Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another White Out...!!!

Yuckie we went from having grass and 40 degree weather down to having another 16 inches of snow.. I am so ready for spring. I am not ready for the 90 degree days yet but something better than this crap that is blowing outside right now.. I didnt work last night but I think that is because of the weather. I dont think anyone went in last night.. and today I dont know yet. I might not work tonight either because of the weather.. Its horrible.. Just horrible out there..

jeff was delayed 4 hours today. He just left to go into work. We shoveled the driveway and cleaned the car off and it took us an hour to do it.. Got half way done and I felt like i was going to lose my breakfast.. Just yuckie out there.. I would take photo's but they would be all bleary from the blowing snow.. You can imagine what 15 inches of snow looks like. I just hate knowing we got it all in one shabang..

I havent rode my new bike since the day we got them.. MY butt has hurt to bad. The girls are down stairs playing with the computer and the toys they have down stairs..I just might give them a snow day today and hit the books harder tomorrow. No sense in trying to make them study after they have played like they are and they are being good right now..

I have ten rows of my afghan for jeff and I done. I have two of the six hearts done and the N and part of the J done. I will post photo's when I get maybe half way done with it. I have 30 rows across and 40 rows done. The squares are again 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches.

My furry child turned 3 March 10. I cant believe how mellow she is. She sleeps most of the day and then gets playful sometimes but she just lounges around and watches us from sleepy eyes most of the time. she has her favorite blanket in the front window and watches the kids outside. Esp during the summer time. she has tried walking out the door with me a few times lately..

Kora is struggling with her long division in math but we are taking a break from it and doing the simple fractions.. We have just started the simple adding where the dominator is the same and you add the top. Life is moving to fast here..

My grandmother on my real dads side is going completely blind and my godmother is really sick. the people I love the most are all going away slowly. I sometimes never thought i would lose those people. I dont know my grandmother that well. I have met her once over the years. My grandfather passed away before I could get to know him well enough..

My godmother is like a second mother to me. she took me in when my own mother did stupid shit.. My godmother took me in when I was 9 months old because my mom tried stealing some panties and some baby clothes and got caught with the tags hanging out of the diaper bag.. YIKES!!! So my godmother took me for a month and I have been told stories about my stay there.. I learned how to walk while with her and bottle broke while with her..

Well anyway I suppose i need to go make some more squares for my afghan. Maybe if I feel like it i will go through the girls books today and get ready to go take them to Appleton with us on Saturday to a book store that buys used books.. the girls have quite a few books that have different copies they dont need anymore.. anyway I am off. talk to you all soon. have a wonderful week/weekend and hope to catch you all in the next few days.. N..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Bikes

Hi All... Jeff and I got a new bike each today from Wally World... We took Bri with us and Kora stayed home.. We each got a Mongoose 21 speed seat suspension bike for 129.00 each.. Mine is white and pink and his is black and red.. We are going to try and save on some gas money when we both get used to riding bikes again..

Neither one of us has been on a bike since Kora was about a year old.. Its been a while.. And I am paying for it. It just shows how out of shape I am. We rode home from Wally World and then decided to go to the the grocery store after the girls went to bed.. Sure I am still having a hard time breathing 45 minutes later after coming home and relaxing.. YIKES!!

But if I remember I will take photo's of them tomorrow and edit this post with pix of them. I need the excercise so I am so looking forward to doing this.. The only problem I see is that I work 10 miles from home and that is 20 miles a day.. and Jeff only works 2.5 miles from home so he has it easier. but at least with him taking the bike we are saving what he's not spending on gas..and also if us girls want to go to the mall we can do it a little quicker now than walking.

the girls are so looking forward to going out for bike rides with us. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. I miss riding bikes for miles at a time. i bet I will be able to ride my bike to work soon but not right now. Need to get my butt adjusted to riding again and my breathing.. Its still chilly outside so that didnt help any either..

Anyway I suppose I need to go warm up and see about a snack. i am a little bit hungry after that little jaunt.. Talk to you all soon.. I will try to make rounds tomorrow sometime before work.. Miss you all terribly. I know some of you have either quit blogging or just slowed down but those that have quit I miss you terribly. Those that have slowed down I keep going back for a new post. Take care and have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Circu part 3

Here is whats left that turned out. I cant edit my other photo's for some reason unless I do them under paint and that takes awhile.. So I will leave you with this part three of the circus and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did going.. I know some people really believe they torture the animals and I am sorry that we go watch something so horrendous but its not just the animals that people go to see like us. I love the entertainment.. I really do.. I love watching all those pretty young things be able to get up in the air and be able to do there stunts. I know I would never be able to do it. I am deathly afraid of heights.. OK peeps i have been up for half an hour and i need some food.. I will be back later or tomorrow.. talk soon. Have a wonderful few days if I dont get back here soon..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Circus part two

The red head behind bri was our guest. she was here for four days and it was fun having her here.. There is a story behind her and maybe some time I will tell it but for now I am going to leave it hanging..

