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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

11 inches of snow

We got 11 inches of snow on Saturday into Sunday morning and 1-3 more tonight. Yikes huh?? Well they said its wetter now the first few days of December than it had been in November. LOL.. I thought that was funny Well here are some photo's for a day or so while I catch up on my cleaning. All that white stuff Jeff and I shoveled. My mom has a small snowblower for us but I dont know when we will get it. They visit once a year if that. And I am sick of shoveling. Jeff was going to do the shoveling on Sunday but I wanted the excercise and now I regret it because my back is in so much pain but I am not complaining because it was my idea to go shovel all that wet snow. The light fluffy stuff isnt so bad but this heavy wet crap just gets to me. Anyway some photo's of the girls going outside and playing.

The front of the house. I didnt go out to the side walk because I was in my slippers and didnt feel like getting them wet. So this is from inside the front door and just a piece of the front yard. Beautiful looking really. I love the snow but hate driving in it even if I am a passenger.

Here is Kora posing before she came in. She had already taken her hat off and ready to come in when I went outside with the camer to take these few photo's. She is growing up to quick for me.. Beautiful child anyway.

Brianna and Kora wrestling before they came in. Girls. They love it outside and they play for an hour or so then come in and ask for lunch. Its a wonder they are so close sometimes.

Another of Brianna and Kora. This one I got Bris face instead of her back. LOL.. It just amazes me to know they love it outside. Its probably colder than some of you are used to but hey we like it here anything from 10 degrees or above is beautiful. LOL..

Sunday while we were outside Kora asked if they could go see if Jonathon could come out and play for awhile. I said go but come right back if he cant. Well someone told her he could later and she looks at me says yeah right. He wants to play his video games more than play with us girls. And they havent been down there to play since the end of Oct. I refuse to let them play in the house down there. And I refuse to let him play in my house. He doesnt listen all that well and he gets bored down here because the girls dont have Tv's in there rooms. Well guess what all kids are spoiled like some. My girls can have TV's in there rooms when they can pay for there own TV's. It may sound harsh but its the truth. Well I e-mailed Laura yesterday since she is busy moving her friends in next door to her since she got the guy that was living there evicted. He had a dog and the dog wasnt covered under the Landlords insurance and she was just being a total bitch towards this guy. I mean sure he has tatoo's and he would get loud and his girlfriend and him would fight but its none of the neighbors business what they do. Well she got me in the middle of it and I told him before he moved I had nothing to do with it and I thought he was pretty cool.

I mean sure he did drugs or what not but if you stay out of his way he wasnt going to hurt you. I mean I barely talked to him. I think the month he lived down there I talked to him maybe twice. The first time I introduced myself and the girls and then once before he moved out because they had an undercover cop watching his place and he asked me I had any idea who the car belonged to. I had no idea. Laura is trouble and I want nothing more to do with it. Now she knows her neigbors and I am not going to put up with her sending her son down here to play in my yard this summer if he cant come out and play on a nice winter day. I think all kids need some fesh air during the winter. Anything above 10 degree's the girls are bundled up and sent outside for half an hour to 2 hours at a time. I let them come in when they are cold but usually its not for two hours at a time and then we usually have hot cocoa and lunch at that time.

Its 25 degrees today and the girls were outside for an hour and a half before coming in. They love it and I love knowing they like it getting fresh air. I am so glad they like there V-smile but they also like getting outside and playing in the yard. I have never seen such a lazy bunch of people down at Laura's house. I mean she calls and says she has a head ache and she has so much to do. Well you know what if you would do small things each and every day instead of putting them all together she wouldnt have so much to do.

I mean when I clean my house I have certain days for certain cleaning chores unless we are going to be gone and then I do the extra chores but a little bit at a time gets things done a lot faster than complaining about how much work you have to do. I mean like today I have sweeping and mopping today. Yesterday I did laundry. Tomorrow I take my middle of the week break except for dishes and such and then Thursday I clean the bedrooms and Friday I sweep and mop again really good. I mean come on here.The weekends are saved for family time. But she has her ex husband, Jonathon's father living with them and another room mate living down there you would think that she wouldnt have as much to do but hey its none of my business right. Well she has made it my business by telling me. I am so sick of it. She says oh I will come down to visit later and never calls or shows up. I am fed up with friends like that. If you cant come visit its a curteousy call to say sorry but I am not coming tonight. I dont know when but at least let me know you arent coming down.

