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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strange Ass Phone Calls...

Here are some strange ass phone calls I have receieved lately.. Well lets start with this. We got me a cell phone a while back and then for some reason we couldnt pay the monthly bill. Its a prepaid cell phone with unlimited long distance and local calling ok for 46.90 a month. Not bad really.. Anyway we took the girls to Jeff's mothers house the Tuesday before Easter and then picked them up Saturday before Easter you all know that much..

But when we left his mothers house and got back into range for my phone to ring I had this strange assed message on my voice mail ok..

Hi Nicole. this doesnt sound like you but I am worried about the baby. Give me a call. and I am sitting in the car thinking what baby?? I dont have a baby and I didnt recognize the voice either and no phone number came up..

Well 3 weeks later I get a phone call and I dont recognize the phone number so I dont answer the phone.. I got my cell phone back because that is what is on my business cards. I need my phone. So I let the phone ring and let my voice mail pick up the call. This same lady leaves a message saying Nicole call me before you got to Heidi's house. I dont know but it feels weird ok..

I changed my voice mail slightly and hopefully that if she doesnt get an answer from who she is trying to get and with my voice mail changed she will get the picture why her phone calls havent been answered lately..

Jeff and I have went on a slight diet change. I have cut all soda out of my diet for the time being and I have been drinking more coffee, kool aide and trying more water. i cant stand just plain water so I like the kool aid.. We have dropped the chips for the most part and bought more fruit this last month.. It has made a difference in how I feel to be honest. I am not used to having less caffeine in my system yet from all the soda and the sugar and such.. But at least with coffee and kool aid there isnt alot of sodium and such from what I read on the back of the packaging for kool aid yesterday..

I have been inspired by Wondering Coyote to repost pix of my house. Inside since I have a way better camer to do so now.. I want to show you my walls. i dont want to repaint but i love my coloring of my house. I need to paint some area's though.. We had the bathroom fixed about 3 years ago and never primed over the place the guy fixed. Its starting to crack and I am not happy with my hubby on that one. He is arguing with me that it will be ok. No it will not. Esp when that part of the ceiling falls in on us while either in the shower or on the toilet.. LOL.. OK not funny but the picture of him in there in the bathroom doing his thing and then having the ceiling falling because it became weak..

I am weird I am sorry.. But its who I am..Its suppose to be really nice here today and I am going to go out and weed today. We were suppose to have help but the lady from the church who said she would help hasnt even contacted us to say why she hasnt come back.. Her and her husband lost one of there vechiles but she still could come over on weekends.. Come on.I hate when people say they will help and then they dont show up.. Jeff offered her some money to help us.. She has been doing this for 30 years and knows what a weed is what a flower is so she was suppose to come over and help us get the yard ready to plant new flowers and such..

But she went on vacation the week before last and came over two weeks ago Tuesday and then it rained this last weekend. But there was no call saying she wanted to come back anytime soon.. I made a snide remark on FB about her and I think the Pastors wife might have told her what i said. Well this lady was telling me how to do my mothering I have mentioned before. Well dont deal with me by ignoring me.. Call me and deal with me like an adult please..

I am going to finish one more item for my etsy page and then I am done until I sell som more of my items.. I cant afford my fee's right now.. I have 67 items that need new homes and need money right now. I am not asking you peeps for money but to pass along my etsy site.. Post it on your blogs when you do new posts and get the word out there for me please and other etsy members..

OK OK I am going for now. I have made rounds for today. I will be back in a bit.. Happy Thursday..

Monday, April 26, 2010

my new items on my Etsy site

Hi all. I have some new items up and wanted to share them with you. I know I have become obsessed with my Etsy site but I am also wanting to make a few more dollars.. I love all my friends I have made on here and I dont want to lose any of you for talking about my work I do.. I need a few more dollars for Bri's B-day party. We figured its going to cost us about 188 dollars.. We are going to reserve a pavilion and then she wants a Care Bear Cake like I mentioned before.. And then the food is going to cost us about 45 dollars.. Jeff's hours went back as of today. He is suppose to work 55 hours a week but we all know that ain't going to happen with his run. He has the longest run and the busiest run.

Here are my newest items and they are posted on my Etsy site and my facebook fan page I have set up. For those of you who dont have my fan page it is on my Etsy site in my shop announcement.. check it out and become a fan if you havent already. I thought I would ask those of you who I thought would be interested when I did the page but didnt want to spam any of you with it when I made it.. I love my work and I need some cash but hey you know what I will do just fine.

