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Friday, June 06, 2008

Fustrated by My Own Means...

Hi all. I am just fustrated this early morning. I took Jonathon last night where his mom and Glen could pack up his room and Matthew's room also last night. Where they wouldnt have to hurry and do it all today. They are leaving today thank goodness because I would probably shoot the little shit.

He was fighting with me all last night and then this morning he played with his damned cereal he asked for and then when I dropped him off he argued with me about something trivial. I am so sick of the little shits mouth. If he would have been my child I would have pulled him out of the car and beat his little white ass.

He has no damned respect for anyone. On top of all that he stunk to high heaven. I need to air my house out because of it. I mean he smelled of very bad body oder like she hasnt bathed him in several months. Its just gross. I am so glad they are gone.

Then Laura asks if she can take Kora for a weekend. No WAY in Hell is she taking my children with the way Jonathon talks to me Kora will come home thinking she can talk to us that way also. No way. We will go visit them once in a while but she will not be taking either of my girls.

I dont know why I took them last night. Matthew is a good kid. He is just adjusting to being home yet and now having another man in his mothers life. I mean the man she married was abusive to the boys and when he moved she has Glen move in right away so the boys had no mom time and she is just plain weird anyway.

She wonders why her boys have problems. I noticed the other night that she doesnt spank her children or reprimand them. Her boyfriends do. She sent Glen in to Jonathon's room the other night to deal with him after he pulled his pants down in front of the girls while they were in Kora's room and Jonathon was outside. She was on the phone with some one and she sent Glen in to Beat Jonathon's ass. Sorry but they are her kids not Glen's. People...

I am so glad again to say they are gone and I dont have to do a damned thing for her again. I am going to bring Jonathon's blankets back down to her house later and then i am done for a while with them. She wants me to help her pack the rest of the way but I dont know. I feel used up and am done with everything with her. More than likely we wont even go visit with them. I took three of her cats to the Humane Society yesterday for her because she couldnt do it.

I mean when I had to get rid of my first two when Kora was a baby I had to take them in. I didnt have anyone to do it for me. Whats wrong with this picture. I have been used once again and I am so damned sick of it. Really. Sorry to vent about this but its been nagging the last few days. I mean sure I have friends but sometimes its best not knowing your neighbors.

This isnt all that is going on. A friend of theres lives down the street also next door to them and they are staying while Laura moves and the guy that lives there does Drugs. He is on parole and he is starting rumors around the neighborhood about me and my family. I am ready to find out who his PO ( parole Officer) is and get his ass sent back to prison. He was sent to prison because he beat the shit out of a cop a while back. He has been out for a bout 9 months or so.

I dont care for people like Jim and his wife. He makes his wife go work where he can have money to get high with. Sorry but you respect your wife and anyway with this he shouldnt be getting high anyway with him being Bipolar and being on Parole. I am sick of our neighbors and wish I could find a job where we could get that new house I told you all about a few months back. I am sick of this shit and fed up with life right now.

I wont do anything drastic but just fed up with life and life around me. The girls are asking when we are going to put the pool back up but I dont know because I dont want all the kids in the neighborhood in it this summer. Esp with us gone or something. No way. We need a fence put up and just to keep out all the nosy neighbors and to separate us from all the evil doers behind us. Drugs. Nice neighborhood huh???

What was I thinking when I told Jeff I liked this house. I should have taken his warning and not jumped but the color of the livingroom and the size of the house sold me but I had no idea what was behind us when we moved in. I wish I had known really. But again. Sorry for such a long post and rant. Have a wonderful weekend and I will have a new post up with Bri in her two new outfits on Monday. She got two new outfits from my mom and a pair of sandals, and a new ball. I got all that at Wal Mart for her.


Grizzly Mama said...

We have to practice saying, 'no'. What I do anymore, is if someone asks me to do something for them that they are perfectly capable of doing themselves - or if I'm just totally overwhelmed by my life and can't do it - I just say 'no' and stare at them. I don't offer excuses, explanations, nothing. Just say no. lol.

I can't believe that Jonathan pulling his pants down and stuff. Yikes - and freaky how she has the boyfriends beat her kids. Not good. They are moving, but just remember there are plenty of them in every neighborhood. It's okay to pick and choose. In fact, this is the one time in the girls' life that you will be the one picking and choosing - pretty soon it will be pretty much out of our hands who our girls hang out with. Don't want them around boys who pull their pants down - they'll be dealing with THAT soon enough! lol

Sorry I'm rambling. Good luck with the job situation. Trust the universe, the right thing will come through for you.

Red said...

Your neighbourhood sounds like The Jerry Springer Show! Mind you, it's not much different here where we are. I wonder sometimes if I have a magnet that attracts the least desirable elements of society.

It's funny because when we were looking for a house, we were both saying that we would like to be the youngest, loudest, most troublesome people in the area -- meaning, of course, that it would be a super-quiet neighbourhood if we were the loudest. I am always super-conscious of being heard by the neighbours when I watch TV or listen to music. Because I was brought up to respect people around me. These days, anybody will do what the hell they please, and that's the sad truth.

Hope you manage to have a good evening with your man and the girls and the kitten, and maybe tomorrow you'll be able to look back on this and crack a smile!

Candy Minx said...

This is very hard for nice people t remeber...but we are allowed to say no...and we don't have to like everyone.

