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Monday, June 30, 2008

Ok Now that SHIT is taken care of...

Ok now that is taken care of and I have my friends yet because of this ASSHAT who hacked his or her way into my dreadful life.. I have some good news to report. Jeff and I got our stimulus check today in the mail. Thank goodness. We need it desparately since the job I applied for hasnt called me back. I have to say McDonalds hasnt even called me back so I dont know what to say about this.

But anyway I didnt get any photo's of Saturday for you all. We took a few dollars and put it in the gas tank and went to Fondu Lac WI to help with the flod victims down there. But one small problem Jeff had to work Saturday morning so by time we go there it was raining and the lady we were suppose to be helping wasnt home anyway. We tried calling her and couldnt find the street she lived on and so forth on down the road. The numbe Jeff was given was wrong he thinks. I mean come on if you are going to run a rescue mission get the facts straight ok..

But we tried. We had no idea she wasnt going to be home until after we got there and drove around for about half hour looking for this house that we never found. Jeff was pissed off. We were under Severe Thunderstorm warnings all day long and never knew it because we werent home to see the TV. Or even hear the weather radio. But it was nice to get out and just be a family but on the little money we have its not easy. Even though our stimulus check is here I still want to go back to work. I am ready to leave the nest for a while.

I thought maybe I sounded to desparate at my last interview and that is why she never hired me or gave me a good review with her general manager. It was a job I could handle and they didnt want me. Jeff says its because I am not mexican or work for cheap. Well you have that one right. I wont work for cheap and I could have made a career out of this job. I am hoping in the next two days maybe they will call back yet. I mean come on we got our stimulus check didnt we. Someone should call back???

But we are going to cash it tonight and put some money in Jeff's wallet and then the rest is going in the bank for food and such. It will carry us out till January if we are careful. No planned trips so we are safe. The only thing we have planned for July is my dad is coming to visit on July 9th to July 11th and then we get to go to EAA in Oshkosh because Jeff gets the tickets for free from a customer of his.

The only thing we buy at EAA usually is a soda pop and then we leave and come home and eat. We bring water and soda with us but sometimes its nice to get a fresh cold soda while walking around and then sitting and watching the air show. That is my favorite part of it. Jeff doesnt like the reinactment much because its to loud but I love watching it. Esp how they get what looks like the bombs going off. Not real ones of course but most of you understand what I am saying..Well I suppose. You all have a great day and I will catch you all tomorrow ok.... Enjoy the weather if its beautiful where you are all at... N..

I know whats WRONG...

I cant even get into my hotmail account right now. I have tried my password several times now and cant even get in. I know whats wrong and I fell for it.. I have had that account for over a year now and have never had this happen. I got an e-mail saying that hotmail needed my login, password and date or birth for me to keep my hotmail account open. I am sorry for any incoviences it is. I bet this is what happened. I bet someone got my name and such from that. I am so sorry.

No I am not in Malaysia. I cant even afford to go to the store right now.. LOL> Only kidding about the store. But no I dont have the money to go on trips right now. Oh boy how stupid was I. I am going to change my e-mail and password later today when there site comes back up to change things ok. I need to know how to delete the old first though.I am not real good with that stuff. If anyone has suggestions please let me know.

It was really stupid of me to do that and I shouldnt have taken it seriously. It said we had two weeks from the time of the letter or else or our accounts were going to be closed down. WEll anyway I will have an update on our weekend later.I am tired and want to go back to bed for a while... Talk soon. N..

Alright this is what we are going to do as FRIENDS. I cant even get into my hotmail account to get to your e-mail addresses right now. For some reason its still not taking my password. So what I am going to do is give you all my my gmail account. I wasnt using that one for anything besides my myspace and facebook messages but now I guess I have to use it for other things. So here we go. Its nbrtweety at gmail dot com. Please take the hotmail off and sorry for the trouble people. I wasnt thinking and it was in the form of the official hotmail site too. I mean it had the hotmail page look and everything so I thought it was safe. I am so sorry. Well hope this is better. Let me know how to delete the old account though if you do know.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Job Interview Yesterday..

I am nervous posting about this really. But the job interview went well but she has to go with what her General Manager decides on. I am hoping she can pull something for me. We could really use the money. I dont want to elaborate on this subject or what the job is until I get it. I answered her questions better than I thought I did. I told Jeff my answers to my questions she asked and he said I better watch myself because I am starting to sound smart.. LOL..

