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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nora Roberts Hidden Riches

Here is another great book I think.. Ok who wishes they could have loads of money from a relative that passed on and never have to work again in your life?? I know I do.. some far off cousin or just relative..

Well its starts out with Jed walking through his house that he grew up making sure the movers had gotten all the stuff that was worth alot out of the house. His grandmother finds him upstairs and starts lecturing him. She says he should stay and fight his demons but he doesnt want to do that..

Well Jed decided to move into an apt on South Street.. Well he meets what he thinks is the landlord and when Dora shows up he gets defensive. Jed has just quit the Philadelphia PD.. He had just reached Captain status.. He watched his sister die by a drug king. He killed the drug king.. But it still haunts him..

Well things move from there that he ends up at this party with his land lord Dora. they end up dancing and sparks fly with them.. Its the usual romance book but I couldnt put this one down to be honest. I usually crochet while spending time with hubby but could pick up a crochet hook to spend time with him. I had my book up to my nose..

In the process of this going on Dora went and bought some stuff for her Knick Knack shop and gets hold of some stuff that has been smuggled. Well in the process her shop gets broke into because she bought the smuggled items from an auction. She didnt know she bought them. Jed and Dora have been having issues and this just puts more into it..

the guy that broke into her shop was not caught and wont get caught.. Then Dora goes to California to talk to this head honcho and talks her way into this guys home and see's what he has and why.. Well in the mean time life is taking precendence with Jed and he is waiting for her at the motel when she comes back from the head honcho's office.. She is playing under cover because her parents are actors..

Well moving on they end up going to the California Police Department before leaving Cali and she sees the mug shot of the guy that broke into her apt and shop.. She was having a panic attack when Jed came back in the office with the other officer..

then at the end Dora ends up getting shot.. i wont spoil the end end here.. Just read the book any of you romantics out there..

I love how this one was put together really.. I love a good romance just like any normal woman.. or man for that matter. I know a few men who love to read romance novels..

I will give 10/10 tweets.. just because I had a hard time putting it down.. N..

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh wow I love her writing style and this one looks like it doesn't let you down. I can't wait to read it.