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Friday, December 07, 2007

Inspired Movies Number 2..

Here are ten more movies I though about last night while crocheting and just thinking.

1. Anaconda. Not really for kids but a great adult movie. Jennifer Lopez plays in this one. She isnt that bad in this one. Never seen the second one to this one. But anyway they get lost out in the middle of a jungle and meet up with this man hunting Anaconda's.

2. Searching for Bobby Fischer. A movie about this 7 year old boy who picks up on chess like nothing before by watching the homeless play in the park. Interesting really. A family oriented movie.

3. Star Wars 1-6. I have my favorite lines from these also. Esp the Jeti wave that Jeff and I do to each other.. LOL.. Yes I know it sounds childish but we have to have some fun... I dont have to explain this one.

4. Road House Patrick Swayze Very handsome tight muscled dude doing all the bouncing in a bar. Again maybe not for the kids with all the fighting and such but again we adults need some movies to ourselves.

5. The Stand Stephan King at one of his best I think. Its not creepy really like IT and its not lame like some of his others. So these people go looking on how to stop whats going on with what they have on there backs and nothing else.

6. Men In Black that one is good but I couldnt stand the second one. I mean a good sci fi is this one here. Maybe not Will Smiths best but close.

7. The Scorpion King This guy is looking for a lady and finds her and she is suppose to be a virgin and cant have sex or else she will lose her powers she is suppose to have. Interesting movie. Lots of fighting again.

8. Dancing with Wolves. Watching one man get along with the Indians from our past. Knowing its not real but still it could have been that way once in a life time. You just never know. We let the girls watch that one because its a good lesson in history really.

9. Interview with a Vampire. Ann Rice is a good writer and I have never read the book but we have the movie here. Its interesting how they used Tom Cruse as there top Vampire.

10. Apolo 13. Tom Hanks and three other are to go up to space but dont make it because a line breaks and they dont have enough fuel to get back to earth if the keep the shuttle running so they have to fit three or four other people in the little shuttle attached and then shut everything down. They have no heat or what nots. Well they get back to earth but its intensely wondering if they will make it.

11. Pretty Woman This one I watched as a young teenager and wondered what it would be like to have a life like that and then find love a rich man will to change me and love me for who I am.

Ok. I have mentioned 21 movies in the last two days. I could go on but I wont bore you with my favorite movies. Well enjoy this list as well. I will be back on Monday.

One of you mentioned you hope Jeff gets a break over X-mas. He will work the week before X-mas and then he will work X-mas Eve until 3 pm and then X-mas day off. Not much time off from work. But we are looking at going to my dad's house on Dec. 22nd.

I am almost done with Zombie's bigger blanket of the two. I need two more skeins of yarn for it and I am done other wise.. Another 20 inches and I am done. That wont take long.. Anyway I have a couple of scarves to do and then I dont know whats next. Maybe one more afghan. If you any of you want somethign done just ask. I can try is all I can say.

I am going to make cookies this weekend. I am going to look at making some of those Hershey Kiss Cookies and Peanutbutter Cookies. I am really looking forward to the holiday season since it seemed so glum a few short weeks ago. I owe some of this Season Glow to Candy Minx with the thought of selling some of my stuff. Well enough for today. I will be back on Monday and have a wonderful weekend and enjoy it as well as you can.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

10 Movies That Inspired Me as Child Into Teen Years!!!!

Hi there I got this idea from Zombie when reading blogs today. Ten movies that inspired me or that I remember watching the most as a child into teen years and now still rewatch as an adult.

1. Savanah A little girl that has rich parents a person taking care of her other than her parents.. It proves money cant buy happiness esp after she runs away and gets mixed up with two men that just escaped prison. Its a really cute movie really.

2. The Wrath A movie about this girl that gets raped by these guys and her boyfriend gets killed by them and he comes back in another life form basically and he turns into this car or some how runs the car and then runs all of the gang that hurt him and raped his girlfriend off the road and kills them. Interesting movie really.

3. The New Kids. No not the singing group either. This one was never put in the movie stores for some reason. I havent found it at least. This ones about two kids that lost there parents in the military and then get stuck living with an uncle in Florida they havent seen in years.

4. Sister Act 1 and 2. Just funny with Whopee Goldberg in these two movies. She inspires so many young children and other people in these two hiliarious movies.

5. Chomps A great kids movie about a robotic dog. This guy makes him to impress his soon to be father in law for a security dog but it doesnt end up that way. Just a hiliarious movie for kids and family members alike.

6. Annie Yes that one is an old one. An orphan that meets a really rich person to give her a loving home even though he wanted a boy and decided after a week with this little girl that he loved her as much as he would and could love a boy.

7. Arthur. Just having this one in the house is just a hoot. Really this drunk guy is constantly just making things fun and jokes all over the house. I mean Jeff and I have our favorite parts to this one and we rehash the lines all the time.