I am sorry I am ranting. It just gets me how different my children are compared to there friend down the street. I love my girls for how they are and I have to admit there arent many other children on our block. So they either play alone or they play with kids Bri's age in diapers. Yuckie. No thanks. I am not prejudice but its just the thought having a three year old in diapers and they know what they are doing. Actually the little girl behind us is four almost five and they still have her in diapers. I hope its a mental problem not and not a parental problem. Yikes... Anyway I think I have ranted enough to day about other people. Enjoy my snow photo's and I will be back tomorrow. N


Hammer said...

That snow looks great. I don't let my kids play out in the cold too much because they are constantly sick with some kind of cold or cough.

I think it's the damn school kids giving it to them

Candy Minx said...

Oh my god...did it ever snow. It's supposed to sno here tonight so we are running out to the grocery store with our cart...

Let me re-read about your post on kids and I'll be's a lot to swallow all at once I need to ponder!


Candy Minx said...

Ok... I had to I don't think you should let the kids play inside if the boy doesn't listen.

As for tv in a bedroom? I don't think so!!1

I used totell my daughter I dont' care if we had millions of bucks you still can't have a tv in your room.

she used to think it was because we couldn't afford it and all her friends had tv's etc.

Forget it, no way. It's not harsh it practical...besides we'd never see the kids again. They watch tv in a main room where we can follow the stories they are interested in and talk about tv.

I always watched the shows my daughter liked, and I still do!

Guess what...I watch Regis and Kelly every day...and Kelly said her kids want tv's in their room and she would not ever allow it...

funny huh? she was worried she'sd never see her kids again.

tshsmom said...

We've got about 8 inches altogether. Our snow isn't heavy this time, thank heaven.

Gardenia said...

Well, I wish I was as discipline as you as far as housework!

My oldest grandkids have TV's in their rooms and its not a good idea - you are never for sure knowing what they are watching and then they have trouble getting up in the mornings almost all of the time. Again, I offer an opinion and keep my mouth shut.

Oh, I don't think I could handle a three and five year old in diapers either. This is not normal definitely, especially at five. Three is pushing it.

Gayle said...

If the five-year-old is still in diapers, mama is too lazy to train her. I've never even heard of such a thing, and I certainly cannot imagine changing those diapers!

Well Tweety, your neighbor problems are the reason I live in the country. I don't have any neighbors so I don't have any neighbor problems. It's wonderful, and I do sympathize with you.

Wait till your girls get old enough to start begging you for a pc in their room. Stick to your guns! :)

The Zombieslayer said...

25 in Green Bay? I say we beat the Raiders by at least 21 points. :)

MonicaR said...

The snow is beautiful! My kids love playing in the snow too and actually so do I. My hands and feet start hurting after very long though. Wish we got more snow here. Maybe now we're out in Lancaster County we'll get more than we did in the Delaware Valley down by Philly...

No TV's in our kids rooms either. Number 1 - we CAN'T afford it! lol. Number 2 - I just don't think it's healthy. We usually watch TV together in the evening and same as Candy Minx I really enjoy the kids' shows and then we might watch something a little heavier-duty all together. Like that dang Tinman - it just finished tonight. Man! That was one wild version of The Wizard of Oz. It was good though. Me and Troll and both girls really enjoyed it.

Anyway a lot of the girls' friends have TV's in their rooms. Too bad. I don't agree with it. One of my old neighbors, her 2 kids sat alone in their rooms most evenings and watched TV up there all alone - every single night. I can't imagine that.

Jeannie said...

I think we have about the same amount of snow - I haven't been paying attention to the temp though.

It's good you send your kids out to play - you know - I don't remember if I sent my kids out or not - of course they went to school and would have to go out there.

I second your live and let live policy with neighbors. Making trouble just causes drama that doesn't have to be.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer i suppose living in Cali you dont get much snow. But it seems like Jonathon is always sick so I quit. I give up.

Candy I mean I had a tv in my room but I also didnt have a nintendo or anything when they came out. I wasnt into those. But still. Its not good for them to watch tv all by themselves anyway.

Gardenia that is why the girls dont play with the girls behind us. If I get behind in house work I get bombarded with it so I keep myself on a schedule at least since we moved into the house.

When they get old enough to start begging I will tell them we have two computers and they are staying right where they are at. If you want to use one then use it.

Zombie it was 25 degrees yesterday but colder today.

Monica I love going out with the girls and playing with them too but usually they want to go out while I am cleaning. I keep a close eye on them so its not like they are going far. Esp with the new rules.

Jeannie she starts trouble with almost everyone and I give up. I am so sick of it. Just because she was there first and she doesnt like some one she has to keep calling the damned landlord on them. Its really stupid.