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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first Day with my Girls..

Hi there. My first whole day without the girls. Its lonely but I will live.. I didn't cry my head off this time around.. I actually had fun with my hubby except for the few hours I had to work.. We went out for dinner when we came back into town since it was just the two of us..

You know how nice it was to eat and not have to say girls EAT.... It seems every time we go into a restaurant we fight with them to eat.. Yikes... We are going on Saturday to get them and then go to my dads house like I said before.. then Sunday back to his mothers house for Easter Dinner... I cleaned out the girls room today.. I took all the toys I noticed they weren't playing with and took them to St. Vincent Depauls..I shop there so much and I thought more kids could use what the girls aren't using anymore..

Poor Snowie last night.. I dropped Jeff off at home and left for work.. He said she walked around the house looking for me. She thought I left her too.. When I walked in she wouldn't let me be.. And today she has been hanging on me. she keeps walking around looking for the girls though.. She knew something was up when we started packing the Duffel bag for the girls..

I am enjoying the beautiful weather.. Its just beautiful here.. Its in the lower 70's here.. I am sitting here at the desk in a summer shirt and shorts.. I will wear shorts to work tonight but have to wear my work shirt.. I know I am rambling and I really don't know what to do about it.. LOL.. But ramble. I took my MIL my old camera yesterday. I am going to bring my new one to take pix of course but i didn't need the old one so i told her she could have the old one..

We are having Ham and the trimmings on Sunday. I am looking forward to the meal. I am hoping to learn a new trait really.. I want to learn how to do Plastic Canvassing.. I found out Walmart carries the plastic for those for 1.97 for a big sheet of it.. But I am not sure what to do with it after getting. I have never done Plastic Canvassing.. I want to learn how to do cross stitch also.. Walmart doesn't carry those anymore.. I was kind of upset about that..

The girls each got two new pool items today. They were a dollar a piece so I picked them up.. They needed new tubes for the pool and then they got new lay on floats... So they have a surprise when we get to Grandpa's house on Saturday evening.. We are going to eat with my dad and go back to the motel and let them swim.. I know if my dad comes to the motel he is going to want Jeff to get into the water but he cant because of his sores on his legs from his Psoriasis.. I know I spelled that wrong.

Oh my goodness I got a scare just now I thought Snowie had deleted my post just now by accident.. Yikes.. Ok OK I have to go finish cleaning. I have to at least sweep and mop.. It looks horrid in my house today.. Talk soon..


Gardenia said...

My cats love to mess with my computer too - I think its more of a thing where they are competing for attention, or want to lay on the heat from the computer.

Hope you have a nice Easter- I'm not feeling good, hope better by then as I've invited all family plus some friends, as I was doing my usual panic, "H" said, don't worry, if you are too weak, we will just get stuff from the delli. Oh, bless him! I'm just planning for a buffet for everyone - ham, tater salad, 3 cup salad, a store-bought desert - a green salad, and iced tea. All the grown kids and little kids want to dye eggs.

Well, enjoy yours while they are little..........allll tooo soooon -
I'm not doing presents this year - maybe some "peeps" and sugar free gum for everyone. This time of year is horrible for me - I love peeps and marshmallow chocolate eggs.

Jeannie said...

It's nice to get away from kids and be just grownups.

I've never done the plastic thing. I was into cross-stitch for a while about 30 years ago.

Grizzly Mama said...

It's hard to stay focused without the kids for me! lol. I'm going to be a HORRIBLE empty nester..

Hope that you have a great Easter - sounds like it will be really, really nice. We finally got a warm, sunny day today. It was so nice! I went and sat in the sun for about 15 minutes.

I love to cross stitch. I did a few projects - one took me about a year to complete. It was a big one. I still have a blanket that I started when Abby was a baby - she is 13 now! I need to get back to it and also get Sarah's birth announcement cross stitch done. (She's 10!! lol) I haven't cross stitched in years..

maeve said...

A break from parenting is always a must! Time to just kick back a bit and relax!!

Enjoy Easter!! Don't be sneaking all the kida candy after they go to bed! hehehehe