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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bummed Out

Hi all. I am bummed out today. I applied for a day job and they make you take this assessment test to see how well you answer questions and such..Well you need 75% or better to get the second interview and I didn't pass it. I hate when jobs like that judge you on how you answer questions.. Its really stupid OK.. Well in the mean time I called The Temp Agency I was working for last year and I am back at the same place the had me last year. I liked the job but the hours were so sporadic I had found something permanent. Well this time its 3rd shift and its long term for now. i dont like 3rd shift but hey I will take what I can get right now. I am going to keep Service Master for as long as I can stand working both jobs. Its going to be hard to get everything done in my week but you know what I have three helpers at home. they can do what they can and I will pick up the slack. jeff works 50 hours a week too yet so its not like he's not doing anything.. Anyway that is what is going on here. I am working two jobs for the time being. If something comes up where this second job becomes more hours and I cant handle both I will let my measly ten hours a week with Service Master go.

I am only making about 300 dollars a month with him and it seems like everytime I turn around something isnt good enough. I went into clean last night and the parking lot was almost full because of a damned Packer game. they were charging 10 dollars for parking and I told the lady that was charging for the parking if they were going ot charge the cleaning lady 10 dollars i was going home. I didnt have it.. I had my work shirt on but still.. I wasnt happy. i was going to be even more PO if the parking lot was full. I wasnt going ot park 3 blocks away just to clean the office.

I had my phone in my hand when I turned the corner realizing that the parking lot was almost full. I almost hit a car on my way out last night because I didnt see him parked right behind me. Well ok not right behind me but close enough to make it hard to get out of the parking lot. I wasnt a happy camper lets say the least. The Boss at Service Master has been a P A lately and I am sick of him being so picky. I understand that the Dentist office is a perfessional place and has to be spotless because of the patience and other things but he nit picks..

but I am doing better than when I first started at the Dentist office. Lots better. Lets just hope I can keep it up and keep up with the second job. I wont see Jeff much but you know what when I do i will take advantage of it.

Arent they cute. Just something to make you smile at besides my slump I am in.. Talk to you all soon. have a wonderful and pleasant weekend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Isnt It Beautiful...

I took this Sunday afternoon.. Isnt it beautiful.. I just love all the pink and then the purple and black of the butterfly..

Hope you all had a great weekend. I know we did.. It was our usual go go and go weekend.. Enjoy the photo..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zoo Part Two...

Hello there. Its been a while again.. I am sorry.Just got caught up in life and summer again.. Well here is part two of my Brown County NEW Zoo..

This guy was just sitting there in the water as we walked by and I couldnt pass up taking his photo..

The bald Eagle was in the cage with us and wasnt confined so if he chose to fly over our heads if he could, he would have. such a precious creature.

This one you really have to look and find the Moose.. The other Moose was easier to see because she wasnt in the woods.. I will post both of them. Not reall sure who is who though..

I missed the bobcat, mountain lion and redwolves I believe in this set because I couldnt see my own pictures here.. But they were there in my photo's..

but this is the brown bear they have in captivity.. Isnt he sweet looking but not something you would want to tangle with in real life anywhere. they have two I believe in captivity and I dont remember why either.

Here is my favorite animial is the otter for some reason. I am not sure I caught him or not. I know he was swimming around I didnt see the other one this trip..

I believe these are like four different Maccaws.. Not sure one bit. But arent they beautiful..

These last three are Maccaws for sure.. but the top one up there above pix not so sure anymore.. I love how big these blue ones are.. I know a lady here in Green Bay that has a Maccaw just like the red one in the next photo.

My Girlies.. they were standing in front of the Maccaw cage but I didnt get the birds in the photo like I wanted to.. LOL.. Silly Mommy..

My mom called me a monkey the other day. I told her we went to the Zoo and she asked me if that is where jeff picked me up from??LOL.. silly mommy.. my silly mommy.

The Penquins werent really doing anything on that Sunday. they were just sitting around and looking around at us as we were looking at them. But they last on the walk through the Zoo. So here is the end of the Zoo. Hope you enjoyed walking through and seeing what we saw as best you can with my photo's. enjoy..

For supper tonight we are having something different. I have had them before but not sure what name to put on them. If someone knows please let me know. i can finally put a name to them..

