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Sunday, September 13, 2009

X-mas Ornaments....

Here are some of the ornaments I have been working on. I have a few more but havent taken photo's of them yet..The little ones are 3.00 dollars a piece. If I have made a mistake from my crafting blog and you have looked let me know. The bigger ones I have here are five dollars a piece. I havent figured shipping yet.. Shouldnt cost me anymore to ship them.. Also any one that buys the ones with beads those need to be handwashed because the beads will break in the washer and dryer.

Another scarf I was telling you all about. This one is either Shades of black or accents of black. I like both..

Same scarf just a different view of it..I am looking at 35 dollars for this one since it does not have beads on the fringes. It has beads in the scarf itself.

I know everyone is low on money right now but just take a look for the poor...LOL...Just looking at early X-mas presents or brand new Tree Ornaments hand made.. I put my other two scarves back on ebay today. Hopefully someone will look. I let all my facebook friends know I have an ebay account also. Pass along the message and lets see what we can do with these scarves... I also have some knick knacks I put on there... They only have a few days left themselves.. Well I suppose. The Packer game is about to start here in half an hour. Talk to you all soon. N...


Gardenia said...

These are really beautiful. I especially love the silver scarf!!!! Sooo pretty.
I'm sorry you are so discouraged - we are living in rough times, for sure. We've had to batten down our hatches, prices increase so much faster than our wages. These times will pass- we just gotta hang on - and i know you will for your beautiful family - and just cuz we have too!

The pic of Snowy on your shoulder is hilarious. She is a character that's for sure. She does a good balancing act.

Candy Minx said...

Well done Tweetey! I recommend you take these to a mall and see if you can sell them outside. Go down to a tourist area or where people are strolling and set them up on the sidewalk. I bet anything they will sell. Do you need a licence to go busking in your area?

Can you drive into Milwaukee and find areas where people are shopping or near parks or safe street corners? I think these will sell. Take your scarves and blankets too. All you need to do is be friendly and not pushy. You might be surprised how many people will stop and talk to you.

KC said...

I love the Black...have a tut for this? Its gorgeous. Is it for sale?