Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Friday, May 29, 2009

My youngest Turns 5 on Tuesday June 2nd...

Where or Where has time flew too.. I am sad because my baby is growing up way to fast. I remember the day we found out we were pregnant with her.. It was kind of funny. Jeff was the one telling me it was ok and I was the one crying this time. Oh my goodness but I dont know what I would do with out either of my babies. Here are some photo's of what we bought Bri for her b-day from us.

My mom and Ken got her some clothes but she needed a bigger bike.

Also here is the afghan I made for the managers grandson. I did it as a gift from me since I know her daughter some what.

I was going to put the other angle on there but this gives you an idea of it. Its the photo I took of it. The pattern doesnt say anything about putting a different colored edging on it but I like to use other colors for my edgings. It makes the pattern feel more like my own than out of a book.

We are planning on going to an Irish Feast this weekend. I will take photo's. They have a steel drum band Jeff wants to check out. I am looking forward to getting out even though I have to work tomorrow night but I have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off this week and work the rest of it.

Well I suppose. I need to get going and find us something to eat. Talk to you all later. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. What is everyone up to anyway????

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Awsome Fireworks

I think my Grand Finalle got put on top of the regular firework. Watch them please. There are some awsome shots in the fire works display. It was memorial day weekend of course so we went to our Celebrate DePere Days. Jeff took his cousin J with us. I took my crocheting and I listened to there conversation. Jeff said he felt like he was leaving me out but you know what I was having fun just sitting there and not really listening.It was weird having to come up with conversation when Jeff went to the bathroom and stuff but it was good to have her along. I dont know her that well so I am only saying that she is nice.

Lets start with Saturday afternoon. I came home early Saturday morning and slept and then got up and we had a picnic at Wiquiok Falls. That link I left a while back. Here is me BBQ'ing lunch.

The girls playing while I make lunch.. We had brats, hamburgers, my macaroni and cheese and ham salad, chips, and soda pop to top it off.

Sunday we went to DePere Days or Celebrate DePere. Like I said above we took Jeff's cousin J with us. She is a decent person. I just dont know what to say to her half the time. She is one of those people I feel like I am walking on egg shells around so I usually dont say much when she is around. She wanted to hang out with Jeff and I together but I didnt have anything to add to there conversation so I worked on a afghan I am making for a managers grandson.. I almost finished it in the four hours we sat there. I have 9 inches left of it to finish. I promise to take pix before giving it to her. Anyway some photo's of the girls Sunday and the fire works show. And a beautiful sunset before the fireworks..

Then Monday we took my books and Jeff is studying his math so we took those to the park and let the girls play for a bit.. I have learned some terms and quite a bit about the body.. Somethings I have forgotten over the years.. Yikes..

Enjoy our Holiday photo's and my silent video's of the fireworks.. They were loud and just wonderful. I am glad I went.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Easter Pix..

Sorry they are late.. But here are the photo's I took before leaving on Easter morning to see Jeff's mom..

Now here is a beautiful Sunrise his mother's partner took with my camera. I think its just beautiful.. I love sunsets and sunrises. I have seen some very beautiful ones at work lately but of course my camera is at home...

I took my first exam today via there internet site and got 95%. One wrong. Yayy. I had Jeff correct my test last night before he went to bed and I had him put the page number by the ones that were wrong and not the answer and made me look for them. That is the right way of doing it. He wants me to pass so bad and so do I. I like when I do well. Anyway I need to get outside with my girls. They want me to spend sometime with them. I am going to take my books outside. Its 85 F today here. Its beautiful. Talk to you all soon. N..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Last Few Days.. WOW..

Starting Friday afternoon. We were going to go to my Dad's house and see my half brother and his wife and new baby that is almost 4 months old. Well some things changed those plans. First of all they didnt sound like they wanted us there when Joy called us to invite us. Then other things came up like what to bring with us to feed everyone. And one other thing came up. So we went and played Raquetball and discussed going to Chicago instead. Well we had decided on that and I came home and e-mailed Candy right away to find out if they were available. We couldnt meet them at the Brook Feild Zoo like I wanted but hey we dont always get what we want. Sorry I am into Saturday already..LOL..

Saturday we left Green Bay at 6:40 AM and arrived in Chicago about 11 AM. Not bad timing at the Zoo really Especially not knowing where we were going. No wrong turns. No having to ask for directions this trip. But anyway Candy calls and says they can meet up after 3 PM. So we walk the Zoo from 11 AM to 3 PM and we say almost the whole Zoo. Its huge. My legs still hurt from all the walking.. LOL.. Anyway it was amazing. I have photo's but they are on disposable camera's.