I would totally keep away from the drug dealer and the family of Jonathans and Matthews.

I suspect the poor kid must be ill because bad body odor like that is unusual yes, a sign of neglect for sure.

You're learning valuable fussy with who you spend time with and protect your children....

Gayle said...

"...shoot the little shit. LOL! But I genuinely know exactly how you feel, Tweety.

Candy Minx is exactly right in her advice. Well, a person usually learns about life by living it and you are definitely learning. One thing you have learned is to check out a neighborhood before moving into it.

And hon, you don't have to do anyone's bidding or do anything for someone if you don't feel like it. Sometimes we have to fight to have our own space. Not wanting to let people drive you crazy is not a bad thing. You go, girl!

Jeannie said...

I'm glad Laura and her crew are leaving - hopefully the new people moving in there aren't worse!

As for Jonathan smelling up your house - I'd have dumped him in the bath myself. I sure as heck dump Lily in the bath when she needs it.

Sometimes we jump in before we test the water. I don't know what your alternatives were but perhaps you made the right choice anyway. Drugs are in better neighborhoods too. At least you know where they are in yours so you can warn your kids away from them.

Things will get better soon. Once you get your job, you can look into the fencing too.

Gardenia said...

I agree with Candy. The kids were to be pitied, but I suspect Jonathan may have been sexually abused and thus his inappropriate behavior. What a sad situation. But first, you must protect your kids.

Well, drugs are everywhere - we are in a really nice neighborhood and Memorial Day a hysterical woman pounded on our door - her 16 yr old daughter was being abused next door, come to find out there were drugs and gang members and buyers galore - where was my head? I knew the people looked rough and wouldn't let the boy out without me sitting where I could see him...but that bad? I commiserate with you....I do hope you get your new home. We can't always know when we purchase one what will happen around the neighborhood - we just chose the best we can and hope for the best, so don't blame chose as well as you could at the time.

tweetey30 said...

Grizzly Mama I know I should have said no but it was hard. I had it figured that it was the last time the girls were going to see Jonathon and that stuff but I regret doing it now. He didnt even come down to say good bye last night before they left.

Thanks Red. We had a good evening except for jeff went to move my car last night and it died on us. He has been taking it to work with him and we think its the battery but the guy we bought it from is suppose to be coming over and taking a look.

Candy yes I remember my mom choosing my friends for the longest time also. It was hard because the ones you want them to stay away from are the ones they end up being best friends with.

Gayle I swear if and when we can get into the country I will be a lot happier. I am happy now because we have a house and dont have to rent but this in town stuff just isnt me anymore.

Jeannie I had thought about it a little to late. His pills were starting to work by time I thought about it. He would have fallen alseep in the tub and drowned. Well there you go.. LOL>.Only kidding there. I would never hurt some one elses child.

Gardenia you I never thought about that one. Never once since they moved in down there last year did I even consider that to be a possibility. Wow what you think of when at least two other people say it.. Thanks gals..

The Zombieslayer said...

She wonders why her boys have problems. I noticed the other night that she doesnt spank her children or reprimand them.

Well, there ya go. That's why they're such brats.

I like what Bill Cosby said about raising kids.

That girl said...

Tweets, that sounds truly awful. I can't believe she lets her boyfriend discipline the kids.

Poor children.

by the way, my blog was on 'lockdown' mode for the last two months, I was away from it as you know...I just openened it up again. See if your password works now, *crosses fingers*


CA said...

Slow down, take a deep breath and grab Jeff by the hand, corral the girls and head on down to Burger King for a double burger, fries and a milkshake apiece! That's better than pills! It works for us! 'chuckle'

VV said...

I'm so sorry for all the crap you've had to put up with. Take a deep breath and move forward. As for drugs in the neighborhood. They're everywhere. I listened to a woman a few weeks ago complain that she was surrounded by drug lords (she is) and she lives in a gated community on the water. We're talking million dollar house. It really is epidemic how much drugs have invaded our communities. It's really hard to escape from them.

tweetey30 said...

Zombie you know I havent seen my girls get along so well in ages but this weekend they didnt fight over anything. They actually shared everything and got along since he left.

That Girl It is awful. But again when you are 400 lbs and dont want to move around you have to have some one else do it.

CA if I had the money I would. My mouth was watering but we are broke this payday until next payday.

VV that is terrible. You would think in a gated community they would track who moves in like that.. WOW..

Cynnie said...

I've never spanked my kids can raise great adults without hitting ..
but getting another person to do the hitting aint the answer.
I've said it once, and I'll say it again.
you CANNOT save that family ..
all you can do is protect your own.
dont let them warp your kids babe.

tweetey30 said...

Thanks Cynnie. They are gone from my life now so I wont be posting much about them anylonger.

Cynnie said...

sexual abuse will cause children to mature earlier..and if a young boy already has stinky underarms ..and is displaying sexual acting out ..
yeah, be careful..
keep your kids away

Bridget Jones said...

Oh Tweety that is THE worst! Be careful of that crew---while talking to the PO is probably good, you don't want them to focus on you!

Like GM there, I've gotten quite good at saying 'no', because of things like what you've been through. Once is more than enough. Guess the best you can do with some folks is to stay the h*ll away from them--like you would avoid panthers, lions and poison plants. The first priority is your children, the second is your sanity. YOu can't help them much if you're being driven crazy.