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Friday, June 20, 2008

Night Swimmer By Robin Schwarz

Ok another book find at Barnes and Noble in the Bargain books for 4.98.

I think it was a good read. I had a hard time putting it down to be honest to find out what happened to Charlette.

Charlettes mother dies of Cancer and then a few years later Charlette goes and gets a routine checkup and the dr tells her she is dying now of the same thing and she has a year to live.

Well she gets depressed and stuffs her face and then feels sorry for herself when she wakes up the next morning and she is sober. But on with the story. She decides to quit the bank she has worked at for 15 years.

Well she quits alright and on her way out she takes some money. Takes enough to live on more than comfortably for her last year. She pushes her car into the lake. They dredge the lake looking for her for months but dont find her.

They interview her friends and so forth and no one has any idea where she could have went. Well except for one friend but in the process Charlette has changed her name and went to California.

She meets this man and she gets a crush on him but doesnt know how about going to get his attention until she meets this older lady that is her neighbor where she bought a Condo like apt with the money she stole. Well she lives the high life thinking she is going to be dead by Sept of the following year anyway.

Well she writes this list out on what she wants to do before she dies and does them. But in the end she gets caught and finds out that she wasnt the Charlette Clapp that was suppose to have died. Another person with the same name was...

Well the point is its a great read. I liked it. She falls in love and gets married. its a wonderful summer read really. Not that long in length. I was hoping to show a photo of the book but blogger is being a pain the ass again today for me I see. I am still having troubles commenting with anyone that has word verification. I am sorry if I havent commented on anyone that has that because everytime I reset the computer or log out and log back in it still wont let the word verification back up most of the time. I am not meaning to not visit. But again. check out the book. Tweets. I would give it 8.5 tweets out of Ten..

Update... I feel my marriage is on the blink. We dont have enough to pay our bills the next fewe months and then we are looking at losing our damned fucking house. Excuse the language. i am sitting her crying because I dont have time to wait for the right job to come along and help us right now. We are always arguing about something and i am so fucking sick and tired of it. I am ready to just up pack and leave this situation. I have my nose in a book where I dont have to do a damned thing lately. I am avoiding the talk we have to have here. I am sick of feeling like this. It has nothing to do with my diet this time. I am not depressed right not just very fustrated with life. I want it all to end and go back to being happy again. Because right now i am not a happy camper. Well alright I am going to try and have a good weekend. Talk soon. N...


J C said...

Tough times are tough! Wow, what a revelation but it's true!
You said:
"I want it all to end and go back to being happy again."

It won't ever "go back" to being happy again; it has to be "taken back".And it's probably up to you to take it. Thing'll get better. They always do! Hang in there and be sure that what you say and do will cause things to get better,- not worse. Leave the "worse" up to someone else. Good luck. Jim

Jeannie said...

Hang in Tweety. It isn't your family that is making you unhappy so don't quit. It's just money. If you are that close to losing your home you must immediately speak to the bank and put your home up for sale - do not destroy your credit. If you have to, rent it out for more than the mortgage and taxes and live in a small apartment until things get better.

SME said...

I know this has to be a huge strain on you guys, but you have to believe that things will improve. Even if the worst-case scenario happens and you have to walk away from your mortgage and move into an apartment or whatever for now, it's far from the end of the road. You both gotta remind yourselves that neither one of you is to blame - times are tough right now for thousands, maybe millions of people. It's not your fault that jobs are scarce. It's not your fault that mortgage rates and cost of living go up while paychecks stay the same. Stick together and get through it as a family the best you can. Remind each other that home is not a physical place; it's where your family is. You guys are a team and you will get through this. I know you - you're stubborn and you're not a quitter. There WILL be fights and there will be disagreements because you're both stressed and worried, but you'll get through them all. We're all praying for you! Stay strong!

Red said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about this. The global economic climate at the moment blows.

I'm sure the situation is a strain on your marriage, but that doesn't mean your marriage is on the blink. You're both stressing about money and the job situation and the house, and inevitably there will be arguments. But you can't let that get you down. Try to remember that you two are a team, and you need to work as a team instead of clashing and arguing.

Good luck.

tshsmom said...

You're getting some GREAT advice here Tweets! Remember how much we all love you when you get down.