We met up with Candy and Stagg and they are amazing people. Just like Jeff and I. Good company really. Great people. I donated like 10 or so of my hair ties to Candy to raise money for her Art that she does at the local Church once a week. She can correct me on this if I am wrong.. LOL..

Then today being Sunday we went out to his mother's house. It was another beautiful day. It was in the sixties and sunny. It was an awsome ride even though my legs cramped up really bad and we had to stop to get me a bottle of water. We get to his mothers house and she hands me my camera first thing. Thankfully because I more than likely would have forgot it again and I am in photo withdrawl.. LOL. I will have my Easter Pics up soon I promise. Anyway we are sitting around and Jeff and I run to the store for MOM.. and then we come back and her and I head to the kitchen. She showed me how to make this beef vegetable soup. Delicious. Very good. I cant say enough about it. Then she gives me a whole bunch of thread that she used for her socks with beads and hair ties..

Jeff has tomorrow off and when we get up we are going to go play raquetball to loosen up and then come home and relax. I might do some light cleaning and have the girls help me. Most of its there mess anyway.. I have loads of photo's but no way of getting them on the computer after I develope them right now. Anyway I am going to go get my food off the stove and eat and relax a bit before heading to bed. Talk to you all sometime soon. Hope you had a great weekend also. N.

UPDATE My school books have arrived.I am offically a student now..YAYY ME...!!!! I am so excited. I even brought my books to work with me last night and read while on break... LOL..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I feel Like a Total Fuck UP....

Hi all. Jeff and I have this whole weekend off together and we made plans to take a trip to Chicago today.. Well guess what. Its 2:14 AM and I am still up.. I cant sleep. I slept till 2:00 yesterday afternoon and now I cant sleep. Sure sleep in the car but I know me I am not going to be able to. I am such a Fuck up lately.

I have had this terrible headache for the last few days too. I havent slept well at all either so I dont know whats wrong. I have no worries. I have no stress. I am jusdt plain assed wore out and now this shit happens. I am trying to relax and spend time with my family but you know what its hard.

We are going to Chicago today because I promised the girls and then we are going to Abbottsford on Sunday to pick up my camera. We were going to Rice Lake but decided not to go. My sister in law was being on the iffy side and I didnt want anything to do with it. I dont care if I dont get to see my niece for a while yet I guess. I would rather just have my immediate family.

I am just sick and tired of fucking things up because of my work schedule and that is what is doing this to me. When I first started work I was only working till 4 and then coming home right away and going to bed but lately I cant do that. I need at least an hour to come down. That makes it 5 AM when I go to bed. Yikes..

I guess I am just fustrated with my hours and my job lately even though I was told just thursday night how well I am doing by a manager.. Not R but a different manager.

What to do??? I dont know anymore. I will tough out today I guess and then come home and go to bed right away basically..We are going to be outside most of the day so I will be really tired. And I will more than likely fall asleep on the way home.

I went to Wal Mart tonight to get a couple of Disposable camera's for our trip and I ended up getting some smore stuff. You should have seen Kora's face when I handed her's to her.. It was pure amazement. The photo's I take today I have no way of getting them on the computer. So you will just have to bear with me. We have a scanner but it doesnt work. Kora ruined it when she was about 3. She poured sugar in the back of it and I cant get it out.

I am anxiously awaiting my books to arrive in the mail for me to start school also. I wish they were here already. Where I can start my education. I am so looking forward to it this time around. I have tried this before and got no where but this time I am sick of where I stand at a certain place so I am going to better myself for my family this time around. I know I have bounced here but I am so sick and tired of alot of things. On Tuesday I will have photo's of my latest scrunchies. I found this beautiful Mexicana colored thread and some Red,White and Blue for the 4th of July.. Pretty neat how those turned out.

I just wish I could sleep. I might try in half an hour where I am not going completely sleepless. But I need to get going. I will have lots to tell you all on Tuesday as Jeff is home on Monday also.

Talking about that his hours still havent picked back up and they dont look like they are going to. they are looking at his hours being Tuesday through Friday until futher notice. Ten hour days.. Yikes..Anyway talk to you all soon. N..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Hands are Numb..

Hi all. I have been having troubles with my hands. I dont know why lately. But everytime I hold the phone or something like that my hands go numb and start tingling.. I know its not a good sign but its annoying. I have been crocheting alot again lately. I know that happened a while back. But I would hate to give up my only hobby I enjoy doing.

I have a question for you out there. Hypothetically. What would you all do if someone close to me walked into your house with his nails painted black?? Would you shun him or accept him??? I know how alot of society sees these things and its wrong to most of Society..

