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Friday, September 28, 2007

Aids Foundation

Here is that Aids Foundation I found but haven't heard from him yet about the stuff he is suppose to be sending me. I hope to hear from him over the weekend. I understand he is busy putting this together. Check him out over the weekend and applaud him for his efforts really. Its a mazing what people do and what a difference we can do to make one also.

I am sorry I haven't been around much the last couple of days. I have been busy getting the house ready for Fall. I mean one year ago we moved into our house on Sept 25Th right after signing the closing papers. We have had a rough start with the house and such.

The weather is starting to cool off and we are just getting to where we have to shut windows at night and open them during the day where we don't have to turn the heat on quite yet. So things are looking OK for the time being. Life is getting easier here also. It feels more normal than since Tuesday night.

Laura took the girls to the YMCA with them last night and Jeff and I actually talked instead of snipping at one another. It felt so good people. I wont go into any more religious stuff right now but it felt good to have my husband to talk to again and tell him I feel and have not judge me like he was on Tuesday night. So things are looking up. I will catch you all on Monday. Sorry for such a short post but I am waiting for him to call and say he is on his way home.

He went to the dermatologist today he has psoriasis. They gave him some stuff to use and we have to go pick that up for it. This will never go away and he may have to take this cream the rest of his life but at least its not life threatening like we were beginning to wonder. Well off I am to go and talk to you all later. N.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

UpDate on my Progress!!!!!!

Hi all I have an update on my progress with the AIDS pen pal.I have contacted this one Website and of course I forgot to write it down. But I have e-mailed this person and he is the founder of the Aids Foundation in New Jersey area.

I have a new job to do at home here. He has like 200 people looking for people to write to American/African people and he just doesnt have time to do it and his daughter was suppose to be doing this and hasnt kept up with it and when I e-mailed him yesterday afternoon he got back to me and asked I would be will to contact the people and let them know who they are matched up with.

Of course for the person I am I said yes and I am just waiting for him to e-mail me the list of names and instructions on how to do the job I have been assigned. I am quite excited about this new assigned job. Its all voluntary but its still doing a good cause really.

This guy does the big AIDS run every year. He was just about to announce it today after he e-mailed me and asked if I lived in the area. I had to decline that but sort of wished I did. Well I am looking forward to doing whats a good cause and just hope I can help people become friends and long lasting friends for that part.

I know AIDS can kill a person if you dont have the right medical attention and still sometimes even if you do. I hope this will work out for those that are looking for Pen Pals and making new friends.

I have an admission to make to you all. I dont think my husband knows what to think of his wife. I told him what I am doing and he just opened his mouth and shut it again last night when I told him when we got home.

You all know I have been having religious troubles. Well this tops the cake really. Jeff still thinks this is the best church for him and I just cant get myself to go. I have had issues well anyway to go on and tell what happened. The pastor to this church left this morning to go on a cruise they have been saving up for and Jeff called him last night and said I cant wait any longer I need you to baptize me. Well I wasnt going to go but he made me feel really bad about not going so I went. People tried to get me to go to the Alter and watch and I just couldnt. I felt numb and stupid for being there.

Then when it was all over he was talking to everyone but me. I mean he didnt even come over and give me hug and ask how I was feeling about this. He just plain assed ignored me. I have this terrible feeling that my marriage is on its last legs if I dont do something with my religious life soon. I am not saying this church but some church. I know Tshsmom what you have suggested and I am still looking into it.

Well anyway that is whats going on here. I feel like I need a long vacation by myself and no family member with me. I just need time alone to think but that wont happen either because no one wants to take the kids while he works. So I am stuck being mom and wife for I dont know how long. I am workign on making my marriage right but its taking a while now esp since he is part of that church and doesnt want to listen to me. I didnt meant to depress anyone by this last tad bit of information. talk soon to all of you. Tweets.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fear of Water

Hi all. I made anoter comment that gave me this idea for a post again. When I was about 8 or 9 my parents went camping with my cousin in Grand Rapids MN. My cousin is a year and a half older than me and she had another one of our cousins with us and I had a friend my age with us.

