Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first Day with my Girls..

Hi there. My first whole day without the girls. Its lonely but I will live.. I didn't cry my head off this time around.. I actually had fun with my hubby except for the few hours I had to work.. We went out for dinner when we came back into town since it was just the two of us..

You know how nice it was to eat and not have to say girls EAT.... It seems every time we go into a restaurant we fight with them to eat.. Yikes... We are going on Saturday to get them and then go to my dads house like I said before.. then Sunday back to his mothers house for Easter Dinner... I cleaned out the girls room today.. I took all the toys I noticed they weren't playing with and took them to St. Vincent Depauls..I shop there so much and I thought more kids could use what the girls aren't using anymore..

Poor Snowie last night.. I dropped Jeff off at home and left for work.. He said she walked around the house looking for me. She thought I left her too.. When I walked in she wouldn't let me be.. And today she has been hanging on me. she keeps walking around looking for the girls though.. She knew something was up when we started packing the Duffel bag for the girls..

I am enjoying the beautiful weather.. Its just beautiful here.. Its in the lower 70's here.. I am sitting here at the desk in a summer shirt and shorts.. I will wear shorts to work tonight but have to wear my work shirt.. I know I am rambling and I really don't know what to do about it.. LOL.. But ramble. I took my MIL my old camera yesterday. I am going to bring my new one to take pix of course but i didn't need the old one so i told her she could have the old one..

We are having Ham and the trimmings on Sunday. I am looking forward to the meal. I am hoping to learn a new trait really.. I want to learn how to do Plastic Canvassing.. I found out Walmart carries the plastic for those for 1.97 for a big sheet of it.. But I am not sure what to do with it after getting. I have never done Plastic Canvassing.. I want to learn how to do cross stitch also.. Walmart doesn't carry those anymore.. I was kind of upset about that..

The girls each got two new pool items today. They were a dollar a piece so I picked them up.. They needed new tubes for the pool and then they got new lay on floats... So they have a surprise when we get to Grandpa's house on Saturday evening.. We are going to eat with my dad and go back to the motel and let them swim.. I know if my dad comes to the motel he is going to want Jeff to get into the water but he cant because of his sores on his legs from his Psoriasis.. I know I spelled that wrong.

Oh my goodness I got a scare just now I thought Snowie had deleted my post just now by accident.. Yikes.. Ok OK I have to go finish cleaning. I have to at least sweep and mop.. It looks horrid in my house today.. Talk soon..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuesday/other stuff.

Hi everyone we are leaving early Tuesdasy morning to take the girls to grandma's house and pick them up on Saturday to go to my dads house and then back to grandma's on Sunday.. We will spend the night in Rice Lake Wisconsin and then head back to his mothers house on Sunday for Easter supper that I am cooking. And then we will leave and come home.. We were going to leave the girls on Sunday and have his mother bring them home but we she called us back today and told us that bringing them on Tuesday was better..

Jeff has found me new tires for the van but he needs to get an appointment at work for them.. If he didnt have his discount we would pay over 300.00 dollars in tires but he gets them for like 15% off retail price or something like that... So he gets them for 50 bucks a tire or something like that.. Then we can take the van on the road when want to travel.. But for now its an intown car/van...LOL..

The girls are going to have to wait till next month to do any more of there extra activities with our running this month.. That is ok though. They get to meet an uncle they havent met yet on my side and see there aunt they met once on side with a cousin.. And then see Grandpa A and Grandma J.. They are so excited.. I will finish packing them up tomorrow and then off Tuesday morning..

I have them each an Easter Outfit. They are shorts and I am hoping its warm enough to wear them.. We got them at Walmart for 5.00 a piece. They are the same outfit.. I love dressing the girls the same when i can get away with it..LOL. I know there is a 3 1/2 year span between them but they are my babies... I love when they will let me get them the same outfit.. Doubles... Anyone seeing doubles..Those outfits are not going to Grandma A's and S's until Sunday when we go back for dinner.I will bring those with me on Saturday when we go..

Business on my end has been slow. I havent sold a thing since the last time MRS Z bought something... LOL.. Well I mean I am still working on my DR WHO scarf but having a hard time collecting my next installment. I had to order more purple yarn that should be here on Monday or Tuesday.. Hopefully Monday where I am here to get it.. I hate not being here when the UPS man gets here.. Never know where he's going to put my package.. But its almost done otherwise..