Life is getting good here.. I need to go and get some house wok done like usual and Jeff works tomorrow so no more mid week hikes unless us girls go out by ourselves.. I think us girls are going to be spending sometime in the garden around the house anyway getting it looking nice. I need to mow the lawn for the first time in the next few days also. It rained all weekend and I dont want to get the mower all wet from the wet grass so I might wait till tomorrow or Wednesday.. Well anyway I need to get going.Take care and I will be around later today..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stylish Senior Citizens..

Hi all I got this from my parents. i just had to post these... These are stylish Senior Citizens...Who said Senior Citizens cant wear stylish clothing..

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am behind..

Hi all.. I am behind in posting. I have no idea what to say today.. I have been lazy and I need to raise money for Bri's b-day party we are looking at having with family here at our local Amusement Park June 5th.. She will be six already June 2nd.. I dont know where time has went and I dont know how to slow it down. I cant slow it down but I know I can be the best mommy I can be..

I have made a few more sales on Etsy but I have also figured out how to make mittens with out a pattern finally. I sat down the other day and just crocheted and tore it out when it didnt look right till I got it.. But now the thumb looks poofy but hey I did it. I have a matching set for sale almost. I am working on the other mitten..

I still havent gotten my four new placemats up and running yet. There are two round ones and two square ones.. LOL.. I am waiting to get a few more items made before posting them.. I am also working on a soap saver with my thread I use for my scrunchies but using two different colors together.

I am not even sure if I have photo's to post this time around.. Let me go look and I will post pix if I have any for you peeps..

This little guy you might have to look for but he's in the grass right there. Jeff took this one and Kora saw him first.. Its kind of cool how he just stopped and let us look at him.. In this building they have for the Bathrooms and such they have some other stuff and they have this bullfrog and he's huge. I didnt know bullfrogs got that big.. I dont have a photo of him..

Life is good here. Jeff's hours go back up to 5 nine hours days on Monday.. but we all know he isnt going to be workign nine hours a day. Not with his run. Even if they cut back on the run he's going to be working more like 55 hours to 60 hours a week.. I know and so does he. I am still doing good on my job. I had to fix one thing last night I thought I was getting with the mop but guess what i wasnt. OOPs..Boss wasnt mad just pointed it out where I can fix it.. Its a hard spot to get.

Jeff has made this really cool program.. He has made this meal program that I use for 30 days with dinner meals and then we get to choose what we want for lunch. But at least we arent using dinner items for lunch like we were and going through way to much food.. Its totally random. Really neat program..

Ok OK I am out of things to say for now. I could ramble on to other things but you know what I think I will pass.. I will be back over the weekend hopefully. Its suppose to rain so we are doing inside things this weekend.. Hope you all have a great weekend.. N...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow am I behind in Posting..

Hi there my friends... How are you all. I has been almost a week and no new post from me. You are all wondering if she dissapeared or something... Doing a magic trick with dissapearing for so long.. Life is taking its spring toll on us. We want to be outside and playing and its hard to get there attention for school work but its getting done.. Jeff is still working four days and his half Saturdays.. They are talking about 5 nine hour days here soon but I know his hours wont stay at nine hours a day.. They are also talking about splitting up his run a bit. He's not happy with that one.. but hey what can you do.. He's been with the company for 10 years in November and they are just talking about this now..

Last week we went for two Hikes. We went out on Sunday and Monday and took Tuesday easy.. Jeff took last Monday off for his b-day as I had mentioned and we went for a hike and walked for our usual 3.5 miles and then we came around this bend because we did the trail backwards and saw loads of turtles.. Here are the photo's of those.They are so cool to look at. The girls made so much noise they all scattered but we hunkered down for about ten minutes and they all came back to the log we were sitting near.

Also not sure if i mentioned we have a lady from the church we were going to coming over and helping us. She is fixing the around the house outside. She knows what is a plant and what is a weed so she said she would come over and fix it.. Well she wasnt she wasnt here yesterday and she sure as hell didnt call to see if we were going to be around.. But you know what I dont give a damn anymore.Sht got so bossy last week on how to raise my girls I was ready to send her home anyway. Jeff and I found ways not to be here while they were here. LOL. They are goody two shoe church goers so we left our front door open for them and went out..

