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Saturday, September 25, 2010

here but not here..

hey all. i have been busy again this week. trying to get some sleep and work done around the house. i have visited today and made rounds.. Everyone has such lovely stories to tell today.. thanks for sharing them.. Its another school year come into our lives. We are working hard as we can. Bris liking her Dick and Jane book we found. I got it for 10.00 dollars at Barnes and Noble. good price for that book.

Anyway working life and school work is taking my life away from me lately. I am working a green, black and red afghan. Its in a granny square pattern. I am using the red as a edging and then putting most of the afghan in green and then the Z is in black. Its not for anyone particular just one of those I wanted to see i could do it. Jeff and I sat down and worked it out on graph paper and I am working my rows from there. Its looking real nice.I am only four rows into it and its real nice so far. I work on it when I have time..

the job is doing what they did last year around this. they are starting there shit with saying we dont need you on this night and then calling the following night.. Its hard to stay on a 3rd shift schedule when they pull this shit on you. but I am dealing with it. Doing what I have to do during the day and the evenings when I have time.. the girls have been helping alot too.. they are growing up way to fast for my likings.

I want to get them each a dress at Wal mart sometime and take photo's with my camera to make school pix of them this year.. I have the perfect spot to do them but money is always in the way. I am hoping in the next few weeks with one of my checks we can afford to get them each one of the dresses I want and then go and take the photo's. I wont be able to make the pix till next month but at least I will have there dresses.

They have been really good for me lately. some days are better than others but arent all kids that way.. I am ready for a nap. I have been up since 6:45 AM this morning. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and couldnt sleep after Jeff left this morning.. I want a nap and then stay up later tonight to sleep in tomorrow for tomorrow nights work..I might take a nap after my late lunch.

We are having Chili tonight and Taco's tomorrow.. I had to buy the damned Taco kit today because Wally World didnt have just the damned soft taco shell. I was probably not looking in the right area and didnt feel like asking for help.. Anyway I am off to finish my noodles for my lunch and then a short nap.. take care my friends.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Speaks for itself...

Hey all. I took these Friday morning when I came home from work.. Jeff was just leaving and I couldnt leave it alone.. I had to take these before putting my sore and restless body to bed.. Enjoy...

The sky was a pinkish color this morning also.. It was just windy and just horrible on the highway on my ten minute jaunt across High way 172 this monrning. I was all over the road. I wasnt the only one though. I wouldnt go my normal speed with it being that windy. I usually go the speed limit but went like ten under today just to make it over the bridge. I hate when its windy and I could have went through town but that takes longer to get home and jeff has to leave when I get home so I didnt want to take more of his time.

Ok going to go start dinner now. Take care peeps and I will make rounds in the next few days or so when I have more time. I have more time on weekends now than during the day of the week.. So have a wonderful Hump Day tomorrow.. My week is offically half over working 3rd shift.. Two more nights and then two days and most of

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just More Shit in The R Family Life...

Hey peeps.. I have some news. I gave up the Pizza job yesterday.. I was there for three days and she wanted speed and I just didnt have it. I went in and talked to her and she didnt even seem upset I was leaving. So it must have been for the best. I am not upset about it. I still have my full time job.. I am just hoping it stays full time for the time being. I was so tired last night and I am suprised I am not still sleeping. But I am wide awake and its only 7:08 AM. We went to bed at like 9:30PM last nigt. Well I suppose I did get like 10 hours of sleep. I will take a nap later on to stay up later tonight to go back into work at 10 tomorrow night.. It felt so good to let that pizza job go. Jeff came home yesterday and asked if I had been cleaning. He asked if I had just woke up and I said no you dont sleep to long when you only have one job to do. That is how I let him know I quit the pizza joint..

I have some things to do outside today and I am just hoping the weather lets me. I have to mow the lawn that needs it and taking the tent down today. We have used it one weekend since I put the damned thing up in the back yard.. Its raining right now so I dont know if it will get done today or tomorrow before I go back to work. Maybe I can encourage my dear sweet hubby to help me mow the lawn while I take the tent down and put it back in its carrying case. yes its one of those nice ones with the case it came in.. Just getting it to fit back in the case is the problem... I can never figure out how they had it folded in the first place.

I have some photo's to share but havent had the time to share them.. I still have photo's from the last time we were at the Wild Life Sanctuary and that has been a month already. I am way behind on blogging and spending time with my online friends. I havent even had much time for Etsy lately working the hours I was working. I just finished a blanket. Its pink, heather grey, and a blueberry pie color edging. I will have that one up in my other blog later. Maybe I should go take photo's and do that now while I am in blogger..LOL and then just post them on Etsy also.

The girls are doing great. I found a book I havent seen in ages and if any of you have some and dont want them I will take them. Just e-mail me ok. I found a Dick and Jane book at Barnes and Noble when I went and picked up the girls books last Sunday. I was on my way out of the store and in line they have a table with books and I found a hard covered D and J and Vampires Book.. I havent seen of those since I was Bri's age.. I had those books but of course my mom never saved a damned thing and we moved so much when I was small alot of things got left behind.. Things that I could have shared with my girls today that I no longer have because of my mom.

Jeff is at work and the girls are still sleeping its almost 7:30 AM.. Wow. They went to bed like ten minutes before we did.. Its amazing.. They spent sometime outside yesterday and came in and did school work and then back outside. They are growing up way to fast. OK here are some photo's. i am not going to comment on them. Just going to post them.