Life is busy here otherwise like usual.. Jeff is working his tail off even with only four ten hour days last week.. But looking and hoping by the time he gets off vacation next week they will ask him to start working all five days again and not have to worry about overtime..

I am really liking the job. I havent had any complaints. I go in looking for a note to see what has to be done extra and there has been nothing so far. I did skip one thing on Friday I will have to get tomorrow when I go in.. I felt some webs behind the shades in the conference room and forgot about them until I came home Friday night.. OOPS!!!! That is ok I will get them tomorrow. Mondays arent usual that dirty anyway so I will get them for an extra item tomorrow. I have gotten myself where I can get the job done in 2 hours and still get paid for 3. On Fridays I can do the job in 1 hour but I tend to slow myself my down a bit.. I drag out the extra hour.. No need to go hurrying through and forget something..

Well dinner should be almost done. We have made a dinner plan for April and we are working on it to see how well it goes and how much money we spend on groceries now. Hopefully we just spend all we need to spend on groceries except for like bread and milk.. Those items always need to be bought...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kora and her First Riding Lesson

Here is Kora during her first and maybe last riding lesson. She broke out from the horse hair yesterday and her eyes got all puffy.. But she enjoyed herself and Bri got to help with the grooming..

Here is Bri taking her 5 minutes and enjoying herself with Kora leading Fancy around the ring or the jumping area for when they do horse shows..

They had so much fun cooling Fancy down and taking everything off of her.. There was a horse next to Fancy yesterday that was nuzzling my neck again.. These animals they have at this FARM are the greatest.. The place is called New Heights Hunters and Jumpers if any of you want to look up the website. Next time we go I got permission to bring in sugar cubes if they even make sugar cubes anymore..LOL..

I enjoyed myself immensely just being around these animals.. Fancy acutally would pick her foot up for Debrah to pluck her hooves.. It was so cool to see her do it.. She just stood there and let the girls brush her. She enjoyed it also.. Jeff just stood and watched but I had to help Bri brush a bit.. She is to short to get the horses back..

But we arent leaving Bri out we are going to put her back in Swimming lessons April 19th.. We may not be able to put Kora back in riding lessons for a while. We dont have the money each week they charge so its going to be every other or once a month type of thing..

Life takes us in different directions and I try to make them happy but you cant always.. At least Kora got to feel what its like to be on a horse.. VV your daughter does horse shows doesnt she?? Anyway I need to get going. My back hurtts and I need to get my uniform for work upstairs and then get dressed here in a bit. I have finished my cleaning for today... Enjoy...

Monday, March 22, 2010

First Hike of 2010

Here is our first hike of 2010 and more than likely many more to come.. It was in the upper 40's yesterday so we decided to venture out for a while.. We walked 3.5 miles.. But you know what is impressive not that we walked it but the girls walked it with no complaints.. They are troopers.. They love getting out with us.. I have a video of the girls but highly unlikely I will get it to load here so again I will put it on my FB page. But here are the photo's we took yesterday.

These were taken inside the building they have when you first come into the grounds with bathrooms and such. I just love this building. Its so cool to look at.

Now onto the trails.. There are like five different trails and were were going to walk the Birches Trail yesterday.. That one was 3.5 miles but you know what we came the bend to decide which way to go and I flopped out. My but hurt so dang bad and upper legs I had to to potty also.. So we took one of the shorter routes back.. I dont know why I attempted a 3.5 mile hike the first hike of the year.. But we still got out and had fun..

This one was taken upside down and they wanted to know what would happen if i took one upside down on the camera.. It stayed upside down like theywere on there heads. I will go and fix it soon..

There were so many deer feet tracks out there but we saw no deer.. I was suprised. But there was a shooting gallery not far from where we were hiking and I think the noise scared the deer to be honest with you as much as Jeff said it didnt bother them.. I think it did.. Would you want to hear guns in your neighborhood and just sit and wait for them to come and shoot you??? I think deer have a run instinct in them when they hear guns or the clacking from a gun..

It was amazing to know how far we walked and no one complained this time.. Usually a set of little legs is complaining by time we hit the last bend in the hike but she did well this time..

