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Friday, February 04, 2011

MY Job

Hi all I have some good and bad news. I still have a job some what but my hours have been cut. I worked 2 days this week and have till Monday off. I am not sure if I am going back on Monday. I am in a panick situation right now. I dont know what to do. If I cant get unemployment because of what ever reasons I need to get another job. But nothing pays me 9.50 an hour to sit on my butt and enjoy the job. What ever..

I wont give up but thankfully Jeff still has his job. Hes still at 50 hours a week for the time being.. I am deathly afriad we might lose our house if things dont pick up or the temp agency I work for has more work for me. I was hoping maybe I could work for the place they have me at any shift if they need extra help. I hate this waiting game.

Life goes on so much around us and I am thinking about going back to school also. Trying to find something that will pay more and give me more time with my family. I need more time with them.. I need more time for everything and everyone. I am lacking friends here because I dont post as often as I used to and I havent been spending much time on my Etsy site either. I have over 150 items but no one is buying. the damned Economy has us all screwed.

Ok well thought I would throw this out and let everyone know I am ok here and so is the family.. Talk to you all soon..


Jeannie said...

Having your hours cut is scary I'm sure. You should look at your budget and find where you can adjust to make sure that mortgage gets paid.
ie: food - buy less processed food - the outside aisles have the healthiest foods - but you have to turn them into meals. It's a little more work but not undoable. Making your own cookies etc. saves a bundle. Use coupons and find the cheaper stores nearest you. Buy extra when things are on sale. But only things you would normally use.
Turn the heat down a bit esp at night if it hasn't been done already.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I think the cut hours is scarier for you because you already don't make that much money and are already living on less. I feel that way often. My daughter is applying for a job with the State and if she gets it, will be making more money than me. She does not have a college degree, I have four, and I am working two jobs. Something's not right with that. Granted, I know the area I am living in has lower wages than the rest of the state, but I can't move closer to the cities and I can't commute 3 hours each way for a better paying job. So I sit and wait for the economy to get better. The law firm is nearly dead. Nobody is going to lawyers if they can wait. I'm so glad I also have the teaching job and a steady paycheck, even if I do get paid almost half of what the Ph.D.s get.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie we have cut everything we dont need out. I mean our phone bill is only 70$ a month and we were hoping to get caught up on our mortgage this month.. I was hoping they wouldnt have cut my hours soo soon..

VV Yes I know its scary. But we will survive this..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope things ease up for you very very soon! These are hard times for so many people and I am so sorry that they are so damn hard for you and yours....I'll say some prayers for you!

The Griper said...

i know you'll survive this also, tweety. and know this, you come out better too.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Tweety - This too shall pass. You've gotten through hard times before, and you will again. I hope that the temp agency can find a better fit for you soon.

I am sorry to hear you are struggling through this. I know what you mean about the economy though, I think all of us have felt things shift this past year :(

Thinking of you

Alexis AKA MOM said...

hang in sweetheart, I'll keep praying the temp agency has something that can help all aspects for you and the family.