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Sunday, January 20, 2008

No Super Bowl for the Green Bay Packers This Year.

Hey all. We just watched the last play off game of the season. It was intense. I mean the Giants would score than we would. It was one of those games no one wanted to go to the bathroom and miss out on anything. Not to many games like that during the season really. I lost some of my thoughts here because the computer crashed. We really need a new one.

Anyway there is always next year for the Super Bowl and we did a heck of a time with our regular season. All I can Say is Well Done Packers....

On to more important things to me at least. I just noticed I have done 302 posts with this one included and I have only been blogging for 14 months. I might slow down but you just never know. I cant believe I have that many posts already. It amazes me I have that much to say and when I say it.. LOL..

Life is good here. We did get a return but we have bills to pay and to make payment arrangements with the IRS Federal to pay some money owed to them. It sucks but when Jeff took that money out of his 401K to purchase the house everyone told us they wouldnt tax it but they did. And now we owe them money. I wont say how much but we do owe them money. Oh well life happens. We will do just fine if they accept our payment plan.

Anyway I should be going to get some things done. The girls are down stairs with daddy and I have some things I want to get done before bed tonight. I will make rounds tomorrow sometime. Just dont know when. I hope you all had a good weekend. I had an ok weekend. LOL.. Talk soon.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where do People Get These....

Beautiful but where do people get these. I got this in an e-mail from Jeff's sister in law tonight. Enjoy. Northen lights at -37 Below Zero over some place called Yellowknife.. and living in a TeePe according to the E-mail. Enjoy the photo's people..

Friday, January 18, 2008

Award... This one that makes me happy in Blogland...

This Award I am suppose to choose ten people that make me happy but I dont know if I have ten people that accept awards and MEME's and such but I am going to try ok. Any one that doesnt do these besides Gayle and Courtney let me know OK... Here we go.





Grizzly Mama






Some of you may get this more than once. Enjoy your new award.. Tweets...

Having Troubles Visiting...

Hey all I dont kno if its blogger or what or my computer. Most likely our computer. But anyone with word verification wont let me leave a comment because the verifications wont come up and its taking a long time to load all of your pages. I have an award waiting for me and I cant even get to it because the page wont load. I will try this thing Courtney sent me a while back and see if that works but if not I dont know any other things to suggest.

Do you have a suggestion for me?????? I will keep you updated on if I can get in after I do this computer clean that Courtney sent me via e-mail a while back. Hope it works.

UPDATEI did the thing Courtney e-mailed me a while back and reset the computer. Its all fine for now. But boy does that suck when I dont know what is wrong.. I hate when i cant find out whats wrong with the computer.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Happy......

Hey all. I am happy today. I didnt make rounds today. I am sorry for that. I was out walking in the snow.. LOL.. I didnt have to but I wanted to. I came home wet and just cold. Anyway I have a new project going and it will be home when Jeff comes home tonight. He is going to pick up the yarn on his way home. Yayyy me!!!!!

Its going to be Vanilla, Peach, and Mocha colored. Its going to Cynnie. She is on my side bar. We are excited about this. I talked to her on the phone today and the only I understood her accent is knowing I grew up a with a full fledged Texan... My dad or Ken is from Texas.

Well anyway I was mad at Kora last night. She scared the living day lights out of me. They went outside about 2:30 and came in half an hour later and asked if they could go see if Jonathon could play. I said to come home right away if he couldnt. Well Bri came home and said he wasnt home yet and she came in and took a nap. Well Kora had her bike and some how she ended up down at his house in the house. I was just finishing up dinner and got a call saying Kora was in there house playing with Jonathon and was asked if I wanted her home. I said yes. I thought some one had finally snatched her up.

My heart had never done a double take like that before. I was so angry at her I had her in corner last night just yelling at her for not asking if she could go down there or them not calling sooner. She knows the rules. She is not allowed to play in there house. Well she is grounded until this weekend at least and we will see what goes on from there. But she is not allowed to play in there house. There is no supervision on those children.

I have to admit when I was a kid a friend of mine and I did some stuff. I wont eleborate but my mom went nuts when she found out. Lets put it this way the school nurse was involved as well as the welfare system and such. Not a good thing and I dont want that happening to Kora. I promise I will make rounds tomorrow Ok.

I am having a hard time concentrating on reading blogs today. Some days after walking I just get really energetic and want to get my cleaning done. I am not mopping today but counters need to be cleaned and dishes. Talk to you all tomorrow.