Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Where To Start...

Hi there all. I know its been a few days again. Sometimes I have great things to say and others I just get jammed up cleaning and catching up with stuff around the house I visit and make rounds and then just forget to do a post sometimes. I dont want to get to excited but I have an interview on Monday at 1:00 PM.

Its another cleaning position. They are the easiest for now to get to for me. I am looking forward to this but the only problem is that I will have to find a babysitter during the day during the summer and only part time sitter during the school year. Yes cleaning schools you guessed it.

Well it will fit our schedules nicely if I can find the right person to watch the girls since Laura is leaving next weekend finally. They are moving back to Sturgeon Bay WI. That is about an hour from us. But yayyy. No more mouthy Jonathon and no more Laura asking for money every time they spend way to much at the beginning of the month. I was beginning to wonder if she thought I was her personal banker... LOL..

Life takes us all in different places. It makes you wonder why she ended up so FAT. I dont have anything against heavy people but she is over the word heavy.. Anyway enough of her. I will have washed my hands of her after they leave. She will probably be out of our lives afterwards.

Jeff and I are celebrating our second wedding Anniversary Monday June 2nd already. Well we are celebrating 12 years together also but only two of them being married already. Its amazing really. No one thought we would make it this long. We are happy. Really happy. I look forward to each year that passes around.

The happiest time of our lives I think in the last 12 years is our girls and our house. It just shows our accomplishments. And now a kitten to add to the mix. Well we are good to go and now I am back looking for work to help put money in the bank and to help pay the bills now the girls are old enough. They are out of diapers and bottle broke so it makes sense to me to go back to work.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beautiful Sunsets in Our Back Yard...

These two were taken about two weeks ago. Just beautiful.

These next two were taken on Saturday or sometime over the weekend before it rained at least.

Jeff bought me a hat and he thinks I look ridiculous... LOL..

Kora, Brianna and Snowie.

Snowie checking out the B&N bag.

Snowie going balistic over her new toy being hung up. She likes trying to grab it. Its just one of the girls old teddy bears she likes to bat around.

On the job end I was told yesterday it might be a while before I hear anything from anyone. Jobs are rare lately but they are still out there. But I guess I would rather wait than have one day a week that isnt even going to pay the gas money to work. I wish I could have kept the one that paid ten dollars an hour one day a week 8 hours for the day. That would have been better.

Savage Heat by Nan Ryan

Hi there. All the Ladies and maybe some Gentle man that like romances would like this one. Its copyrighted from 1989. But its still a romance. It starts out with this young girl going to see her General father that is in the Army but not stationed near his daughter in Chicago. He is in Denver.

Well she goes there and see's him and then one of his Sergerants wives throws her a party. Well Martay is getting to know this one young man and he ends up having to go talk to the Generals friend. Well the next thing he knows is that he is out looking for Martay because she has disapeared.

Well the man that kidnapped Martay Kidd has a vengence against her father and wants to get even. Well he doesnt mean to keep Martay. He wants to trade her for her father but of course her father never comes because he never recieves the letter that was suppose to be delivered to him. So about a week into this, Night Sun is riding with a this young woman on his horse to his Indian Village to keep her until her father comes for her.

Well in the process he realizes he is falling love with her and she does the same. Well Night Sun tell Martay that she has to go back and then she tells him she loves him and he realizes that he loves her and so forth and then he goes off to talk to Martay's father but comes back with bad news for her. Her father has been killed by another band of Lakota Chieftain.

Well they get married and live happily ever after. I wont get into the heated scenes between them. That is up to you to read if you are interested in this book.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our time out..

I forgot my dang camera yesterday while we were out at Depere Days... But here is a video of the guy the girls like so much. He is a great childrens entainer. But we had fun. We listened to Mr Billly and then walked around abit. Had a bite to eat and then we got rained out... They still did there fireworks but Jeff and I came home before then because it looked like it was going to drop on us heavier than it did.But enjoy this short kids video and I will have more updates as the week progresses.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Not Sure Where to Start Today.....

Well for one thing I have the next three days off including today and yesterday and also found out last night that I am only going to get one day a week in with this company after my training. I went in last night to talk to the supervisor.There were some things said the other night before I left that I wanted to clear up and I got them cleared up. Now I am only a back up in case some one wants a day off.

