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Monday, August 31, 2009

Going to Sound like I am complaining.

Is it Summer or Fall outside. Its been just chilly the last two days.. I mean we havent broke over 80 degree's in two weeks now. I am freezing my butt off just sitting here. I normally dont drink coffee and I have a pot full in the kitchen. I am just that cold today. That tells me how cold I am. I didnt want to get out of bed today either. Jeff is at work this morning and will be home here in about half an hour.

You know what guys. I have learned not to talk about our finances here but I have to tell you this one here. My husband has worked himself out of a promotion. Yes he worked himself out a promotion. The supervisor they have is going to find out Monday he is no longer the supervisor and Jeff was suppose to be next in line but one of the bigger guys went around his run and asked if they would be comfortable with some else doing the run and the customers said no way.. Well my husband has done a hell of a job in that area and now he is not even being compensated for bustinghis ASS for the company.. They are trying to compensate him though. The boss above the supervisor they are firing today is going to the General Manager and asking for a raise for Jeff.

I just wanted to let you know I started this on Saturday and I finished today. I will change the date.Oh get this my memory card went on my camera and I went to best buy. They had a great deal or at least I think they did. I found two 2GB memory cards for my camera for 20 dollars. I have 1,816 photo's per memory card now. Amazing. I told Jeff it took me 4 years to use up one memory card holding only like 205 photo's what will it be like with 1,816 photo's?????!!!!

Well anyway I am tired and want to go back to bed for a while. I will catch you all later. There is more but I will get to it later. I have a few photo's on my crafting blog if anyone is interested in it. I have little wreathes for the tree I have made in there and a some new ones coming in the next few days also. Not going to post the photo's here. No sense in posting them twice.. LOL.. Then there is no sense in having a crafting blog right??? LOL....

Ok here we go I am really off now. talk to you all soon. Oh up date there before I forget. Job hunting is slow. No one is hiring right now and its hard on us all. Someitmes I regret quitting McD's but I am not crawling back to them. When I went to pick up my last check I was treated like shit from the Store Manager and I vowed i would never get food or shop there for a very long time because of it. So I would refuse to go back to them anyway.

Update.. I wont be posting until next week. I have to clean the house and get ready for my parents to come visit and help us paint our house this weekend. If we decide on another color I promise photo's but if we keep it white I wont take any photo's.. Anyway I will be back next week sometime. My parents are coming on Thursday and then we are going to paint over the weekend and they are leaving Tuesday morning when Jeff leaves for work..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Memory Down Memory Lane..

Hi there. I was visiting VV blog yesterday and her son B got his Drivers Liscense. Yayy B.... Anyway I was going to tell everyone why I didnt get mine sooner. I may have already hashed this out but going to again. If any of you remember me writing this you dont have to reread..

I grew up in a small town in MN so when we could get our drivers liscenses was tough.. Or it seemed to me because my parents were always to busy to take me out to practice driving. I paid for my own behind the wheel when I was 15 years old. I also paid for a lot of things my mom would have never paid for to be honest with you.

Anyway I had loads of help but no one ever really found the time to take me out and it always landed back on my shoulders with the excuse you never called me to take you out. I hated to bother other people to take me out. I felt it was my parents responsibilty and no one elses but they always seemed to busy doing there own thing.

My mom was always watching some TV show during the summer and by then my dad was working at the Gas Station. So he worked late at night and slept all day long. Its not like being here in Green Bay where no one knows me and I could take the car if I had to while I was in the process of getting my liscense. Yes I know I did some stupid stuff while waiting but you know I had to get from point A to point B... I regret driving around without for a long time but things happen for a reason I believe.

Anyway on with whats on my mind. I scared the daylights out of my mother one day. She decided she was going to take me out to drive and we got out of the parking lot ok and turned down the hill from where we lived and then I couldnt figure out what to do. LOL.. I hit the curb and then back off the curb and then when trying to stop I didnt realize to take my foot off the gas and just hit the brake gently. So we had brakes and gas going at the same time and I couldnt figure out why the car wasnt stopping..

I was a very precautious driving too. I did go for my liscense once before we left home. I had borrowed my god mother's mini van. What a thing to try and get your liscense with.. Well I was at this stop sign and the car coming the one way was a ways off but I felt if I went I was going to hit her so I stayed put and the instructor failed me for that and a few other things I dont remember anymore.