Ok going to make this into at least four parts because I dont want to upload more photo's right now and the dang cat isnt letting near the puter to easily. she is laying right in front of the keyboard.. with her head on my hands.. she doesnt want me to type right now.. the lil shit.. lol.. but i do love her..

she turned 3 years old on Thursday.. The tenth.. She is my furry baby. i love her dearly. she is so spoiled and she knows it.. Anyway I need to get going. I will talk to you all soon. try and make rounds tomorrow if I have any computer time. It has felt nice having Jeff at home this week.. I have missed him dearly.

Working 3rd shift takes alot out of me and my family but I try. that is all I can do.. Take care and hugs my friends..

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Hi there.. We went to the Circus Sunday as I had told you about in the previous post.. Well here are some photo's to share.. We got front row tickets this year so I didnt have to climb the stairs to get to the seats and be scared shitless up in the bleachers like I normally am because I hate heights..LOL..Yes I am a big wuss when it comes to heights..Anyway here comes the fun. Sit back and enjoy and I will do these in parts because there are so many photo's this time around that actually turned out because we were sitting closer this year

There is no way you would get me up there to do these tricks.. NO WAY!!!!YIKES!!!!

More to come but here is the tease.. I know how some people feel about Circus's but it not just about the animals for me. Its the performers. I mean i love watching how big the elephants are.. I love watching the tigers.. We were walking into the Circus and of course you have the people who boycot the circus each year and they were handing out coloring books. they tried giving the girls each one and Jeff being who he is told them to shove there coloring books up there asses. He said his children didnt need to have one of there anti coloring books..

The lives in the R family.. We go so many places and do so many things.. I still havent contacted the bank yet hoping my card would turn up over the week. I will call on Monday if it doesnt. I really feel stupid and know it happens but I should have put it back in my purse when I was done with it.. Oh well it happens.. I am really tired today..

Our company leaves tomorrow.. Jeff has to bring her back to Milwaukee and I have to work tomorrow night.. I might hav to ride the bus tomorrow night.. I really dont want to ride the bus.. I havent had to ride the bus since we got our first car and I know its there for if we need it but I am just spoiled of getting in the car and going. I hate not having two cars anymore..

Anyway this is one post of a few more to come. I wont bore you with this unless those of you who either have never been to one or like them i will post lots of photo's.. I have two video's too but for some reason blogger wont upload them so i am not sure i will get them loaded anytime soon..

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Am in DEEP SHIT....

Hi there.. I just realized I think I threw my check card away but the bag i thought it was in isnt in the garage now. It must have went out this last week and we take our trash out tomorrow again for Thursday..I am in some deep shit with hubby when he comes home.. He went to the school to get some information on going back himself.

I cant believe how much shit I am going to be in when he comes home. He wasnt happy when I told him I think I accidently threw it away.. I will have to call the bank tomorrow and cancel out the cards we have and get new ones.. YIKES.. It sucks but it has to be done. I cant believe I did that.

My credit card and drivers liscense are sitting on the desk also. I am not sure how my DL got on the desk. I am not even sure how my Credit card got put on the desk.. I keep most everything in my purse.. But I know I am some deep shit with hubby.. He depends on that card while hes working esp if he needs some cash for small things while hes on the road driving..

When I am going to learn.. Also I hear we only have one weeks worth of work behind the machine i am helping on unless the material they have isnt all the material they are getting.. I am hoping they get more material. I havent told hubby this yet. I want to make sure this is true first before i make him jump through hoops. I sometimes hate working as a temp but finding a real job as a lady i work with said just doesnt pay what i make 40 hours a week as a temp when i have work.

There is nothing here that pays 9.50 an hour 40 hours a week and you get to sit on your butt most of the night.. So I am not complaining. Just wishing the hours were little more steady is all. not this sperodic crap they seem to have.. Hoping by Monday they will have at least the mcahine i am on full of work for another week or two.. that will bring us into the middle of march and then they will really pick back up..

Well i suppose i need to get going. Talk to you all soon.. Have a wonderful week my friends.. N..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

next week...

Hi all. I know I havent posted much this week and next week my free time is going to be even more cramped. We are having a friend come stay with us for a few days and I am working for the time being.. So most of the time while she is here i am sleeping.. Yikes.. but she likes to visit with Jeff anyway and the girls.. So its not as bad as everyone thinks..