Jeannie is right. You NEED to go talk to the company that holds the mortgage on your house. Sometimes they will work with you to get you back on your feet. They have so many foreclosures now that they can't afford another one.

I emailed you on the address on this blog. Let me know if you get it.

Gayle said...

Please take the advice your wonderful blogging friends are giving you, Tweety, because they are right.

Are you aware that financial trouble breaks up more marriages than anything else? Try to hang in there! Your girls need two loving parents, and even though you are upset and angry right now, the bottom line is you love your family, including Jeff, and you know it.

The Zombieslayer said...

Tweety - If I'm not mistaken, money is the #1 reason for divorce in America. Today's times are as bad as anything I remember in my lifetime. The economy sucks, housing is in the pits. Almost everyone I know here owes more on their house than their house is worth, because property values have plummeted.

Try not to take it out on each other. These are frustrating times. In '04, we were homeless for three months, living in a motel. If you have to walk away from a mortgage, you may have to do it. You'll be far from the only people doing it.

We were near a breaking point in '05 when we got up to $40k in credit card debt. It wasn't because we were buying big screen tv's, had an SUV, and a coke habit. It was just plain living and surviving. Horrible times for the American Middle Class.

We fixed it by learning to cut our spending to almost nil, cooking every day and bringing the leftovers for lunch, and walking instead of driving as much as possible, never going out to eat, carpooling, buying all clothes, silverware, and anything we could at thrift stores, etc.

We tried not to take out our frustrations on each other, but I won't lie to you, we often did, even though we made a point not to. There's nothing like the feeling of making less money than you spend. It's so frustrating because you realize everything you're doing is for naught, and you just want to walk away from it all.

We haven't recovered fully as we still owe $25k in credit card debt, but we're back on track and slowly paying them off, and actually in shape enough to fund both our retirement accounts. Things CAN turn around for you both. Just don't give up. Do what you have to do. Get counseling if you have to. Whatever you do, try NOT to take it out on each other. It doesn't help. It doesn't accomplish anything. All it does is make things work.

A marriage needs to be a TEAM. You have to both put the other person first. You have to sacrifice. Pray together. Take walks together. And probably most importantly, PLAN together. You can come up with a working solution. It will be difficult, I won't deny that, but it can be done.

That girl said...

Tweets I agree with Jeannie - have a talk with the bank, see what options you have.

If you do have to walk away, it's not the first -or last- time someone's had to do that.

Your kids are healthy, and that is the only thing that matters. Your family is intact and you guys love each other.

It's only money. It's not worth losing your family over.

Grizzly Mama said...

Totally agree with everyone here. Selling that house, or having to work a deal with the mortgage company sucks but you and your family will not die because of it.

When we were going through the worst of our financial troubles (almost lost the house...) my mother mentioned to me that we were living the way that all families lived back when she was a young mother. One income, no vacations, no eating out, 1 car, thrift shop stuff - all of that.

You are still a family, even if you have to live in a 2 bedroom apartment for a year or two. Believe me, if that happens the kids will just think it's a wonderful adventure. Kids are a trip and most everything for them is exciting. You and your husband may be stressing, and every couple fights over money especially when it's scarce, but you will get through it, just hang in there.

Gardenia said...

You do have some great advice here - I will only add that I will pray for you on the way to the hospital this morning......

Money problems can really hurt a marriage, but look at it as another problem to solve. We've been through some really rocky times here and I don't even know for sure what, but suddenly there was a turnaround, don't know what caused that looks pretty scary money-wise, but this time, I was determined to stay positive and believe something will come up. It is so hard for us to see the outcome when things don't seem to go according to our plans, but somehow things do always seem to work out.

Unfortunately, happiness does not always depend on our circumstances!

Thank you for the book review - LOL, the character's adventure seems to be a wonderful escape book! (Wouldn't we all like to run away and not worry about money! I assume she didn't go to prison, somehow.) I need to read it, but summer has been wild here.

Well, I have to get moving...I will pray.

Bridget Jones said...

SME and her mom--in fact everyone here--is right. There is probably no greater strain on a marriage than money. JC's particularly right, Jeannie too. Your family is your strength, no matter how annoying things may be from day to day. Don't leave--that will make you feel so much worse. Hang in there. I am thinking that you could operate a daycare quite nicely (for kids OR pets). How do you feel about that?