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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Movie Reviews..

Hi there. Here are some movies we have rented over the last week. They were rent four for four dollars. Couldnt pass it up and then we rented on new release the girls have been hounding us for a while now.

Anyway starting with The Chronicles of Narnia Price Caspian. Boy was this just as good as the first one. The girls loved it. It was a bit hard to follow at times but so was the first one to be honest. Its one of those you have to watch a few times to understand completely. I liked it and to be honest so did Jeff. Its one of those that goes on our must buy list when we have the extra money. Maybe for X-mas this year for the girls. 10 tweets out of 10.

Next on the list is King of the Ants.. Its about this guy that gets into murdering this one guy. The guy that hires him denies ever hiring and then goes after the guy. Well this one guy gets beat up real bad and goes back after the bad guys that beat him up. It wasnt so good as they previews put it. 3 tweets out of 10.

Curse of the Komodo. This was about a giant lizard that this guy was feeding and it ran out of food and then went after the guy. If you got any of the saliva on you, you would die from a bad respiratory disease. It wasnt that great to be honest with you.Nothing to the plot really. 3 tweet out of 10.

Then Epoch. This one was a Sci Fi we decided to try. We ended up watching this one at different times but I didnt care for it. Its plot wasnt there all that much either. This guy gets called in to see what this thing is and in the mean time he ends up really sick and then when he gets to where the machine is his illness is cured and so is this boy that was suppose to have died. And no explanations. Just not much of a plot line to the movie. I will give it and E for Effort but not much more than that on this one.

Monster. We are still watching this one but from what I saw of it its not for small children. Its based on a true story and this woman is a hooker and then finds true love with another woman. She doesnt think she can find happiness but when she finds her true love here she tries to stop being a hooker so she goes on a killing rampage instead. She decides instead of having sex with men she is going to lure them out and kill them and take there money instead. That is what i have gotten from watching about half of it with Jeff. If i have to rate this one its about a 5.5 tweets out of 10.

Well i need to go make my dear sweet hubby's lunch and then off to bed. It rained all day and now its freezing outside and really windy. Its horrible. It was snowing lightly when I came home from work about half hour ago. We are suppose to get some storms later. That is what i heard at least. Lots of things on my mind but not right now. Maybe I will have them cleared up later on. I miss all of you dearly. I know I dont visit as often as I should but I do try. I will make rounds when I get my butt out of bed today. Hope all is well with you. Hugs to my girlfriends and handshakes to the guys...


Ortho said...

Hi, Tweetey. Thanks for writing these great movie reviews. You've convinced me to check out The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Thanks again!

Tammi said...

Great Movie reviews!!
Hey! Have you been to the Rotten Tomatoes website? It's soooo cool.I think you would like it.
Shux...lemme get the link.
I think that would get you there. is a movie everyone says is great.."Changeling" (with Angelina Jolie)...I loved the movie,but the ending REALLY confused me.So I wasn't as impressed as everyone else.
Monstor IS a GOOD movie.Charlize Theron really did a heck of a job portraying Aileene Wornos (sp)..I THINK she won an award for portraying her.I'll check on that.But your right.It's totally not for kiddo's to see.
Great reviews!! Now I gotta go see how many things I mispelled.Ahhh..forget it.LOL
It rained all day here too,but

SME said...

I saw Monster when it came out and was very impressed with the acting, but from what I understand the story as it happened and the story as it was told in the film differ a LOT. Other than that, it was good.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm sure these are all very inyeresting films...I am not a Svi-Fi/Monster type film lover...So, for me, I would not be watching any of them....
The Chomicles Of Narnia was wonderful and I will have to check put this one now, too! Thanks for the recomendation!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Well, we haven't seen any of those. It's fun sometimes to just stay inside and watch movies.

Gayle said...

I'll order King of the Ants, Tweety. Thanks for the recommendation! I haven't seen the Epoch, but I'll take your word for it. I've seen the Chronicles of Narnia series and enjoyed them. I don't enjoy either monster or horror movies, so won't be ordering the other two.

It's raining here too, for the third day, and we are loving it because our wheat crop is in dire need of it and so are our gardens. We'd been praying for rain and are so thankful for it, yet the weatherman comes on and says "another day of rain... well, it looks like it will let up tomorrow." He says it like rain is a bad thing! He obviously isn't growing any wheat, corn or anything else, but he's in the middle of farm country and he should know better.