We went out his mothers house yesterday afternoon and gave Shari her blankey and she fell fast in love with it.. She barely put it down to get dinner when it was done..LOL.. I am happy she liked it.. Its in the bottom post from this one if you havent seen it yet.. Its the purple one.

I am sorry I didnt get any photo's of the recipiant and her blanket. His mother made chicken and dumplings..they were pretty good.. I need to replace my crock pot because the lid broke and they dont make the lid for my model anymore. I have had mine for 15 years now. I dont use it that often so it lasted me a long time. I hear people burning them out in a few monhths.. lol... So I need to go get dinner made and lunches since I have to work tonight. I will be around this week until Friday.

Sunday we are taking our friend and the girls to the Circus. We have reserved seating this year so I am hoping I get clearer photo's of my favorite acts. Usually we are up in the bleachers and my photo's come out all grainy and just not what I want.

so I am out of here and I will try to post a few more times before Friday and then Saturday we go get our friend from the Milwaukee Airport. She was trying to save a few dollars and we decided we could pick her up there.. So off I go. Talk soon. Hugs to you all. N..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

part two of Zoo..

Boy were they active..Most of the animals were out last Sunday while we were there.. Beautiful photo's this time around. I mean i have gotten so many photo's of these animals but these are just gorgeous this time around.

This guy here Jeff said he couldnt see right away..LOL.. Now that is funny. Hes right on top of that stump.

These little fellows are just gorgeous.. they are like something you might want to snuggle up with and fall asleep.. they are a red panda something. I cant remember exactly what they are.

This lone wolf was the only one out in the snow that day.. Wonder what he/she was thinking of being alone. Where is my pack?? Why am I the only one out in this beautiful weather..?

Just as we were ready to walk out of the Zoo here is a beautiful shot but wish they would have fanned there feathers.. Now that would have been a picture. jeff says these are the males.. I have no idea really. but they are just gorgeous.

It is chilly out once more. Our 40 Degree Days are gone for about another month or so and then we will have our yearly heat wave until about Sept. Maybe through October if we are lucky enough.. I am so ready to go back to work..

I am getting restless. Oh by the way here is my latest afghan. We are looking at makin a trip out to his mothers house next weekend. Its only tw hours away so we figure we can afford the trip.

Well anyway here you have it..Not doing much today when Jeff comes home from work at noon but we might get out tomorrow and do something. Not sure yet.. Oh by the way you wont see me up on that roller coaster I should you last post. NO WAY!!!!I dont like roller coasters..

Life in the R family is always doing something. We cant wait till it gets nice enough to go see the Turtles sunning themselves and all good stuff. I miss our hikes but last year we got eaten alive by all the mosquito's..Almost quite literally. Thank goodness for repellant but it didnt work to well. In the thicker parts of the forest where the trails take you they were just horrible.. Esp because no one wanted to go back there to be

Anyway I have a rombunctious family today. the cat is playful and the girls are in a good mood. for now at least.. Anyway I need to get going. I will make rounds later on today.. enjoy my work and the Zoo. I know we did. and I always enjoy what i work on.. You should see the blanket i am making for jeffs and i's bed.. its black fleck, with six red hearts, and white lettering with our names in it. pretty amazing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our First Outing for 2011

Hi there peeps. I have some new photo's and some active photo's from our local Zoo yesterday.. Enjoy.. We were on the highway going to our local Zoo and us girls saw some deer in the place we hike so we went there first but we couldnt see them in the woods. We went the wrong way. If we would have went up this little hill we would have seen them. there were like 30 or so in the woods.. You could see them from the highway but couldnt see them in the woods. They were so precious looking.I just wanted a photo of all those deer at once.. but we left there and decided our track onto to the Zoo. Also I have the new roller Coaster. It was Elvis Presleys favorite I hear. The Pippin Zippin..

You know I dont tell other people how to raise there kids but its getting ridiculous when you see 3 year olds in Diapers and they are talking full sentences and such..!! Its fustrating. We saw this yesterday and the kid was mouthing off to his parents while standing there messing himself while we were in the childrens part of the Zoo. We were feeding the Sheep and Goats.

Onto the Lions..they are sending the female cub to her boy friend in another Zoo this spring to have more baby cubs and then the boys here I have no idea what they are doing with them.. Then the two original ones we had they want to have more cubs too but they need to get the older cubs to there new homes first.. These five in the photo's are actually in danger I was told yesterday.. Esp with some restaurants having Lion Meat on there menus. Gross if you ask me. I dont think I could handle eating Lion Meat.. I love looking at them but eating them.. OK!!!