One 10 oz can of Cream of Celery
One 10 oz can of cream of Chicken
I am using like 12 chicken legs boiled and deboned.
a pinch of garlic powder
a pinch of salt and pepper.
Buns and eat them like sloppy joes.

That is our dinner for tonight.. Looking forward to them actually. Its been a long time since I have had them. but if you want to try them let me know what you think of them if you do. they are quite simple or you can use the canned chicken also like the tuna if you want.. I like the boiled chicken method better. It takes longer but i like the chicken better..

Well anyway girls are outside with one of there friends and I have to make sure they arent getting into anything. Hope all is well and you all have an awsome weekend..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi there. We didnt do a thing on Saturday it was to late by time Jeff got home from his half day of work.. So we went on Sunday instead. But we got out.. It was nice Sunday no humidity. It was like some one turned off the heat for a while. Anyway here are some of the animals I got really good pix of. I cant believe how big the Lion cubs have gotten.. There are five Lions at the Zoo now. Three cubs that are now bigger and mom and dad Lion..

Now here are turtles.. I did not get a photo of this but we were standing there watching them and the black turtle must be the female moved and then the big green turtle came out of the water and was trying to mount the black You should have seen the look on the girls faces.. One of the ladies that works there told us if we havent had the talk yet we should before letting them see the turtles do there thing...

Here is the petting Zoo part but I didnt have any quarters this time around and neither did jeff so we didnt get any photo's of the girls feeding the goats.. But we did stop and check them out..

Here are baby Llama's they are sweet arent they..This one here kept rubbing against the rock. almost like he was scratching himself or trying to rub something off.

Here is a spotted Leopard.. Beautiful animal.. Wish I could have gotten closer..

Ok I Know this one is gross but its interesting in the same way.. There are only 33 white albino Alligators in the world including this one.. they have him covered or he will actually sunburn like me or who ever gets really sunburned during the summer..

We didnt get to feed the Giraffes this time around but I did get up close to this one sort of because someone was feeding him or her and I didnt want to get a photo of a stranger so I just took the photo of this persons hand and the Giraffe.. Still pretty dang close to it though..

This bird was not in captivity but it was cool to see anyway.. Its a Cardinal.. It was flying around in the Badgers Kind of cute if you ask me..

Now here is the good old badger himself.. i took this one as he was rounding the corner from making his rounds around the little open space they have for him.

Now here are two Raccoons.. Arent they the sweetest things here.. Maybe not in real life for those of you who have them in your trash cans but these two are the sweetest looking things.. Eating apples and digging..

Ok I am going to leave this here for now. I have more photo's to share this time but i will split this up. this is most of the way through the Zoo. Maybe half way through.. So its a good stopping point and I will have another post up in a few days after everyone has had time to look and comment. I know how some of you dont like Zoo's and how some of you do.. But these animals I have taken photo's of have been hurt and need to be taken care of and such.

I am working with Kora and Bri on a new school project this year. I have set up pen pals with some of Ruths kids for Kora and Bri to get them used to writing to other kids.. Kids there own ages and such. I wish I had the money to sponsor the two I found for Kora and Bri..

Well that is what is going on here for now.. I cant wait to get started with school here this year. We have to do something with kora this year. Jeff caught her cheating on school work last year and we are going to make her redo last years book plus this years book we buy from Barnes and Noble. It will only take her a five minutes longer to do the work books..

I am sick and tired of the girls thinking i am super mom.. they want to do this and that and I have house work to do. No it cant wait because it has waited almost two weeks to be done.. I have been lazy lately..Ok I am gone. I need to go do what needs to be done.. Life is a bitch and we all live it some how.. I love my girls but I cant always do what they want me to do and I have to work tonight.. I am hoping I get this new job where I can work during the day and not have to rush out the door when Jeff comes home. I hate rushing out the door.. I just hate it three days a week.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I feel like Shitola...and other stuff..

Hi my friends. i am taking a break from everything today except for sitting on my arse and crocheting here in a few minutes. I feel like someone beat me and left me for dead. I am sore and achy and just feeling like shit... I started last night right before I came home with a sore throat. I thought maybe it was to much Central Air or the Cool air in the car.. So I opened a window in the car and it didnt work. Its to hot and humid to open a house window today.. but feeling achy and just blah I know its a summer cold of sorts..

