Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We didnt do anything this Weekend.

Hi there.. We did nothing this weekend. It was a lazy weekend. I worked Saturday for my training for my second day for the Dentist office for The Boss. They do stuff in the office and its harder to keep clean..and then it rained I believe Saturday afternoon..

And cleared back out.. LOL.. so the girls got some outside time. We put up the slip and slide and a neighbor boy came down and played with them.. And then about 45 minutes later everything got to quiet outside. The girls had taken off down the street to another house to play without asking.. I wasnt happy about it. they are grounded to the inside of the house for a while. I have been really tired lately. Just not sure why.. We have the phone company coming over today to hook up U-Verse for us. We are going to try there cable for one month and see what we like about it.. We are getting a 200 dollar card to pay for our first month and then after than it should go down about 100.00 dollars..

Sunday we spent laying around and just being a lazy weekend. Jeff has something wroing with his feet. they are peeling really bad and just dont know whats wrong.. He thinks it from the Pool. Right after we went in the pool he started having troubles. We think the chlorine got to him.. He has what looked like a heat rash and then his feet and hands started peeling dead skin real bad.. I havent been in the pool in a two weeks or so now myself.. But I suppose i need to go and do some stuff before the cable and phone guy gets here.. Hope you all have a great week and I will tell more about the two new accounts later on this week after I get my feet wet by myself with out my trainer in the accounts..

Friday, June 25, 2010

some pix of a storm that went over head

My newest items I have made.. The girls as my models like usual.. I have the one Kora is wearing for 20.00 dollars and 4.00 dollars for shipping. the one Bri is wearing for 15.00 dollars I believe and 3.00 dollars for shipping. and the potholders are in sets of two so they are 15.00 dollars a set and 3.00 for shipping also.. OK I am off to spend sometime outside with my whiny girls.. have a wonderful weekend.. N..

These photo's are suppose to be bottom to top. but I didnt feel like copying and pasting today.. I promised the girls I would go spend sometime outside with that is where I am heading..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just because...

Here are some just because photo's..Let them speak for themselves... I wish I could get my video's to load. After we get our updated phone line I will see about uploading video's again on here. Maybe that is the problem.. but here are some photo's for now..

I am working on my 50 hair scrunchies yet and I have like 19 of them done and I have some other stuff i am working on yet. I made four new pot holders..

Oh boy have we got some whiny children.. I am going to go set up the slip and slide for the girls.. We bought them one for 5.00 dollars the other day because the neighbor girls have one and ours wanted one.. But now the neighbor girls dont want to play down here. I think its bullshit to be honest..

I just dont get it.. These three new little girls are new to the neighborhood and I totally understand about there parents not knowing us but still.. Ok OK I am gone to go help my girls put up there new toy.. I also read on the slip and slide adults arent suppose to use it.. My hands really hurt from all the crocheting I am doing.. I have a hat in progress. Its turning out really nice. Its a child size hat. the only thing I am not sure if i will get down or not is the brim of the hat. Its a summer hat..Hopefully..LOL.. OK OK I am really gone.. Have a great week my friends..

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Almost Had a Heart Attack Last Night...

I cant even begin to explain what happened. I went to work and did my job and on the way home i was coming down one of the country roads that I have figured is actually five minutes faster to get home. Well I saw something to the Left of me but wasnt sure what it was until it ran out in front of me. I had to lock up the breaks and nearly missed hitting two DEER!!!! I hate hunters that kill deer for meat. I wouldnt make it in a world where we had to kill deer for food.. I had a panic attack and had to call Jeff and have him talk me through it until I was calm enough to drive again.

I hate driving at night for one thing and this didnt help me like driving at night. they were beautiful animals.. I cant believe I saw two of them. But I think when they travel they travel in two's like that.

Anyway that is what happened and now on to the job.. It only takes me 3 hours to complete the whole shabang. That is with no desks being cluttered with junk and such. It gives a test on how well I really know my job though.. LOL!!!