I love my husband and you are all righ about a lot of things. Its just money but still money we need right now. I am in the middle of cleaning the house so I cant make this long. I need to go do laundry and then hopefully if I have time to sweep and mop before Jeff comes home. Its humid and hot outside today. The girls are out playing and having fun but we dont have the pool up yet. I mean its up but not filled completely because we have to put some wood under the feet where they dont sink to deep into the ground this year. Well anyway I am off to do my house work. Talk soon.

UPDATEJeff and I are going down south of us today to volunteer to help take stuff to the curb for those flood victims. Jeff saw a number to call earlier in the week and called it and they are looking for people to help the flood victims clean out some of there stuff so us and the girls are going down today to see what we can do to help them. Then we have a suprise for the girls. I will take my camera but Kora can read most of what I am typing now so I cant tell you what the suprise is right now.Its sad that a lot of people have lost there homes here. Its one of those things that it wont happen here but it did and its so sad.But anyway I am off to get the girls dressed and finish eating. I will catch you all Monday with a new post and photo's of the places we go today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Look how big she has gotten in the last few months... She is so big and cuddly lately.

Snowie has this habit of crawling up my shirt and settling right where she is now. I dont mind but Jeff just had to take this photo last night of her...

Girls being silly last night before bed.

Its approximately 48x68. I am looking at a measly 75 dollars for it. It fits a twin size bed as you can see. I am using Bri's bed for this photo if any of you are wondering.

This one is crib size. Its 29x39 and I am looking at 40 dollars for it. Perfect for a little boy...

This is another bag. looking at 15 dollars for bag. I liked how I did this one really. They are great for books and the beach and such.

UPDATE...I had Jeff reread that Stimulus check thing we got in the mail and he explained it to me. We dont have to pay taxes on unless it exceeds what we got for our earned income credit or something like that.. Silly me. thought you all would like to know what I found out. Talk soon. anyone have suggestions why I cant comment with any one with word verfication?? When I first log on I can but after a few blogs I just cant comment in the ones that have it.. Any suggestions would be wonderful..

UPDATE NUMBER 2.. I wont know if i got the job for a few days. She has to run it by her GM (General Manager)first. She liked me though. But I am just waiting for that now. Jeff doesnt think I got it. I am not sure right now. I have applied at a lot of places and feel I am running out of idea's. I am going to give this place till Friday to call me back and then going to call McDonalds back on Friday afternoon if I dont hear from this job I interviewed with today.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Front Yard..

Here is our front yard. I would love to dig all this out and start over. It shouldnt cost me but a few dollars to do so but money is tight as you all know. If any of you know how to dig this up easily let me know. There are weeds and a rose like bush at the one end by the driveway. I dug one up last spring but for some reason couldnt get this one up. Several different angles here.

UPDATE ON LIFE HERE.Its been better over the weekend to be honest with you. I snuck in and read the comments over the weekend but we have decided that if I dont get this job on Wednesday that I have my interview with that we are going to have to give something up. Jeff is trying to find a second job but the guy never called him back. He is a very busy man but when I suggest Jeff call him back he got all hyped up on me so I backed down and told him I realized what a bad idea it was. Some days he can be a pain in the ass but I do love him. I dont want to give up the house but if that is what it takes to get a head that is what we have to do I guess. We didnt buy these but we did rent them. We rented the first series of Hulk the tv show and The Water Horse over the weekend. Kora was curious about Hulk because she keeps seeing those tv commercials for the new Movie so we should her where they came from and they loved the Water Horse. I even enjoyed it. When Narnia 2 comes out I want to see that also. But anyway that is what is going on here. I dont want to get to excited about the job. So I wont give details until Wednesday afternoon late or Thursday morning when I do my rounds and do a post. Well made rounds already today and that. Oh Snowie went to the vet today for her first set of shots. I know I know they should have been done a month ago but we kept forgetting about it... But she is healthy and we are going to get her spayed next month when I take her in for her last set of shots for the year. My fingers hurt. I had my nails taken off Saturday because I broke one earlier last week and boy are they bothering. My real nails are so thin right now. I dont know if they are suppose to be but they are just bothering me. I have one that is cracked and it hurts. I have strenthener on them but boy is it taking a while to thicken them back up. But anyway enough of that.