I have another hat and scarf coming up. I have four place mats coming up soon too. I want to finish my hat and scarf set before posting any more pix of them.. They turned out really cute. I am just hoping they sell..

We are planning a b-day party at our local Amusement park for Bri June 5th. Her b-day is June 2nd but we are having some family come our way hopefully and they need time to get time off and I want it on a Saturday where Jeff can be there too.. If nothing else he can meet us there when he's done working. I am looking at the CareBear scheme. Bri loves CareBears and I have ordered her a banner off Etsy in the CareBear theme where the family knows which Pavillion we are in..We have to rent it for the day and its going to cost us about a hundred dollars but its nice to know its ours for the day where we have toilets and dont have to wait... And I want to find some one who can make Bri a Care Bear shaped cake for her b-day.. I know if I go into our local grocery stores they will tell me they can make a square cake with with the Care Bear sprayed on the cake but I want a CareBear shaped cake..

We havent had his family together since Bri was 13 months old at his sisters house. That is when his youngest brothers wife made an unexpected appearance and then they both left right after wards again. She thinks the family hates her and I wonder why with her attitude. I was on FB about two weeks ago and she has said she wants to move back to WI.. She has asked many times to look for jobs and homes for them but Jay refuses to move back here but just recently he got transferred out to West Viginia and I was teasing her for moving out there and not back here and she got pissed off at me.

Well you know what Fuck em both because if you cant take a little teasing then dont contact me.. That is what I told her and she started a fight and I just took her off my FB page and I refused to to talk to her. I have taken her off my Yahoo Messanger list also.. I dont want anything to do with her. If Jay ever decides he wants to talk to his big brother that is fine. But I want nothing to do with her.. She says she is all hot on family but she doesnt want to take a little teasing from us.. So just stay out of my way then..

She has the guts to call me a 3 year old. Who is the one that responded to my message in the first place being a 3 year old..LOL. OK OK. I am not helping matters here at all.

We are trying to get in contact with Jeffs sister and family but I highly doubt she will come to Bri's party. She wants nothing to do with the family for some reason or other and I give up..My girls ask about there aunt all the time. but what do you tell them.. We will see what we can do..

Can you believe Jeff and I are celebrating 14 years June 2nd also.. 10 years of being together and 4 years married already.. Wow... Amazing.. I am glad we waited to get married or else we would have been in the minority that get divorced.. Not sure if that is the right word but i am using it..

We played two games off Chess last night and I gave him a fight. I expected him to kick my Ass right away but I gave it my all. I lost both games but I did my best. I went into the end game and held my own.. The only thing he would say was good move or I would shock him with a really good move he didnt see. I havent played Chess in ages so he was really suprised..

Ok I am off to do somethings. The girls want to go to the park but I think we might wait until tomorrow because then Jeff will be home and I can have all day today to finish the laundry I started last week..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Weekend.

Hi all. We didnt make it out to Jeff's brothers house on Sunday like we had planned. His wife made other plans he didnt know about so we are making different plans to meet up with them some other time.. I had this thought that they come our way and we can take them to Bay Beach Amusement Park.. But we did do some fun things over the long weekend. Jeff gets a paid day for his b-day so he took yesterday off.. On Sunday we went hiking and yesterday..

Sunday we went hiking at Bairds Creek and went the wrong way so we ended up hiking for almost 5 miles... The girls were really good at going and good sports like usual.. Here are some photo's of that hike...

Here is a 100 Foot drop from the side of the trail when you first start out.. Scary huh?? That is if you can see the drop..

Here is some more of my work.. I have made washable place mats.. You put them in the washer and dryer and voila they are done.. Kind of neat huh??? I know many people use the plastic ones.. Those may be easier but I didnt want to sit under an afghan this summer so I am doing place mats for now.. Hopefully they will sell..

Ok peeps. Need to go help Kora look some work up for school... We have some so so friends coming over to help do the yard up pretty for now but they havent shown up yet.I am sort of hoping they dont for Jeff's B-day is today and I am just lazy and dont feel like being told how to do my parenting and that hers wasnt much better since she was a drug addict and acoholic for many years. She is from the church we were going to.. But you know what I guess I dont care much.. Let it get done though.. N...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

what my girls are up to..!!!