I start the new one day account tonight..i was told that the pay is lower out there because the job isnt that hard but instead of lowering the pay from job to job he is going to leave it at 8.50 an hour. He said he's going to leave it that way because he likes what I am doing.. I was also told he barely has to go out to the first job site when I was there 5 days a week because he couldnt find anything wrong with the job to check..LOL.. GO ME!!!

We went to Walmart last night and got Jeff a new lunch box and went to the make up section because Kora wanted to see what she liked for nail polish. She chose this really neat glittery pink stuff. Its called Pure Ice Spit Fire.. I picked up some more clear while we were in the aisle.

Snowie has her shots today.. Poor Kitty... I hate when any one has to get shots. I hate them even to this day and age. They hurt not long but they still hurt.Like Jeff and I were talking its not bad for the vet once a year. She is acutally quite low maintence comapared to some animals.. I have a friend on Etsy and she adopted a dog with cancer and she is dishing more money on the dog but she loves the dog.. I dont blame her.. I would do the same for Snowie if it came down to it.

Is it just my cat or do all cats purrrr and dont stop when they are happy.. Snowie tends to be a purrer.. She sleeps by my butt after Jeff leaves and then she just purrs.. She vibrates the bed. Or when she's sleeping you can hear her across the room.. Boy does she love purring.. She is on the desk right now watching me but not purring but with me..

I have 15 scrunchies made for a fellow blogger I am helping out for a Farmers Market in Sept. Waiting for my other five balls of thread to show up where I have enough thread.. I bought two balls of Mexicana, one black,chambray,shaded blues. I thought there was one more.. there might be one more..

The girls went swimming yesterday in the pool. would love to let them go today too but we are suppose to have real bad storms later this afternoon and putting the top back on the pool is a bitch by myself. The girls arent tall enough to help me yet..

We had some guy here last night trying to sell us life insurance and Jeff is thinking about it.. But we told him we have to wait and see where my job is taking me. We are living paycheck to paycheck and its hard.. Esp with my medical bills yet from my foot.. Sure we have insurance but it only covers 80% and that 20% is what we are struggling with to pay. but it will get paid.. Just dont know when..

I have a friend on Etsy she used to make candles but she is an artist first. She made these really neat candles that she sold to me. They are chocolate Smores. They have one or two real marshmallows in them and boy do they smell like chocolate when they burn.. they smell so good you almost want to eat them.

Ok I have to run. I have babbled enough here for now.. Take care and I will make rounds in a bit..

UP Date on work..I just talked to the Boss. It takes me 3 hours to do the one job I mentioned earlier and he has a bank account for me one day a week and now he has one more account 2 days a week 3-4 hours a night.. Its at a dentist office.. So I am back to almost 15 hours a week. go me... I am so excited...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I am still here...

Hi there. i am still here. Just havent had much to say or much to show you guys and gals.. Its been wet and dreary here and I have been slightly depressed but doing ok with it.. I have been keeping it away from the girls. The Boss has some leads for more hours but he has to win the bids on them first..

Call me crazy but my palms itch really bad when money is involved. I just cant predict when its coming. Jeff thinks I am nuts but its true. Everytime my palms itch we get some kind of money. I am not sure if I did the right thing or not. I am not quitting Service Master but I did apply with another McD's here in town.. Different owner, different management.. I dont think I will get it.. I am sort of hoping I dont get it. We could use the money but I thought with different people it might be ok but now after bringing the application back I am not so sure..

We went grcocery shopping on Saturday after Jeff came home from work and then Sunday we sat on our behinds...

I have made two headbands and I am working on an order for 50 scrunchies for a fellow blogger who is going to help me out at alocal Farmers Market in September.. I have eight of the scrunchies done.. go ME!!!!!!

I need to clean house and then go mow the lawn if it doesnt rain on me first.. It has been rainy and such the last week. Just a yuckie week. Jeff and I bought a Yahtzee game.. Miss playing with him.. Yikes.. not much to say.. Hold on I have a couple of pix.. Just let me find them..

