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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Laughing my Ass Off.. What the F--K is She Doing that Poor Lion...

Hey all I just had to share this one with you all before going to mop my floors late. I took a late nap so I am not tired now. Also update on the Bald One. He has returned from South Dakota with some tales of his own experiences out there.. They are funny..

Monday, March 30, 2009

Update on mouth.

Hey all. I have been in some pain for the last few days. I had to call the Dr today and then go see him. I have a slight infection on the left side where they only took one tooth out. I woke up yesterday in loads of Pain and I wanted to cry because it hurt so bad but its not so bad today but still glad I went to see about what was wrong.

I have to admit it feels weird having a third car in our driveway with only two liscensed drivers in the house. My car is in the garage because it stalls out on me every so often. We think its getting to much gas or something and it stalls out when it idles at stop lights for to long. So I quit driving it. We have Jons car in the driveway and our good car. So it looks like we have two cars in the driveway.

Anyway I need to get something to eat so I will catch you later. I will visit when I come home from work tonight. I am learning breakfast this morning. They are training me on meats this morning for breakfast and I get to learn how to clean the grill and such. Oh What Fun.. LOL.. But I have been harrassing them to teach me this for months now. Now I can finally learn because Jeff's hours are down. I might as well take the chance while I can because if I can learn breakfast I can get my blue trainer shirts in July when they do the next reviews.

One more thing and most of you will yell at me for this. Friday night I got called to go to work. I know I know I had just had my teeth pulled but they needed me for a few hours and I went in. But I did take Saturday off. I didnt do a damned thing on Saturday.. I spent the day sleeping and spending time with my family..

Anyway now I am gone. Talk to you all tomorrow sometime.N.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Its all Done..

Hi all. I had my teeth yanked at 10:30 this morning. I was a little nervous. The dr had a hard time finding a vein to put the IV but he found one in my hand. He was really gentle when putting it in. It felt like a slight pinch. But after that I dont remember much until Jeff was lightly tapping my leg telling me it was time to go home. LOL.. He left to cash his check and then come back for me. It was suppose to have taken an hour but with only three teeth it only took about half an hour.

I woke up and I had a heck of a time standing for them to put me in the wheel chair. It was funny to watch. But we got me to the car and i was going through the baggie the dr had given me. I was suppose to keep gauze on the hole all day and change it hourly but its clean now. I had Jeff look after we ate dinner. So I might forget the gauze for now. I have a syringe to clean out the holes with. I have a perscription for the pain but we figured its easier and cheaper to buy Tylanol than then get the prescription the dr gave me. I dont need to be medicated for long periods of time anyway. My mouth is slightly sore but doable.

I came home and tried drinking some soda because i was craving sugar and ended up getting sick and scared Kora this morning. Yikes. But I am feeling better now. I laid down about 11:30 and slept till 3:00. Then we went and got some Kentucky Fried Chicken and I only ate my Potatoes, bisquit, and cole slaw. I am not spelling to good today. Bear with me.

Now I am writing the post. I am looking at going to lay back down for a bit. We might go back outside and have a small bon fire. That is one thing we enjoy doing as a family. Jon is gone for a couple of days. Another friend of ours asked him to go with his dad to S. Dakota for a work job. So he should be back by tomorrow. He will call and let us know if he isnt going to be back for a while. Feels strange having out house back to ourselves.. Only if for a few days.. LOL. Well I am off to rest. Thought I would let you all know that my 842 dollar bill is doing good.. LOL.. Not bad for three teeth..N..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Work Work Work..

Hi all. I have been having problems at work lately. I am not so sure how much more I can take. I am going to say this though.I am going to sit down and talk to the manager that hired me before I make any rash decisions here. But I am sick and tired of being treated like a pile of shit lately. Just the last few days. Actually its been building slowly but you understand I think most of you.

Last night this one manage didnt ask me to do something, she demanded and when I turned around and said I already made the items she asked me for in the same tone, she didnt like it one bit. She said I could either make those items or go home. I made those items because I knew I was on overtime.

Then tonight I walked in the door and asked where the closing manager wanted me and she said clock in and into the office first. She accused me of being short with other managers. I dont see where the fuck she is getting this shit from. Then she said that she wants me to ACE the grill area before she moves me to another area. I am sick and tired of being on Grill all the fucking time. So sick of it. I am always back there. I dont care if she has another good person to take orders or not. I am so ready to walk out of that place and never look back.

