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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bris party and family...

Hi there. Sorry I have been absent lately. My parents were here from Friday to early yesterday morning.. The party was ok.. The kids we invited never showed up.. So it was more of an adult party and i wasnt real happy about that. But what can you do.. Jeff's brother and his wife came with there daughter. She is so cute.. She wouldnt let me hold her but i got to play with her none the less..

Jeff and my dad..(Ken)..

my mom and Kora. I couldnt get one of the three of them..

here is Kora, Brianna and our beautiful red headed niece Jillian... Isnt she cute..

here is the R lineage.. Daddies and there girl(s)....

Bri's cake. It isnt the one she wanted but its the one she chose and it as 14 dollars cheaper than the one she wanted. And it was the same size.

Bri and Jillian... Jillian liked the girls.. It was so sweet..

Bri and her cake.. Blowing out candles..

Jeffs brother, his wife and Jillian again. boy doesnt Jeff and his brother look alot alike...

Bri and her presents..

Bri got 20.00 dollars from the next door neighbor and she went to the dollar tree and got one ball, a dollar batan, a play horse, and watering can and a coloring book and then she went to Walmart and got a dress.

Then she got 12.00 more dollars between her cousin Julie and her boyfriend and she got a cute pair of pink sandls yesterday.. And some candy with her money from Julie.

She was so cute when we went into the stores. She paid for her own instead of having me do it. they are growing up so dang fast..

I dont want to put a damper on the beautiful party but we are going to be having problems in the next few months.. I havent been fired but the building I clean is putting there office people in another building and that building has a cleaner already. And I am going to be cleaning the building I have once a week instead of five days a week. There wont be anyone there so I only get it once a week. But the boss has another account for me but its only once a week for another 2 1/2 hours. i am slightly depressed. he has two bids out there for two more accounts he wants to hand one over to me. but he said it could take up to a week or a month.. He isnt sure. He is hoping he gets one of them for me.. I am hoping he gets one of them for me.

I had other pix to post of Sunday but you know what I thought I had uploaded them and accidently deleted them.. Dang me... LOL... Ok Ok. I am gone.. Talk soon.. N.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

It looked like a nice party and the cake was beautiful. Cheer up about the job, at least the boss is trying to find more work for you, that says a lot about how he likes your work.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It certainly looks like this was a wonderful party and Bri got some very nice presents. And how nice she got to choose her own, too, over at the two stores.

Candy Minx said...

I love the is gorgeous! Looks like a lovely visist. cute baby too.

Hope the work goes okay...scary times aren't they...everyone is feeling the pressure of such a bad economy. So many businesses have closed down here in chicago...and places always have sales or deals...but it's sad...

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I'm sorry the kids didn't show up I hate that when that happens ;(. The party looks like fun and the cake is cute :). Look at her go shopping like a pro!

I'm so sorry about the job, I'll be praying that he gets the other account for you!

Super cute pictures! Sorry about the deleted ones ;(

Beej said...

that made me mad that the other kids didnt show up but they lost out on having some of that beautiful cake!

Ir sounds like everyone had a wonderful time.