I felt I needed to practice here in the big city before venturing out and getting my liscense and now I have it I am proud of myself. Now I just need a job where we can get me a better car. I have one but every time I stop at a stop light after running the car for a while it stalls out on me. We have a solution to the problem but no money to fix the problem. So a guy Jeff works with wants to buy it. He has just himself so he has money to fix the car.

A 1990 Pontiac isnt what is used to be worth anyway. Its already 19 years old. I have given it my all over the last year we owned it. I am hoping I get the job this next week and then we can start car hunting. We found one for 1,400 the other day. It was blue in color. I am not sure its still there but we will look. I found a painter for the house also. We have gotten an extension on getting the floor boards up on the shed floor. I got a two week extension. They have to be done by Sept 15th or else..

Life is busy here and I am just hoping all is well with all of my friends. Better than us anyway.. I need to go get dressed where we can run to Wally World for a few minutes. Need some stuff for around the house. They are adding a Super Center to the Wally World near our house. That will make two of them here in Green Bay.. More jobs for a few people if they would just hire me..

Anyway I am off. Talk to you all soon. I have made most of my rounds today and I will make them more often till I go back to work. Hopefully that will be soon and I will have more photo's to add to my crafting blog here in a few days. I am starting my X-mas ornaments. N...

Monday, August 24, 2009

The R's Weekend..

Starting Saturday Jeff worked Saturday morning and then we all took a small nap and then went to our Amusement park here in town. They are only open from 10 Am to 6 PM now. I really thought they would stay open until 9 PM till the end of August but they have changed there hours on us this year. Really stupid but hey. I didnt get photo's because I need a new memory card for my camera. I can take photo without one but I only get nine photo's at a time that way. We came home and had a bonfire in the back yard and the girls went to bed before that. So it was just Jeff and I outside enjoying the fire. It was great not to many nights we get to enjoy a fire by ourselves.

Then Sunday we decided that we didnt get to ride enough on Saturday or I should say not at all on Saturday but the kids did. We went back early Sunday morning while everyone was at Church and enjoyed about an hour of riding before it filled up and you didnt want to stand in line. The girls rode some more and then we took off. We came home and Jeff made a phone call and then we left for the actual park for a while where the girls could run off some of there extra energy. A busy day. Then we came home and pulled nails out of some boards and decided what we could cut up for fire wood and the rest went to the curb. Now we have to figure out how to get the floor boards up of the shed. Those are the pain in the asses we are seeing. So we quit and had another bon fire since we have more than enough wood sitting in our garage. Like Jeff said yesterday maybe some day we will get our car back in the garage. I was hoping before winter. Its a pain in the ASS to scrape the car off before he leaves. I need a job and then we have to work on getting a second vechile. My red one has bit the dust. One of the guys Jeff works with wants it for a 150 dollars. He knows whats wrong with it and doesnt have a family so he can fix it up and has the money to keep it fixed.

I am getting to the point I just want it out of my drive way. Anyway I was ready to shoot two little girls when I got up this morning. Bri comes into the bedroom saying she was hungry and I told her to wait one hour because I wasnt going to be much longer and I woke up exactly one hour later and I heard russeling in the bedroom. I got up quietly and found that they had taken upon themselves to get two bags of dry cereal and potato chips and kool aide for breakfast. It wasnt that they were eating that got me mad. It was the fact one hour earlier I told Bri that they had to wait for me to get up. I didnt think one hour was going to kill them.. Well they sure must have thought so.

I am going to wear my tan button up shirt tomorrow with matching pants. The only think I dont know is what shoes to wear.I dont want to wear my blue sandals. But then again I dont have any dress shoes and of course no money to buy any right now. I have my black sneakers. Those are the ones I bought before quitting McD's. They are nonskid shoes. They are great on wet floor but horrible on carpeting I learned at the Truck Stop.

Now on to cleaning the house. Kora has the livingroom and the only thing I have for her to learn without freaking is the dang vacuum today. Talking about school work I found this great books at B & N for both girls yesterday. I found the Cirriculm book I bought Kora last year in 3rd grade for Kora but they didnt have a Kindergarden so we are going to try a first grade book for Bri. If it gets to difficult I will back away and just do what I can with her this year without it but I think she will do fine and so does Jeff to be honest.

Life is always busy here. We are always on the go it feels like. Well hope everyone had a wonderful and very eventful weekend. I will either do another post tomorrow evening or an update to let you know how the interview went or when she calls me back for the job. But until next time have a great week or time of your life..

