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Monday, March 22, 2010

First Hike of 2010

Here is our first hike of 2010 and more than likely many more to come.. It was in the upper 40's yesterday so we decided to venture out for a while.. We walked 3.5 miles.. But you know what is impressive not that we walked it but the girls walked it with no complaints.. They are troopers.. They love getting out with us.. I have a video of the girls but highly unlikely I will get it to load here so again I will put it on my FB page. But here are the photo's we took yesterday.

These were taken inside the building they have when you first come into the grounds with bathrooms and such. I just love this building. Its so cool to look at.

Now onto the trails.. There are like five different trails and were were going to walk the Birches Trail yesterday.. That one was 3.5 miles but you know what we came the bend to decide which way to go and I flopped out. My but hurt so dang bad and upper legs I had to to potty also.. So we took one of the shorter routes back.. I dont know why I attempted a 3.5 mile hike the first hike of the year.. But we still got out and had fun..

This one was taken upside down and they wanted to know what would happen if i took one upside down on the camera.. It stayed upside down like theywere on there heads. I will go and fix it soon..

There were so many deer feet tracks out there but we saw no deer.. I was suprised. But there was a shooting gallery not far from where we were hiking and I think the noise scared the deer to be honest with you as much as Jeff said it didnt bother them.. I think it did.. Would you want to hear guns in your neighborhood and just sit and wait for them to come and shoot you??? I think deer have a run instinct in them when they hear guns or the clacking from a gun..

It was amazing to know how far we walked and no one complained this time.. Usually a set of little legs is complaining by time we hit the last bend in the hike but she did well this time..

You know I have been parking the van on the street when I come home at night because it has a gasket leak. It needs a new gasket.. Yes I know I know. Jeff has a guy at work that said he can fix it for me.. But we need to get the part first.. So I have been moving it to the drive way before bed and the cat goes nuts when i walk out the door to move the van. She wants to go with me.. Its actually kind of funny to see her.. She is worse than the girls when it comes for me to move the van..

Anyway I need to go find some breakfast... Enjoy the photo's and there will be more to come as spring, springs aheads of us. Hopefully we can get more life form to show you next time. Yesterday was more the quiet and solitude than the outdoors itself.. I will make rounds here shortly again..


Dan said...

Do you know which gasket?

OH, and this isn't Dan, it's Courtney. ;)

Wandering Coyote said...

Looks like a really cool place, Tweets!

tweetey30 said...

Courtney I believe its the head Gasket.. Jeff knows more than I do.. I thought Dan decided to visit my blog after along time of not visiting...

WC thanks. It is sweet.. Its really nice out there. This the place where jeff got really close to the frog and I got the turtle shots late august of 09..

Jeannie said...

I'd enjoy walking there myself! I should check out the trails around here soon and take the dog.

Beej said...

Really really cool! But, the
40's?? Good lord I would probably die.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW! What a Hike that was...A lot to do for the First Of The Season....! At least it sounds like a lot to me...!
Very sweet pictures, my dear! Isn't it great that the Girls did so well?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

There's nothing quite like a good hike through the woods on a pretty day. Ahhhh. Nice pictures too. Glad the girls didn't complain. You're doing a good thing getting them outside, familiar with nature, too many parents don't spend time with their kids.

Grizzly Mama said...

The girls look absolutely precious in those pics with their daddy.

Good for you all for getting out there! I'm still sitting on my &$$!