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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beautiful Sunsets in Our Back Yard...

These two were taken about two weeks ago. Just beautiful.

These next two were taken on Saturday or sometime over the weekend before it rained at least.

Jeff bought me a hat and he thinks I look ridiculous... LOL..

Kora, Brianna and Snowie.

Snowie checking out the B&N bag.

Snowie going balistic over her new toy being hung up. She likes trying to grab it. Its just one of the girls old teddy bears she likes to bat around.

On the job end I was told yesterday it might be a while before I hear anything from anyone. Jobs are rare lately but they are still out there. But I guess I would rather wait than have one day a week that isnt even going to pay the gas money to work. I wish I could have kept the one that paid ten dollars an hour one day a week 8 hours for the day. That would have been better.


Candy Minx said...

The sunsets are unbelievable it's a good thing you took a picture! Stunning. TYhe kitten Snowly new member of your family is one of the cutest kittens I've ever seen I could just cuddle her I love her fluffy fur!

Great shots of the kids and your new hat, very sweet funny and cute all at once!

Hope you got some nice spring weather with those sunsets...

tweetey30 said...

Candy it was beautiful weather and now its back to only 50's again this week. Burrrrr... But it will warm up and then we will be complaining its to hot.

Kitem said...

I love the hat, It really suits you very well, not ridiculous at all.
This Snowy is really cute, the girls must tremenduously enjoy playing with him.
I will be off during Helene's stay with us at home, have a nice week end.

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous sunsets - lucky you!

Kittens really are adorable - I still like dogs better but they are so cute.

Sorry about the job situation. Hopefully the perfect job will come up that you would never know about except that the others didn't work out. I find that sometimes things work out that way. Let's hope.

Bridget Jones said...

Those sunset pics are terrific--what beauty you caught there.

The kids and Snowy are also wonderful...boy are they growing.

Hope it warms up there. It's going to four degrees celcius here tonight (stupid temp for almost June, huh?)

I like that hat!!! He's got good taste!

The Zombieslayer said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!

Ok. I owe you. I need to take some sunset pics and post them.

Squirl said...

Those sunset pictures are gorgeous! The hat is cool, I don't wear hats, they never look right on me.

Sorry about job situation. It's hard everywhere these days. My sister's been looking for months.

Red said...

There's nothing more fun than watching a cat/kitten play! Our cat is a bit old now and he doesn't go crazy anymore, but my mum has two young cats, and they're always at it. She says she spends entire hours just watching them and laughing!

Hammer said...

excellent photos!

I think that cat is having the time of his life :)

tweetey30 said...

Kitem enjoy yourself.

Jeannie something will turn up sooner or later.

BJ It went from cold to a warm day now to raining. Just yuckie.

Zombie yes some photo's from out there would be really nice. Its been 15 years since I was in Nevada.

Squirl hey there. Yes jobs are hard to find right now but if the supervisor doesnt need all the people they shouldnt hire extra.

Red I know. I watch her all the time and I get a kick out of her. she is so precious.

Hammer she is having the time of her life. She finally broke the string hanging on the teddy bear.

zydeco fish said...

Those are amazing sunset photos. Really nice.

tweetey30 said...

ZF thanks.

Ortho said...

Beautiful photographs! Have you thought about becoming a professional photographer?

Gardenia said...

The pictures are beautiful - those sunsets are stunning - the kids LOVE that kitten, don't they? They seem sweet with is a beautiful kitten. I wish they could stay young forever.

SME said...

Wow, you guys get amazing sunsets there. From our view we can only see a sliver of ours, and they're not anything like that!

Snowy and the girls are sooo cute curled up together like that!

SME said...

P.S. I think the hat is cute!

tweetey30 said...

Ortho No professional photography for me. I like taking fun pix of my kids.

ZF thanks. I thought so also when i took them.

SME thanks. Yes they just love her except for when she is playful.