I am looking for some thing on the side of this one. I went back to work because we want to do a few updates on the house. We want to up date the bathroom and put a toilet down stairs. They have the whole but we need to have some one put the toilet in. And do what they need done. We already know that will cost us five hundred dollars. We had an estimate last winter.

We still want a fence up and such. i want to get the girls a swing set but refuse to get them one without fence. I dont want to be blamed if someone falls off the swing set and breaks a leg or something. So that is whats up here.

Then this weekend we have for Memorial Day weekend a thing called Celebrate Depere. There is music, rides, and cotton candy and food, and loads of things for the kids to do. We have went every year since Kora was small except for the year I was pregnant with Brianna. I was 3 days from having Bri that year so we waited. But anyway I will have photo's of the fun we have on Sunday because that is when the fireworks are.

Gas is gone haywire here. Some places are asking 4.19 a gallon. Yes that is right. Gone sky high here. I wish we had bikes and didnt have to worry about gas. I would spend the money and buy another bike trailer where the girls could keep up. They would be pulled in the trailer.

Snowie is growing and getting very playful. I am looking at getting her a few toys today when we go to Wal Mart and get a few groceries... She takes turns sleeping with the girls. Then when Jeff leaves in the morning she comes in and curls up next to me.

I suppose I have a few things to do so I will catch you all later. I have made rounds already.. Talk later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Job Update

Hey all. I know its been a couple of days. I have worked Monday, Tuesday and tonight and then have the next four days off. She has to many people and trying to schedule us all. Yikes. She was telling me and this other new girl she has done this account with four people for the last year and now she has eight people and doesnt know what to do with us all.

Then I also found out that this account is a summer job. Its at The Green Bay Country Club. Excuse the language but those rich Mother Fuckers.. I am not jealous because i know rich people but I hate cleaning up after the ones in the kitchen that dont care on damn bit about others.

Last night was my second night and I was being bitched at for not being perfect and getting the kitchen done in 1 1/2 hours. It took me from 11:30 last night till 2 Am to do the whole kitchen myself and that was with getting most of the stuff up without having to go back and do the post sweep. I called the lady that hired me today and of course she wasnt in or didnt want to talk to me.

I am going to stick it out but I refuse to be somones ass of jokes for no other reason. I understand it has to be clean but I also see it as its been 7 years since I worked. Its taking me longer to get thing going than most. If she wants it done faster find some one else to do it.

I was promised five days a week but only getting like 3 this week and maybe four next week. I dont mind working weekends. But it does cut into my family time. Esp with what Jeff might be doing. He applied with Schnieder National yesterday. He will be gone a lot but more money.

We will figure something out. We always bounce back. LOL.. Well I suppose I should go start dinner. Talk to you all tomorrow sometime....

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Craft...

Hi all. My MIL showed me how to do these. Are you sick of the question Paper or Plastic at the grocery store?? Well here is a home made grocery bag. I am asking 15 dollars a bag. I have one made but can make more and planning on it. will post them as I get them done.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Lots going on here....

Oh boy where to start really... I dont know where to start today. Jeff is fed up with Pomp's Tire. They had a meeting this morning and he was made out to be the bad guy again. They have two guys that think they can leave right at 5 PM and not be reprimanded and such but then Jeff isnt doing his job right or he isnt doing it fast enough... This one guy is a real prick. I wish i was bigger as a woman where i could put him in his place..

On the other hand Jeff could have another job with his record from Pomp's Tire. He rarely misses work. He even goes in when he's sick. What does that tell you about him people?? Not to be answered but you get the drift. I feel so sorry for him being abused in so many ways from this place. Its not worth the money. I mean they just hired some guy about four months ago and the guy got 10.00 an hour starting and Jeff is just starting to make that after 7 long hell shitted years with this company. I think it sucks donkey dick. Sorry for the foul language today. I am upset with this company.

I am going back to work myself. I found a 3rd shift cleaning position as I told you all yesterday in my update. Its only 3 hours a night but it pays 9.00 dollars and hour and then 10.00 dollars on weekends. I have to work every other weekend. That is fine with me. I am home by 3 and get to sleep till about ten and then up again and have time to school the girls and then we eat and do running if need be and then home to mak dinner and rest for bit and back off to work. this is going to work for us. I just hope Jeff can find some place now. I dont want him staying where he's not respected with the work habits he has. It bullshit to be doing what he does and then not have the damned respect.