I am like a little kid the last few days. I keep checking the mail and both doors to see if they have delivered my school supplies yet.. I want to get started so bad.. I hate waiting for things. Esp when I want them as bad as I do this time around. I am 32 years old working in a place that doesnt appreciate me and my ablilities.

You know I worked up front last night and then they opened first booth up and I did just fine. R wasnt there though. She is very imtimadating.. Also there is this other worker lately that has been bringing his problems into work with him and we are all sick of it. Last night he watched the manager and I work while he stood around taking orders again. First of all dont bring your home life problems to work with you. Second of all if you have problems with any of us talk to a manager. he walked out on us on Saturday because he was all pissy and moany because all us people did was stand around and not lift a finger to do a thing. Yeahh and I was cleaning my ass off at the time.

We got another quote on how much it will be for us to reside our house. It looks alot better than the first guy. The first guy quoted us 8,600 for just the siding.. This new guy quoted us 7140 for the siding, new windows, and doors.. What a difference huh???LOL..

Well anyway I need to go find some lunch. I am hungry and I will be around later or tomorrow again. Have a great day..

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mom's Day.

Hi all. My moms day was nice. I didnt do much. I had to work Saturday night into Sunday morning but it was nice. I went to bed about 6:30 AM and slept till 1:00 PM. Then we got me up and going. We didnt do anything special but went out to one of our favorite spots called Wequiok Falls. Beautiful....

So we went and walked along the water fall and saw some white foam at the bottom of the Fall. Its just neat to see. Check out the website and see for yourself.. Then on the way home we stopped by work and got some food where I didnt have to cook. I didnt want a fancy meal yesterday from some place else. I wasnt even dressed up. I was in my sweat pants and sweat shirt.

Then after letting my food settle a bit I took a nap and then did the dishes in the dishwasher and then we had a small bon fire in the back yard. It was quiet and just us.

I am working on a beautiful baby blanket for one of the overnight managers new grandson. Its blue and white. He was born over Easter Sunday. I am doing this as a gift for him since I do know his mommy. We worked together for a few months before she quit and moved.

Anyway that is whats going on here. I had a nice quiet Mother's Day and I hope you mothers out there had the same..

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I cant type today for shit. My hands are numb for some reason.. To much crocheting.. LOL.. Anyway to all those beautiful and wonderful mothers out there HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FROM THE R FAMILY.. ENJOY YOUR DAY AND JUST RELAX.. ITS ONE DAY US MOTHERS USUALLY DONT HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER.. TAKE CARE MY BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL MOTHER FRIENDS OUT THERE...

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Have to Change my Degree a Bit..

I am slightly sad but I have to change my degree a bit. I have to do a Medical Office Assisant instead of a Nursing Assistant because the Nursing Assistant isnt with the state of Wisconsin yet. They are working on it but its not legal with them yet.. So I stayed in the Medical Field and went with the Medical Office Assistant.. I will be getting my materials next week.

It feels weird having our house back to ourselves.. We are going out to my Dad's house May 16th to see my brother and his wife and new baby. The baby is now almost 4 months old.. Yikes.. Well she was born Jan 27th,2009.. So new babies all over the place this year for us.

I will take photo's but I dont know if it will be done with my digital or a disposable this time around. I would love to stop for a few minutes to get my camera from his mothers house.

Kora and Brianna got new swim suits this year. I only paid 8.00 dollars a piece for them at Family Dollar here in Town. We went to the Y for them to try them on for size and Kora lost her bottoms today. LOL.. I need to get some saftey pins for her bottoms... It was funny. Thankfully there was really no one there.

You know I feel used like a dirty dish towel right about now. A friend/neighbor lady was in some trouble and we thought we could help her out and borrowed her some money. Well she said she would babysit to help pay it back and then give us so much in cash each month until its paid off. Well the last two weeks since we gave her the money she has been around twice.

The last few days she hasnt been around at all. I dread to see what her apt looks like when she comes home. I refuse to watch her dogs because they wont go potty outside for me. They like going in the house and then I have to clean it up. No way. I am not doing that anymore and I refuse to help her again. I feel used and I wont let that happen.

Work is going ok for now. Things seem to settle down at certain points and I dont know. Some days its easier to go in than others. I think now why because I know i am going to get some kind of degree sometime in the next couple of years. I can have it in six months or two years from now. I can work my pace.