How Dare I forget the Giraffes.. They are only six years old and look how big they are. I asked how long they live and they live for 30 years or so.. They are wonderful looking animals dont you say?? The girls enjoy feeding them there crackers.

OK peeps i dont want to bore you with this so I am going to put this in two or three posts. I have lots of photos to share and they are wonderful photo's this time around they were all so playful yesterday and out moving around for the most part. some of the animals werent but the ones we saw were moving around and enjoying the 40Degree F day we were having here in Northern

It felt wonderful to get out and i worked last night and dont work tonight..I hate this. they are so slow they are asking people to take vacation.. LOL.. I am hoping they pick back up soon.. I dont want to get down to the last few pennies in our checking account and then have them pick back up. But you just never know with companies like this.

Ok well I am off. I have some laundry to fold and put away now the girls helped me bring the bins upstairs. and also Jeff should be home shortly. Talk to you all soon..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My sweetest Hubby Ever and more

Hi there. I have great news and my early Valentines Day present to share with you all. What to share first.. I am going back to work tomorrow. I dont know if its for one day or all week or a month but I am going back to work tomorrow night. I got the call yesterday afternoon finally.. I am still jumping up and down..

My bestest hubby in the world bought me flowers early yesterday for Valentines Day. I am so happy with them.. I didnt get a photo of me with them but he also picked up a stuffed animal for me too. I slept with it last night. Call me a baby but you know what we all have child like behaviors and I have mine sleeping with my pillow pet he bought me for x-mas and my new Valentines Day Present..LOL..

OK here are the photo's you all are waiting for..

Book Review even though I am not very good with them..

In The Still of the Night by Ann Rule

Any mother would be devastated with what has happened in this book. I mean of you mothers out there need to read this book. Even if you arent a mother you know a mother.. Its a mothers need to find a killer and get answers even if its 12 years later after the fact.

The book starts out with this young woman wanting to become a WSP (Washing State Patrol). She succeeds in life and works that for like 8 years and resigns. then she is married and she miscarried her several babies so that makes her life a living hell if any of you have miscarried you know. Well anyway she ends up divorced and finds love right away or so she thinks she does.

Her second husband divorces his wife of 20 years or so to be with her. Well 2 months into the marriage husband number 2 decides to have an affair. with his ex wife. WOW!! What a blow to the system right?? Well Go figure..

one spoiled rotten self centered young man.. Or middle aged man by this time. Of course he just cant get away with not returning to something was his in the first place.

Well he is at a drs appt and gets a call from his new wife. She is leaving him and they were talking about her dogs and what should be done with them until she comes home from Washington.

I have left out lots of stuff here. I am sorry I am a horrible person to put up book reviews.. but I try to get the highlights that stick in my head. well anyway Rondas mother has never given up hope on finding her daughters killer(s). I recommend this book to any one who has a daughter, knows a mother, has grand daughters.

In 2009 Rondas case was over turned maybe the wrong term.. but she was finally put as a homicide not a suicide on her death certificate.. Now they are looking for the person(s) her killed her. I had a hard time putting this book down. I like true crime books as well as fiction. MY MIL bought this for me for x-mas and with working and crocheting I havent had time to really read. I took my break this last week and caught up on one book. I am finishing The Mayfair Witches Chronicles too. but that is going to be put on hold too.

I will try to visit and post more often even though I am going back to work. I have more photo's to share with you all and cant right now because its my MILs b-day blanket.. Its almost done.. I dont need it until June but I am almost done with it. I am so proud of how its turning out.

Life couldnt be better right now. Call me crazy but everytime my palm itches I get money some way but I am happy to be going back to school. I just told Jeff the other day the only way I wouldnt go back to school is if my temp job offered me a permanent position. At least another dollar and at least 40 hours a week.. I like my job but not when they are going to lay me off for god only knows how long.. Anyway I need to go do something else for a bit.. happy Valentines Day my friends..

Monday, February 07, 2011

Hey my Friends

Hi there. I have decided to do something.I filed for unemployment today. Not that I am happy with that decision because it makes me feel like I am sitting on my behind and just collecting money.. But I made a bigger choice today and I am going to run with it..

I have decided to go back to School. I have decided that if I have to take out loans I will and we can pay them back.. I am going for a Health Care Business Services. Basically the same thing I went for with Stratford Career Insitute but this is a credited college and its local. I will have to leave the house for my classes except for a few of them. I will have to go on line and do some of my classes.. Or at least that is what I was told..

I am sick of just waiting for things all the time. Jeff and I are going to brush up on math skills and then I am going to go and take there Acu Test and pass it this time around.. I want this so bad I can taste it. I want something better for my hubby and my girls..