Sorry there havent been any photo's of our walking and such lately. We havent went far because Jeff has been working every Saturday lately. He hasnt felt like doing anything after coming home so no walks lately but we are trying to get out during the week a little. No major hiking but around the block and stuff at least. Well talk later and have a wonderful day my friends.

UPDATE NUMBER 2...Ok Jeff and I should have our stimulus check by the 27th of June Ok.. But if its coming from the damned government why do we have to pay taxes on it??? I would think they are trying to make money for businesses not us..... Anyone have an answer for me????? thank you....

Friday, June 20, 2008

Night Swimmer By Robin Schwarz

Ok another book find at Barnes and Noble in the Bargain books for 4.98.

I think it was a good read. I had a hard time putting it down to be honest to find out what happened to Charlette.

Charlettes mother dies of Cancer and then a few years later Charlette goes and gets a routine checkup and the dr tells her she is dying now of the same thing and she has a year to live.

Well she gets depressed and stuffs her face and then feels sorry for herself when she wakes up the next morning and she is sober. But on with the story. She decides to quit the bank she has worked at for 15 years.

Well she quits alright and on her way out she takes some money. Takes enough to live on more than comfortably for her last year. She pushes her car into the lake. They dredge the lake looking for her for months but dont find her.

They interview her friends and so forth and no one has any idea where she could have went. Well except for one friend but in the process Charlette has changed her name and went to California.

She meets this man and she gets a crush on him but doesnt know how about going to get his attention until she meets this older lady that is her neighbor where she bought a Condo like apt with the money she stole. Well she lives the high life thinking she is going to be dead by Sept of the following year anyway.

Well she writes this list out on what she wants to do before she dies and does them. But in the end she gets caught and finds out that she wasnt the Charlette Clapp that was suppose to have died. Another person with the same name was...

Well the point is its a great read. I liked it. She falls in love and gets married. its a wonderful summer read really. Not that long in length. I was hoping to show a photo of the book but blogger is being a pain the ass again today for me I see. I am still having troubles commenting with anyone that has word verification. I am sorry if I havent commented on anyone that has that because everytime I reset the computer or log out and log back in it still wont let the word verification back up most of the time. I am not meaning to not visit. But again. check out the book. Tweets. I would give it 8.5 tweets out of Ten..

Update... I feel my marriage is on the blink. We dont have enough to pay our bills the next fewe months and then we are looking at losing our damned fucking house. Excuse the language. i am sitting her crying because I dont have time to wait for the right job to come along and help us right now. We are always arguing about something and i am so fucking sick and tired of it. I am ready to just up pack and leave this situation. I have my nose in a book where I dont have to do a damned thing lately. I am avoiding the talk we have to have here. I am sick of feeling like this. It has nothing to do with my diet this time. I am not depressed right not just very fustrated with life. I want it all to end and go back to being happy again. Because right now i am not a happy camper. Well alright I am going to try and have a good weekend. Talk soon. N...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

ME ME Got it from Hammer...

I am : a mother of two girls and one cat and sometimes my husband...LOL..

I think : I need to stand up and so no more often than I have ever in my life befor...

I know : life is a bitch and the more I think of it I wish it werent so hard..

I want : More truth and less bullshit.

I have : made promises and not sure how to keep them.

I wish : I could go on one more vacation to my howe town to see people who care and dont tell lies about me...

I hate : people who cant tell the fricken truth no matter who gets hurt hearing it.

I miss : going to the beach anytime I want to but now we have a pool we are in the process of putting up.

I fear : being alone some day.

I feel : sad because of the flooding south of us because people have lost their homes and businesses.

I hear : that Obama isnt going to run on his own money. He just accepted public assistance according to the news.

I smell : clean. I just got out of the shower.

I crave : nothing at this minute.

I search : For finding out as much information as I can for certain things i either hear or want to know more about.

I wonder : Where I will be in ten years from now.

I regret : realizing some of my neighbors were angry at us for other neighbors lies..

I love : My family, crocheting and reading. I love books.

I ache : Whenever I do to much physical work besides laundry or the normal house work stuff.

I am not : I dont have a good one for this one.

I believe : life is like a chess game and it takes us each our own way and then checkmate.

I dance : to make myself happier about things and to enjoy the sway of my hips...

I sing : only when I know a song and make fun of several to get Jeff to laugh..
I cry : When I am fustrated or when chopping onions.

I don't always : Remember to send B-day Cards out. I am terrible.