Ok peeps I am off to do some reading blogs and then some more house work if the girls are still sleeping and then time with my family today. Then a nap.. then work tomorrow but at least its only one job. So I can keep up..LOL.. with my daily life.. N..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


hi all. i have been busy since i last posted this.. I dont even remember posting last.. I just know its there..My wrist is feeling loads better now. Thanks for all the well wishes on that.. I need my hands for work and home for that matter. I have finished a blanket but will have it up and about in the next few days. still have the edging to finish.. so its not complete yet but very close.. i have photo's up the ass for you all but its late and I want to go to bed. I dont know when I will be posting again. i started the second job yesterday. Its not that hard that I can tell of yet. Its just putting toppings on pizza's and taking orders.. so I have loads going on here.

Life has just gotten a bit busier with me working about 50-60 hours a week my self. I am looking forward to it.. But for now i am off to bed even though I slept for like eight hours before I left for the full time job but got sent home because of course there wasnt enough work to keep me there till 6.. I hate this part of the temp job.. buts a job and its only parttime when they want it to be.. I am sick of it. I wish when they had us go out there it was for the whole eight hours.. I dont see how a job can do that to you. A temp job or not.. Oh well its helping.. Every little bit is helping. So I cant bitch to much.. As much as I would love to.. OK here are a few teaser pix of the girls.. N...

No she is not drowning. she was showing me she can swim under water with out her tube and stuff..

Mid air jumps off the side of the pool... Ok I am off to bed now.. Take care and sleep well everyone

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Here is our latest project Jeff has finished down stairs and we hung up tonight.. its a 6000 piece puzzle.. He has been working on it for about 18 months..It didnt take as much glue.. but it did take one and a half bottles.. Its amazing how much time it has taken to get this done. I know he has taken very long breaks. He got fustrated with this one but he finished it.. the girls actually helped with this one slightly. A piece here and a piece there.. and then I just sorted the colors for him. I dont put the puzzles together to often. I have put one puzzle together.. Anyway I have more pix of other stuff but I had to show this beautiful item off. VV we havent gotten to the puzzles you sent us.

Just different shots of it. Amazing.. this is our bedroom wall..

This one was taken when I got up close because the first two I didnt think I could get a decent shot of it..

Last but not least this one shows how wide it is.. Its as long as Jeff's arms spread out. Its amazing again.. It blows my mind away how big this thing is.. It took me sometime to glue it and it took him about a 18 months to put together.. We have officially run out of room to put up to many more of these big puzzles...

Monday, September 06, 2010

Going to post some Photo's..

Hi there. I have done something to my right wrist and it hurts like the dickens.. So i am just going to post some photo's.. Enjoy..

The Horicon Marsh....

I have more photo's but I am going to wait to get those posted for when my wrist feels better. i am having a hell of time typing.. enjoy these though .. there are more but these are the ones i liked best.. n

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Morning/Afternoon Peeps

Hi there my fellow peeps. Sorry I have been a way for a while and so long between posts. I have found full time work 3rd shift again but its worth it. I dont know how long it will last but I am going to take the hours when I can get them. The lady that says to come in said that at least another three weeks of this full time and then she doesnt know for sure. But I am taking them as I can get them. I am letting Service Master go.i have given him a some what notice. I told him Tuesday would be my last day. He isnt really happy with me but again he hasnt been happy with me for a while now it seems. He liked what I was doing out at the one building but didnt like what i was doing so well at the Dentist office. So I started looking for more work about a month ago.

Well now I am sitting here and wondering how next week is going to go. I have one more thing to add to this. I have not just found full time work through our temp agency. I have foud and additional 30 hours from a Pizza Place just around the corner from where we live.. That is right walking distance. She interviewed me on Monday and hired me Monday night.. She had one more interview and she wanted me. So not just working 40 hours a week but 70 hours some weeks when the temp job has hours. Or around that. I know I have lost my rocker totally but we need the money.

We have it set up where Jeff and the girls do the kitchen twice a week, the girls clean the livingroom for me every night and i do the rest Saturday afternoon. Or we all pitch in and do the rest. It works for me. But just remember the temp job isnt going to be 40 hours every single week except for the next few weeks.. I am going to be exhausted but I will live with it. I know I have really lost it.

OK on to more stuff. I have photo's to show you but i left my camera in the car again. We went to the wild Life Sanctuary on Saturday and let the girls feed the ducks. Well we went to see the Cougar they had and it had finally passed away. This cougar had been held as a pet illegally for about 5 years or so. It was pretty tame but just didnt have the room to run like it should have. I was sad to see that we would no longer be seeing the cougar.

But we did see the other animals. they have two bob cats and they were actually playing when we went through. they were chasing eachother around and rolling in the grassy part of the cage..

And my favorite is the otters. They were playing too. They were chasing eachother and looking like they wanted to drown eachother in the water. Then they would chase eachother up the slide they have in the cage and then slide back down it into the water. They are so cute. We have went and some times they are sleeping but this day they were very active..

We are home schooling the girls again this year. They will not be returning to a school setting unless something very wrong goes hay wire..But ok I have something I need to do and I will be back later to make rounds or tomorrow after I wake up. Talk soon..