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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Job Update

Hey all. I know its been a couple of days. I have worked Monday, Tuesday and tonight and then have the next four days off. She has to many people and trying to schedule us all. Yikes. She was telling me and this other new girl she has done this account with four people for the last year and now she has eight people and doesnt know what to do with us all.

Then I also found out that this account is a summer job. Its at The Green Bay Country Club. Excuse the language but those rich Mother Fuckers.. I am not jealous because i know rich people but I hate cleaning up after the ones in the kitchen that dont care on damn bit about others.

Last night was my second night and I was being bitched at for not being perfect and getting the kitchen done in 1 1/2 hours. It took me from 11:30 last night till 2 Am to do the whole kitchen myself and that was with getting most of the stuff up without having to go back and do the post sweep. I called the lady that hired me today and of course she wasnt in or didnt want to talk to me.

I am going to stick it out but I refuse to be somones ass of jokes for no other reason. I understand it has to be clean but I also see it as its been 7 years since I worked. Its taking me longer to get thing going than most. If she wants it done faster find some one else to do it.

I was promised five days a week but only getting like 3 this week and maybe four next week. I dont mind working weekends. But it does cut into my family time. Esp with what Jeff might be doing. He applied with Schnieder National yesterday. He will be gone a lot but more money.

We will figure something out. We always bounce back. LOL.. Well I suppose I should go start dinner. Talk to you all tomorrow sometime....


Jeannie said...

Well, hopefully, you will get more efficient with time. Unless there is a lot of work there, I wouldn't blow it off too quickly. I know some places will hire a lot of people to see how they work then fire all but the best workers.

Gardenia said...

Well, nowadays everyone wants fast, fast, fast. Quality doesn't seem to be an issue - if quality doesn't meet standards, if there are any, then lie and say it was someone else's fault. That is mostly what I've run across the last 7-8 years as I observe the ever-changing workplace. Unions are busted, there are no worker protections in place, if you complain to EEO, they will warn you that they can't help you with harassment issues after you leave, so what can a person do.

jeannie might have a point - many times you can just conquer by perseverance, other times you just need to leave....I pray you'll know which to do!

Grizzly Mama said...

I think it's true what Jeannie said, you will become faster with time. It was my experience when cleaning - after a few months I was able to blow out a whole house in about 3 hours, when it took 5 when I first started cleaning.

The hours sound good - as long as you can get as many as you would like. I hope that it works out for you. Cleaning can be very lucrative, especially after you've learned a few tricks to make it easier and faster.

zydeco fish said...

I hope you get more hours. This reminded me of my days of dish washing and bar tending. Bad memories, I'm afraid, but it paid the tuition.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie this supervisor is really picky. She told me last night I need to learn how to sweep before I left.

Gardenia I see it as I would rather take my time and get it done the right way then have to go back and do it again.

Monica the hours are great. I sleep till 11 and then i am up and with the girls the rest of the day.

ZF yes it does pay for College.

SME said...

Sound like you have a tough taskmaster, there. I know they want to make things go quickly when they're paying people by the hour, but they really should appreciate that a job well done can take some time! Would they rather have someone come in, wiz through the cleaning, and do a half-arsed job of it?!

Glad it has good hours for you guys, though. It will at least bring in some cash for the summer.

Bridget Jones said...

Jeannie's right, am betting that's what's going on.

And gardenia's right too.

But they wouldn't be on your butt if they didn't think you could learn. (((hugs)))

Gardenia said...

Yes, that's what I meant - so many people are worried about "fast" and those of us who worry about quality before "fast" are in conflict. I really hate going to a job too, where they won't train you, but expect you to have some psychic abilities to determine what they want. If they are willing to train you - then good.