I fight : to keep my family together each and every day..

I write : because I like seeing things on paper and figures that we have to pay and so forth.

I win : At not much. To be honest. We can play games and I dont win to often.

I lose : my purse in the house all the time. Or my keys. We keep the house keys on my chain.

I never : say never.

I always : Try to be polite

I confuse : lots of things esp people that I dont know to well..

I listen : To hard rock, country, 60,70,80's music.

I can usually be found : crocheting or reading a book outside when its nice out side and spending time with the girls..

I am scared : of losing my life and the people in my life sooner than neccessary.

I need : more money but that will come with constant looking.

I am happy : Most of the time

I imagine : life with out my family and its pretty dull to think like that. I am nothing without my family.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still Looking

Hi all. I didnt get the job I had an interview with last week. But she said she was keeping my application on hand. Ok what ever that means right now but that doesnt help me any.

I have filled out anohter four or so application on line and in person and doing call backs with a few applications I did about two weeks ago that havent called me back yet and was told by the end of the week or Monday the lastest.

I dont know what to do because we are running out of time with me looking. Jeff and I have till august to get me working and I want to be going before then. Or we are going to lose our house. I dont want to lose my house my friends. I know it sounds like a poor me thing as he calls it but I feel like a failure not being able to find work. Or work that people want to hire me for.

What am I to do when people dont want to hire poor little old me. Well not old but you get the drift. I am fighting to keep my home we fought so hard to get. I mean it took us 3 years with every tax season to pay off our bad debt and now this shit is hitting us. I just want to curl up in a corner and cry and never come out of my corner. I have had calls for babysitters but guess what no job no babysitter. I have had to turn many calls down because I didnt get the one job.

I am so fustrated and sick of looking for jobs. I need one but I am so ready to just pack up and leave the house and say screw it.

On a lighter note and something funny I shampooed my bed today and Kora's mattress. She had gotten sick a while back and didnt tell me and I did her mattress as well as ours. I never thought that it would look as bad as the livingroom carpet when I was finished. Yuckie. But hey they are done for a while now. I just hope they dry ok now. I hate waiting for things to dry because I am going to do the sheets and blankets today also. I am hoping they are dry by timee bed time hits.. LOL...

I still have some afghans and bags, and other stuff that I wanted to sell. Jeff is having the guys from work over on Friday night but we dont drink acohol so they will be drinking and driving and yikes, Thankfully they all live close enough not to have to worry about. I am not depressed this time around because I dont have work. I am just fustrated and that is totally different than being depressed.. Well anyway off to start laundry. Have a wonderful evening with your families and if not married enjoy your dates or what nots..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Witch Of Cologne By Tobsha Learner

Here is a good book I think. Its a historical Romance so nothing like the last Romance I did.

It starts out with this young girl getting music lessons and her teacher falling madly in love with her and she doesnt have the same feelingd for him. So he takes revenge on her and her parents are killed and some how she survives and marries the man she loves.

This book is loosely based on religion and different ones at the time. In the early 1600 or so. They dont believe in missed religions and such. But they were trying to get Jews to convert to Catholic and these people had supposedly converted but in there own home they were practicing there original religion as being Jews and this teacher found out and when Sara wouldnt marry him he turned them in.

Well Sara married her sweet heart and had there daughter Ruth and died in child birth with a son six years after Ruths birth. But anyway Ruth grows up with her father and her uncle until her uncle gets killed and then her cousin sets out in an eearly age to find his fathers killer and gets put in prison for being a Jew and gets killed in prison. So when Ruth gets to a good age she is handed down this book her mother had. Its a family heir loom.

Well she starts studying it and then when she grows up she becomes a midwife and back then woman werent allowed to practice medicine. Well Ruth protects her heart from being hurt and she was suppose to marry and runs away. She goes to another town and finds out as much as she can in the Clincal sense of the word and she gets more information for being a midwife.

Then she goes back to her father who has written her off as being dead but when Ruth is arrested for being a witch he comes back into her life. He puts it more like this where he goes to the Archbishop and pleads his case and tells him he will pay someones debt if his daughter is freed and she will marry his assistant.

Well they figure out how to get the inquistor to step down and then Ruths father's assistant tries to court Ruth but she wants nothing to do with him. Sometime later Ruth finds herself thinking about Detlef. He is the inquistor that got her freed. Well one night he shows up at her cottage knowing he isnt suppose to be there because he is Catholic and she is a Jewess. Well things go down where they make love and such and then he leaves. Well in the process Ruth realizes she is in love with Detlef and he comes back afew more times and then something terrible goes down in Cologne.

