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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just some pix

Look really close in this first pix coming up.. Its beautiful. i was just walking out of work and had my camera in my hand last night.. and this is what I saw..

Thats all folks...LOL.. ok not much to say but these are what i have taken in the last week.. hope you enjoy them.. will be more this weekend because we are going to Celebrate Depere Days and Saturday a famous Band is coming to town.. We arent going Saturday though. Cant afford both days. Wish we could.. Well anyway I have to go for now.. Happy weekend if I dont post anything again for a while.. N..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last nights Sun Set and MY DREAM HOUSE

My dream house.. If I could move one more time I would love it.. It has an in ground swimming pool and its beautiful.. A two stall garage..

What do you think my friends.. amazing I would say.. I daresay the house is way off our budget its good to dream isnt it??? N..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nora Roberts Hidden Riches

Here is another great book I think.. Ok who wishes they could have loads of money from a relative that passed on and never have to work again in your life?? I know I do.. some far off cousin or just relative..

Well its starts out with Jed walking through his house that he grew up making sure the movers had gotten all the stuff that was worth alot out of the house. His grandmother finds him upstairs and starts lecturing him. She says he should stay and fight his demons but he doesnt want to do that..

Well Jed decided to move into an apt on South Street.. Well he meets what he thinks is the landlord and when Dora shows up he gets defensive. Jed has just quit the Philadelphia PD.. He had just reached Captain status.. He watched his sister die by a drug king. He killed the drug king.. But it still haunts him..

Well things move from there that he ends up at this party with his land lord Dora. they end up dancing and sparks fly with them.. Its the usual romance book but I couldnt put this one down to be honest. I usually crochet while spending time with hubby but could pick up a crochet hook to spend time with him. I had my book up to my nose..

In the process of this going on Dora went and bought some stuff for her Knick Knack shop and gets hold of some stuff that has been smuggled. Well in the process her shop gets broke into because she bought the smuggled items from an auction. She didnt know she bought them. Jed and Dora have been having issues and this just puts more into it..

the guy that broke into her shop was not caught and wont get caught.. Then Dora goes to California to talk to this head honcho and talks her way into this guys home and see's what he has and why.. Well in the mean time life is taking precendence with Jed and he is waiting for her at the motel when she comes back from the head honcho's office.. She is playing under cover because her parents are actors..

Well moving on they end up going to the California Police Department before leaving Cali and she sees the mug shot of the guy that broke into her apt and shop.. She was having a panic attack when Jed came back in the office with the other officer..

then at the end Dora ends up getting shot.. i wont spoil the end end here.. Just read the book any of you romantics out there..

I love how this one was put together really.. I love a good romance just like any normal woman.. or man for that matter. I know a few men who love to read romance novels..

I will give 10/10 tweets.. just because I had a hard time putting it down.. N..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Pissed off MAMA

I am not mad at the kids.. Or Jeff for that matter. I am pissed off at my VAN... We bought it from a friend of Jeff's on his run at work. And we saw it was leaking oil like I said before in one of my posts.. Well now it has a gas leak and we can fix that cheaply by putting a piece of black something and pinching it off. But there are other things going wrong.

I took it to the PO today to mail an order I had gotten off my etsy site and I got to the PO ok but coming home she almost died on me. I went to turn a corner and she almost stalled on me. I said come on girl get us home and it stayed running but I am scared shitless to take it out again after today.. A friend of ours who works on cars lives twenty miles out and you cant drive the van over 45 miles an hour with out it shuddering..

It needs new tires. I am not happy one bit. I like my van but I wish the guy we bought it from was a little more honest.. He has went out of business and Jeff and I have lost his phone number.. I am really PISSED OFF..!!!! Life hasnt been nice to us lately and I just need a vechile. I get orders once in a while and need to ship them out and I need the car or (A) Car.. I regret not getting one from one of the dealers we looked at but Jeff is right we would be screwed for money worse than we are now if we would have done that..