You know I have been parking the van on the street when I come home at night because it has a gasket leak. It needs a new gasket.. Yes I know I know. Jeff has a guy at work that said he can fix it for me.. But we need to get the part first.. So I have been moving it to the drive way before bed and the cat goes nuts when i walk out the door to move the van. She wants to go with me.. Its actually kind of funny to see her.. She is worse than the girls when it comes for me to move the van..

Anyway I need to go find some breakfast... Enjoy the photo's and there will be more to come as spring, springs aheads of us. Hopefully we can get more life form to show you next time. Yesterday was more the quiet and solitude than the outdoors itself.. I will make rounds here shortly again..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Newest Item and Job

Hi there.. VV was asking how the job is going. Its going great so far.. I have been able to get the account done in two hours... It should be taking 3 hours but I dont even skip anything. I find myself finding extra stuff to do to stay there for a full two hours.. I have been known to take 2 1/2 hours when its really bad..Sometimes I have to take out trash twice and the recycling twice.. So that takes a while and then changing the bag in the Oreck Vacuum the Boss seems to like over Kirby..LOL..I like my Kirby though.. I havent had any complaints..I met up the HR (Human Resource) person a week ago yesterday and she said she likes what I am doing. I also met up with the Nurse/Saftey director and she likes what i am doing to the nurses station.. So two compliments in one night. That must make the Boss happy to hear when he talks to the account manager...

Anyway here is what I have done for the DR WHO scarf.. Nothing fancy and I have the approval to move on with it.. This person in her profile has Creepsville PA but that is not where she is from.. Its funny..

I think its turning out really cool. It was Jeff's idea to put 5 rows purple 2 rows colonial blue, 2 rows terracotta, 5 rows purple 2 rows olive green, 2 rows rust and so forth.. Just repeat the pattern. I got the go ahead to finish with this pattern last night.. So I have been working on it today a little bit between going to the grocery store and then putting groceries away... And then home schooling.. Just a busy person lately. Keeping busy..

I have been really tired lately too.. I have been eating and good foods suprisingly. I have been eating many salads.. Just craving the salads and eggs and meat to go in Chef Salads..

Anyway life here in the R family home is just like usual weird.. I want to go out tomorrow but not sure if we are going to be able to.. South of us is getting snow and we are suppose to get rain.. Yes i said rain... Its been really nice here lately. I actually wore shorts to work the other night.. It felt so much better than wearing my jeans. I didnt leave work so dang warm I got the chills like w hen I wore my jeans the night before..

I am trying to talk Jeff into letting me have a new outfit for Easter.. I found this really pretty black and white outfit on I just love the color of it.. They dont have it here it here in the store. I am not traveling to get it either but they have a special delivery pice. It is .97 cents.. I like that. I was hoping to get the girls each an outfit for Easter also.. Nothing special just something to wear to his mothers house and my dad's house maybe if we have enough. We are going to my dad's house on April 3rd and then his mothers house on April 4th (Easter).. So we have a plan there..

Ok well I need to go get a few things done before the old man comes home.. I will make rounds tomorrow morning before he comes home from work.. Talk to you all soon..

There is one thing Jeff did yesterday and he is worried about it.. He told a joke while everyone else was joking around.. And he's worried about his job.. I can tell you the joke and you tell me if you think its offensive???

There were three men that went into the Drs office..

Dr see's each of them privately. One is a drunk and the dr says that if he takes one more drink he will die.

Then the dr sees the second guy. Heavy smoker and tells the guy if he has one more cig he is going to die..

Well dr see's the third man and says if he has sex with one more man because he's gay he is going to die..

Well the three men leave together and the drunk just couldnt pass up the bar so he went in and had his last drink. he died..

The man that couldnt smoke again saw a cig and wanted to bend over to pick it up but just couldnt do it...

The gay guy told the guy that wanted the cig that he was thankful he didnt bend over because then they would both be dead... LOL......

Well they were telling hot dog jokes at work last night and Jeff was clocked out and this one guy got offended by this joke.. I am not really good at telling jokes by typing them out. I can do ok when I talk to people.. But enjoy the joke for what you can understand it and I am gone for now.. Happy Weekend..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

dont know what to call this one....

I know I show all my pretty stuff I make here. I have shown my afghans I have made for my family... Well you know what I am done making things for my family.. I have made plenty a blankets and I dont get thank yous.. The only person I know that uses her blanket and often is my MIL..