Friday, August 21, 2009

On a lighter note

Here is something on a lighter note. Check out my other blog. My crafting blog and check out my new scarves I made. They are done and awaiting to be bought. They are awsome this time around. No pattern was done with these. These are my idea's totally.

I know I know I said lighter note. I have an interview on Tuesday at noon. Its at Yankee Candle Company. I love the smell of there candles. We have two of them in our house. They are expensive that is why we only have two. But they are awsome candles.

Yankee Candle Co.. Check out the link and see where I might be working. I filled out the app yesterday and the assistant manager told me to call back today. She said she had a stack of apps she wanted to go through and I was one of many she called back for an interview. Just hope and pray guys that I get it. I can handle selling candles.

But I think I am going to make some more scarves with beads for this years X-mas and trying to get some more X-mas ornaments going. Will post them as I go. Has anyone heard of Itsy Bitsy before?? If so direct me to them. I have been told they are better than Yahoo Auctions or Ebay.. Well anyway I need to get going. I have to go do some laundry. Since I didnt clean clean today I need to feel I did something. Talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hi there. I just came home from work and I am upset. I worked from 7-4 today. Not bad when you think about it and I came home with like 56 dollars. That was sharing the restaurant with another girl.. Anyway I couldnt clock out before I left today and I went and talked to the boss about this and showed him a slip that was making it impossible for me to not clock out. Well in the process I had to leave. The girls needed to be picked up and so does Jeff for that matter since we are down to one car.

Well I told the boss I could fix the problem and he wasnt happy with me when I just cashed out the problem. Well that is what was wrong. I hit the NO button instead of the yes button when I was suppose to. I know he's not going to be happy with me. I am just fed up. We got me a cell phone yesterday for the girls to call me if they have an emergency.Even with a sitter I am more likely to be able to come home than Jeff is out on the road. We got me an Einstein Phone with unlimited long distance and local calling..

Well Kora decided she wanted to talk to me earlier today so I answered my phone and the boss bitched about that. We were just on a war path today. It made it real uncomfortable to be there. Then the other night the other boss called and asked me to come in from 10-6 again even though I had worked from 7-2:30 on Monday. I was beat and I didnt feel like going back in again and pulling another double shift. I am sorry but they are going to kill me doing that. They found someone but still.

I want to cry right now but cant. I am so fed up and I have been there only two weeks. I am going to keep job searching but keep this one until something better pops up really. There has to be something better out there really. I have two new items to add to my crafting blog. They are really cool. Well the one item is only half done but it wont take long to finish it. The one that is done is a scarf with beads in the scarf and on the fringes. Its really cool. I just hope when I take the photo you can see the beads. The other one is white with red, white and blue starred beads. Pretty cool huh?? Anyway besides bitching about the job things here are settling down.

We finally bought a converter box for the TV.. Trying to remember if we watch TV shows or not on certain days of the week are a challenge..We havent turned the TV on except to watch movies since February.

Update on Job.. I let the job go today. I was pretty upset about my drawer being 30 dollars short again yesterday. Its not the first time since I have been there. I think some one was skimming and cant prove it. Well I got bitched at for it yesterday and I refuse to pay back something I Know I cahsed out. Anyway I have put in another eight apps today. I have a good feeling about at least two of the eight. I put one in at our Yankee Candle Co. I love the smell of there candles. We have two of them so far. Who doesnt like a nice candle once in a while to sit back and smell while relaxing???? I know I do..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things Here..

Hi all. Sorry I havent been around much lately. With the new job it seems I have less time right now to visit but its getting better and getting into a better routine. For starters the till was done ok. The Boss never said a word about it being short. For some reason I think I know how it was partially short after thinking about it. There was a twenty on the counter I thought I had taken out for my singles to change in but it must not have been that. So that was part of it. Other wise I am not sure.

I have been working hard there. I went into work Friday afternoon at 2 to 10 and ended up staying till six in the morning. I pulled a double shift. I was so tired when I came home. Jeff took us out for Breakfast with my tips Friday night and I could barely stand up to move to the car again.. I was just wiped.. But then last night being Saturday night I worked the 10-6 shift all by my self again and The Packers won there preseason game. So it was busy.

We did $491.37 for one shift and one waitress. I was the only waitress and trying to keep my tables bussed and cleaned. Finally I gave up wrapping silverware also until about 4:30 AM. I just brought napkins and silverware out to the tables as needed.. I had barely anytime to get ice that was much needed and I wasnt getting any help. The cook had help and the lady doing dishes helped a bit but not much. The cook was crabby and I was ready to shoot her.