They deserve better than there mother sitting on her ASS and getting money from different things. I want something better for myself. I want this education. I will have it done in two years. Its a two year program.. I will have to go into class sometimes or some of its online.. I will have to budget my time and get my ass going in the morning. I asked the girls how they would like mom doing home work when they do home work.

So there you go peeps I have come up a with a Solution to our problems for the time being and long term idea. I will be the best at what i am learning. I will memorize the things that need memorizing and do them. I need this or my family is screwed. I like my job now I have when I have it but if the hours are going to be there one minute and not there the next I cant take that as a good thing.

I need a stable job and stable work for my family. I dont want to keep on going back to unemployment everytime my job goes down hill. Thanks for supporting me and telling me I can do it and we will make it. I have a plan and it feels good to have a plan.

I will go back to work for this temp agency until I finish school but when I am done I think I will try to find something that the school suggests.. they place you if you are in there top best students. I want to be one of the best students. I want this so bad.. I dont want to get cocky with it and let it slide. I want it. I want to go back and get something for me and my family finally.

anyway I went to ship something today. I sold some knitting needles that I had laying around the house today and I was wondering how much the UPS would charge me and they wanted something like 150.00 dollars. NO that is NOT a misprint.. I took it to the Post Office and they only charged me $14.20.. What a difference huh??LOL!!!

OK I have to go get my hubby from work. I will be back later on.. I am trying to post a bit more since I am home more often for the time being and make up with missing you all. N.

Friday, February 04, 2011

MY Job

Hi all I have some good and bad news. I still have a job some what but my hours have been cut. I worked 2 days this week and have till Monday off. I am not sure if I am going back on Monday. I am in a panick situation right now. I dont know what to do. If I cant get unemployment because of what ever reasons I need to get another job. But nothing pays me 9.50 an hour to sit on my butt and enjoy the job. What ever..

I wont give up but thankfully Jeff still has his job. Hes still at 50 hours a week for the time being.. I am deathly afriad we might lose our house if things dont pick up or the temp agency I work for has more work for me. I was hoping maybe I could work for the place they have me at any shift if they need extra help. I hate this waiting game.

Life goes on so much around us and I am thinking about going back to school also. Trying to find something that will pay more and give me more time with my family. I need more time with them.. I need more time for everything and everyone. I am lacking friends here because I dont post as often as I used to and I havent been spending much time on my Etsy site either. I have over 150 items but no one is buying. the damned Economy has us all screwed.

Ok well thought I would throw this out and let everyone know I am ok here and so is the family.. Talk to you all soon..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Bday to me Happy bday to me...

Hi all.. I had my b-day on Tuesday. I had brought Doughnuts to work with me Tuesday night and Jeff and the girls took me out for dinner. I got some earrings that I have wanted to make sure I could wear again. I cant wear earrings from Etsy.I cant wear hand made earrings. There is something in the hooks that my ears look like they are on fire. But I can wear store bought earrings. I had no problems with the earrings I got from Walmart..

I got a new lunch box from a friend of mine at work.. Its pink and grey. I already got it dirty on the bottom.. Poor ME!! I sat it in some grape jelly and didnt realize it until i got to work Wednesday night.. Yikes.. OOPS It happens. this friend B told me to put it in the dishwasher and it should take it out.. But I will see about that this weekend if I have time.

I got two new CD's I have wanted to replace for a while. I got one Tanya Tucker CD and Dolly Parton. They are both there greatest hits but I couldnt find the one CD I wanted and didnt feel like having them order it for me. I was looking for Tanya Tuckers Two Sparrows in a Hurricane but the one I bought I like because i know most of the songs.

ok I am off to help the girls with home work. I am always doing something.. Talk soon. N.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Baby Girl....

Hi there all. I know its been a week and a day.. I should have posted this last week but I couldnt find the photo's I wanted and I had to take photo's of photo's to do this post.. I hope you can see them ok..

Kora turned 10 last Thursday Jan 13th.. Where has time went? I keep wondering where the last ten years of my life have disappeared to?!!

Kora is really into horses so look at her cake carefully.. Its sweet isnt it??!!

Now will some one please tell me where the last ten years went of my life?? I am a little confused that i lost that many years and didnt realize it.. My precious baby that was in the NICU is now ten years old.. Yikes.. I would have better photos for you if I would have gotten my scanner I asked for, for x-mas but of course not.. My mom forgot again I asked for something. She gave money instead but not enough to buy a scanner..

anyway hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will post some more things later on. Maybe take some photo's of Kora and her boom box and her cds mymom got her and some other things. She got three new books also. But ok I am off. Talk soon. Its bedtime..