The Jewish villiage is burned down and Ruths father perishes in his home with Ruths nanny when she was a child and that. But the plague had started this here. The Jews were blamed for the plague and some kids burned the city of Cologne. Well Detlef found Ruth and her assistant but he couldnt save them both so he chose Ruth since he was in love with her anyway.

Well that night he found out Ruth was pregnant and he had to hide her in his home in the country until the babe was born and then they left the country. Detlef transformed into a Protestant Pastor and went from there. Well when Jacob was about 4 years old his uncle Detlef's brother came visiting and all hell broke loose here. Excuse the language. The boy was kidnapped and taken back to his uncles place and Ruth and Detlef went after him of course. Well they got him back and Detlef stayed behind and perished for his life.

Ruth lived two years after Detlef and left poor Jacob behind parentless. Thankfully a friend of the family took Jacob in. I have a feeling I left either to much out or gave to much a way with this one. But check it out. I got this one at Barnes and Noble for 4.98. It was in the Bargain books.

Very interesting if you like Romances but not all the other scenes most romance novels throw in. I liked how it was flourished with thought and how it came about how they found eachother in the end and such. I would give this one 7.5 tweets out of ten...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend...

Hi all. First of all I have decided to answer my phone. Gayle is right in her comment in the last post. I am hiding and I am ashamed of hiding. I dont need to hide from Laura. Anyway, on to what we did this weekend. I am feeling loads better by taking Candy's advice and not eating alot of carbs over the weekend. I never got to my hot bath but that will come in time.

But anyway we had big Chef Salads over the weekend. I dont care for Croutons but Jeff does and that is fine with me. Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, bacon bit, and cheese. That is mine and the girls..

But instead of taking the car to the store we walked. We didnt get to our River Walk like we wanted to but that is ok. We walked to the store at least. It was about a mile and half total. Far enough to clear our heads and be a family plus Jeff worked Saturday morning so when he came home he didnt feel like doing much more than that.

Then yesterday for Fathers Day he forgot about it and then he lets me sleep in. I always need more sleep than he does for some reason. Just an extra hour or so more than he does. But anyway we sat around the house just spending time together. We watched a movie or two and then just did nothing the rest of the day. I did dishes of course but nothing major and the girls played in the house because it was to muggy outside. But in the evening we all went out and sat outside on the front porch.

You know I sometimes wonder why I brought Snowie home. I love her to death but when she gets playful she tries and bites to get the girls to play with her and then Bri cries all the time. She wants the girls to play with her so bad but she bites to get there attention and then all they do is cry about it. Its fustrating to explain this to them every day and almost every hour. She has this small football she loves to chase.

She wraps herself around this football and rolls across the floor with it. Its just funny but I havent gotten any photo's of her doing it yet. Every time I go to take a photo she stops playing. Smart cat... LOL... Well anyway.

A wonder why we lose friends. A good blog friend I met some where along the lines is having troubles finding things to blog about and her commentors are dwindling. I will miss her terribly if she stops blogging. This is to remember Candy Minx. I dont remember exactly whose blog I met her off of but she will be truly missed by me and others. I know I have felt like what do I blog about today but I have only been blogging for a year and a half or so.

I know friends come and go in our lives but sometimes we get attached to friends more than others. I just want to Candy to know she has been an inspiration to all of us that do read her blog and such. I have to admit I could have stopped and read more when I had more time but always forget. I am a very forgetful person.

Like Asterisk said in his post about it today is that she always mixed it up. There was laughter, history, politics, and other such as Candy could write in her blog. I hope this isnt the end to her. I hope its just a slump she is in and she can get over the hurdle.

Well enough today. I have to go and start my cleaning. Its suppose to rain again today and I am hoping the people south of us have dried out a bit. Anyway enough. Catch you all later. Take care....

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hey all. Hope your weekend kicked off well last night. We saw some fire works from around the corner. There is a thing called BayFest going on. I refuse to go because its to expensive but they were shooting off their fireworks last night and you could see them from here.

Anyway we saw both neighbors that Laura is trying to start trouble with us with. We talked to Jim first and got from him what she was trying to do and realized she never takes responsibilty for things she does. She is the one that turned me into Social Services if she really did. I still believe and esp after having you all comment like you did that if she would have they would have been on my door by now.