Before I go to bed right now I am going to look and see what jobs are available out there. I am just looking But I am so fed up with alot of shit. Then I asked the usual overnight manager what she thought of M telling me that she wanted me to ACE the grill and R said I had no confidence in myself back there. I just stand around and watch everyone. Bull shit. I do more than they fucking know around that place. It just pisses me. I am ready to scream bloody murder and just I dont know what.Just scream I guess.

Well I am off to see what WI Job Center has for Jobs and I will let you all know how tonight goes when I come home. I will just publish and update to this post instead. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Its suppose to be beautiful here and I want to get out for a while.

UPDATE... I have to say the last couple of nights have went better. I have talked to M about what needs working on. I have talked to the manager that hired me also and he thinks i am doing a great job. But M is going to train me on Breakfast instead of the other two people I work with on the back line. I have made up my mind I am going to have my blue Trainging shirts by July when we have our next reviews and if something keeps me from having them by July I will have them by January 2010.. If for some odd reason I cant earn them by then I think that is when I will walk the walk and say see yahh. I will not be pushed around much anymore. I am sick of it. Well enjoy and I will get back to everyone later. I need some sleep. I am heading to bed after making Jeff's lunch.

UPDATE#2 I was leaning on the counter last night and M was the closing manager. Well she walked by really quickly and threatened to write me up if I was caught leaning on the counter again.Its not like I do it all the time. It wasnt busy and I was just leaning. Nothing else. For goodness sake really.. Well I borrowed a co workers cell phone when I went on my break and called Jeff and he thought it was funny witht he threat. i am not going to quit. Some of you are right its job. But still. i am sick and tired of being threatened everytime I turn the Fuck aroun in that place. but my night got better. I didnt have to be on back line last night. Our usual over night manager put me in First booth to take orders last night.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Girls..

Hi there all. I know again about my dang girls but this time it takes the cake really. I had a photo of my grandmother when she was 6 months old. Well I had broken the frame it came in about a year ago and meant to get a new one but forgot about it.

Well yesterday I went to clean up Jeff's uniforms and put them down the laundry chute and I found a corner of the photo and Kora said that Brianna had tore up the photo. Well in the process I had found out that they had played with my purse also. I had some pins i had gotten from work and those are missing now also. But anyway I talked to Kora about the photo and she said she doesnt like babies so she tore up my photo. Boy was I angry with her.

My only piece of memory left of my grandmother and its gone. No one has a copy left of it. Well she got her butt beat and then she is grounded. She has also lost her new favorite toy she got for X-mas. Its her little laptop computer she got for X-mas. She wants to play hard ball I will play but she wont like how mom plays.

Life is good here other wise. I am trying to figure out what to do for Brianna's 5th B-day coming up in June. I dont know if I should attempt a B-day party some where or not?? I know Kora had her first b-day party when she was in Kindergarten. It would be just as fair for Brianna to have one. But I am not sure.

I have today and tomorrow off and I am planning on taking the girls swimming tomorrow after paying a few bills. Take them to the YMCA and let them have some fun and a free day from School work. I have bought Brianna a Brain Quest Workbook from Barnes and Noble and she really enjoys the activities in there.

Anyway I need to get going to get dinner in the pan where I can season it when I come home. We are having chicken, rice a roni, cranberries and stuffing for dinner and Jeff has to come get us and the ATM card to go to the store to get a few items for supper.

Talk to you all later on. Have a good Hump Day..

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hi there. I am starting to feel better. My nose still hurts but at least I can breathe again sort of through my nose. Its not as runny. I have to admit I am lost at words today. I have a question my friends. Those of you who visit sweet dear Hammer. Have any of you heard from him since his Absence on November 8th, 2008???? I have checked his blog daily and no update, no e-mail from him. I know he was in a slump before then but I am just worried that something terrible has happened and I have never seen him gone this long with out a word about why he is gone..

I have to go for a walk here in a bit. I have to go pay a bill and after today I will have to make sure that the bill doesnt get lost anymore. The office of this bill is closing here in town. I hate that because its another stamp I have to buy. LOL.. I am not cheap just spoiled with how to pay my bills.