I went down stairs to swap my laundry because I left some clothes from yesterday that had been bleached in the washer and I felt like i was going to fall down the stairs.. I was just that dizzy.. I am going to fold these two loads of laundry and then park my ass on the couch and crochet for the rest of the day until I have to go to work. I can work like this. I wonder if its because I only had two meals yesterday I feel dizzy. Not enough food in my system..

I dont know whats up but I know I am just taking a break. I am getting enough done to make the house look decent and that is it..You know when Jeff gets sick he doesnt do much and when I am sick and home alone with the girls I am still mom and home maker.. So when he's home I try and take advantage of what he can do for me. I know when I was sick in December over x-mas he did quite a lot for me even with him being sick. We both got hit pretty bad in December. I got it worse than he did though for some reason and the girls didnt get hit at all with the two of us beign ill.. I am suprised..

I know one thing and I hope it never happens again. I slept for almost four days straight back in December and then in February when I started for Service Master I got ill again but not as bad.. I just ended up with stomach problems and having to go to the bathroom alot.. No throwing up that time.. but i still am taking a break fora few days if I can manage. i dont have to work tomorrow thankfully.. I work 3 days a week and I need more hours but I need to find another job..

I have a job interview on Monday at 10 AM.. Wish me luck and send good vibes.. I need this extra job. I am going to run both of them as long as I can. We are in need of money. Jeff has an idea for an extra job he can manage too.. I will tell you about that when he finds out if the company will hire him..

Other wise life is good here. I am still working on my blanket and some smaller things for my shop. I made some hats recently. I could post pix here.. I might as well. I copied a pattern but it didnt turn out right.. lol..

The pink one is the one i copied a pattern but it didnt turn out the way it was suppose to and i think it looks cute with the way it did.. enjoy.

Green one i made up with my own pattern sort of like the one I used for the pink one but slightly different.

This one here I made with an Emerld Green and Avacado knitting yarn.. I had some left over from someone who gave me some knitting yarn. I have noticed it makes crocheting items just as nice.

Then here are all three hats.. I brought them in and used the arm of my chair to take these...

Life in the R household.. I am always doing something and so are the rest of us. Kora is learning to crochet slowly. She has her own hook and ball of yarn but refuses to practice and I might enforce it once school starts as an art project.

Bri is learning to finger crochet making a chain and just tearing it out and working on that right now. I dont have the patience to help her with a hook yet. they both want to learn but refuse to sit and practice.. sounds like a child huh??LOL..

Ok I am off to fold his uniforms and then rest until my whites are done drying and then that is it for today. I will make rounds tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend if I dont talk to any of you until monday or so.. Happy weekend..

UPDATE.. feeling better and have a post tomorrow but dont have time tonight.. i am hoping to have good news tomorrow too.. keep your fingers toes and other things crossed for me please.. good thoughts coming my way please..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

just my girls and friends

here are some photo's of the girls playing in the neighbors pool last week. i wasnt even in the pool and i got sunburned.. my back mainly. i was just watching them.

MISS S making my sugar bag into her new Since I quit drinking soda all together we are going through more sugar so we buy the 25lb bags of it and freeze it where we dont have ant problems upstairs..

MISS S all tuckered out again and sleeping where i sit to watch tv and crochet.. Lil poop.. but i love her to death.. She is my other fury child and she is spoiled and knows it..

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Just stuff..

hi there. I know its sunday and I posted yesterday too.. but I wanted to apologize for my shitty book review. I am good at reading a book but horrible at giving details about the book afterwards.. I know some of you follow what i am saying and some of you dont..

Here are some new things i added to my other blog just now also. Hope you enjoy them as much I did making them.. I love making things..

Here is last but not least.. I love how it turned out and its really big.. Its 5 inches wide by 158 inches long with the pockets. The pockets have white fringes on them.. Matching hat to go with it..

I keep saying you like what I have just e-mail me or put up a Etsy buyers account and buy away.. I love what I do and I hope you enjoy looking.. N.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nora Jane by Ellen Gilchrist

Some of you may have been left alone with a drunk mother or no father at all in some cases.. Well this book is fiction but this poor little girl named Nora Jane has been there and done that basically.. You get left alone and dont know what to do and dont know who to love or trust when you are older.. And you only have one person who loves you and they leave you.

Well a anyway Nora Jane A l ife in Stories..