On the ohter hand we are basically back down to one car. I have been taking the Sebring to work since I dont trust the van.

i dont want to move again but I have found a beautiful house with a pool in the back yard. I wish I could find the link and show you the house.. Its beautiful. Its a two story house in a better neighborhood than where we are at..Its awsome. Maybe I will look and see if I can find the link and show you all. If I could afford the payments I would move one more time to get out of this crappy drug related neighborhood..

Bris getting excited about her b-day and I am getting excited to have a housefull of people even for one day.. I am excited to see my parents. We havent seen them since Sept when they came and helped us paint the house..

Ok Ok I am going where I can get lunch going.. Talk to you all later. I will make rounds here in a bit.. Have a wonderful week my friends..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where art thou Where art my camera when I need it..

Hi all.. Ok Ok I am being silly. But I was at work last night and I saw the prettiest pink cloud/sky.. It was beautiful.. I wish I would have had my camera witht me. But everytime I take my camera to work with Jeff asks why. But i am out in the middle of a field basically and you can see aways so you can see the clouds and sun set pretty well..

It was suppose to be party cloudy yesterday but it ended up being mostly cloudy and then as the evening went on the sky cleared and we got this most beautiful pink. Then when I left work last night behins the building was just a peach/pink look..

I cant describe it enough.. I have had this happen quite a few times over the last few months.. Not having my camera with me and have these awsome looking sunsets.

I have four new born hats coming up and one adult hat, and 2 childrens hats.. I have been making hats but have given up on mittens after making those ones Bri was wearing down a few posts..

The one hat I used the left over yarn from my DR WHO scarf I made. Well I ended up with some yarn left so I am making new born hats..Just enough yarn to make them. You know I cant keep to one subject but can only talk about so much pink..LOL...!!!!

Ok OK I need to go finish breakfast.. I am making fried eggs, fried potatoes, and toast.. oK scrambled eggs... but still eggs.. Talk to you all later..N..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell

Here is a book I finished last night.. Its a measly 500 pages but a good measly 500 pages. I had a hard time putting this one down. I have read on other Paticia Cornwell book and cant remember what it is right now..

But this book starts out with Benton calling Dr Kay Scarpetta and asking her to come to New York to take care of a patient that has asked for her services..This patient wont let anyone else touch him or take his vitals. He wants Dr. Scarpetta. Well Kay comes to NY and does her thing and Oscar talks.. She tells him what she is being told could go to court because of the circumstances. Well he keeps talking.

This other lady is posting stories on A cyber page called Gotham Gotcha..She is being sent the e-mails and posting the stories for money.. And then she finds out that her neighbor across the street has been killed. she tries to get a dog but cant and finds a man who is torturing animals..

Well it goes on that Oscar isnt the killer and they find the real killer and then at the end he tries to take Kay and the DA down with him. But thankfully for Lucy Dr Kay's niece and her excellent shot record.. I am not good at telling book reviews and never have without giving the whole book away.. But its one of those I picked up at half price books or Goodwill and just had to have.. A hard cover book for 7.00 dollars.. That is my kind of book.

I give this book 10/10 tweets.. It kept me on my toes because it looked like Oscar had killed the two women and then they find out he didnt do it and then when they face the real killer it was over basically.. One hell of an ending to the book though. I want to read more of her books. I like these.. Also i want the last two books to Anne Rice's Mayfair witches..

Taltos and one other i dont know the name of. anyone willing to buy an anniversary present is more than welcome and just e-mail me for my address.LOL!!!!!! I cant believe its been 14 years since high school and Jeff and I have been together that long.. Where has time went..

