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Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend...

Hi all. First of all I have decided to answer my phone. Gayle is right in her comment in the last post. I am hiding and I am ashamed of hiding. I dont need to hide from Laura. Anyway, on to what we did this weekend. I am feeling loads better by taking Candy's advice and not eating alot of carbs over the weekend. I never got to my hot bath but that will come in time.

But anyway we had big Chef Salads over the weekend. I dont care for Croutons but Jeff does and that is fine with me. Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, bacon bit, and cheese. That is mine and the girls..

But instead of taking the car to the store we walked. We didnt get to our River Walk like we wanted to but that is ok. We walked to the store at least. It was about a mile and half total. Far enough to clear our heads and be a family plus Jeff worked Saturday morning so when he came home he didnt feel like doing much more than that.

Then yesterday for Fathers Day he forgot about it and then he lets me sleep in. I always need more sleep than he does for some reason. Just an extra hour or so more than he does. But anyway we sat around the house just spending time together. We watched a movie or two and then just did nothing the rest of the day. I did dishes of course but nothing major and the girls played in the house because it was to muggy outside. But in the evening we all went out and sat outside on the front porch.

You know I sometimes wonder why I brought Snowie home. I love her to death but when she gets playful she tries and bites to get the girls to play with her and then Bri cries all the time. She wants the girls to play with her so bad but she bites to get there attention and then all they do is cry about it. Its fustrating to explain this to them every day and almost every hour. She has this small football she loves to chase.

She wraps herself around this football and rolls across the floor with it. Its just funny but I havent gotten any photo's of her doing it yet. Every time I go to take a photo she stops playing. Smart cat... LOL... Well anyway.

A wonder why we lose friends. A good blog friend I met some where along the lines is having troubles finding things to blog about and her commentors are dwindling. I will miss her terribly if she stops blogging. This is to remember Candy Minx. I dont remember exactly whose blog I met her off of but she will be truly missed by me and others. I know I have felt like what do I blog about today but I have only been blogging for a year and a half or so.

I know friends come and go in our lives but sometimes we get attached to friends more than others. I just want to Candy to know she has been an inspiration to all of us that do read her blog and such. I have to admit I could have stopped and read more when I had more time but always forget. I am a very forgetful person.

Like Asterisk said in his post about it today is that she always mixed it up. There was laughter, history, politics, and other such as Candy could write in her blog. I hope this isnt the end to her. I hope its just a slump she is in and she can get over the hurdle.

Well enough today. I have to go and start my cleaning. Its suppose to rain again today and I am hoping the people south of us have dried out a bit. Anyway enough. Catch you all later. Take care....


Wandering Coyote said...

Kittens can be really hard work. People don't seem to realize that, but it's true. They take a lot of patience. She'll probably settle down in time, though, especially after she's spayed.

Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend!

Jeannie said...

Yes, kittens do like to play and they don't seem to have compassion - they don't "get it" that biting and scratching people hurts them as dogs seem to understand very early. We are lucky to have the puppy play with ours but before that, we had a number of toys from the dollar store - one of the best you could make at home - just get a stick maybe 18 inches and using a bit of leftover yarn - maybe braided for added strength and tie some feathers or a practise golfball or something like that to it. It can be held even by the girls safely away but will entertain the kitten for ages.

It's sad to see bloggers decide to quit - I've thought of it too

Bridget Jones said...

I agree with WC! Bloggers do come and go, and we've all thought of stopping at some time. I've lost some blog pals I was (still am) really fond of. But they can come back too.

It's hard for the well not to dry up once in a while. Then a little break is in order. It's a good tonic.

Sounds like you had a great weekend, and you sure deserved it, Tweety.

Hammer said...

I'm always sad when a blogger I read stops.

I've been taking breaks here and there so I can stay in the game.

Glad you are not hiding from that awful person. They do not deserve your concern.

Ortho said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm glad your life is getting better.

tweetey30 said...

WC yes they are. And we did have a nice weekend.

Jeannie we shut our door at night because Jeff doesnt care for Snowie and her claws. But she sleeps with one of the girls.

BJ yes its like in real life where friends come and go also. Or at least that is what i told Kora.

Hammer that is an idea. That is a good idea really.

Ortho things have calmed down and I am happy again. Thankfully.

Grizzly Mama said...

Sometimes I dry up or just get too overwhelmed to blog. Right now with working full time it sucks for me - - and I have no access to blogs at all at work.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I read back over your last few posts and I'm so glad that she is gone and you're getting the full story. Sorry about it and hang in there. You guys are good parents.

tweetey30 said...

Grizzly Mama thanks. At least I have some support here in blogland. I think we all run out of things to say sometimes..

Kitem said...

I didn't go to Candy minx blog but I am sad that she quits blogging, maybe taking some holiday off would be a good break till she wants to come back. I very often quit my blog, sometimes I just forget about it, it gives me fresh air, Helene also has stop blogging for a while but not close her blog, Let's hope she will be back one of these day.

tweetey30 said...

Kitem yes lets hope Helene comes back too. I miss reading about her travels to other places..