Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I feel I have went Awry in Life

Hi all. I know I was just thinking that I dont comment often anymore. I do more reading than commenting lately.I am still here. I just find time to read when its convient.. I have the worst stiff neck I have had in a long time and its hard for me to sit still.

I have a friend coming over here in half and hour and I am still not dressed.. LOL.. Sill me. She has a four month old daughter. She works at McD's also. We met there and just started hanging out the last couple of weeks. I love playing with the baby since I am not having any more. Its fun to play with them and hand them back and say here you go.. LOL..

We sort of have our house back to ourselves. Jon still has his things in Kora's room but he isnt around much right now. Its nice out and he's always gone by time I get my lazy butt from working out of bed. It felt weird the first couple of weeks because I was so used to having another adult to talk to but I have adjusted to it being just us girls again now.

I am looking at taking the girls to the YMCA for some swimming tomorrow. Yayyy... they are so excited. They love swimming and I love watching them. I have found our favorite Y spot though. Its on the east side of town. they have the play equipment to play with and I can sit in the water and watch them.. Wish I could bring in a book and sit in the shallow end and read while they play.. That would be great. Keep an eye out and read.

Well I suppose I better go get dressed before H gets here. She doesnt care if I am dressed or not but I do. I might just throw some shorts on. I am not planning on going anywhere. Shorts around the house for the time being.. Its only in the 50's here today. I have a few windows open and the front door to let in some air..

Take care my friends and I will catch you all later on..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Great Days...

Hey all. I have had some great days at work lately but I know they wont last forever.. I have been on the headsets Friday night and tonight but I get flustered really bad yet. I can do it when R isnt there for some reason but when she is I get intimadated yet.. I try not to but its hard to feel that way sometimes.

But I feel like an accomplishment if they had me in first booth on Friday night by myself. Only until all the breaks were given out then R came back and helped me. She took orders while I cashiered.. But still its a small step in the right direction.. I still need to find a career for myself not McDonalds for the rest of my life..

I am thinking either my CNA or a Vetinarian Assistant. I was thinking while on break tonight its one of the two.. I am going to look into both and give them both great consideration.. I love animals and I love people so its a hard choice. But I need to get my shit together and get the Fuck out of McD's..

I know my language isnt the best lately but I dont care.

Other thoughts in my house hold is we are doing fine. My brother in law and his wife had there baby April 23rd. A little girl. I havent seen her yet or even heard from them. I know they are more than likely getting adjusted to having a baby in the house. He never wanted kids and she didnt either and then after they got married they found out they were pregnant.. OOPsss... LOL.. It happens. She will have a great life with them.

Well I am off to do a few small things and then to bed. Talk to you all soon. N..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peeved Slightly..

Hi all. I thought I was done bitching about work for a while but I am slightly peeved about some stuff again..

Ok I have been there for almost a year in July and there have been people coming and going since then.. Well this one girl has worked there since January and worked for McDonalds two other times.. Well last night when I walked in she was handed her trainers book. What the Fuck I think.. I have been busting my ass and they dont even acknowledge this shit.... I didnt say a thing about it.. I just let it pass. But it still irked me a tad..

Then they hired this new woman. She is the mother of one of our new managers. I have no problems with that but they are going to train her on Breakfast. For some reason they wont train me on Breakfast. I am so sick of it sometimes. I know how to cook the meat. I am only working till 3 all this week but I am getting my hours in though but that isnt what pisses me off. The usual overnight manager R wants all us over nighters to know breakfast and for some damned reason they arent keeping me long enough to teach me.

Ok the girls need some food. I was just venting slightly. I have considered looking for something else again but what I have looked for I need to go back to school for six weeks. I have considered getting my CNA (Certified Nursing Assistance).. Well anyway I am fed up with loads of stuff but what is there to do about it but deal with it. I will give them till July for all this and if I dont see my blue trainer shirts or acknowledgement of my busting ass I will go and go back to school for my CNA.. I am done playing games.. There are CNA jobs out there. Just need the certification..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kind of Tired Yet but well..

Hey all. I am a tad tired yet. Jeff and I went and played Raquetball last night. First time in two months. We were about ready to give up our memebership and last night we decided to go for a bit. But I feel great that I stretched my muscles playing raquetball.. I slept better also last night. It was coming down to the point where I would turn and toss when I came home..

Also we just realized we need our time back three times a week for an hour or two.. Then he took me out for a delicious dinner and then we went to Goodwill for a few items. I needed a new spring coat and I found one. Then I got Kora some Littles books, and a babysitters club book..

I am still playing catch up here at home. I still have loads of stuff to do from when we all were sick. The only one that didnt get it this time was Kora. Thank goodness really. I have a load of laundry to do and then finish dishes and I wanted to sweep and mop today but dont know if I am getting that far or not.

