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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hi all. I am so sick of people...

I got a call from Laura last night. A few of my neighbors got together and supposedly called the Social Services on Jeff and I for abusing our girls.. Yeah right... I wouldnt hurt them with a ten foot pole. They are my pride and joy. I am so sick of these neighbors but you know what I wouldnt be having these problems if Laura wouldnt have moved in down the street. Now I know why I am happy she left. Good riddance of her.

Her exhusband the one she just divorced is behind all this shit. I am sick of him also. I just want to be left alone with my family intact and just being a family. Life is to short to be worried but I didnt sleep much last night thinking about what they could be doing to me and my family.

I am so sick of people. This is why I wan to go to work so bad and move to the country. I want to be left alone besides my real friends I have made here. I may not be able to visit with most of you personally but you know what you guys and gals are my best friends I have made in years. I have tears rolling down my face in fustration and despair. I want all this shit to end with people around me.

Jeff said he will just give up on his family if some thing happens with Social Services. He said he will be dead because he will go out swinging and they will have to shoot him. I dont know what to do. Some days I feel like I need to pack the girls up and leave but I cant do that to him. He has done nothing but I am so sick of our neighbors. I dont talk to anyone. The only one I talked to was Laura and now look where that has gotten me in the last year.

The neighbors behind us think I am the one having the cops raid there house every so often. No not me. I dont do drugs or care they do either. I just dont want my girls playing with their girls. Well I have to leave in an hour and a half for a job interview.

Its a 3rd shift position. Its a front desk person at a place called the James Stree Inn in Depere WI. About ten miles from home but on the bus line. So I will catch up with you all later. Hugs from a sobbing Tweety...

PS I am having troubles commenting with people who have word verification. I have not stopped reading just having a hard time commenting the last few days for some dang reason.


Ortho said...

Hi Tweetey. Good luck fighting off Social Services. Most of the time these bureaucrats have it out for the parents and hope to steal the children. They then place them in foster homes or orphanages. In the foster homes, people who are in good with Social Services get to make money "taking care" of the kidnapped children.

Too bad you can't get away from all the evil people who are trying to destroy your life and family.

I hope you and Jeff can fight off your creepy neighbors and the Social Services bureaucrats.

Good luck!

Wandering Coyote said...

This is horrible, Tweety. I have no idea why people would do this to you - retaliation? There is no excuse. I hope the bureaucrats keep their noses out of your home.

I wish you all the best and hope the job interview goes well.

Bridget Jones said...

Oh Tweetey I am so sorry. People can be vicious little sh*ts can't they? Can you lodge a complaint (harassment) with the police or with a social service agency? It can't be just one way.

Sure don't blame you from wanting to walk away from the entire mess but don't let them win that way. Hang in there--that family of yours is precious.

You're right, country's better. Less nosy neighbors, hopefully less drugs/violence and bureaucracy.


Gardenia said...

Calm down Tweety - first it sounds as if this is retaliation - you do have a box of nuts for neighbors. That is putting it nicely. People will often accuse someone else of something they are doing themselves to take the spotlight off them.

I had an ex-husband once threaten to take my kids away - he called social services he said. Well, I went nuts, drove up to social services with my kids, and when the situation was sorted out, it appears that he was the abuser - and you don't abandon your wife and kids and leave them without food or money for rent - social services told me their job was to keep families together, not separate them, and they sent me and my kids home with food stamps, rent voucher (this was a long time ago) and some peace so I could get through a difficult divorce......boy did that backfire on the ex........!!!!!!!

Even now in this day and age, foster homes are HARD to find - and social services prefer to keep kids at home unless there is imminent danger of them being abused. They WON'T find this in your home.

If they come knocking just stay calm, explain you have been trying to keep your family insulated from some very bad situations in the neighborhood and this has caused resentment from your neighbors. It will sort out.

Ortho said...

Tweetey! I tagged you!

tweetey30 said...

Ortho I have talked to my family and his mom and stuff and if something was to come of this they would have been here by now.

WC I hope so too. I have no idea why they are doing this to us but if Laura is behind this she is going to be sorry.

BJ they are mean little shits.. I hate people sometimes.