Nora Jane was only 4 years old when her father died in the war.. She spent many days with her grandmother. Nora's mother was so depressed she got drunk after Nora's father passed away.. Her grandmother said NJ's mother wasnt strong.. And this went on for years.. When NJ was 14 she had to sell stuff just to pay her way into her Catholic School she was attending because they were just that poor.

At the age of 19 she met this guy and they hooked up and they lived together for a about a year. He taught her how to steal and rob things.. Real good theif in my OK OK. anyway she wanted to go to SF too so she needed money. She decided she was going to rob the nearest bar. She checked it out and found who goes there and such..

Well in the process she gets it done and takes the money and runs.. She gets to SF and finds her way to Sandy's place. Its deserted and no one home. She breaks a window and goes in and makes herself at home. He never shows up while she is there..

One day she is out and reading a book and this guy notices her and asks what she likes to read and she answered him. Well he goes I know a real good book store around the corner and takes her to his book store. The door is locked and it confuses her at first when he takes the keys out of his pocked and unlocks the door. Well they walk back to the office and she tries to rob him but she talks her out of it. She is scared shit less at this point.

Freddy talks NJ into going home with him and just staying for the night. Watching movies and talking.. NJ agree's to this. She is hungry and scared so this makes sense to her. Well in the weeks to follow NJ sort of falls for Freddy but not as hard as Freddy has fallen for her. So you have to guess here that Sandy shows up in the picture too.

this makes things upside down for both NJ and Freddy. NJ says she is done with Sandy but something goes wrong and she ends up calling sandy and they end up in bed together and then some thing really serious happens..

NJ ends up pregnant and doesnt know who the father is.. Oh goodness gracious.. they did a test but both guys were the same blood type.. Well she tells both guys and she leaves Freddy and decides to give it a whirl with Sandy one more time. He ends up leaving her in the middle of the pregnancy and going off. He just needs some time. he left all his money to her..

Well in the midst of this all she figures she needs to see Freddy and she knows he is at Willits and she is like 7 or 8 months preggo.. She calls the neighbor out there and goes and see's him.. its winter time and the roads are horrible out by the house in Willits. So you can sort of guess what happens after Freddy picks NJ up at the train station. they get to the house and they eat and talk and go to bed. NJ wakes up all wet.. Her water broke..

She ends up giving birth to twin girls.. Lydia and Tamili. Well Freddy delivers them himself and then goes to the neighbors house to have him call in help.. He comes back and fires up the fire even more to warm the room for the new babies.

Well NJ and Freddy decide to stay together with the babies and they finally get married. NJ and Freddy are in the pool house one afternoon and this neighbor kid finds himself in there yard and falls into there pool.. Mother instinct or not NJ senses something wrong.. Well she saves him and the grandmother to the child calls his mother and she comes and gets him reluctantly.

Well along with the mother of the child NJ saves is her old boyfriend Sandy.. Well they book it out of the neighbors house and leave there house because they didnt really want to see Sandy and want him to claim what could have been his after 10 years. He had never seen the twins and so far didnt care to see them. Well in the process after NJ and Freddy and girls left, Sandy went over and broke in to see what NJ had made of herself. He saw the pix of the girls and was astonished.. But he never went after them.

There was love lost and gained in this book. Actually alot going on really.. Have you ever felt you have met your true love right away. Or have you had to think about it? I know when teens fall in love for the first time they have this mister right or miss right..

Well lets just say things turn around at the end of the book for some friends of NJ's and Freddy's.. They end up finding the perfect people and end up getting married to these people.. Everyone is so happy. You know in real life this doesnt always happen. But sometimes it does. But not often.

You have lost people do to certain illnesses also. Well Freddy ends up with Cancer and they beat it but its the thought of losing him after all these years and with kids. Yes Freddy and NJ had a little boy they named little Freddy.

Well you will just have to read the book I guess to find out everything I missed in my review wont you??LOL.. I missed alot because I hate giving to much of the book away. It was one of my bargain books from Half Price Books I got for a dollar. It was ok I have to say.. I will give it a 8/10 tweets..

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

EAA 2010

EAA Airventure has come and gone already.. We took the girls out to his mothers house two days before it started. Well we went this year on the first day and it was the most horrible EAA exp we have had. We usaully get there in time to walk around and see the planes and such but this time we got there just in time to see the Air Show..

Well we were expecting to see the military Jets they have usually but on the first day they must not have them because all they did was the air show and the planes did the same things basically. I was cool to see but boring after the first two planes because after that you knew what they were going to do. If they are going to have a show like that they should really say what is going on, on which days..