Life is taking a twist on us but we will manage as we always have. Pomp's was a stepping stone for us to be a family as we are for the time being. It has kept us above water in many ways. it has gotten us our house and gave us income to support our beautiful girls. Now its time to move on to somewhere, where he can advance and be happy.

I wont be taking the first shift job as I had mentioned taking both yesterday in my update. The lady i was suppose to inteview for the babysitting job never showed up.She called me at 8:30 last night and asked if she could come over today and I said no way. I needed to know by this morning if i was going to take the job or not and she messed up. She is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). She said her hours are never the same and I just couldnt rely on that again. i am sorry. but its my time to be picky. But this works with Jeff for now and lets see what happens with Pomps.

The girls are good and they wont even realize mom's gone because i will have time to put them to bed and will be home before they are even awake. We have promised Kora 5 dollars a week for being good while I sleep till ten. She is such a good girl. wish many of you could meet her sometime or some day.

Well my schedule has gotten off the beaten path since I have decided to go back to work so I am going to go and start my laudry. The last thing i need to do this week. I caught up with everything else. I even shampooed our livingroom on Tuesday. So I have loads of energy... Take care my friends and I will catch you later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I keep forgetting to tell you all this....

Hey there. I keep meaning to bring this up and keep forgetting but since I am thinking about it I will mention it now. There is a new Johnny Depp movie coming out. Not sure when but it is Public Enemy.. Why I am so interested in this movie is that it was taped partially in Oshkosh WI. Forty five minutes away from Jeff and I in Green Bay. We didnt make it to any of the tapings but that would have been so cool to see though. The only Johnny Depp movie we have is Secret Window and its good movie.. But anyway. They had to change some of the stores for the movie. They paid the store owners to change the looks of there stores for the movie. Amazing that they did that. They had to tear up the street and put cobble stone in and such. If nothing else check it out just to see what they did to Oshkosh.

There was something else i was going to mention here with this but now I cant remember. My mind is fried from this getting up at 1:45 to deliver papers.

Ok update on the job front. I had to decline the damned job I was sooooo excited about. I dont have a baby sitter anymore. Laura was going to take the girls next week and then every tuesday and when i needed her more but they are planning on moving back to Sturgeon Bay WI. An hour from us. I didnt want to get started with the job and then find out that I had no sitter. No one wants to baby sit anymore. No one.. So what Jeff and I have discussed is that if I can find something 3rd shift it would be good for now. I hate not being able to take the position i was already offered.. It was perfect for me. just putting money in a machine and the machine would count the money. Just annoying.

That is what i get for depending on someone else to help take care of my kids. Some people have it great but others like me dont. That is sometimes why i wish my parents or even Jeff's mother lived closer to us. But that is what is going on. I still dont remember what else I was going to say when i started this yesterday besides the movie.

Update.. I found a 3rd shift job cleaning at a country club through ABN Janitorial. It pays 9.00 dollars an hour and its only 3 hours a night.I can handle that. Then i got a phone call for my add so i maybe able to sneak both of these in.. LOL..i am daring...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Great News....

Hey all... I got some great news. I found a job through our Great Lakes Staffing Agency. Its only one day a week for now and when the lady needs her vacation time or sick days. But its a start and it pays 10.00 an hour. All I am doing is counting money from 5:30 Am till about noon. Its for Konop Vending Machines.

I start on Monday May 19th. Jeff and I also picked up and early morning paper route. That pays 527 a month. Quite small but its money that we didnt have. It turned out to be a good week for us. Thanks for the good lucks.

Now on to my mothers day. It wasnt anything special to be honest but it was good. Jeff and girls gave me ten dollars and I got one of those bath kits. I got a bunch of soaking stuff and a bar of soap and two kinds of cream. I smelled like an orange when i got out of the bath last night.

We had spam for lunch because I was being lazy. You know with us having the paper route now we have to be in bed by 7:30 pm.. Yikes huh????

Update... Looking at giving up the paper route. Its 30 Miles and with gas being so expensive he either needs to raise the route money or Jeff and I talked about it. Its not worth losing half of our earnings to gas for this.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Our Mini Vacation...