8. Scream. I think this is one of the only scary movies we have in the house. I dont care for scary movies. But this one wasnt gory like a few we have attempted to see so its good. It keeps you on your toes.

9. Big Trouble Little China Kurt Russel keeps you going in this one. Always doing something. Starting out with a bet and then into the bottom of a chinese place trying to save his friends girlfriend and another girl he fell for but wouldnt work out.

10. Stand by Me. A principal coming in to change the way of a school that has fallen and he does it also. I mean he gets rid of the drug dealers and dont we all wish that could happen in real life. Well it wont happen because then they would be on the streets when the kids get out of school instead of having them in the schools. But anyway.

I am not good with actresses or actors names but these are the movies that inspired me as growing up. There are plenty more but these ten are the ones I could think of for right now. Enjoy my list and make your own if you would like. this was no tag but would like to see what movies inspire you even now till this day.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Boy am I a dutiful Wife....

Hiya all. I am just coming in from shoveling the drive way and side walk. Yikes is that a chore. I am going to warm up a bit then take a shower and then just sit my fanny down and do nothing after feeding the girls there lunch. Maybe just sandwiches. I wanted some soup but I dont have any right now so it will just have to wait till I do. I love a good bowl of chicken noodle soup this time of year when its cold outside and I have just came in from shoveling.

It was light and fluffy today so it didnt take as much out of me as it did on Sunday when it was wet and thick. Its suppose to snow again tomorrow into Friday and more shoveling. I wish my mom could send that snow blower she has for me in the mail where we can quit shoveling the all this. I know its a job that has to be done but hard on the back. I am going to curl up under Zombie's blanket and work on that here in a bit. I have to clean up Bris boot mess first. She had to go potty and forgot to take her boots off so I have to go clean up the wet mess in the kitchen into the bathroom. Thankfully she didnt go through the livingroom over my carpet. I hate wet carpets. I get up to go to another part of the livingroom and the carpet is wet. No thank you.

You know one thing my friends Jeff has worked 27 hours in two days now. That is right 27 hours. I feel so sorry for him. He leaves at six the last two days and hasnt been home before eight Monday or last night. Then he is so tired he doesnt know what to do with himself. I mean phyical work is killing him and I wish he would get this thing done he is working on and then I can tell everyone but until its done completely he wants me to keep my mouth shut.

The girls were bothering me to go outside today again. its only 20 degree's and I have no idea what the windchill is. I havent checked recently. You know I wonder where we will be in a year from now if Jeff gets this thing done he is working on. I hope some where better than we are now with him working at least. The girls got half an hour with him last night after he came home and wound down and ate his dinner of scrambled eggs, hashbrown, and toast. He wanted the protein. And he doesnt eat steak so this is his best way of getting it besides Peanutbutter. LOL..

My foot I hurt back in August has been giving me troubles with all this cold weather. I cant tuck my feet up under me like I could when it was warm out. It gets really stiff and then it hurts. And then I stretch it out and then it hurts even more. Yikes. I hate when I hurt myself. At least I didnt break anything when I fell off our front stoop..

Well I suppose I better go feed my babies and then just plunk my fluffy arse down and just sit for the rest of the afternoon unless I get energetic to do some thing else. You just never know with me. Catch you all later. N.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

11 inches of snow

We got 11 inches of snow on Saturday into Sunday morning and 1-3 more tonight. Yikes huh?? Well they said its wetter now the first few days of December than it had been in November. LOL.. I thought that was funny Well here are some photo's for a day or so while I catch up on my cleaning. All that white stuff Jeff and I shoveled. My mom has a small snowblower for us but I dont know when we will get it. They visit once a year if that. And I am sick of shoveling. Jeff was going to do the shoveling on Sunday but I wanted the excercise and now I regret it because my back is in so much pain but I am not complaining because it was my idea to go shovel all that wet snow. The light fluffy stuff isnt so bad but this heavy wet crap just gets to me. Anyway some photo's of the girls going outside and playing.

The front of the house. I didnt go out to the side walk because I was in my slippers and didnt feel like getting them wet. So this is from inside the front door and just a piece of the front yard. Beautiful looking really. I love the snow but hate driving in it even if I am a passenger.

Here is Kora posing before she came in. She had already taken her hat off and ready to come in when I went outside with the camer to take these few photo's. She is growing up to quick for me.. Beautiful child anyway.

Brianna and Kora wrestling before they came in. Girls. They love it outside and they play for an hour or so then come in and ask for lunch. Its a wonder they are so close sometimes.

Another of Brianna and Kora. This one I got Bris face instead of her back. LOL.. It just amazes me to know they love it outside. Its probably colder than some of you are used to but hey we like it here anything from 10 degrees or above is beautiful. LOL..