Well now on to what she told JT the guy behind us. She told him I turned him into the police. She had a photo of the police station on her cell phone. It was the day we went to get her marriage liscense. That is the only day I ever went down town with her. She was also saying shit to them that I never said.

She fabricated so much that I cant even remember half of it now. I was so mad last night I was shaking in anger. I am better this morning. But boy was I angry. I have taken her off myspace, my yahoo accout. I have taken her out of out e-mail. I am done. I am afraid if she comes to my door I am going to jail for killing some one. I wont get that violent truly but its very fustrating with everything said and done. I am feeling lighter now that I know whats going on though.

I dont feel as depressed since I found out what she said and talking to Candy on the phone yesterday helped tremdosously. She is a great person from what I am hearing. Well anyway I am done with Laura and I also wanted to tell any of you that has my phone number to please leave a message when you call because I wont be answering my phone for a while. I dont have a display on our phone anymore because when our phone that had one broke we couldnt afford to get another one so we got a cheap phone and now I regret it.

I know things will be back to normal after all this settles. You all know what gets me the most here. Is that the only time she ever came down to visit me was when she wanted something. I should have seen that through and through.... But again. I am sorry that I ever met the fat Bitch and I and I am done with her. I wash my hands of her today and forever and now I can go back to being happy with my blogland friends and hope to meet some of you some day.

Candy and I have a date for the end of the summer some time and she is more than Welcome to bring Stagg with her. Well anyway I am off to go shower and get ready for when Jeff comes home. He had to work for a few hours this morning. Then we are looking at clearing our heads with a River walk down the Fox River. So talk to you all on Monday.. Hugs Tweety and girls...

Friday, June 13, 2008

just look at this...

These are off labels of my favorite soups. Great Value is the brand of these soups but even if you had Cambels or anything else they wouldnt be much different.

Cream of Chicken Soup.

Calories 120 Fat Cal 70

Total Fat 8g 12%
Saturated Fat 0g 10%
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 3g
monounsaturated fat 1.5g
Cholestoral 10 mg 3%
Sodium 870mg 36%
potassium 65mg 2%
Total Carbohydrates 9g 3%
Fiber 0 0%
sugars 1g
Protein 3g

vitaninA 8%
vitamin c 0
calcium 2%
iron 2%
Folic Acid 0%

Now Regular Chicken Noodle Soup...

Calories 60 Fat Cal 15

Total Fat 1.5g 2%
Saturated Fat 0.5g 3%
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
monounsaturated fat 0.5g
Cholestoral 10 mg 3%
Sodium 920mg 38%
potassium 65mg 2%
Total Carbohydrates 8g 3%
Fiber less than 1g 2%
sugars 0g
Protein 3g

vitaninA 2%
vitamin c 0
calcium 0%
iron 2%
Folic Acid 6%

Now Tomato Soup...

Calories 100 Fat Cal 0

Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
monounsaturated fat 0g
Cholestoral mg 0%
Sodium 680mg 28%
potassium 275mg 8%
Total Carbohydrates 22g 7%
Fiber 1g 4%
sugars 17g
Protein 2g

vitaninA 4%
vitamin c 25%
calcium 0%
iron 0%
Folic Acid 0%

You would think soup is good for a person.. Yikes.. I love soup and these are my favorites., Yikes...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tagged by Ortho

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1. I love my family and they are number one to me and always will be.

2. Most of you know my passion is crocheting. I have learned how to do a new thing and I have posted the photo of it already.

3. When we take the girls to the park I still swing too. I get my butt up on the swing and swing with the girls. Its fun.

4. I have certain days I usually do things on. I dont know why but that is how i have programmed my mind.

5. Life for us would be much easier if I could just find a job. We could use an extra 200 dollars amonth. More would be nice but for some dang reason I cant find full time 3rd shift.

6. I dislike cereal but have been finding things to eat for breakfast since i mentioned this last a while back. I have been eating some of Jeff's cereal bars, or a couple of eggs, making pancakes, or something small.

7. This last one could get me in trouble but I think I am slightly depressed lately. I am always tired and dont feel like doing much. I do what I have to do and thats it. Nothing extra really. I have been sleeping more than normal and I just need to get out of this slump. I will get out of it but it takes a while.

Now to tag 7 people.