Tshsmom I wanted to go all the way up there but I wasnt staying with my parents. No way....Anyway here are some photo's. Enjoy the photo's. i have an interview a 1:00 today and just hope the girls can stay with Laura while I go for that hour or so. Still looking for some one else to take them..

Thursday, May 08, 2008

End of Job...

I was told yesterday that if I didnt have any sales I wasnt getting a paycheck when they promised us 462.00 dollars a week with or without sales and the bosses wife yesterday told me totally different.. I am so fed up with all of it.

I want to work but not like that and I told the boss that door to door wasnt for me and he promised to have appts for me but they gave the second appt to some one other yesterday. I am not putting up with that shit. You dont tell someone one thing then do another but for some reason this company gets away with it.

In all my 31 years I have never had some one come to my door asking if I wanted a kirby. My mom has but I have never done it. Its BullShit really.... They use a grocery raffle to get into peoples homes.. They do the raffle but I dont like how they get in. So Jeff told me to forget about them.

I have an interview on Friday at 1:00 for a Staffing Agency here in town. I would rather work for someone that is taking taxes out of my check anyway unlike Kirby. They said we had loads of deductions this way. I dont see how or where. So no more for me.

Look what I found while looking at Kirby's site. fucking cheap skates...Glad I left when I did. Jeff is going to go after them for false advertising. They better be careful if we can prove they did it... We arent going in with law suit but if i have enough people we are. If not we are going to find out exactly why they work the way they do.

Question my Friends

I am doing well with my volunteering with the Pen Pals but I am getting some crafts made from the children and t-shirts and caps. Could any of you help the kids by buying one or the other... I wouldnt ask but these are for school supplies for the kids in Uwanda Africa or some where near there.

I dont have them yet but will let you all know when I recieve them but if you could please help the kids out they would be so happy. this would put food on the table at night also for them.

I told the lady that I keep in contact with that I would help her sell them. If you could please get a hold of me via e-mail and I will respond with my address and what size t-shirts after I find out what sizes she sends me. Thanks guys for helping if you will and can.

Monday, May 05, 2008

First Day of Work...

Hi there...Update on first day of work.. Well I went in and got my kit and came home to make a few calls. And then went back to office because I couldnt get a hold of my mom or his. So then I was supppose to go door to door and I said no way,. But I took the kit and drove around till three and came home and called the boss and told him this job wasnt for me. They were suppose to set up appts for you instead of you going door to door.

I was rather pissed off yesterday when i found that out because it wasnt in the job description..but when i told the boss door to door wasnt for me he asked if he set up my appts if i would stay. i thought to myself isnt that what i was told in the first place... people...

Well i am going back in today hoping he has enough appts for me. i missed the one appt we had yesterday because i came home but i wasnt going to go knocking on door before or after that... No way... They have people in there call center to make appoints and they dont have enough people to make more than two appoints in the day when you have six or seven people working.. I am giving the job till Friday. If they have me doing pre made appts I will stick with it for a while. If not I will just find something else. Fast food or something.... Even though I hate fast food.

Well I need to go shower an get dressed. I will try and make rounds here in a few minutes...

Update.I quit this morning Tuesday May 6th.they promised appts and couldnt make them so I told them to go screw thems selves in not so many words. I am not putting up with it.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

What we have been up tooo....

Hi there all. I have some things to tell you all...

First of all you know how hard it is to type with nails... ??LOL.. Jeff let me get a manicure on Thursday. This feels weird typing with nails... Then we went and spent the night on Friday in Rice Lake WI and then spent most of the day with my dad. We had an excellent lunch of ham, mashed pots and gravy and upside down pineapple cake. Yummie.

Then off to Jeff's mother house. We found them a new used computer for 100 bucks at a pawn shop. Couldn pass it up. Then his mother showed me something new with crocheting again. Update on Jeff's sister is they have found her but waiting for the warrant to clear. Then they are going after her.

Now on to my job tomorrow. I am working through a company called RTS Distributions. It sells Kirby's. Vacuum cleaners. But I am riding with a manager so I dont have to worry about driving myself. Yayy.. Anyway that is what is going on here. Will make rounds later. N,