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Saturday, February 19, 2011

part two of Zoo..

Boy were they active..Most of the animals were out last Sunday while we were there.. Beautiful photo's this time around. I mean i have gotten so many photo's of these animals but these are just gorgeous this time around.

This guy here Jeff said he couldnt see right away..LOL.. Now that is funny. Hes right on top of that stump.

These little fellows are just gorgeous.. they are like something you might want to snuggle up with and fall asleep.. they are a red panda something. I cant remember exactly what they are.

This lone wolf was the only one out in the snow that day.. Wonder what he/she was thinking of being alone. Where is my pack?? Why am I the only one out in this beautiful weather..?

Just as we were ready to walk out of the Zoo here is a beautiful shot but wish they would have fanned there feathers.. Now that would have been a picture. jeff says these are the males.. I have no idea really. but they are just gorgeous.

It is chilly out once more. Our 40 Degree Days are gone for about another month or so and then we will have our yearly heat wave until about Sept. Maybe through October if we are lucky enough.. I am so ready to go back to work..

I am getting restless. Oh by the way here is my latest afghan. We are looking at makin a trip out to his mothers house next weekend. Its only tw hours away so we figure we can afford the trip.

Well anyway here you have it..Not doing much today when Jeff comes home from work at noon but we might get out tomorrow and do something. Not sure yet.. Oh by the way you wont see me up on that roller coaster I should you last post. NO WAY!!!!I dont like roller coasters..

Life in the R family is always doing something. We cant wait till it gets nice enough to go see the Turtles sunning themselves and all good stuff. I miss our hikes but last year we got eaten alive by all the mosquito's..Almost quite literally. Thank goodness for repellant but it didnt work to well. In the thicker parts of the forest where the trails take you they were just horrible.. Esp because no one wanted to go back there to be

Anyway I have a rombunctious family today. the cat is playful and the girls are in a good mood. for now at least.. Anyway I need to get going. I will make rounds later on today.. enjoy my work and the Zoo. I know we did. and I always enjoy what i work on.. You should see the blanket i am making for jeffs and i's bed.. its black fleck, with six red hearts, and white lettering with our names in it. pretty amazing.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you, my dear, for your very sweet comment...! Time. It takes time.

Very sweet pictures of all the different Animals....It looks like you had a wonderful outing there at the Zoo.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

We went to the zoo a week or so ago. Your zoo looks much bigger and nicer than ours. As for your blankets, I was just thinking, that's a great idea for a dorm blanket. You make it in the school's colors and put the student's name on it. That way, they have a blanket with the school colors that's not likely to get stolen. Just a thought for your advertising.

tweetey30 said...

VV yes we are looking at doing like team colors too for like the Packers, Vikings and so forth.. So if you wanted one for M for x-mas i could do one with Packers across it in Green, gold and white.. not saying you have to buy but just saying that is what we are thinking.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Love the zoo pics :).

The blanket turned out great, hope the trip goes well.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I dearly appreciate your very sweet words....This feeling of being hit by a truck...Well, it leaves me very very tired and that's how it is right now....Thanks so very much for caring, my dear. There is nothing that anyone can do except 'care', and that means everything.