I made my younger BIL and his wife an afghan for there first child and she put the damned thing under there guinea pig cage.. She never used the afghan for the baby.. She claimed it was to big for the baby.. Well you know what she could have used it for baby to play on or kept it for when baby got bigger...

Then with my youngest BILS wife asked me to make J a blanket.. I made one in the Packer Colors.. I used green yellow and White. Well she just loved the blanket and I am not sure if he did or not.. Well anyway they left WI in a hurry because of something going on in the family.. She didnt even bother to ask me to take it when they left or to go get it when they left.. She just left it..

Then I made a blanket for my older BIL and his wife when they had there daughter a year ago in April. she isnt quite a year yet.. But I got a thank you like 3 months after I sent the blanket and was told that my BIL uses it when baby takes her naps but I dont see pix of her using it.. I see pix of all other blankets...

Then I made an afghan for that pastors daughter that we had so much trouble with in the last four years.. Well she just had baby.. She has take literally hundreds of photo's of baby and I dont see my afghan being used. I didnt even recieve a thank you from her for it.. I trusted her mother to give it to her but something tells me that her mother didnt give it to her..

I spend my time giving out my hard work I could have made money on and I am sick and tired of doing it.. No more unless you request it.. I quit just wasting my time on things when I could be making money. NO MORE GIFTS... I give up.. I hate feeling like I have wasted my time on making things that no one seems to either like or want from me..

You know someone that is having a baby and need a blanket ask and I will make a great deal for you.. But I am not making any more for my Family.. I love what I do and I love sharing what I do. But I am not making any more things that will not be used for my family or my friends.. You peeps are more than welcome to buy off my Etsy site on my side bar.. Keep track of whats coming in and going out. If somethin you like sells let me know. I cant remake it.. Hopefully..LOL...

Kora has horse riding lessons starting on Tuesday.. I will have more pix but we took her out on Tuesday to get her to see the horses and talk to the lady that will be doing her lessons and Kora fell in love.. she was feeding the pony that will be hers while taking lessons.. I dont remember the pony's name but here are some pix of her. I have some video's up on my facebook page for those of you that have facebook. I cant get my vids to load on Blogger for some dang reason.. If you want or need my FB page and arent friends yet let me know via e-mail.. I will send you my full name that I use for those that dont know my maiden name..

Anyway here are the pix..

This black horse coming up was nibbling on my hair. He thought I was Hay... and then I moved up slightly and he nibbled on my t-shirt like hey you moved away from me..

That is it for now. I will upload that video of the horse jumper doing jumps for Kora here in a few minutes. I didnt get to it yesterday.. But I will do it here in a few minutes.. But other wise we are good. We are canceling the YMCA membership for now. We arent using it with my work schedul and Jeff's schedule.. We just dont have time to meet up and play Raquetball. At least we have our raquets for if we ever want to go at it again sometime in the future.. I wish I could make loads of money with my afghans and such where I dont have to work again outside of the home but I know that is just a dream..

I am a dreamer and I love knowing I love doing what I do but I just wish family members loved my stuff and friends as much as I did making these items.. I will have that video up in a few minutes.. Come take a look and comment there... Talk soon..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

new items on my Etsy Site....

This is the afghan/quilt i made now onto my new bathroom/kitchen set i made..

Bathroom/kitchen set... beautiful colors.. the 100% coton from Sugar and CAream. I need to fix that in my Etsy shop... I forgot this wasnt the Lion brand cotton.. I did buy some but it wasnt this..

Any one interested in my Etsy site I havea sale goign with the scarf/hat sets up there 20% off the sets and 15% off just the scarves and 20% off the twin size afghans.. need to make more room for spring/summer items coming up.. Take a peek people.. Cant hurt to look.. I am going to start working on that DR WHO scarf when the yarn gets here.. Talk to you all soon..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dr Who

Does any one know who DR WHO is?? Well I am going to attempt a DR WHO scarf... Its going to be like 5 inches wide by 120 inches long.. Yes I said 120 inches long. That is ten feet long.. One hell of a scarf...

I am going to use Vanna Whites Choice Yarn for this. Make it really soft and cuddly.. I am using Colonial Blue, Olive Green, Dusty Purple, Rust,and Tarracotta for colors.. The lady wanted it knitted but she is being satisfied with a single crocheted scarf..