Gardenia Thanks for the ups about this. I am not as angry today as I was yesterday when I did this post.

zydeco fish said...

That is truly horrible. This happened to a friend of mine and it was retaliation for something or other. Good luck with this battle.

tweetey30 said...

ZF thanks. I dont think any thing is going to come of it. Or at least that is what I am hoping because if they were going to investigate they would have to have done it by now. They would have been here the day the report was filed.

Candy Minx said...

Hi Tweety, oh no...well I think it sounds like things might have blown over since you posted this...stay strong and don't be afraid or guilty about cutting pewople out of your life like some of your neighbours.

I think you sound like you have been very trusting of others...I am the complete opposite I don't open up to people easily.

I think the best attitude with neighbours is friendliness...but move very carefiully when opening up about family personal information and marriage details. Neighbours are great for bbq, and chit chat...but not for personal stuff.

And listen I'm going to tell you somethign straight:

the "country" is ten times worse for gossip and meddling and peer pressure than any urban environment.

In an urban environment people are way more tolerant and often more kind...

In small towns peopel do not have as much tolerance for any marginal behaviour or habits. Trust em I have done a lot of research and living in both environments...cities and urban town are way way cooler than small towns and country for humanism.

I think here is another lesson...and it's a lesson you have been sharing with us here at your blog for a while. I see a pattern. I sense you have very broad "boundaries" and are a kind fairly open andtrusting person.

You've been bit at least three times since I've been reading need to start to be fussier about the people you let into your life.

You are on the right track...with much of the reading and thinking and personal examination you have given...but to love yourself you must also protect yourself.

There are good people out there you need to raise the deserve good company!

Candy Minx said...

p.s. do you have a display phone? I really recommend you do not answer the phone iof it is Laura ever again.

I re-read this post and my gut tells me she was playing mind games with you...I doubt the neighbours have done anything...maybe just gossiped about you...but gossip isn't action.

You don't trust this Laura so why are you taking her phone calls? And why do you believe wha she tells you.

I say cold turkey do not answer your phone if it is her. As in my above post I susgest "screening" your boundaries...I also think start screening your phoen calls.

You've got two little kids, you don't have time for this bs.

tweetey30 said...

Candy one thing we dont have right now is a display on our phone. When the one that did broke we couldnt afford to replace but you are right. I am too trusting and always have been. No more shit from anyone in my life. No more nice N... A little more fussier is going into action.

Jeannie said...

Geez Tweety - I'm so sorry they've put you through this. I'm sure if they had serious concerns, they would be there by now. As it stands, they will have to check it out sometime. Given that the complainers have had complaints against them, social services is probably not going to take their word over yours. It seems that Laura, in this case, is probably on your side if she's given you a heads up. You poor thing. Like you need this hanging over you. I hope you get the job you want so you can move away asap.

Gayle said...

You're right, Tweety. As someone who lives in the country I can tell you that the country is far better. You aren't constantly harrassed by nosy neighbors, so I sincerely hope that someday you'll be able to manage a country home.

I certainly hope CPS has decided there is nothing to the complaint. Prayers going up for you and fingers crossed too!

Gayle said...

In addition, don't be too angry with Jeff. I'm sure he's not going to get himself killed. He's just raging because he feels frustrated too. Men handle these things differently than women do.

Kitem said...

Oh Tweetey I am so sorry to ear that someone has reported you to the social service, how wrong and bad it is.
We, your blogfriend we know you deeply because you display your love for your family, daughters and hubby everyday on your blog, we know how a good mother you are, it's incredible that someone could report you, I just can't believe that. How bad, how nasty, take great care of your neighbourhood, don't talk to Laura, or very briefly.
I would agree with Candy Minx on living in town, more convenient that the country, less time at driving to go there and here, in the country, neighbours more nosy.
I guess that there is more friendly neighbourhood in your area, you have to look for them.
All the best for the new job.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie its fustrating but they did it supposedly.

Gayle I know he is just letting out his steam. I am not so much mad as confused at him.

Kitem I am not taking any more calls from Laura. I have decided that much already. I dont have a display on my phone but that is what answering machines are for also and *69 here if they dont leave a message.