Well we got there set up shop and got going on our camping trip. We had rented a cabin for like a week or so and then we had to make trips into town to get groceries but also did other things. My godmother took us to where Julie Garland grew up. Its now a museum. It was so cool. I wish I could go back some day. Take my girls to it since we do have Wizard of Oz aroudn the house.

Well anyway one day while we were out swimming my cousins decided it would be cool to see who could flip off the back of the inner tube we were all sitting on and seing who could come back up right away. Well my cousin K went down and back up. Then my friend J went down and back up and then it went Me and then cousin D. Well I didnt come back up right away and I think cousin K went back up on the tube and went under again and I think she accidently pushed me down further and pushed at my face. But since then I have had a hard time with being under water.

I used to be able to swim under water and now I cant because of this fear. I hate this fear but its there and I dont know if I will ever be able to get away from it. I can back float and splash around but get nervous when I go under. Even in our pool we bought this summer I was nervous of being alone and falling in and not being able to get back up again.

I dont want my girls to be scared of water so I try not to show my fear of the water when we are in the pool. Life is good other wise. I just had to post about this. I was thinking of it. Its been weird how some of my comments have lead to pots lately but it gives me something to talk about.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Interview from Zombie

I just had to post one of my favorite songs also up above. Bear with me its long and you and you can read my answers to the interview while listening. I like Richie Havens and he is good. I should google him sometime and get some back ground on him and see what comes up. Anyway here is the deal. I asked Zombie to ask me five questions and he e-mailed them to me. Here are mine and if you are interested in joining this just ask me and i will e-mail the questions to you. You update your blog with the questions and answers. Thenyou e-mail anyone that is interested. I know alot of you have done this already but its fun to have different questions asked.

1) Who's your favorite Green Bay Packer of all time?

I am going to have to say I dont just have one favorite Packer. I liked Levens when he was here and of course everyone seems to like Farve. LOL... Green is good too though.
> 2) Did you name your kids after anyone?

I have to say Kora is named after a little girl I babysat when I was 15. This little girls mother was only 19 herself and would leave her with me for hours and didnt matter if I had school the next day or not. I mean I stopped by one afternoon after school to see I if I could take her outside for a while and her mother said no and you could hear her screaming all the way down the hall of the apt building we lived in. She thought I was her mommy.
> 3) Who got you into blogging?

I have to say Sme and Tshsmom. Sme sent me Tshsmoms link via e-mail and I liked how she had hers set up so I had Sme do mine for me since after i got mine set up the first time I couldnt figure out how to get back into it. LOL.. It was quite funny.
> 4) I know you like furniture, so what is your favorite
> style? For example, I love antique wooden furniture
> that's really heavy and will last long after I'm dead.
> What about you?
I have to say I have never thought about it. I guess old stuff restored and know its going to last a long time. The stuff made now adays just doesnt seem to want to last a very long time. Its not something you can hand down to your kids like way back when.
> 5) What is a good friend?

A good friend is some one that does something without being asked or that doesnt always ask for stuff in return. Some one that listens, is there when you need a shoulder to lay your head on and just be there. Some one like you that is sending me a book even though you dont know me personally and the only way you know me is through blog land. LOL..

I have some great friends on here and I intend to keep all of you. I know friends come and go but the friends I have made here I dont know what I would do without. Happy weekend my friends and I will catch you all on Monday like usual. If I dont have your e-mail for this just e-mail me. Its in my profile. Talk later

UPDATE ON BLUE CAR. Hi All I got an update on the Blue car i was telling you all about last week or earlier this week. The lady was Mexican and spoke with Broken English so the kids didnt understand her. Her child goes to school at the school I was telling you about and it was raining and she was trying to offer the kids a ride to school. She turned herself into the police when she realized she they were looking for her. She meant no harm. But still it was scary. N.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Need a favor My Friends

HI all I need a favor from some one of you. I have come to a stand still with my reading of the Harry Potter Book Series. I was wondering one of you faithful readers could or would e-mail me and let me know where to get this book three. Courtney has been kind enough to be helping me get the first two with this paper back book swap she is in so we are at a stand still. If some one could please borrow me the third book I promise you will get it back. LOL... I just hate waiting and payday isnt going to give me any money to go book shopping. LOL.. Thank you My friends. I hate asking but I hate stalling in a good series also.