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Thursday, May 08, 2008

End of Job...

I was told yesterday that if I didnt have any sales I wasnt getting a paycheck when they promised us 462.00 dollars a week with or without sales and the bosses wife yesterday told me totally different.. I am so fed up with all of it.

I want to work but not like that and I told the boss that door to door wasnt for me and he promised to have appts for me but they gave the second appt to some one other yesterday. I am not putting up with that shit. You dont tell someone one thing then do another but for some reason this company gets away with it.

In all my 31 years I have never had some one come to my door asking if I wanted a kirby. My mom has but I have never done it. Its BullShit really.... They use a grocery raffle to get into peoples homes.. They do the raffle but I dont like how they get in. So Jeff told me to forget about them.

I have an interview on Friday at 1:00 for a Staffing Agency here in town. I would rather work for someone that is taking taxes out of my check anyway unlike Kirby. They said we had loads of deductions this way. I dont see how or where. So no more for me.

Look what I found while looking at Kirby's site. fucking cheap skates...Glad I left when I did. Jeff is going to go after them for false advertising. They better be careful if we can prove they did it... We arent going in with law suit but if i have enough people we are. If not we are going to find out exactly why they work the way they do.


Hammer said...

so sorry you got scammed.

I've heard many bad stories about the unethical people who recruit to sell kirby.

Temp agencies are great. I got some of my best jobs that way.

Wandering Coyote said...

Good for you! I've never heard of this company, but it sounds very fishy. So, I'm glad you walked away. Temping can be interesting and provide a lot of variety. Good luck!

tweetey30 said...

Hammer so are we. We owe the sitter but I havent given up yet..

WC yes you can get lots of variety from a temp agency.

Gardenia said...

I had a son-in-law who did Kirby for a while for lack of anything else available - he was trying to break out of construction industry - they barely survived. The cleaners are so expensive - wonderful but expensive and when the economy goes - - well - - so do the Kirby purchases.

I'm also going to try a temp agency when I get my health back - they often work into full time jobs. Good luck anyway

Red said...

Bummer about the job. Still, when you have a bad feeling about something, it pays to listen to your gut instinct. I'm sure there are other opportunities out there!

tweetey30 said...

Gardeni they didnt tell me it was door to door sales though. That is what sucked.Nice job but I was told that they made your appts for you.

Red you are 100% right there.

* (asterisk) said...

Good for you. I hate that hard-sell stuff where thy just won't accept that you're not interested.

Ortho said...

Hi Tweetey. Good luck with the Temp Agency.

Do you have flea markets near your home? If you do, I wonder if you could sell some of your crafting products there.

CA said...


SME said...

Well, I'm glad you got out pronto at least and didn't try to make a go of that crap. Mark sold vacuums for a while and it was hell...I think he LOST money. Clearly they weren't being up front with you.

You'll find something else!

Kitem said...

Hope you have better luck with your next job. You had this bad feeling since day one, and it proved right.

Gayle said...

I read the 15-year-old's letter at the link you posted, Tweety, and I also read an answer from a Kirby salesman. I wish there were a way to answer the Kirby salesman. I'd tell him to go get a real job, one that doesn't pester people at home when most people are trying to rest up from work and have an enjoyable evening. Did you notice how late they were at that kid's home? Sheesh!

I actually sold Avon for awhile when I was very young. This was a product women wanted and you didn't work door-to-door, you worked with appointments. I gave it up when I found out I was allergic to Avon products. LOL! I can't sell something I can't use myself. Besides, I'm not a very good salesperson anyway. I'm not pushy enough.

I don't see how they can promise you $462.00 a week with or without sales and not get their butts sued! Was there anything in writing? There probably wasn't, but someone should look into that. It's despicable!

Off topic: I fixed the link at Wednesday's Hero. The one that was first sent to me was in error. Sorry!

The Griper said...

if you have more than one temp agency sign up with them. don't just sign up with just one. will make your odds far better at some steady work. but be ready to work on a moment's notice also.

there will be times you will get called at the last moment. and if they can depend on you they will place you at top of list.

and as hammer implied you could find a good permanent job that way also.