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bris party and family...

Hi there. Sorry I have been absent lately. My parents were here from Friday to early yesterday morning.. The party was ok.. The kids we invited never showed up.. So it was more of an adult party and i wasnt real happy about that. But what can you do.. Jeff's brother and his wife came with there daughter. She is so cute.. She wouldnt let me hold her but i got to play with her none the less..

Jeff and my dad..(Ken)..

my mom and Kora. I couldnt get one of the three of them..

here is Kora, Brianna and our beautiful red headed niece Jillian... Isnt she cute..

here is the R lineage.. Daddies and there girl(s)....

Bri's cake. It isnt the one she wanted but its the one she chose and it as 14 dollars cheaper than the one she wanted. And it was the same size.

Bri and Jillian... Jillian liked the girls.. It was so sweet..

Bri and her cake.. Blowing out candles..

Jeffs brother, his wife and Jillian again. boy doesnt Jeff and his brother look alot alike...

Bri and her presents..

Bri got 20.00 dollars from the next door neighbor and she went to the dollar tree and got one ball, a dollar batan, a play horse, and watering can and a coloring book and then she went to Walmart and got a dress.

Then she got 12.00 more dollars between her cousin Julie and her boyfriend and she got a cute pair of pink sandls yesterday.. And some candy with her money from Julie.

She was so cute when we went into the stores. She paid for her own instead of having me do it. they are growing up so dang fast..

I dont want to put a damper on the beautiful party but we are going to be having problems in the next few months.. I havent been fired but the building I clean is putting there office people in another building and that building has a cleaner already. And I am going to be cleaning the building I have once a week instead of five days a week. There wont be anyone there so I only get it once a week. But the boss has another account for me but its only once a week for another 2 1/2 hours. i am slightly depressed. he has two bids out there for two more accounts he wants to hand one over to me. but he said it could take up to a week or a month.. He isnt sure. He is hoping he gets one of them for me.. I am hoping he gets one of them for me.

I had other pix to post of Sunday but you know what I thought I had uploaded them and accidently deleted them.. Dang me... LOL... Ok Ok. I am gone.. Talk soon.. N.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Celebrate Depere

Jeff found out what Celebrate Depere is.. Celebrate Depere is the joining of East and West Depere Wisconsin.. They joined these two sides ten years ago. So they do this on Memorial Day Weekend... There were bands and fire works, and alot of things.. We only went one day of the three..

The only band we really saw was called The President's. They were pretty cool. I have a video of them but of course I cant get my video's to upload here on blogger for some dang reason.. I just dont get it..

Kora doesnt like the tilt a whirl so we let her sit by the side of the ride while we took Bri on it.. boy did Bri like that one.. It runs faster than the one we have at Bay Beach Amusement Park..

The girls on some rides.. they enjoyed themselves since they dont get to go on many of the different ones. I want to take them to the County Fair this year for that experince..

Mr Billy and the girls... and some other childrens artists that the girls like..

Well that was Sunday but I should have started with Saturday but forgot I had pix of our day out and we ended up buying a brand new BBQ grill last night. I had to sell my Van but the guy that bought it said it wasnt worth more than 150 dollars.. We got robbed of 950 dollars when we bought the van.. This guy that bought it is a professional. He buys cars and then sells them at auctions.. Or fixes them up and then sells them at Auctions..

So we had enough for the rest of the party items and our new grill.. Its really nice one. I didnt want a gas grill and it seems that is all they sell now a days.. We found a charcol one but it was sort of expensive.. Try like 55.00 dollars for a 22 inch BBQ grill. But I think its a name brand so its a little more expensive.. I will have pix of Saturday up soon and then this coming Saturday we have Bris party pix too.. Lots of stuff coming up.. and then the fourth of July stuff and wow. Just life in general..

Have a great week and I hope to make rounds soon.. N