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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have a Favor to ask..

Hi all I have these items on my ebay account ok. I am not sure they will sell but here are a few that I know arent on there.. I will list prices and you can e-mail me if you are interested alright.. I will give them the ebay prices because I am selling them for some one else and not myself this time around o k.

Necklaces she is looking 5.99 a piece for. I am sorry for the photo's of them. I realized after I got them on the compute I should have put white paper under them to get a better shot.

Here is a six piece body wash set she never opened. Its still in the package. She got a whole crap load of these for X-mas last year and just couldnt use them all and didnt like some of them.

This last one here with Kora's hand holding a candle holder. Those tea light candles that go in the holders and under them is little green beads or like rock type things.. She is asking 20.00 for it.

This last body wash kit comes in a great big basket and can be used for almost anything when your done. It has a price of 22 dollars on the package but she is only asking 15 for it..

I have been working the last few days.. I think I have to work tomorrow so I dont know yet. Sometimes its hard not knowing if I have to go in or not but at least its a paycheck.. I can count on at least 32 hours a week for the time being. Maybe 24 but its money in our pocket. Other wise life is good here. Not to stressfull as it was two weeks ago.

Well hate to make this short but I need to go shower before getting my hubby from work. I wish he would just get it out of his ASS and take my car to work with him... My car runs its just needs to be restarted at a stop light once in a while.. LOL.. Any questions pertaining to the items on here let me know. I tried not to duplicate what was on my ebay site where I dont sell something here and have it sold on ebay also.. Anyway I need to get running. Talk to you all soon.. N..

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Ok my fellow friends and dear dear blog friends. I have to admit I am not happy but it was sold on ebay.. It was my fault for not putting a higher price on it than I did.... Here is what was sold and for how much. My beautiful ribbon made scarf was sold for 5.50 with free shipping thinking I would get more for it than I did.. Stupid me..

Ok so maybe I am not the smartest branch on the tree but hey give me credit for trying.. LOL... I am not happy with myself. Quite upset.. It cost me 2.92 to mail the sucker today.. Yikes.. HUH!!!!!

Anyway I have another question. I have a paypal account. I would love to link it to my crafting blog for those of you interested in buying off my blog. Some of you have asked me to get a pay pal account and now I have I would love to link it to my crafting blog and I need to figure out how. Some one in this business shoot me an e-mail and we can hook up some how or some way please.

Anyway if you would do that for me if anyone of you great friends know how that would be really superduper great... LOL.. I am going to go do my cleaning now. Take care and hope to hear something from someone somtime soon with my new problem.. Always something going on..

I had today off that is why I am home blogging instead of working. I need to call the office and see if I work tomorrow also. Hopefully but oh well if I dont.. It happens.. That is the chances you take for working for a Temp Agency but its money when they do call you. Take care.. N...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hi there. I have been reading but havent posted... I have some news but again I cant talk much about this subject. You just never know who will get a hold of your blog.. I have found temp work yes. Its very easy work. I like it. I ididnt have to work Friday but I have been there Monday and Today..

Monday I worked by myself. I taped boxes for a while. That was suppose to have taken me like 3 or four hours and when I told the supervisor after 1 1/2 hours I was done she was shocked. I was just taping boxes to make them more secure for shipping. I was taping the sides that hadnt been taped and retaping two sides that had. And then I was working on pet food bags with the freshness seal in them. I was putting the bag on the machine and hitting the peddle to glue the seal to the bag. I got 915 of them done in 6 hours..

I was proud of my work. I think i go back tomorrow but not sure yet. I have been working from 6 AM to 2 PM. This shift gives me where I am home when I was just waking up a few months ago.

You know my friends its one thing to have cash for clunkers for cars that Obama gave the car places to sell cars but come on everytime I turn around you hear it with beds now, what was the other one I heard recently. I am so sick of them going over board with this clunkers shit..

Jeff is working on something himself and I cant mention what until it works but it could be big if it works.. Oh my god I have never seen a child so stubborn as Bri. We are working on Reading and she is fighting me tooth and nail. She likes her work but she doesnt want to do it herself. She wants me to read everything to her. She wants nothing to do with sounding out words. I have been working with her the last few days. I have put her books up and just took her notebook and tried writing simple words down..

I am flustered slightly with this. Kora fought us too but not this hard. I understand Kindergarden is mostly play but some work is involved.. She is catching on to the simple coloring what numbers and one less and one more. She can count to 100. She is very bright but stubborn.

Alright enough bitching from me for now. i have to run here in a while and pick up my husband. He refuses to get my car looked at where he can take it to work on days I have to go.. Stubborn men is just as impossible as stubborn children right now.. LOL... Ok on my way out for the day. Have a wonderful rest of the week if I dont hear from any of you or see your blogs from being busy... Always something to do.. I try and stop in and at least read if not comment lately. Talk soon..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi All

Hi there.. I am feeling much better. I found work temporary as it is. I worked the last two days. I worked yesterday from 9 AM to 2 PM and 6-2 today. But we went for a hike on Sunday and here are some photo's that we took. The first one is awsome because Jeff got really close to it. I stood above it and took mine but Jeff got really close to it.