Oh well. I work days this week thankfully. We are having a cousin of Jeff's watch the girls while we are at work this week. We took my tips I have made in the last three days and went grocery shopping today. We still missed a few things but it was better than having no food in the house. I am tired. One more funny about the new job. The owners wife does the schedule and she forgot I worked last night and she scheduled me for 7-2:30 today being Sunday.. Yikes.. funny really because I was going to do it if he would have let me today. I was tired but I wanted the hours.

You know adding on to what Tshsmom said in her post is its hard to not get trapped in the guilt trap isnt it ladies and gents.. I mean us mom's just dont seem to have enough hours in one day to do everything. I have been yelling more lately for help. Just recently Kora told me she didnt want to clean the livingroom and I asked her if I could stay home and not work. She got mad at me but I got my point across. Then Bri's being giving me greif about helping out.

I mean I know they are little but come on they have to have some chores. Start them out small and work up. My girls have the livingroom and there rooms to look after. And after bath time they have there clothes to pick up and throw down the laundry shoot or put clothes away as I fold it. Nothing major.

Ok I am going to go finishs my Ham now. Talk to you all soon. N..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Boy things going on Here....

Hi there. Things have taken a twist at the new job. Well let me start here after Thursday night on Friday the one girl I told you about was really nice and even apologized to the head waitress. But she only apologized because the owner was there that night..

Heading on to Saturday morning I was there from 7 AM to 10:30 AM and then I called the owner and told them I was ready to be on my own. Well that evening I got called in because one of the other girls was sick and had to go home. I made 20 dollars in four hours. Not bad really. Just being new it made me feel good.

Then last night I got called in because the girl giving us so much grief didnt show up when she was suppose to at 2. She was suppose to work from 2-10 and she came in at 10 thinking she had to work from 10-6. Well I was told to have her call the owner/boss when I saw her and the boss wasnt happy with her. In a 7 hour shift I came home with 32 dollars and some odd cents..

Well today we have a meeting at 3:30 and I get this Twitters hours for the rest of the week and then next week I get my own hours and number to clock in with. So two 10PM shifts a week compared to five isnt bad. I can handle that. The only thing is I am the only waitress from 10-6. I am just hoping I can do it. The owner is going to leave her phone on for me if I have any questions.

The girls seem to be having a harder time with this new schedule than I thought. Esp Kora for some reason. She is just cranky lately. I am trying to be understanding with why she is alway whiny but I also need to be firm and get the why's out of her.. Life is taking quite the Twist here.

Its hot and I am just wondering if it will ever rain.. LOL.. It has rained but not enough to make my yard look green again after the two months with no rain really.. Yikes huh??? I have made a new scarf but still working on it. I put beads in the scaf this time and I am putting beads on the fringes. Its really cool to see. I will have it done in a few days and then I am working on another scarf with red,white and blue stars. I bought the stars for hairties but I wanted to see what I could do with the scarf for it. Its a white scarf with red,white and blue stars..

I also have another baby blanket made that was suppose to go to one of my co workers at McD's but now I am not working there I dont know if I should give it them. They are a young couple and there first baby. I really dont want to walk back into the McD's that I quit. I talked to one of my ex coworkers the Saturday and I guess the manager there has lost more than half her night crew.

I am just glad I am gone from there. I am loads happier at McD's. Well I need to go do a few things.Jeff has his appointment tonight and I need to go make dinner now where we can just heat it up when we come home and then I go to work. Talk to you all soon. Have a good week. N..

Flustered already.. Yikes.. I worked by my self lasst night. I worked the 10 to 6 shift and I was the only waitress there. but I did ok but when it came to counting my drawer this morning and counting out the other till, I was like 30 dollars short and I sure as hell didnt pocket that money. No way Jose.. LOL.. I am slightly pissed off because I thought I could handle that much and no way. I have to go and do it all over tonight. Hopefully I wont be short tonight. If I am I think I will call it quits because where is the money going and why am I short. But thougth I would highlight this instead of making a new post...

Friday, August 07, 2009

First Night on New Job

Hi there. I went in last night and the waitress there asked if I was smoking or Nonsmoking and I told her I was there to work. She was one of those that thought she was better than everyone else. Well sometime down the road this two guys came in they were Mexican. I had no problems with them.

This waitress took the menu's and set them down and didnt bother asking them if they wanted anything to drink or anything. She just walked away from the table. Well the waitress that was trainging me asked what I thought and I told her. That was rude. Well anyway this waitress kept giving us a hard time all night long until about 7:30 and then she just walked out.