I have lost track of how I have been blogging too. Is it three years this Nov or four years.. I am a space cadet when it comes to things like that. Ok Ok this was suppose to be a book review and I have wondering thoughts again.. i am a horrible book review person. Cant keep my thoughts on my subject..LOL.. OK OK I am going now.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

thing in my Life

here are some things going on in my life and such.. Pix I have take.. Before pix of the back yard and what still needs being done. Pix of Snowie and me... Just recent pix of Snowie and me.. Kora took it..

here are the photo's of the back yarnd and what i have left.. its rained lately so what ever is high now has been doubled.. yikes huh??Lots of work to do yet.. but cant work on it when its raining..Hopefully I can get out there in the next few days between raining and it being nice and finish it.. What we have done looks nice.

some new items in my etsy shop.. another hat/scarf set, doll hat and dress, and just a hat..

in another week or so I am going to go order Bris cake and then we have to grocery shop for the party. We dont need alot of food since I dont think alot of people are coming. but my parents, jeff's older and younger brother are coming I believe. And my parents. Maybe some of Jeff's co workers might stop by for a piece of cake. Not sure yet. I cant wait to see his older brothers little one. we havent seen her yet in person. I have seen pix of her.. I sent her a b-day present late last month.. She turned one already.. Yikes.. where is time going..

Bris going to be six already.. I am behind on alot of things in life and keeping my mind on how old my girls are is one of them.. I take life one day at a time and I love them both dearly until they start fighting over whose got what toy and then throwing toys at each other.. Ok Ok I am going. My hands hurt today from to much crocheting the last few day. I am going to go and read for a bit I think..

Have a wondeful Wednesday night and I might have some outdoor pix for you next week if its nice out this weekend.. Take care..

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mothers Day

Hi all. My mothers day was quiet. I got to celebrate the day before actually like we do every year.. Jeff came home from work on Saturday with 3 red roses he had bought from some people on he side of the road.

they are beautiful.. and then we had to go replace out keyboard since I or the cat spilled iced tea in the keyboard. I am still getting used to it.. and while we were at Walmart I finally got a pan i have wanted for a long time..

I got a 12 Quart soup pan.. I am in love. I used it last night with a soup my MIL has taught me how to make.. We are trying to lower our costs as I mentioned before and I made an extra to freeze hopefully.. Going to see whats left after I have left overs for lunch today..

Soup if anyone is interested..

Home Made Beef Vegetable..

2lbs hamburger
3 carrots,
3 celery stick,
1 onion
or any vegie you like really..
3 potatoes
Beef flavoring
onion powder

Ok in pan put 3 cups water and hamburger in pan. DO NOT FRY hamburger. Steam it and boil it.. put the Beef flavor in with the hamburger to taste.. steam it. onion with the hamburger.

Then add the celery. cook about 10 minutes before putting the carrots in and cook those about 15 minutes before putting the potatoes in and then those cook about 20 minutes. I dont peel my potatoes.. I just wash them and cut them up and cook them..

and then if you want other vegies its fine. These are the ones I use always. I added canned corn and green beans last night fro something different. It was very good.

Ok OK here are my flowers and my pan I got from my family.. i cant find the cord to my camera. you will ahve to wait for pix.. i am sorry but when i thought i had to take the cord out of the computer and now i have misplaced.

The girls just got some flowers from the elderly neighbor lady next to us. I was a good mommy and put them in a glass jar and put them up on the shelf where Snowie couldnt get to them..

Well i promise when I find my cord to my camera I will post those pix for you because I have some other things that need going on Etsy also.. I have some things I have done this weekend and such.. Ok Ok i am off for now. talk soon. I made rounds today already...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Book/movie Review and what I have up in m Shop.

Hi there. Here are two book reviews One I did on the book review but I have deleted that blog from my list since no one seemed interested in my books...I always at least looked at other books but ok anyway here are two books I have read and a movie review ok..

Anne Rice The Mayfair Witches..

I dont know where to start with this one as in my original review.. I liked it.. There is so much intertwining of this and that its hard to explain really.. It starts off way back in the 1600's or so and then just moves up in the years to about 1950's.. Or maybe further up.. It tells how these women get this what you call a family ghost I guess. WEll I am not going ot explain this one to much.. I liked it... I will give it a 10/10 tweets...

Anne Rice Lasher...