Jeff and his girls.. Arent they sweet.. Not to often I get photo's of him like this even with the girls..

Mom and her babies.. I think its funny what I was doing to Kora. Just look... LOL..

I hope you can read this. Its interesting what the area we were walking in was at one time in history. If you cant read it even being enlarged let me know and I will see about getting a better photo for you next time we go hiking..

Now look at this one really closely and you will see what I almost stepped on. I dont know if he's deadly or if he would have hurt me but I almost stepped on him.. Yikes and Yuckie...

Here are three photo's of something really cool. One I am not sure if you will see the head or not but go ahead and look.. The other two are pretty awsome to look at also..

Jeff tried to get a close up of this one but they heard him coming and scooted off into the water.

We heard loads of birds and saw them flying in the tree's but I couldnt get a photo of them flying like they were in formation. Amazing really.. I have other photo's of the girls but not sure if they are light enough to post. I tried fixing them. But I didnt want to get them to light where you couldnt see the girls.

Life here is taking a turn. I sold two of my things on ebay. I only sold them for .99 cents a piece but hey its a start isnt it?? LOL.. They were the goose with shoes and a bell with shoes also. Beautiful pieces of collectible things.. I am hoping now that some one has bought those two things from me more people will look at my other items.. Please take a look if you are interested and bid away. You might get something cheaper than on my blog.. LOL... I need to fix two things here in a bit. I have made a correction with those two scarves I have on my crafting blog and havent fixed that yet. I am going to lower the price from 45 dollars a piece down to 25 dollars a piece.

A great Blog friend Cynnie made a comment and I agree with her so I asked her opinion and she said 25 is more than fair even though a lot of time went into them. Yes loads of time but she is right.. I should hire her as my business manager... LOL.. I am terrible with finances sometime. Ok enough here. I have to run to the store and get a few things for dinner and then I have to get the girls to sit down and do there school work finally.

I promise pix of girls next week in there stuff from Gymnastics and swimming ok guys. I forgot my camera yesterday.. Kora was on the balance beam.. she was scared shitless but she was up there.. LOL.. Bri was helping a little boy stay afloat also yesterday. She was showing him how to swim.. Cuteness.. Anyway I am off talk to you all tomorrow. N...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

X-mas Ornaments....

Here are some of the ornaments I have been working on. I have a few more but havent taken photo's of them yet..The little ones are 3.00 dollars a piece. If I have made a mistake from my crafting blog and you have looked let me know. The bigger ones I have here are five dollars a piece. I havent figured shipping yet.. Shouldnt cost me anymore to ship them.. Also any one that buys the ones with beads those need to be handwashed because the beads will break in the washer and dryer.

Another scarf I was telling you all about. This one is either Shades of black or accents of black. I like both..

Same scarf just a different view of it..I am looking at 35 dollars for this one since it does not have beads on the fringes. It has beads in the scarf itself.

I know everyone is low on money right now but just take a look for the poor...LOL...Just looking at early X-mas presents or brand new Tree Ornaments hand made.. I put my other two scarves back on ebay today. Hopefully someone will look. I let all my facebook friends know I have an ebay account also. Pass along the message and lets see what we can do with these scarves... I also have some knick knacks I put on there... They only have a few days left themselves.. Well I suppose. The Packer game is about to start here in half an hour. Talk to you all soon. N...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling better Today but not Much....

Here are some photo's you all might like to see.. Here is our fire pit we use. We bought this last year around this time for 70 dollars at Mill's FleetFarm..

Another beautiful Sunset coming home from Manitowoc Thursday evening. We were stopped at a stop light and I couldnt resist. At least he wasnt driving and such to get us in an accident.

Another photo Thursday before the light changed.. Just couldnt resist. This is what keeps me going. My camera and my ability to take wonderful photo's for my friends..

I have become a perch for the damned cat while making dinner. Kora took this one for me. She is becoming quite the little photographer herself.. I think in the next few years I might get her, her own camera. Something cheap or let her have this one and buy me a new one if I can just get a job..

Seeming better today but still very down in spirits. I slept alot yesterday and today. That is how I deal with my depression when I get in these slumps. I like to sleep. I went back to bed yesterday morning for a couple of hours yesterday morning after Jeff left and then I fell back asleep with Bri about 3 to 5 and then I was back in bed at 12 last night for good till 9 this morning. I know over sleeping doesnt fix things but I just cant help it when I am depressed.

I am hoping I can fix that Monday morning. I bought a pair of steeled toed women's shoes yesterday even though we couldnt afford them. I was told that if I get them there is a better chance of me getting a job. I have to call Monday morning early and see what she has for me if anything. I hate working for Temp Agencies but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. The jobs arent pleasant working but hey its a pay check.

I filled out an application for another McD's here near the house about two weeks ago and she never called me back. I dont know whats up but hey I dont care right now. I am just trying to make it one day at a time. Well anyway I need to get going. I have a load of laundry that needs to be switched. Talk to you all soon. N...

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Life is Worth Shit

Hi all. I have to let go some where and some how. I am ready to give up on life in general. I am not talking about killing myself just giving up. Giving our house back our car back. Just giving up. No one is hiring right now and we are under so much stress. We are fighting again. We are always arguing. The girls are fighting. They cant find common ground.