Yes I still have fun when not working. We go for hikes yet but I just cant take any photo's right now and I crochet for fun. I am working on a Afghan for a managers Grandson. I am doing this from me not from her. So I cant charge her. Talking about crocheting I found this really pretty thread for my hair ties. I have found Red,White and Blue verigaded thread. I bought two of them and then I am going to put red, white and blue stars and such beads on them.. Promise to post them when I get the thread.. Its going to be awsome.. Anyway I suppose. I need to get to bed sometime tonight.. LOL.. Take care my friends and I promise to make rounds sometime later today.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Hey there all. I was suppose to have had last night and tonight off. But two people called in sick last night and guess who got called in to work. I went in because I knew by the end of the week I will have overtime. And I know because I went in last night that I will be punished next week for the overtime.

You see how it works is they give me the overtime but then the following week they only give me four days to work with instead of my five.. It sucks royally but that is how it goes.Anyway I am on my way to the park with the girls.

The Bald One has moved out and into his parents new apt with them. I will miss having the conversations when he comes in at night but I understand that he has to do what he has to do. I will also miss having the extra car at my disposal.. LOL. I like his car. Its a two door Pontiac Sunfire.. Nice car. But I know I can call him almost anytime and ask for his car esp on my paydays.. Well I suppose I need to get the girls to the park.

take care and I will be around later on. N...

Friday, May 01, 2009

UpDate on Status...

Hi all. I am so happy. I have gotten so much information the last two days. Its taken me this long to process it. I can start my CNA classes as early as June 1st if the lady they are holding the spot for doesnt want it for June.. If she takes it I have to wait till July but still at least I have the information I need. I have to pay 500 dollars for the course and 115 dollars for the State Certification but not bad at all. I was also told to start looking for jobs now.Even though I am not certified I can still start looking for jobs i was told.

I have to drive from Green Bay to Oshkosh though to get my classes done. Not to bad.Its only an hour drive from here. I dont mind if it gets me out of McD's. I told the manager last night that hired me that I am going to have to go to just Weekends starting in June or July.. I have it figured maybe I can get into a nursing home or something where I can do grunt work until I get my Certification also. I am so happy. You know how much easier it makes it going into McD's each night and realizing I dont have to stay there for ever...

I got my paycheck yesterday and went on a small shopping spree. I bought four new shirts for myself. They are summer shirts but shirts and the girls each got a new bikini. they look just adorable.. Esp Kora for some reason. She is so skinny.. Bri is kinda chunky.. That is ok though..

Jon came in last night and threw his keys at me and said to take his car if needed because he was going to New Hampshire. His parents are moving back to Green Bay and he has to go drive his parents car back here. His dad didnt want to hook the car up to the Truck they are driving back with there stuff in it. So I is boring Jon's car for the weekend. Then on Monday I think he is going to move his stuff out and go back and stay with his parents. Not sure there though. Its going to feel really weird having our house back to ourselves even though he isnt here much right now. I think what is going to feel weird is that I am used to having a late night coversation when I come home and he is up or just coming in.

I have some pretty awsome hairties to show you all but still no camera. My MIL is looking at coming down this month to see us and bring my camera back to me.. I cant wait. I feel naked without it.. That is life though.. Oh before I forget Jeff's older brother and his wife had a baby girl April 23rd. She was 9 lbs,11ozs if I remember and 22 1/2 inches long. They had to deliver her by c-section. She was to big to be born naturally.. Big baby. I am sure glad neither of my girls were that big. With C-sections you cant lift anything over ten pounds for six weeks.. Yikes.. And with the carseat and baby that is over ten pounds..

Her name is Jillian Rose. Very pretty I think.. Well I suppose. I need to go find something to eat. Jeff should be home soon and he wants to go to the College and then I want to stop by the Colllege Library to see about some information on the course I will be taking in Oshkosh. Getting a head start preparing basically.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I will catch you all later. Hope its Sunny and warm where you are this weekend. N..

UPDATE.....I worked Friday night like usual but it was the 1st of May ok.. Nothing new but we were busier than heck and I was in first booth and I kept up.. Horrrayy Mee... Horray mee.... We were around the building and out on the road for a while and I kept up without help. I mean a couple of times I had to have help but other wise I got it by myself.. I am so happy.. I was a bit nervous at first but I got through it..

Another update also is that we figured I am going to go through a correspondance school to get my degree instead of starting in May or June. I can do the course as quickly or as slowly as I want with this point. I am still looking for Jobs and its exactly the same thing. Its where I can stay working my hours until I get the degree. Otherwise I would have had to cut my hours.. Not good finacially.. Yuckie.. Well anyway I need to get to bed. Just thought I would mention this small update to my great and patient friends I have. N..