Lets see here. Tshsmom, Squirl, Candy, Cynnie, Wondering Coyote,

I am having troubles with my blog with getting photo's and the links to come up so I am going to have to leave this the way it is. I have five but suppose to have seven. Cant think of two more that would be willing to do a tag.

I a

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hi all. I am so sick of people...

I got a call from Laura last night. A few of my neighbors got together and supposedly called the Social Services on Jeff and I for abusing our girls.. Yeah right... I wouldnt hurt them with a ten foot pole. They are my pride and joy. I am so sick of these neighbors but you know what I wouldnt be having these problems if Laura wouldnt have moved in down the street. Now I know why I am happy she left. Good riddance of her.

Her exhusband the one she just divorced is behind all this shit. I am sick of him also. I just want to be left alone with my family intact and just being a family. Life is to short to be worried but I didnt sleep much last night thinking about what they could be doing to me and my family.

I am so sick of people. This is why I wan to go to work so bad and move to the country. I want to be left alone besides my real friends I have made here. I may not be able to visit with most of you personally but you know what you guys and gals are my best friends I have made in years. I have tears rolling down my face in fustration and despair. I want all this shit to end with people around me.

Jeff said he will just give up on his family if some thing happens with Social Services. He said he will be dead because he will go out swinging and they will have to shoot him. I dont know what to do. Some days I feel like I need to pack the girls up and leave but I cant do that to him. He has done nothing but I am so sick of our neighbors. I dont talk to anyone. The only one I talked to was Laura and now look where that has gotten me in the last year.

The neighbors behind us think I am the one having the cops raid there house every so often. No not me. I dont do drugs or care they do either. I just dont want my girls playing with their girls. Well I have to leave in an hour and a half for a job interview.

Its a 3rd shift position. Its a front desk person at a place called the James Stree Inn in Depere WI. About ten miles from home but on the bus line. So I will catch up with you all later. Hugs from a sobbing Tweety...

PS I am having troubles commenting with people who have word verification. I have not stopped reading just having a hard time commenting the last few days for some dang reason.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Boring Weekend...

Hey there. Boring weekend here except for Friday. It rained and stormed all weekend. The only thing I have is photo's from Friday is some photo's of the park. I actually remembered to take my camera to the park this time around.. LOL.. But enjoy.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Fustrated by My Own Means...

Hi all. I am just fustrated this early morning. I took Jonathon last night where his mom and Glen could pack up his room and Matthew's room also last night. Where they wouldnt have to hurry and do it all today. They are leaving today thank goodness because I would probably shoot the little shit.

He was fighting with me all last night and then this morning he played with his damned cereal he asked for and then when I dropped him off he argued with me about something trivial. I am so sick of the little shits mouth. If he would have been my child I would have pulled him out of the car and beat his little white ass.

He has no damned respect for anyone. On top of all that he stunk to high heaven. I need to air my house out because of it. I mean he smelled of very bad body oder like she hasnt bathed him in several months. Its just gross. I am so glad they are gone.

Then Laura asks if she can take Kora for a weekend. No WAY in Hell is she taking my children with the way Jonathon talks to me Kora will come home thinking she can talk to us that way also. No way. We will go visit them once in a while but she will not be taking either of my girls.

I dont know why I took them last night. Matthew is a good kid. He is just adjusting to being home yet and now having another man in his mothers life. I mean the man she married was abusive to the boys and when he moved she has Glen move in right away so the boys had no mom time and she is just plain weird anyway.

She wonders why her boys have problems. I noticed the other night that she doesnt spank her children or reprimand them. Her boyfriends do. She sent Glen in to Jonathon's room the other night to deal with him after he pulled his pants down in front of the girls while they were in Kora's room and Jonathon was outside. She was on the phone with some one and she sent Glen in to Beat Jonathon's ass. Sorry but they are her kids not Glen's. People...

I am so glad again to say they are gone and I dont have to do a damned thing for her again. I am going to bring Jonathon's blankets back down to her house later and then i am done for a while with them. She wants me to help her pack the rest of the way but I dont know. I feel used up and am done with everything with her. More than likely we wont even go visit with them. I took three of her cats to the Humane Society yesterday for her because she couldnt do it.

I mean when I had to get rid of my first two when Kora was a baby I had to take them in. I didnt have anyone to do it for me. Whats wrong with this picture. I have been used once again and I am so damned sick of it. Really. Sorry to vent about this but its been nagging the last few days. I mean sure I have friends but sometimes its best not knowing your neighbors.