Then they had Chicago come in and sing and you couldnt see a thing.. We are short people in this house hold.. We arent very tall and with the group they had no one was sitting down and you couldnt hear them right. i wanted to see/hear them at least in concert.

The total exp just sucked this year. I have photo's but t hey didnt come out to well. I posted three of them in my last post. I have my video's of the Airventure but I need to upload them to FB first I have learned.. I dont know why I cant upload my video's to blogger from my computer

I am working on a new baby blanket and reading. I am not doing much. Just trying to enjoy whats left of summer and being cool.. Its so hot here right now. I am using a petal pink and heather grey for my blanket with a blueberry pie color for the edging when i am done with it..

I have finished a book and need to get the review out soon before i forget what it was about.. it was a dry book but some one else might like it.

Ok I am off to put my dishes in the dish washer and finish my last load of laundry from yesterday. talk to you all soon. hope you are enjoying your summer for those of you who havent posted in a while.. miss you all. talk soon. N..

Sunday, August 01, 2010

This last week..

Hi all.. Sorry I have been missing. I have had a hard week. We brought the girls to his mothers house last Saturday and we had a wonderful week alone but I have had some emotional ups and downs.. I havent felt like being alone much while he was on vacation this week.

Saturday we brought the girls to his mothers house and then we came home and did nothing maybe played some yaztzee but not much else going on.

Sunday I dont remember so well..LOL.. I think we just layed around and watched tv and played more yaztzee and I finished up a couple of projects I had been working on.

Monday we got wristbands to go to EAA in Oshkosh again this year. One of the guys Jeff works with got them for us. I wanted to go Monday because they had the Group Chicago there for a concert and I wanted to see them live but I didnt of course because we had so many tall people in front of us and they refused to sit down. I was pissed off, hot and hungry.. LOL..

Tuesday we spent at home because we both were to hot and miserable from Monday and I had to work Tuesday. I almost lost my job tuesday night. I went into work and found they had used my mop to clean up some water in the basement. I went along with my work and didnt realize the mop looked like shit and I turned lights off as I went and didnt do a final walk through. Well The Boss Called Wednesday and said this is my last chance to get it right or i am done.

Wednesday we went to a state park and just sat around reading and getting chewed on by the bugs. So we came home. I applied at a gas station when we stopped for some gas before going out to the park.. I dont have a safety selling liquor thingingy so i dont think they will be calling me back anytime soon. Even I wanted to get one just to put on the application I dont know where to start..

Thursday we spent around the house again I believe.. And I went back to work and found my final notice in my bucket and I took four hours to get the job done right when it was only suppose to have taken me 3 1/4 hours. I took an extra 45 minutes to do the job 100% like he wants me to do it..He was going over there Friday to see how I did and he never called on Friday so knock on Wood that he doesnt call tomorrow complainging.

Friday was payday and we figured out our bills of course and then we went bowling and then to Red Robin for dinner and then home. We were going go to a movie but there was nothing interesting at the theater.. Before we left Friday for our date Jeff's moms partner calls and asks if we could come get the girls because she threw her back out.

Saturday we took our trip out there and picked up the girls.. They were more than ready to come home with attitudes in tow.. LOL.. They enjoyed there time away but they were ready to come home. I was ready for them to come home I missed them terribly.

Today I am sitting here alone with the computer and jeff is down stairs. The girls are outside across the street playing with the kids. I mowed the lawn today and I have one load of laundry in the dryer. I will catch up with that tomorrow. I washed Jeff's hats for for work. they arent part of his uniform but he likes wearing them because of the sores on his head..

Give me a few days to catch up on house work and spending time with the girls when they decide to come home from there friends house and I will give my two cents on EAA this year. I wish we could have seen Chicago though. that woudl have been really neat. Even if we couldnt have seen them up close but we couldnt even hear them with the crowd they had with all the damned chatter even after they got started.. It was bull shit to be honest with you.. Well anyway this is where I have been hiding and I will be around to make rounds later or tomorrow sometime. Hope you all had a wonderful week also..

I enjoyed every minute with my hubby.. Now I just have an emotional problem to fix for myself.. Not sure if its because I didnt cry one time while the girls were gone or just me.. No its not that time of month either people.. I had that before we took the girls to his mothers house..LOL...