I have tried two different temp agencies. One had a job and it was perfect even if it was just through the holidays. It was at a local candy factory. I liked that one. It paid 8.50 an hour plus it had overtime. You would work from 3:15 PM to 1:15 AM. and then Fridays were from 3-11. But when she called me this morning it was taken already.

Then I have a chance of a job Monday with the other agency. I had to buy steel toed shoes today for that one even though we couldnt afford it. I am crying as I write this because I am so sick and tired of being me. I feel like shit since I left McD's. I feel like I should never have left even though they treated me like shit. I made up my mind and now I am not making things better.

I am just making life miserable. I am depressed. I want to sleep all the time. I just dont feel like doing anything in life right now. Sure we got the house fixed up but with money we couldnt afford to borrow but we did.

My ebay business thing isnt going anywhere because you know what?? No one is bidding on the things I put on ebay. I thought those scarves would go like jack rabbits because they are different. I need money and I need lots of it fast. We have more bills than we have money coming in right now. Even with a budget its not enough.

We may also have to sue someone here soon. We got a bill and then this person never told Jeff how much or explained the billing process of this bill. I am so sick and tired of it. I just want out sometimes again. This is how I felt right before I started at McD's. I just wanted to give up on myself and my marriage because that is just how and what needs to be done.

Anyway I am going for now. I have photo's for you but I dont feel like down loading them onto the computer right now. I just dont have the energy to do much about anything. I just need sometime alone and apart. I am just hoping that I get a job Monday morning with this second Temp Agency or else I am going to scream bloody murder. Or someone calls back in the next week.

Life in our household is not doing so well anymore.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Suprise is Here....

Hi all I have to down load some photo's while I am typing. Ok you all know we got cited by they city to clean up our yard so we did.. I took plenty of photo's. No new job no this or that but do have something else to tell you and you can take a look later but lets get this suprise over with first.. No peaking. Read first OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might have to enlarge to see this one better because of the angle I took it at to get the whole back of the house. I didnt get a front photo before we started priming it.

Ok The house is White here. This is before priming.

Ok here is the house primed this time its the front of the house and I dont think I took one of the back while priming.I know I took while painting.You might have to enlarge this on also. I know it doesnt give you much to compare to what it looked like but trust me this looks better.. LOL..

Ok here are some fun photo's for in between I took.. If this one is too dark let me know ok. I will either take it out or try to lighten it. When I enlarged it in the gallery it looked ok.

Grandma and her girls...

Back of house prmied and started to be painted... I am giving away some of the color of the house.. Just be patient with me please..

My dear sweet hubby up on our ladder he bought for 62 dollars worth 100 dollars on clearence for the year..He was finishing the faschia and soffit.

You wont get me up on a ladder any higher than I am standing on this chair so we figured the chair I could stand on.. I am planning on painting those chairs with what paint we have left next weekend. We have some touch up work left but not alot.

So dang tired from working she had to lay down and take a nap right there.. LOL.. She just couldnt take another step.

Hubby take break and wishing he could lay down with his baby but he would never get back up after all the work he's done over the weekend.

Ok last and final photo you all are waiting for.. LOL.. Like I said no peaking before this point and this is just the side of the house. But its the last roller stroke and he's proud of his handy work..

My house officially looks like a blueberry.. LOL.. But you know what I like it because all the other houses on the block are white and I got sick of looking at white. Now all I have to do is get the girls rooms painted either a light pink or peach and trimmed and I will be happy.. I know we cant afford it right now. We couldnt really have afforded this either but it had to be done. My dad did the peaks and came down like five rows for us and we did the rest ourselves. They left early yesterday morning and we finished the work ourselves. We would have finished the work a day earlier if my dad would have listened to me. I told him I have a roller in the basement. Lets use the roller on the house. No that wont work..

Well in the mean time before they left he thinks it up and makes it sound like it was his idea. Well you should have seen me get pissed off at him. Because it was my idea in the first place.. We could have moved a hell of alot faster. Anyway I need to take some photo's of the front of the house for you and the garage door but this is what I have for now.

It was fun having my parents here. We had two bonfires and then we took them out for dinner the night before they left. It was either breakfast or dinner so they wanted to leave to early for Breakfast so we took them to the Golden Corral we have here.

Anyway I need to go do something with my house. It looks like a Tornado hit it and then I have to go outside and do some touch up work that I can reach. Talk to you all soon.

Oh one more thing before I forget and I was going to mention this to you all go on ebay and look for niks_mix and find me there. Also to find them easier I labeled the one Muti colored scarf with beads and the other is white scarf with beads if I remember correctly. I have those two scarves on there for sale.. Let me know if you can find me and bid away if you choose please. I would like to sell them.. No one has bid on them yet and then rate me please. N..

Monday, September 07, 2009

Suprise for you all tomorrow or Wednesday....

Hey all my dear sweet friends.. I have a super suprise for you all. And more photo's to go with the suprise. Talk to you all soon. Just wanted to let you know I was still alive some where in the mess.