I just checked the weather and its a beautiful 47 degree's F here. Its beautiful out. I had my window in the livingroom open all day yesterday. It was about the same outside and we took the girls to the little Zoo we have near the house. Its quite cute but I was telling Jeff one of these weekends I would love to go to either the Como Zoo in Minneapolis Minnesota or just the Minnesota Zoo. Or Both.

Make it a family weekend and go. I think that would be great fun. Hey SME I still have that photo you sent me in Sixth grade some where with the Dolphin when you went to the Minnesota Zoo with our Class at the end of school.. I am not 100% sure where its at but I know I still have it. Its in a box some where..LOL...

Now on to the topic of work again. I am learning breakfast. I have learned alot by watching but they are going to train me the proper way of doing things finally. I have been hounding them for months to teach me but now they are going to finally. I am a little nervous about learning it. Joe is a great teacher but the other breakfast cook is jealous if you do something better than her. She is Mexican. I am not saying that to be prejudice. I am just saying that to make it where you know where I am coming from. Everything has to be perfect when she is cooking breakfast. I see it as its a 24 hour restaurant. Its hard to keep the place spotless.

I promise to keep you updated on how things are going there. Anyway I need to finish eating what I can here. I have lost my appetite for food and I am needing to eat a little bit to keep up my strenghth for the girls. Need to get going and I will catch you all later. I visited this morning when i came home from work so I will catch you all later on. Take care and hope everythings good. N..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nothing New..

I have this massive sinus cold and it hurts. I want to sleep but have a few things to do around the house before laying down... Always something to do and if I dont do it, it wont get done for another week.. LOL.. I have been taking in some extra sleep and some aspirin for now. I am here but not visiting today. I will when I come home from work tonight hopefully. I work from 9-4 again.. Yayyy. Hopefully I wont get stuck on the back line all night long again like I did last night.

I was promised to be switched around a little bit but two people went home so I ended up on the back line all night last night. One lady went home because her kidney's are bad and she was hurting and the other went home because he felt he was going to kill himself because his parents are getting divorced. He blames that on because he is gay. I dont believe that one at all. I think he just wanted to go out and party and so there..

Anyway off to do a few things and then lay down for a bit before working again tonight. Take care and hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am with this damned cold.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dentist Update

Hi there. I have an update on my Oral Surgry.. I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled on March 27th at 10:30 AM. Jeff is going to try and take the day off to take me. Its going to take about an hour. I have the choice of a local antithetic or going to sleep. But i am so nervous I am having them put me to sleep. Its not going to cost us that much either. Only 819 dollars..

That isnt bad for three teeth I should say. I need to get going to go with Jeff. Today is payday. I will catch you all later. Have a great weekend. Its suppose to be beautiful out here so we may get out tomorrow for a bit and I may have photo's. N

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movie Reviews..

Hi there. Here are some movies we have rented over the last week. They were rent four for four dollars. Couldnt pass it up and then we rented on new release the girls have been hounding us for a while now.

Anyway starting with The Chronicles of Narnia Price Caspian. Boy was this just as good as the first one. The girls loved it. It was a bit hard to follow at times but so was the first one to be honest. Its one of those you have to watch a few times to understand completely. I liked it and to be honest so did Jeff. Its one of those that goes on our must buy list when we have the extra money. Maybe for X-mas this year for the girls. 10 tweets out of 10.

Next on the list is King of the Ants.. Its about this guy that gets into murdering this one guy. The guy that hires him denies ever hiring and then goes after the guy. Well this one guy gets beat up real bad and goes back after the bad guys that beat him up. It wasnt so good as they previews put it. 3 tweets out of 10.

Curse of the Komodo. This was about a giant lizard that this guy was feeding and it ran out of food and then went after the guy. If you got any of the saliva on you, you would die from a bad respiratory disease. It wasnt that great to be honest with you.Nothing to the plot really. 3 tweet out of 10.

Then Epoch. This one was a Sci Fi we decided to try. We ended up watching this one at different times but I didnt care for it. Its plot wasnt there all that much either. This guy gets called in to see what this thing is and in the mean time he ends up really sick and then when he gets to where the machine is his illness is cured and so is this boy that was suppose to have died. And no explanations. Just not much of a plot line to the movie. I will give it and E for Effort but not much more than that on this one.

