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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hey all. Hope your weekend kicked off well last night. We saw some fire works from around the corner. There is a thing called BayFest going on. I refuse to go because its to expensive but they were shooting off their fireworks last night and you could see them from here.

Anyway we saw both neighbors that Laura is trying to start trouble with us with. We talked to Jim first and got from him what she was trying to do and realized she never takes responsibilty for things she does. She is the one that turned me into Social Services if she really did. I still believe and esp after having you all comment like you did that if she would have they would have been on my door by now.

Well now on to what she told JT the guy behind us. She told him I turned him into the police. She had a photo of the police station on her cell phone. It was the day we went to get her marriage liscense. That is the only day I ever went down town with her. She was also saying shit to them that I never said.

She fabricated so much that I cant even remember half of it now. I was so mad last night I was shaking in anger. I am better this morning. But boy was I angry. I have taken her off myspace, my yahoo accout. I have taken her out of out e-mail. I am done. I am afraid if she comes to my door I am going to jail for killing some one. I wont get that violent truly but its very fustrating with everything said and done. I am feeling lighter now that I know whats going on though.

I dont feel as depressed since I found out what she said and talking to Candy on the phone yesterday helped tremdosously. She is a great person from what I am hearing. Well anyway I am done with Laura and I also wanted to tell any of you that has my phone number to please leave a message when you call because I wont be answering my phone for a while. I dont have a display on our phone anymore because when our phone that had one broke we couldnt afford to get another one so we got a cheap phone and now I regret it.

I know things will be back to normal after all this settles. You all know what gets me the most here. Is that the only time she ever came down to visit me was when she wanted something. I should have seen that through and through.... But again. I am sorry that I ever met the fat Bitch and I and I am done with her. I wash my hands of her today and forever and now I can go back to being happy with my blogland friends and hope to meet some of you some day.

Candy and I have a date for the end of the summer some time and she is more than Welcome to bring Stagg with her. Well anyway I am off to go shower and get ready for when Jeff comes home. He had to work for a few hours this morning. Then we are looking at clearing our heads with a River walk down the Fox River. So talk to you all on Monday.. Hugs Tweety and girls...


Kitem said...

Like you say, go walking, wash your brain from all this trouble, have a nice good week end with Jeff and your lovely daughters.

The Zombieslayer said...

I hope nobody believes her. Don't worry, in time, she'll end up burning every single one of her bridges.

I knew someone like her. She was literally crazy. One day, right in the middle of a public bar, her ex-boyfriend ran into her and spit on her. Everyone who saw it smiled instead of defending her. She was truly an evil person, getting everyone against each other. She seemed to live only to destroy everyone else, but then she managed to burn every single bridge and she ended up having to move because the whole town hated her (it was a small town).

the same thing will happen to this lady. When she burns enough bridges and everyone starts hating her, nobody will take her side when it call comes down.

Don't let her get under your skin. Just be patient. She'll do herself in. Let her. Just don't let her drag you down in the meantime.

That girl said...

Oh dear! She sounds nuts indeed.

Keep away, let her realize the damage she's caused.

Surround yourself with people who care for you and want your happiness, even if it is in blogland.

Red said...

I've just read the post where it all blew up, and I am quite shocked, really. I am pleased to see now that things seem to be on the right path again, but man, I am truly astonished that someone who professed to be your friend would sink so low.

Candy gives good advice: listen to her! And screen your phonecalls, by all means! Put as much distance as you can between your family and the people who cause you trouble.

Hammer said...

I'm so sorry you are dealing with such awful people.

I hope things settle down soon.

The things you describe are the real reason I've become a sort of hermit.

tweetey30 said...

Kitem it was a good weekend. We spent alot of time together.

Zombie she reminds me of one of my childhood friends I was telling Jeff about Saturday night.

That Girl thanks.

Red yes Candy does give good advice and suprisingly I have been following it as well as I can.

Hammer that is what Jeff said too. He really doesnt like other people. He goes to work but he doesnt associatte with a lot of people.

Gayle said...

The only thing I would do differently than what you are doing, Tweety, is that I would answer my phone and if she called tell her what that I found out about all her lies and to never call me or come over again! That I wanted absolutely nothing more to do with her forever, and then slam down the phone. Don't even listen to her.

Well... you have to handle it the way you're most comfortable with, but that's what I would do. Not answering the phone sounds too much like hiding out from her. For me that would give her more power than I want to give anyone.

God bless. Hope the River Walk does some good. :)

tweetey30 said...

Gayle that is what Jeff said too so I am answering the phone. I dont think she is going to contact me again for a while. But I will get to my post for today when we come home from the store. I need garbage bags.

Bridget Jones said...

hang in there sweetie. Now that you're talking to your neighbors, they'll realize she's lying.

Liars always get caught, except when their victims remain silent. Someone did that to me, a guy I used to be close to. I didn't know he was spreading that nonsense, and by the time I'd found out, he was proven wrong (he said that I wouldn't deliver at work because of my personal problems. I always delivery AHEAD of time, including doing his work!). Anyway end of story--just keep being yourself, and don't become paranoid/closed away from everyone. That's how liars win.