We are just busy peoples and sometimes I wonder where I find time to do all the stuff I do.

You know I love all my friends. Here in virtual world and real world but I DONT CARE WHO YOU ARE SLEEPING WITH....I had the lady from down the street come over today telling me she cheated on her husband finally with another man.. I dont care what she does.. Yikes...

Connie's husband went back to Prison back in December.I think I mentioned this before because his brother hit him and didnt get but a slap on the hands.. Anyway Connie has been watchign the girls for us but we stopped going to the YMCA and finally went back last night.. Anyway after she went home I guess this guy she knows came over and they got funky not that I needed to know all this crap from her. I believe in having friends but I dont care what you do on your own time OK..

I dont need to know whwn you are having sex and when you are not having sex or how it was or how horrible it was... I am sorry but that is going just a bit to far for my likings... Anyway I am going to go for now. Talk to you later. Was goig to make rounds earlier but Connie came over and I couldnt even finish my post. But I didnt know where to go with it so this gave it some juice basically.. Talk soon. N...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A beatiful Day in Wi

Hey all. It was a beautiful Day in Green Bay WI yesterday. It was 78 degree's and I was wearing shorts. I was in my glory. We went for our first hike of the year and of course I didnt have my camera with me.. LOL.. Oh well. There is always next time.

We went to this really neat place we found last year. They have differnt sized trails you can hike on and we took the 3 mile one I think. But by time we finished I think we walked five miles total. Its great excercise and wears the girls out totally.. Anyway it was just us four and beautiful.

We stopped to see if the fish were spawning yet but no fish in the creek. But about ten feet past the creek Kora saw a snake. It was either a gardner snake or a Fox River Snake I think they are called. I wouldnt go near the thing.. I dont care how big it was really. But Kora and Bri and Jeff had fun looking. I just warned them not to get to close to it.

Then we went a little further up where they have this huge pond. Its just huge and Kora again noticed some thing moving in the water. There about a dozen turtles swimming around. Well we walked about ten feet and saw some more and stopped to watch them but they decided they had enough swimming and started coming ashore. It was amazing watching this one turtle crawl up a log. It used its head, feet, tail and whole body to get up on that log to sun bathe... They are pretty neat creatures to watch.

Then we saw some more snakes on the return route through the trails. Just tiny ones but still gross all the same to me thank you very much... But it was a great family day. Then when we finished hiking we sat down at the pinic tables and just hung out and talked for about half an hour and came home.

Then of course it got cold here. It dropped 25 degree's between the time we came home at 5:30 and 7:30. Its raining now and its suppose to snow but lets hope it holds off and just rains for us. I am sick of snow.. But anyway I need to get my potatoes peeled and chopped and my carrots and celery for my Split Pea Soup tonight with the rest of my ham from Easter. N...happy sunday my friends.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeling better Finally...

Yahoo. I am actually able to eat again. I worked last night only five hours instead of the six. I had a fifteen minute break and was afraid of eating at work so I brought something home with me because if i was going to get sick I preferred to be at home. But it stayed down. Yayy... I am still very sore though. I feel like someone took a baseball bat and beat my body with it.

Snowie was a real pal while i was sick. Everytime I opened my eyes she was right there trying to be with me. But she has this bad habit of trying to sit on my stomach and that wasnt going to happen while I wasnt feeling good. Anyway sorry for this post being so short. I am hungry so I am off to find something to eat. I will post again tomorrow or the next day.

Jon is suppose to get me a camera to take photo's with to put on his E-bay account to sell some of my stuff lying around the house. I will keep the photo's on the computer and display what I have if I havent done so yet. Talk to you all soon. N..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going On's here in the R HouseHold...

Hey everyone. I know I havent been around much the last 3 days.. I am very sorry for that. I have to admit that after Brianna got sick on Sunday morning. Jeff and I followed her. Jeff finally went back to work today and I am still woosy. If that is even a word. But I feel like shit yet but I more than likely have to force myself to work tonight.

I mentioned this to Jeff last night before going to bed and it always seems like a coincidence is that everytime Connie comes to visit one of us ends up sick. The neighbor lady that watches the girls for us. She came down right before Easter and then Bri gets sick. Then Monday Jeff and I get sick from Bri and Kora doesnt get a thing out of it. Funny huh??

I am still eating chicken noodle soup and trying to hold my cookies basically. I dont know if it would pay to call in sick tonight because today is payday and I have a plan to go get my check and go to the bank. I am going to warn who ever is there that I still dont feel so well. I can see going in and getting sent home because I dont feel good. Then it doesnt look like I am planning on playing hookie..

Life is such as it is.. I hope everyone else is doing great. i am off then to try and eat then going to get my check. Talk to you all later.N...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Had a Great Time...

