a dog. They nutuer or spade for you so we dont have to worry about it. We need an animal and I think it would do the girls some good to have an animal in there lives. Jeff doesnt like jumpy dogs but we will find one we like. He wants a German Shepard or Black Lab. But we will get what we can find.

We have a big enough yard for a dog and the inside of the house is decent enough. On Nov 7th my dear sweet hubby is going to take me out on a date. They have a show in Appleton in there Arts Performing Center he wants to take me too. Laura is going to take the girls for me and we are going out on a long needed date.

I know tomorrow is Halloween but our girls wont be going out. Jeff has issues with it and I sort of agree with him. Its not as safe as it was when I was a kid and Jeff never got to go when he was a youngster. Anyway. Happy Holloween anyway.

Alright I am done. I will talk to you all later. I need to go find something for lunch.

Oh before I forget I was going to write up this recipe.

1 2lb liquid can of Swanson Broth
1 1 1/2 lb chicken boneless
2 cups of water
1 cup of celery
1 cup carrots
4 boyoun squares.
1 8 oz package egg noodles.

In crock pot or slow cooker cut up chicken and carrots and celery and Swanson Broth and water. Let cook for about 4 hours and then add 4 boyoun cubes. I might have that spelled wrong. Then let that simmer for about another two - three hours. Then add the egg noodles. Let cook for half an hour and eat. Add crackers or what ever you like.

Thanks to WC.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Very popular, one of you is not enough.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I am really here!!!!!!!!

Hiya all. I am still here. I have been trying to get things back in order while being excited about being back up and running with my friends. I am in the middle of cleaning and trying to get my house back in order but I am also trying to do this.

Friday I called a place by our house that makes customized computers and sells used ones and I found us a Monitor for 20 bucks. Its a 17 inch Monitor. The same size as the one we had and it works ok for the time being.

Then on Saturday we went on a small shopping spree. I got four good books. Will do book reviews on them when I am done. I got them at Goodwill for .49 a piece. I have finished two of the four afghans that need to go to Richard before Nov. 27th. I am so excited about the kids getting them. Here is a peek of my work.

Now me working on one. Kora took this one for me.

Then yesterday we went on a hike in the Wild Life Sanctuary we have here in town. We didnt go see the animals. We went off on the other side of the trails this time. We walked for sometime and both girls were real troopers. Bris foot started hurting half way through the trip but she walked it though. Here are some photo's of our break we took to sit and just enjoy the day.

Pardon my opinion here with this one and the last one is that I look fat here. I dont know if its because of what I am wearing or what but I have been avoiding chips lately and eating healthy snacks like banana's and oranges and such. But I still look fat.

Anyway on our way out of the trails we saw six deer right in front of us but my batteries on my camera had died while trying to show Bri how to take a photo of Kora, Jeff and I so I didnt get a photo of the deer.They were so beautiful to see though. They were not the ones that belonged to the Sanctuary. These were loose deer. The word I want isnt coming to me. Yikes. Anyway enjoy and I will be back tomorrow. Take care.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nothing New!!!!!!!

Hey just wanted to tell you all I am still here but been busy and havent made my rounds today like I usually do. I have to help a friend get her wedding off the ground and then finish my handful of pen pals and then finish laundry. Then go off and rake the yard or mulch the leaves that are out there. I wouldnt bother with it but we have two huge tree's in the back yard so we get loads of leaves. I promise I will have a better post tomorrow. I wont be as busy.

Our Monitor is on the blink.I dont know when I will be back for now. I am afraid its going to blow up on me so I will shut her down after doing this here. For now we dont have a hundred bucks to replace the monitor. So it might be a while before I get back here. Take care my friends and I will visit when its safe again.

Alrighty back up and running will be back completely Monday My friends. LOL.... Take care and have a wonderful weekend.