Sunday while we were outside Kora asked if they could go see if Jonathon could come out and play for awhile. I said go but come right back if he cant. Well someone told her he could later and she looks at me says yeah right. He wants to play his video games more than play with us girls. And they havent been down there to play since the end of Oct. I refuse to let them play in the house down there. And I refuse to let him play in my house. He doesnt listen all that well and he gets bored down here because the girls dont have Tv's in there rooms. Well guess what all kids are spoiled like some. My girls can have TV's in there rooms when they can pay for there own TV's. It may sound harsh but its the truth. Well I e-mailed Laura yesterday since she is busy moving her friends in next door to her since she got the guy that was living there evicted. He had a dog and the dog wasnt covered under the Landlords insurance and she was just being a total bitch towards this guy. I mean sure he has tatoo's and he would get loud and his girlfriend and him would fight but its none of the neighbors business what they do. Well she got me in the middle of it and I told him before he moved I had nothing to do with it and I thought he was pretty cool.

I mean sure he did drugs or what not but if you stay out of his way he wasnt going to hurt you. I mean I barely talked to him. I think the month he lived down there I talked to him maybe twice. The first time I introduced myself and the girls and then once before he moved out because they had an undercover cop watching his place and he asked me I had any idea who the car belonged to. I had no idea. Laura is trouble and I want nothing more to do with it. Now she knows her neigbors and I am not going to put up with her sending her son down here to play in my yard this summer if he cant come out and play on a nice winter day. I think all kids need some fesh air during the winter. Anything above 10 degree's the girls are bundled up and sent outside for half an hour to 2 hours at a time. I let them come in when they are cold but usually its not for two hours at a time and then we usually have hot cocoa and lunch at that time.

Its 25 degrees today and the girls were outside for an hour and a half before coming in. They love it and I love knowing they like it getting fresh air. I am so glad they like there V-smile but they also like getting outside and playing in the yard. I have never seen such a lazy bunch of people down at Laura's house. I mean she calls and says she has a head ache and she has so much to do. Well you know what if you would do small things each and every day instead of putting them all together she wouldnt have so much to do.

I mean when I clean my house I have certain days for certain cleaning chores unless we are going to be gone and then I do the extra chores but a little bit at a time gets things done a lot faster than complaining about how much work you have to do. I mean like today I have sweeping and mopping today. Yesterday I did laundry. Tomorrow I take my middle of the week break except for dishes and such and then Thursday I clean the bedrooms and Friday I sweep and mop again really good. I mean come on here.The weekends are saved for family time. But she has her ex husband, Jonathon's father living with them and another room mate living down there you would think that she wouldnt have as much to do but hey its none of my business right. Well she has made it my business by telling me. I am so sick of it. She says oh I will come down to visit later and never calls or shows up. I am fed up with friends like that. If you cant come visit its a curteousy call to say sorry but I am not coming tonight. I dont know when but at least let me know you arent coming down.

I am sorry I am ranting. It just gets me how different my children are compared to there friend down the street. I love my girls for how they are and I have to admit there arent many other children on our block. So they either play alone or they play with kids Bri's age in diapers. Yuckie. No thanks. I am not prejudice but its just the thought having a three year old in diapers and they know what they are doing. Actually the little girl behind us is four almost five and they still have her in diapers. I hope its a mental problem not and not a parental problem. Yikes... Anyway I think I have ranted enough to day about other people. Enjoy my snow photo's and I will be back tomorrow. N

Monday, December 03, 2007


Hey there world. I have a delema really here. I have a craving and I have no idea where to find the recipe for these cookies. They are round and small but when you take them out of the oven you put a Hershey Kiss in the middle of the top of them. Anyone out there know what I am talking about or know how to make these if so could you please e-mail me or put the recipe on my blog for me in the comments section. I cant remember what they are called or I would know what to look up. Plus I cant find my damned cookbook I had around here. Its probably still in the basement in a box I never went through. Well thanks all and catch you tomorrow. N.

Thanks Squirel.

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.

Thanks to Courtney here the bottom one..


Chicago Dating

Saturday, December 01, 2007

X-mas Wish List....

Here are things I would love to have for X-mas..

The rest of the Harry Potter series. I have 1-3 so I just need the last four.

A hair razor... I cant think of the name of them.

Some really good books besides the HP series.

I cant think of anything else right now. I love romance, fiction, fantasy, and a whole bunch of others. Mystery. I am not asking any of you to buy I am just putting a wish list out there. It cant hurt... LOL.. I was thinking of this last night as I went to sleep last night and it stuck. Well talk to you all later.

Let me tell you all something. I feel for my husband you all are my witness to this testimony... LOL.. He didnt get home till almost 8 pm last night and now he is working today and he just called me and told me he wont be home till 2 or 3 this afternoon. Usually they are suppose to be done at noon and no later but they have just that much more work to do today because of our snow storm. I feel for him because he works so hard and still no one appreciates him there. The new guy that was suppose to have worked today quit yesterday. My poor hubby. He works so hard and now he only gets one day off instead of one and half. that is how he see's it. I hope this project he is working on at home gets him somewhere because this physical job is killing him.