It was more peaceful with out here there. I didnt get any tips last night because I was training. I was getting minimum wage until my training is over. That is fine with me. I get a number and such and finish filling out my papers tonight with the owner. But it was a good night to train because it wasnt that busy and after the one girl left we had more tables.. LOL..

My comment was to Perla the lady training me was it starts when they walk in the door. If you are polite to them when they walk in the door they will leave happy and be aware that you tried to take care of there needs but if you do what this one waitress did you wont get far. I have learned that over the years.

Well I cant talk long. I will put an update on the bottom of this post tomorrow with what happened to the other girl. I need to go transfer some laundry for Jeff to bring up later and do a pan in the kitchen before I leave it stinks.. YUCKIE..... Take care and I will visit tomorrow evening or Sunday sometime..

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Final Decision..

Hey all. I know I have been up and down on this job position but I have made a final decision. I have decided to take the job after working Monday night at McD's and seeing how they all reacted to me when I was called in Sunday and didnt go in for the first time since being employed there. The 19 year old manager they have there was very angry at me and she wouldnt admit it and I could tell. She is a Mexican young girl. No I am prejudice but she takes her anger out by speaking Spanish to the other worker instead of talking to me. She speaks fluent English/Spanish.

So I called home and Jeff and I talked and I called the job with the waitressing back and I start tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM to 10 and then it goes to 8 hour shifts. But she is going to do 3 days of training since I have waitressing experince. I think I will be fine after I get going. That is all jobs. The manager at McD's was very angry at me when I talked to her yesterday but you know what I am fed up with all the BS there.

I have been having troubles for a while now. I mean the one managers boyfriend coming drunk almost every night. I mean come on the last time I saw him, his eyes were blood shot and watery.I could tell he was drunk.. If I can tell so can most others. At least with this new job I wont have people calling me a mother fucker over the head sets and wont be drunk because you know what.. This is a truck stop so most of them cant drink... If they are drinking and driving there is something wrong totally ok.. I am big on that stuff. I hate seeing people drink and drive.

We still have some yard work to do but most of its done. I have done what I can do for now. We are looking at putting a Patio in this weekend. We have some of our line of credit left and its only going to cost us about 200 dollars to do the patio.

Then we are looking at putting up our fence finally. That will be done by the end of the month also if things go right. Anyway I need to get going. I just thought everyone needed an update on life here in the R family household. Its a mess right now but its going to make itself right. It always does.

Take care my friends until next time and I will be around later...

Monday, August 03, 2009

Boy are We Tired...

Hi there. Boy are we tired. We ended up having to do yard work all weekend long. I had this weekend off. We were going to go to EAA in Oshkosh but with the yard work we ended up having to do we stayed home.

The city sent two letters saying we had five days to get rid of the weeds in our back yard and then 30 days to get rid of some other stuff. The trim of the house needs to be painted and the wooden shed we had in our back yard needed to be tore down.

Talking about the shed. You should have seen how we got the roof of that sucker off.. Jeff had help getting the sides off but the guy had to leave so Jeff and I were stuck doing the rest. Well I held onto the frame the best I could and Jeff pushed the roof off by himself. Yikes huh??

Then we bought some Round Up and I killed most of the weeds and hit it with the rake and such and then yesterday we hit the rest of them with the lawn mower and then today I am going to go back out with the hoe and see what I can do if its not going to rain on my head. We had beautiful weather the last few days for yard work.

We wished we would have taken before and after photo's.. Well we found someone to spot paint our house for 300 dollars and then he knows someone to put up a fence. My parents were going to charge me five thousand dollars to put up a fence and repaint the whole house. This guy said he could paint the whole house for about 700 if we wanted the whole house painted but we looked with him and he said it looks fine except for where this one vine was growing on the house so we decided to just spot paint.

So much to do in the next thirty days. Well not alot but enough because these are big jobs they want done. Just three jobs and they are big to us because we have never done this stuff before. Well I need to go check the weather and see what we have on my agenda today to see if I can get some inside work done or some more outside work done. I have to work tonight also.

Oh just to let everyone know I turned the waitressing job down after thinking and talking to Jeff about it. It took the owner almost five days to call me back from the day she interviewed me anyway. I need a steady income and that is what McD's is even with me being sick of the shit but after this one girl leaves in the middle of the month things will be better because they have gotten rid of two of the problems so far. Now we just need two more very reliable people. Besides me. I got a perfect review last week and a 35 cent raise.