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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuesday/other stuff.

Hi everyone we are leaving early Tuesdasy morning to take the girls to grandma's house and pick them up on Saturday to go to my dads house and then back to grandma's on Sunday.. We will spend the night in Rice Lake Wisconsin and then head back to his mothers house on Sunday for Easter supper that I am cooking. And then we will leave and come home.. We were going to leave the girls on Sunday and have his mother bring them home but we she called us back today and told us that bringing them on Tuesday was better..

Jeff has found me new tires for the van but he needs to get an appointment at work for them.. If he didnt have his discount we would pay over 300.00 dollars in tires but he gets them for like 15% off retail price or something like that... So he gets them for 50 bucks a tire or something like that.. Then we can take the van on the road when want to travel.. But for now its an intown car/van...LOL..

The girls are going to have to wait till next month to do any more of there extra activities with our running this month.. That is ok though. They get to meet an uncle they havent met yet on my side and see there aunt they met once on side with a cousin.. And then see Grandpa A and Grandma J.. They are so excited.. I will finish packing them up tomorrow and then off Tuesday morning..

I have them each an Easter Outfit. They are shorts and I am hoping its warm enough to wear them.. We got them at Walmart for 5.00 a piece. They are the same outfit.. I love dressing the girls the same when i can get away with it..LOL. I know there is a 3 1/2 year span between them but they are my babies... I love when they will let me get them the same outfit.. Doubles... Anyone seeing doubles..Those outfits are not going to Grandma A's and S's until Sunday when we go back for dinner.I will bring those with me on Saturday when we go..

Business on my end has been slow. I havent sold a thing since the last time MRS Z bought something... LOL.. Well I mean I am still working on my DR WHO scarf but having a hard time collecting my next installment. I had to order more purple yarn that should be here on Monday or Tuesday.. Hopefully Monday where I am here to get it.. I hate not being here when the UPS man gets here.. Never know where he's going to put my package.. But its almost done otherwise..

Life is busy here otherwise like usual.. Jeff is working his tail off even with only four ten hour days last week.. But looking and hoping by the time he gets off vacation next week they will ask him to start working all five days again and not have to worry about overtime..

I am really liking the job. I havent had any complaints. I go in looking for a note to see what has to be done extra and there has been nothing so far. I did skip one thing on Friday I will have to get tomorrow when I go in.. I felt some webs behind the shades in the conference room and forgot about them until I came home Friday night.. OOPS!!!! That is ok I will get them tomorrow. Mondays arent usual that dirty anyway so I will get them for an extra item tomorrow. I have gotten myself where I can get the job done in 2 hours and still get paid for 3. On Fridays I can do the job in 1 hour but I tend to slow myself my down a bit.. I drag out the extra hour.. No need to go hurrying through and forget something..

Well dinner should be almost done. We have made a dinner plan for April and we are working on it to see how well it goes and how much money we spend on groceries now. Hopefully we just spend all we need to spend on groceries except for like bread and milk.. Those items always need to be bought...


Jeannie said...

Have a great trip. It's nice to get discounts on anything.

I'm sure the girls will have fun with the same outfits. My best friend and I loved wearing the same clothes. After my twins grew out of the last of the "twin" outfits we were given, I never really dressed them alike. But then they were a boy and girl and my girl loved her dresses so somehow, I don't think dressing the same would have worked....

I'm so glad you are enjoying your work and have good feedback. Life is so much better when you don't have people bitching and nagging at you all the time when they don't really have anything to bitch and nag about. That kind of management creates bad morale and the poor work ethic it seeks to banish - because it assumes everyone is a poor worker instead of allowing people to live up to or surpass a standard.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope your trip is a Good one...and an early Happy Easter to you all...!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Have a nice visit with family and have a happy Easter!

Grizzly Mama said...

Have a great trip and a wonderful Easter!

My girls don't like dressing alike anymore.:-( lol. This is a new developement in the last 2 years or so.

Tamara said...

I just absolutely LOVE it when you talk about your cool discounts you get,like the tires and the outfits etc....cuz my daughter makes fun of me when I go buy my grandbaby stuff at a great price....I mean,she means no harm,really...but she goes out and buys him clothes and shoes (for a 2 year old) that cost more than you can begin to imagine for a child!Like Ed Hardy and Kingsley brands that he'll grow out of in no time. What's so funny is...the inexpensive toys I sometimes buy get played with ALOT more than the really expensive things she buys course his tractor trumps my building blocks,but he even gets tired of riding the tractor and will play w/ the classic tinker toys and blocks n stuff.LOL
Anyways,I just love reading about your bargains,cuz these days w/ this setback(recession) PLUS having kiddo's,it's important to save every chance you get,cuz the way things are going,sometimes we really don't know WHAT the heck is gona happen tomorrow.
It's my birtday today and can u believe I'm turning 25?? hahahaha
Have a safe trip and...oh,btw!!! When I read about your Wisconsin trips I get so misty eyed....I REALLY REALLY miss me & the girls jumping in the car and actually driving ALL the way to Tomah Wi. about every-other year.The trip going there,spending time with my baby sister(2 years younger than me)...and the drive back was ALWAYS sooo much fun.
Plus I loved how all the Wisconsin-ites made fun of my southern drawl! I can't tell I have one until I go up north,and then I'm Miss Popularity up there!!
OK...nuff talking ur head off.
Love ya gal!

Tamara said...

Whoa!!THAT is the longest comment I've ever left on a blog I think.
Wow! Holy cows!