I am excited about this project. I am charging her an arm and a leg.. I wont tell you how much but its going to be expensive..For it being 10 feet long. The original is 14 feet long.. I dont see why peeps need scarves that long?? Esp this time of year when its starting to get nice out..

I have so many projects I want to do. I have a ripple idea for later this summer. I am working on ideas for a tan, light brown,and chocolate and maybe a white to edge it with.. Dont know yet.. Will decide later on this summer..

I have some new items coming up. I have new items on my Etsy site. Take a look peeps. Maybe you will find something you all like.. Spread the word about Etsy for me.. Get me sales please and I will do my best to give you a discount when I see sales if you find something you like..

I have a round wash cloth, one more round wash cloth that looks like a flower, and two square cloths and a hand towel coming up.. I have new items everytime I get an idea i run with it.. Or I try and run with it.. I love my work and I love sharing with you what I do.. Well anyway I need to get going and see about some house work.. I will make rounds here shortly..

I will be back tomorrow sometime and make rounds. I wish I knew what happened to several of my blog friends. I am concerned about several of them like I have said in past posts... Come on if you hear from any of them let me know they are ok.. Hammer dissppeared and so did That girl and Ryan is busy with the new babies he has had in the last year and a half...

But I am here.. Friends come and go in your life but still its hard not to know these people are ok.. I am calling out to all my friends who dont visit like they used to.. I want to know you are ok...

Monday, March 08, 2010


Hi all..I know how some of you feel about the Circus but to me there is more to just the animals at the Circus. There is the proformances of these dare devils and such.. These beautiful women travleing around the states and doing these high line/wire acts..

The ones we saw Saturday afternoon were amazing... This year the girls got to do something they have been asking to do for a couple of years now and we just had the money this year.. They have elephant rides at the Circus here.. They got to ride the elephant.. I didnt go up with them and neither did Jeff. But I took about six pix of them riding the Elephant.. It was so neat to see them up there..

Now on to the Tigers.. This guy is great with them.. I have video but not sure if it will load. I have been having troubles loading my video's.. You can hear the music they are playing for the tigers.. Its amazing really.. But I will at least upload the still pix.. If i can get the video to load i wish the lady behind us would have shut up while I was taping and the people in front of us kept getting up and down. It was most annoying.. Esp when you are only 5'3" roughly...Its hard being short...

I have another video but dont know if this one will load. I am hoping it will this time for me. Its not very long... Only six minutes long.. But these people were on this swing like thing and getting high enough and then they were jumping off it and rolling down this piece of silk you might say..It was pretty amazing but I was getting blurry pix with taking a whole bunch of still so I had to take video of this one..

Couldnt get the video to load...I dont know whats wrong with the video and such. I dont know if its blogger or my camera loading into the computer. I can play the video's on the computer but cant load them onto blogger. I could always try to load them into Youtube.. But I dont know.. But I do have plenty more pix.. There were so many people Saturday afternoon. We usually go Saturday night but I wanted to go in the afternoon and get it over with where the girls could come home and get to bed half way early.. It worked too. We finished off the evening with dinner and a bonfire in the back yard.. It was awsome. Then Jeff played his game for a bit on the computer down stairs and i crocheted and read for a while.

I am reading the May Fair Witches right now.. Its an interesting book so far.. Well I am gone for now. i will be back later... I need to help Bri with her homework.. The glory of home schooling but i enjoy it when everyone is willing to work..

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Milwaukee Zoo March 2, 2010

You know you all call me sweet and none but maybe a handful of you know me personally.. I like my friends knowing me though and I love everyone of you here.. I love my friends I have.. Well yesterday we went to Milwaukee to go to the Zoo again.. Its been a few months and boy does my new camera take some awsome shots. I have some vids too on this trip.. Anyway we were down town going to out favorite used book store..He wasnt open yet so I looked at Jeff and said there is another book store down the street. It was a Borders Book store.. So we hiked the extra two blocks.. While we were getting ready to cross the street this man comes out of a lobby and asks if we have any money to spare.. Jeff asks him if we can cross the street first..Well we cross the street and Jeff looks to see what he has in his wallet.. All he has is a twenty dollar bill.. We look at each other and know what he wants it for so I told Jeff go ahead and when the man walked away I said its up to him and God that he knows what he's doing if he has no home and no food...