Hi there. We had a beautiful ride to my MILS house yesterday. It was in the 50's going and about in the 30's on the way home. But beautiful all the same. We left Green Bay at 11:30 and got to there house about 2 and I started dinner and we talked and had fun. The girls played outside for a while and came in and ate.

Then my MIL showed me how to add beads to my hair ties. The only problem is that I LEFT MY CAMERA at my MILS house.. LOL..No photo's for the time being. I took some really awsome shots of Kora and Bri before we left yesterday morning in there dresses. The looked so cute.

I am bouncing in subjects today and I am sorry. Cant keep my thoughts clear. We pulled into Wausau about 20 minutes from my MILs house and stopped by Wally World and I wanted to see if they carried the beads my MIL showed me to use. Well I was only going to get a little package when Jeff found a big plastic container that I can refill with 5,000 beads in it for 12.00 dollars. I made this really cool scrunchie at my MILs house. Its pink with all sorts of beads and jingle bells on it. I will take photo's of them when I get my camera back next month.

My MIL is planning a trip to our house to show me how to make a soup she makes and a few other things instead of us going back to them this time. They like the small jaunt to us but I know we all cant afford to go back and forth all the time like we would like to sometimes..

We had a nice ride home and then at 3:30 this morning Bri got sicker than a Dog.. Just a phrase but she did get very ill. She didnt sleep much last night. My poor baby. She was so tired she couldnt figure out how to get out of the bedroom and stood there and threw up in our room. They crashed on our floor to be near us and my poor little one was just sick.

But the only problem is that it happens everytime we travel lately. I dont know whats wrong. But I found out that I can bring the girls in once a year for a check up and I think I am going to take advantage of this and see whats wrong and why she gets sick everytime we travel. At first I thought it was because my MIL and partner smoke but it happens even when we are going to places where there is no smoke. She just make get car sickness. She may have to take something when we travel.

Its not a big deal if she does. Its just concerning us that no one else is sick and then she comes along and then boom she is sick. I know I used to get sick for no reason when I was excited about something. But anyway I need to get going and I will catch up with you all later.

Oh by the way Happy Easter Everyone.. I almost forgot. I am just sitting around and not wanting to go to work tonight.. I should have taken tonight off too but didnt. I am wiped from traveling. But I will go in. Talk to you all soon.N..

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Hi all. I am now excited besides going to my MILS house on Saturday. I got an e-mail from a blog friend and she is coming to Green Bay today. We are to meet up sometime tomorrow morning before she goes to another city in WI. She is from Madison WI so we arent that far apart and she has some puzzles for us that her girls dont want anymore..

I am just a little nervous. My house looks like a tornado hit it and I have to work tonight so maybe I can get something done before I go in at 8. LOL.. But I have tomorrow off thankfully and then work Friday and then have Saturday off.. Then I dont know about Sunday yet.. But I hate these go in one day and have a day off crap.. Oh well. You know what another girl I work with told me last night she is sick of the drama on overnights and she is ready to quit also.

She told me that she is sick of the little bit of being written up because the drawer was short when she was on it also. This was 3 weeks ago now. But I understand where she is coming from. Its a bunch of BS if you want my opinion. Then M was there last night. She wasnt as crabby but crabby. Didnt threaten to write me up this time.

Life is back to normal with the break here that is much needed. Jon should be back tomorrow or Friday right before we leave to go to Jeff's mothers house..LOL.. Funny huh?? He has to travel with this other friend of ours and then go for another 2 hour car ride to eat.. LOL.. Well I am going to make Jeff a Peppermint Poke Cake for his B-day on Monday April 13th. Will let everyone know how that turns out.

I got my MILS photo's back today and bought frames for them. They turned out really nice. Better than I thought they were going to. Then the girls have something small for her. I need to make a few more copies and then I can finally delete whats on my memory card.. Yayyy me... I think its funny. Jon has a two door car and I got the girls booster seats in his back seat finally. I hated driving around with out them not being in there booster seats. Esp with how strict they have been with that stuff here at least. I hate seeing people with there kids not in booster seats.

Tshsmom you might remember this one with Heidi Napper?? About her being tossed from the car because she wasnt buckled in. She was standing up in the front seat of the car from what I remember and her mother got struck and then she was tossed from the car and hit her head on the curb and from what I was told but not sure is her brain was out of her head slightly. She lost some of her movement and was never the same. She is alive and well some where but she is not completely functional on her own if I am correct. I could be totally wrong on that aspect.

But I hate when my girls think they can get in the car and not buckle up. I have gotten to the point where I get in the car and they think they will pull no buckle on me, we sit there until they do and help eachother out. If one for some reason cant reach the buckle then I make the other one help.