This one explains where the family ghost came from and what he wants... Lasher wanted to be come mortal again and needed a strong witch to do so.. So he found Rowan. Last witch in the last The Mayfair Witches... But Lasher takes Rowan and then some how Rowan gets away from Lasher and takes off back to New Orleans.

Well some how Rowan gives birth to this being.. That is what I will call it. Its not her husbands. Its this ghosts child and its suppose to meet up with him in a far away city.. but in the mean time Rowan is found in a field and taken to the hospital.

The dr says Rowan wont make it and such and everyone is up in the air about it.. so they find the next person to take over The Mayfair Family Jewels... In the mean time everyone hopes Rowan will recover and then this family ghost comes in and gives them all a shock.. It gives them a history lesson how it came to be what it is and when..

Then at the end Rowans husband comes upstairs to sit with her and Rowan is back and she wants her husband to kill this other being..Its the child she gave birth to in the field.. But its not a child like Kora or Bri.. Its a giant child.. but anyway.. I give this one a 10/10 tweets also..

Now on to the movie reveiw.. Jeff and I have a Netflix account.. I love it. We dont have to go and rent movies and say to eachother what are we renting tonight.. We can just go and put new movies on our que and go...

Anyway here is the movie review..

All Kings Men...

This one we thought was going to be an old movie way back when they had kings and queens..Not..It starts out with this guy and his cronies driving down the street or road back in 1975. And then it moves around alot and you cant really follow it..

Well the main character is a drunk and his wife leaves him finally but ends up going back to him.. He promises never to drink again but guess what he does.. And then he finds out stuff on the past judge and so forth and its just not my cup of tea. If some one else has seen this movie and enjoyed it, that is great but it wasnt one of our favorites we will be getting again..

This movie on my tweetometer only gets 3/10 tweets..

I got one before this was Dream Catcher by Steven King..

This one didnt follow the plot of the book to well. I was disappointed for it being a Steven King book/movie set.. I liked the book a whole lot better than the movie..Jeff wouldnt even watch the movie with me.. There was more action in the book than they put into the movie.

This one recieves 2/10... dont bother with the movie.. Get the book if you are interested..

I am currently reading Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell.. I have read one of her other books and found a hard cover for 6.99 at Good will. That is the current book Iam reading. i have so many books to read and I am trying to crochet in between.. Just to keep my shop up and running..

And then we are weeding around the house. This lady that was from the church we were going to said she would do it for some money but she never came back after the first two days.. I have to give her credit. It rained two weekends and such. But she never called during the week to see about me going to get her or what nots.. Well Jeff called her Sunday and said dont bother coming back N and the girls have it..Well that is what we have been up to..

I got my dad his Fathers Day present yesterday.. I made two 8x10's and I am keeping one of them and then I made him a 5x7 of me and my younger brother.. I have that one on the computer.. So I will give that one up.. .Then I made a 5x7 of Jeff and I. We are keeping that one and I will put that one in a frame. Or just put it over a pix already in a frame that needs updating..

My mom will planning on buying me a scanner for X-mas since I have so many pix I want to scan to the computer.. I want to share with you all but cant because I cant get them on the puter..I dont have before pix of the yard right now.I think they are on the other computer we replaced.. but I will definately take after pix for you.. We want to plant some pretty flowers out side before the family gets here..

We are having Bri's 6th B-day party June 5th.. Her real B-day is June 2nd and Jeff and I are also celebrating 14 years that day.. Where has time went.. We have been in our house for four years Sept 26th.. Amazing isnt it?? Well anyway this is what I have been up to and if I am not around for a few more days I am outside weeding my garden and trying to keep the weeds out of it.. Where we can put the flowers in this weekend hopefully.. One thing at at time and then we need some more chairs for the party..

We were going to have it at our local Bay Beach Amusement park but they didnt have a shelter so we are having it at our house instead.. Anyone wanting to go ride for awhile after we eat and such can go then.. We thought it was easier to it this way.. Save the money.. Only spend a hundred dollars on the party instead of two..Yikes..that sounds like a lot of money..