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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mothers Day

Hi all. My mothers day was quiet. I got to celebrate the day before actually like we do every year.. Jeff came home from work on Saturday with 3 red roses he had bought from some people on he side of the road.

they are beautiful.. and then we had to go replace out keyboard since I or the cat spilled iced tea in the keyboard. I am still getting used to it.. and while we were at Walmart I finally got a pan i have wanted for a long time..

I got a 12 Quart soup pan.. I am in love. I used it last night with a soup my MIL has taught me how to make.. We are trying to lower our costs as I mentioned before and I made an extra to freeze hopefully.. Going to see whats left after I have left overs for lunch today..

Soup if anyone is interested..

Home Made Beef Vegetable..

2lbs hamburger
3 carrots,
3 celery stick,
1 onion
or any vegie you like really..
3 potatoes
Beef flavoring
onion powder

Ok in pan put 3 cups water and hamburger in pan. DO NOT FRY hamburger. Steam it and boil it.. put the Beef flavor in with the hamburger to taste.. steam it. onion with the hamburger.

Then add the celery. cook about 10 minutes before putting the carrots in and cook those about 15 minutes before putting the potatoes in and then those cook about 20 minutes. I dont peel my potatoes.. I just wash them and cut them up and cook them..

and then if you want other vegies its fine. These are the ones I use always. I added canned corn and green beans last night fro something different. It was very good.

Ok OK here are my flowers and my pan I got from my family.. i cant find the cord to my camera. you will ahve to wait for pix.. i am sorry but when i thought i had to take the cord out of the computer and now i have misplaced.

The girls just got some flowers from the elderly neighbor lady next to us. I was a good mommy and put them in a glass jar and put them up on the shelf where Snowie couldnt get to them..

Well i promise when I find my cord to my camera I will post those pix for you because I have some other things that need going on Etsy also.. I have some things I have done this weekend and such.. Ok Ok i am off for now. talk soon. I made rounds today already...


Beej said...

Your soup sounds good! Three roses..aww. and more flowers from the kids. AND! a new pan!!! Yay! sounds like a great day for a great mommy!

tweetey30 said...

Thanks Beej. It is good. Try it sometime.. Esp if you like vegies...

Jeannie said...

Sounds like a nice day - besides needing a new keyboard.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahhh what a great day, I always love getting new cookware :).

The soup sounds delish too!

Grizzly Mama said...

Glad you had a good day - Happy Mothers Day a little late.

My little one planted a little flower into a dollar store vase that she decorated with magic markers. She thinks it looks like stained glass - and it does in the sun. The stuff that the kids come up with are the best!

Take care and hope you find the cord.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I love soups and a crusty bread. Mmmmm. The flowers are pretty, what a good hubby. :-)

tshsmom said...

Homemade soups will save you a ton of money!