But anyway I am off to make pork chops and rice a roni and then off to work tonight at 8 PM to 2AM.. Yayy me.. Just on a lighter note also it was a beautiful day here in Packer Land.. LOL..Talk to you all soon. Will make rounds tonight when I get home.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Looking Forward to Our Trip on Saturday..

Hey all. We are going to Jeff's mother's house on Saturday. I am looking forward to it even though I am working on Friday night. Thanks for you concern about the last post also. Anyway on a lighter note. My MIL is going to teach me how to crochet with Beads.. Yayy. I have several different patterns i want to try after getting the hang of it. I have just recieved my latest addition of Crochet Today magazine and it has a pattern to make earrings with beads. With the thread that I made my hair ties with.

I am also going to look up and see how much it would cost me to set up a table this year at Celebrate Depere Days. Its over Memorial Day weekend. I could do them in red, blue and white and such other colors. I want to sell some other stuff also if I can get them done in time. Nothing large like blankets or anything but bags and earring and hair ties and such.

I have a plan but dont know if it will work or not. I have several people saying they will go half and half with me but you all know how that one turns out.

The girls have made more Fridge magnets but I want to clear my memory card before taking any more photo's. They are really cool this time around. I promise to take photo's of them. I also told the girls that they could have more beads to make magnets with if they could sell some on my blog. So I have been posting what they are making on my blog. Bri wants me to teach her how to crochet and I think I might have grandma sit down with her and see if she can get Bri to do a chain with her.

The girls have a present for Grandma when we go on Saturday. They have made magnets but the magnets have there first initial on them.They are really cool to look at. Then I have something small for her but its going to be a couple of days to get.

Well I am in the process of eating lunch and then the girls have school work to do today. I need to run but thought I would give you something else to hear besides my bitching about work. I do need to find something else but there isnt much out there right now..

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Now I am Pissed Off.

Hey all. I am on my way to bed. I just wanted to tell you all that I have been written up because I was the one collecting for a few hours last night meaning Friday night in First Booth with a girl I work with. Well she had been collecting too and the damned drawer was 19.40 short. Someone put two tens under the drawer and I have made it apparent that I dont do that anymore. I always double check my dollars to make sure I have a ten, twenty or anything else..

Well Friday night S went to the Bathroom and the manager sent her side kick to check S's coat to see if she took her Cell Phone to the Bathroom with her. I told S this and she said she was going to talk to the morning management and then afte I left she told everyone that i was narking on them.

The little bitch better watch her step Monday night when I go back in because she is going to get an Ass Chewing she has never gotten before. She didnt come in tonight and I think she is done. She was on a 90 day probation because she fucked up so bad a few months ago. The only way she gets away with not coming in is with a dr's excuse. Well all I have to say about it is that I am a very pissed off Bitch.

I am on my way to bed now. I just had to get that out and about. I will not quit my job because you all are right about one thing. There arent many jobs out there. But I just hope to God that she is fired soon and I dont lose my job because of her.

I am doing well and the manager seems to like me except for the fill in manager on the two days our normal manager has off... Anyway Good night and dont the bed bugs bite.. i am going nighty night now. Take care and hugs..

Friday, April 03, 2009

A quick Bitching Rant..

Hi all I know I know i should be sleeping right now. But i am going to bed here in a few minutes. I need to get this off my chest before I raise Hell with the snagging Manager. Our usual overnight Manager R ended up with one of her really bad headaches and ended up going home early tonight. She was going to try and stay but we all talked her into going home if she could find someone to come in for her.

Well she called M and wasnt sure if she was going to call back or not but she did and she ended up coming in. Well of course i was joking about going home as soon as she walked in the door. I need the money that we have paid for my upper wisdom teeth to be pulled. We will have the bottom two done next year. that is another post anyway.

It hits 2:30 and i am breaking the table down and getting the stuff ready for the dishwasher to take and M starts telling me how to do my job. I have been there for how long now?? Ten Months April 10th.. Yes a whopping 10 months already. Its like she doesnt see that. She starts telling me to do something i have already started to do and then she tells me when I am done I can go. But there is a catch to this. I tell her i am done and she turns around and tells me she has to check my work. Why tell me I can go when i am done if she is going to check my work. i was ready to strangle the Bitch. I dont want to use nationalities here. I am not prejudice I just dont like being treated like I dont know what the Fuck I am doing when I have been doing a job for almost a full year now.

It makes it hard to go in and do the damned job when you are being treated like that. I try though. I hope R feels better tonight where she can finish her shift out. I dont want to work with M any longer than I have too. I have more to rant about but not now. i am tired. I will catch up with you all later. I have visited you all that come by regualarly. I know some of you dont visit enough but you know what I understand. Take care and hope all is well with you People..