Here is what my girls are up to and selling on my Etsy site. If you would like some let me know and I will e-mail my address to you adn you can ship them some cash... They are making beaded key chains for me to sell on my Etsy site. They sold two yesterday for 3.50.. That was a dollar a piece for the keychains and 1.50 for shipping and that turned out really nice because they only spent 1.39 on shipping today..

They love doing crafts..Kora is learning how to crochet some what. But she left my hook she had at Grandma's house when we were there. It wasnt in the duffel bag when we came home.. OOPS..Oh well. We can get it when we go back.. I just told her that she has to be careful when she packs her things back up when they leave places.. She left her brush at Grandma's house also..LOL.. Kids.. At least she remembered all of her clothes..

We are looking at going to Jeff's brothers house tomorrow. I made enough on Etsy this last project to take us out there for the day.. That paid for Gas so we have a little extra money with me selling things unlike when i wasnt selling things. I made an unexpected sale Thursday. I sold my 7 scrunchies I had in my shop for the longest time. I have eight more sitting there waiting for new homes.. these are going to 6.00dollars plus 3.00 dollars for shipping i believe. i will have to look again. I dont remember.. They are like .75 cents a piece..

Book markers are going to.. I believe they are 5.00 dollars a piece and I dont remember the shipping on them. I will have to look..

Then I am working on some place mats. They are green and white mixed. My MIL gave me some yarn that is to thin to work alone so I am mixing them.. I think it looks cool the way they are coming out.. I will post them when I get done with them. I have a lady on Etsy that is interested in them just from me descsribing them to her.. So I dont know if they will sell or not right away but hoping they will.

The girls are outside playing. Its beautiful today. Its 60 some degrees F out today and its beautiful.. I am glad they are getting some air.. They want to go to the park but I think its to wet after the snow we had and the rain.. So the park is out today. Esp if we are going on a road trip tomorrow.. I will take pix and post them if we get to see our niece. She is suppose to go with her mommy to her grandma's house.. so I dont know whats up.. But Jeff wants his big brother to teach him how to shoot a gun tomorrow or at least the basics.. So I will bring my crocheting and let the girls run wild in the back yard while the guys are out in the woods.. We will be back late tomorrow night.. So I hope eveyone has a great weekend. And I will post new photo's on Monday or Tuesday.. When ever I get a free moment from my family..

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Vacation..

Hi there.. We went and picked up the girls from Grandma's house.. Well we picked them up and left and went to my dads house. We were half an hour late getting to my dads house..Yikes.. That is us.. Always late...LOL...but here are some photo's of our vacation... I have video also but of course it wont play here for some reason. I think it might be my camera type or something not compatible with Blogger.. I am not sure... Anyway here are the photo's... The gogs name is Aldo. they gave him a middle name but I dont remember what it is...

Here comes my favorite or one of them... Helen didnt just want a pix of me and her so this is one of my favorites..

Dennis's girlfriend Jenifer with the girls... She is a sweetheart..

The four of us together. Me, my dad, Helen and Dennis..

Dad, Kora, Bri, Me, Helen, Anthony, Dennis...

At the motel... My dad was suppose have met us there but he went to bed and fell asleep... He said he had been up since 2 the previous morning and was tuckered out when we all left Saturday night.. So I took these at the motel while waiting for him to show up..

Two tuckered out little girls Saturday night from being outside most of the afternoon and swimming most of the evening waiting for Grandpa...

Sunday at Grandma's house again... Here are the girls. and I took some photo's of his mom and S and there cat Lilly...

That was our weekend.. We had fun and good company and good food.. I enjoyed seeing my little brother again and meeting his girlfriend and seeing my sister and nephew.. He has grown so much.. I cant believe he's four already. He was like 3 months the last time I saw him...It would have been nice to have all four of us together but my other younger brother couldnt make it or didnt want to make it.. His wife doesnt care for me now that I told her what keeps Jeff and I together.. She is afraid I am going to try and talk Nate into doing it.. Not. Its his choice not mine.. And I wont tell here either unless someone really wants to know and then I will e-mail that person.. We are happy and we have our fun in this house hold..

The girls made us key chains for Easter and I forgot to take photo's of them to show but maybe next time.. Enjoy. I didnt label all the photo's this time around. They are pretty explainatory.. I believe that is a word.. Ok this is one long post enjoy...