This isnt all that is going on. A friend of theres lives down the street also next door to them and they are staying while Laura moves and the guy that lives there does Drugs. He is on parole and he is starting rumors around the neighborhood about me and my family. I am ready to find out who his PO ( parole Officer) is and get his ass sent back to prison. He was sent to prison because he beat the shit out of a cop a while back. He has been out for a bout 9 months or so.

I dont care for people like Jim and his wife. He makes his wife go work where he can have money to get high with. Sorry but you respect your wife and anyway with this he shouldnt be getting high anyway with him being Bipolar and being on Parole. I am sick of our neighbors and wish I could find a job where we could get that new house I told you all about a few months back. I am sick of this shit and fed up with life right now.

I wont do anything drastic but just fed up with life and life around me. The girls are asking when we are going to put the pool back up but I dont know because I dont want all the kids in the neighborhood in it this summer. Esp with us gone or something. No way. We need a fence put up and just to keep out all the nosy neighbors and to separate us from all the evil doers behind us. Drugs. Nice neighborhood huh???

What was I thinking when I told Jeff I liked this house. I should have taken his warning and not jumped but the color of the livingroom and the size of the house sold me but I had no idea what was behind us when we moved in. I wish I had known really. But again. Sorry for such a long post and rant. Have a wonderful weekend and I will have a new post up with Bri in her two new outfits on Monday. She got two new outfits from my mom and a pair of sandals, and a new ball. I got all that at Wal Mart for her.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Job Update and Other Things....

HI there. I am suppose to know sometime today but not sure yet. I called the HR office about an hour ago but havent heard anything yet. I am hoping she calls back to let me know either way. I could really use the money. Then I know what to do with this other three jobs I have applied for.

I found a night Auditor position at a motel about a mile from our house. Its parttime if I remember right or full time. I am terrible at this.

Then I found a Teller position about a mile the other direction from our house and that is only 15-20 hours a week. Only two days a week. Nice.

Then of course another Temp Agency called ABR Employment.

But I like this job I am trying to land better. Its full time and then I dont have to worry about much besides a babysitter and we have found one for the time being but I want to find some one else. A little more reliable than this lady I asked.

So much going on but it feels like we arent getting anywhere very quickly. I hate this feeling. I want it to go a little quicker.

I have another thing I am suppose to be doing but dont know where to start. The kids in Uganda Africa. I am suppose to be finding these children pen pals but also the head of the Orphanage asked me for my help to sell some T-shirts and hats. And some crafts the kids have made.

I can post photo's but have to wait till Jeff comes home because I cant get to my rechargeable batteries by myself.. LOL... She is asking 30 dollars for the t-shirts but I darn well know they wont go for that here even for a good cause. I am going to go 15 dollars for t-shirts and 10 dollars for hats when I get photo's of them.

The t-shirts are labeled with Another Hope Childrens Ministry. Some of you might have heard of them but I am in a jam because i have no idea where to start. I have ten hats and ten t-shirts to sell. She also wants five dollars for the purses and a dollar each for the necklaces the kids made.

Well if anyone is interested I will have photo's tomorrow and if you like what you see e-mail me and I will get these out when I get the money. I will have sizes and such when I get them posted. Thanks guys and gals.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Look Who Turned 4 Today.....

Where has time went.. Four already... Just a wow in my mommy meter.. Since she is my last I am trying to enjoy her as much as she is allowing. She asked me how to make an 8 the other night. I showed her and she did it. Amazing for her age really. I love them both but Bri amazes me so much in her four short years.

Bri needding some help with her candles so mommy volunteers while daddy handles the camera for this little event.

We have other B-days this month. We have Jeff's mothers b-day June 7th, Her partners b-day on June 20th or so, Her son's b-day June 26, and my younger brother Dennis June 9th. then two father days cards went out today.

B-days really. I usually dont go over board but I was thinking about Bri's b-day today and bought those four today while thinking and mailed them when I got home. But anyway I know what Bri wants for her b-day but of course we cant afford it right now. she wants one of those cars she can drive like Jonathon has. But of course we dont have any money right this minute or not until that money from the government comes in. But even then we want to pay a few bills off with it. Well anyway talk soon. Got half way through my rounds today when I had to leave for my interview. Will give update on that tomorrow or Wednesday when I know more.