But if he wants booze with it that is ok or drugs.. Its up to him.. Well in the mean time we had walked into Borders and walked around and found Kora a book. We found her the original Little House on the Pairie Set.. We only picked up one book.. They were kind of Expensive.. 8.99... And we got Bri a book also just to make it fair. She got the Frog and the Princess..

Now on to our favorite used book store that has three full floors of books.. I mean its packed with books. He has isles of books that you can hardly walk down sometimes..I found some more books for Kora but didnt buy them.. They were 3.00 dollars a piece... But they were just awsome books and books I had read when I was a young child.. I got two books my self.. I got two more Elizabeth George books.. They are A Place of Hiding and A Suitable Vengeance.. And Jeff got a programming book for C++.

Then off to the Zoo we go.. Here are the photo.. Some of them are really awsome..I might have to make this trip a 2 parter.Maybe 3.. Depends on if I can get the vids to load. I like my new camera because it records voices.. So you can hear us talking about the animals.. Well peeps here is the start of our newest adventure to the Zoo...

Ok here is one of the vids I took over yesterday if it will load today. I know I tried loading that bowling video and it wouldnt I think it was too long. These are only 2 minutes long or so... I have two of them..You will get a kick of out them both I hope. I just love these little guys here... They move to fast for me to get still shots of them... For some reason I cant get my vids to load with the new camera.. You can hear them when I post them or listen to them when I click on them in the video are on the computer but I cant get them to load on here for some dang reason.. Hold on a minute and let me do a test...ok that wouldnt work either... I might try again tomorrow and do just the vids instead... I have some from the Wild Life Sanctuary from Monday when us girls went by ourselves while Jeff was at work.. But enjoy these.. I have plenty more pix...

This little guy is only 3 years old. The mother in the cage is not his real mother..His real mother was too young to take care of him so they had to find a surrogate mother for him and found this one...

I felt sorry for this guy here.. He has one of his horns off but couldnt get the other one off.. He was romping around and just couldnt get it off.. You could see where he used the other one to get the second one off.. He never succeeded while we were there... He just jumped and was in pain it looked like.. Or very uncomfortable.

Elephants... My hubbies inlaws...LOL....The last time we were at the zoo one of these two was painting.. I never got to see it but was told that the painting was auctioned off and it was sold for like 250 dollars.. It went as a donation for the Zoo but still pretty cool...

My favorite.. The girls werent suppose to be that close to the glass but they were... I want this one made into a bigger photo but I deleted all photo's earlier... Yikes.... Poor me... The only thing between the girls this animal was the glass..

Well enjoy these please. These are my favorites out of all the ones we took yesterday. There are plenty more but these are my favorites... I have a horror story to tell while I am at it also.. This woman was wondering around with her small child. He looked old enough to be potty trained but of course wasnt or she didnt care... It was just gross and it seemed like every where we went she followed us with this stinky kid.. Jeff wanted to say something but bit his tongue... Life and children... Take care of them dont confuse them by letting them do one thing and saying its ok we are out go in your pants.... GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I am done for today. I will make rounds tomorrow..I hope everyone has a great week. I am still here but just not posting as much as I wasn and visiting. Sometimes I visit every day but just dont comment and I just read.. I have been working on new items for my Etsy shop. Wait till you see what I have made now.. I am almost done with it. Its a sweater with a matching skirt.. Who ever buys it will have to buy a white shirt to go under the sweater since the sweater doesnt button. I havent figured buttons out yet so its got a pink edging and beads on the back of it.. Its cool. It fits Bri.. I havent gotten to making one that fits Kora yet.. Soon I hope. I need to finish my Just like Daddy Set also.. That is suppose to be a hat, scarf and wallet set.. Yikes.. So many idea's but just not enough time... I am always bouncing...Something going on always in my life.. Talk soon.. I promise..

Ok now i am pissed off at FB...I cant even upload recent pix of the girls.. I cant find my public pix on my computer in there to upload pix.. It has pix up to 1/23/2010 and it that is it.. I have just uploaded pix because you guys are looking my most recent pix.. I just dont get it.. With my new camera the pix are under my public file on the computer and it says i have no pix in that file.. I hate FB with a passion..I have no idea why i do it..About ready to give up on it again. I only went back because Jeff's cousin asked me to. I dont know Jeff's relatives.. Why would I want to have all these people as friends when I dont know them. Sorry A and S if you read that part but its true.