Monster. We are still watching this one but from what I saw of it its not for small children. Its based on a true story and this woman is a hooker and then finds true love with another woman. She doesnt think she can find happiness but when she finds her true love here she tries to stop being a hooker so she goes on a killing rampage instead. She decides instead of having sex with men she is going to lure them out and kill them and take there money instead. That is what i have gotten from watching about half of it with Jeff. If i have to rate this one its about a 5.5 tweets out of 10.

Well i need to go make my dear sweet hubby's lunch and then off to bed. It rained all day and now its freezing outside and really windy. Its horrible. It was snowing lightly when I came home from work about half hour ago. We are suppose to get some storms later. That is what i heard at least. Lots of things on my mind but not right now. Maybe I will have them cleared up later on. I miss all of you dearly. I know I dont visit as often as I should but I do try. I will make rounds when I get my butt out of bed today. Hope all is well with you. Hugs to my girlfriends and handshakes to the guys...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Milwaukee Part three....

Here are some of the plants I took photo's of. Some plants I didnt take photo's of jus the descriptions but close enough for my liking and such. Enjoy. These were taken at the BioDome also..

This photo here you may want to click to make it larger to read the sign..

This last one is the one Jeff took on our way out of the door. It was the whole scene he wanted. There are many photo's we want to enlarge for the house. I have to have him go through them with me before I put my circus photo's on the computer. We went to the Circus last night. We paid for our ticket months in advance. I have to say it wasnt what it was last year. Not sure if we are going back next year. It was very dry this year.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Milwaukee Part Two

Here are some photo's of the BioDome we went to. It was awsome. I never knew they were there until Jon pointed them out to us. One was of flowers, one was of a African or very hot place, and the middle one had trains in this time around. I will start with the trains because that is where we started when we got in the door. Here is one of the outside of the building.

Ok now here are the flowers coming up. These turned out just beautiful and I want to make some of these as photo's in the next couple of weeks.

This one was taken when we first entered the flower area.

a href="">

Look real close at this photo here. Its really amazing really..

These are the last of today's post. I could make a 3rd installment of just the plants I took photo's of. It was awsome.

Enjoy and I will make rounds tomorrow or so when I have time. Talk to you all later.N..

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Milwaukee Trip Part One..

I will just start with the Motel stay instead of bombarding you all with photo's I took on Sunday too.. I could but it would get a bit tedious. So I will just start with Saturday and go from there how is that???LOL.. Well we left Green Bay about 7 Am and we got to the motel. Checked the guys into the tournament and then checked us into the room.

The guys went and started there first round for the tournament and us girls changed our clothes into our swim suits. Us girls got down to the pool area and I sat with my crocheting for about half an hour and then ventured into the not so warm pool. It was warm but to me it was a bit chilly. I was watching my baby walk around and she was standing flat footed on the bottom of the pool. I cant believe how tall she is getting. Kora on the other hand was actually doggy paddling pretty good.

I kept forgetting my camera until right before Jeff had to go for his last round. He sat with us girls for a bit in the pool area. He couldnt go into the pool because of his sores on his legs. He misses going into the whirl pool but the chlorine hits it and they hurt all the more. But we have him on some Vitamin D pills we found. Hoping that helps him some.

Anyway for photo's here we go. I just hope I lightened them enough for you to see.

Ok enjoy and I will have part two up either later Wednesday or Thursday when I come home from work with the Bio in Milwaukee. If you a havent seen it and you have a chance to get to Milwaukee its well worth the few dollars you spend to get in. Its amazing really. But enjoy the photo's of us girls swimming now..

Monday, March 02, 2009

Where to start...

Hi all. I dont know where to start. I dont know if I should start with Ruth leaving us finally. She found a ride back to Minneapolis and left us to go home over the weekend but here are some photo's of her and us. She finally admitted to Jeff that we were right all the time about her being here. I told her we all kept butting heads but we all managed in the end.

She missed her children at the Orphanage but you get the point on why she was butting heads with us. She didnt understand a thing here. I mean I work and Jeff and works hard for everything we have.

Well anyway here are some photo's of us and her. Enjoy..

Well I am still friends with Ruth but just taking it one day at a time because I dont know what to think of her acts yet. I still wonder how legit she is. So I am off to feed my little ones. I hope all is well.Next installment of Blogging and R family will be us girls in Milwaukee WI swimming over the weekend.

Then it will be us in the Bidome in Milwaukee WI before we came home on Sunday..Enjoy.