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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

UpDate on my Progress!!!!!!

Hi all I have an update on my progress with the AIDS pen pal.I have contacted this one Website and of course I forgot to write it down. But I have e-mailed this person and he is the founder of the Aids Foundation in New Jersey area.

I have a new job to do at home here. He has like 200 people looking for people to write to American/African people and he just doesnt have time to do it and his daughter was suppose to be doing this and hasnt kept up with it and when I e-mailed him yesterday afternoon he got back to me and asked I would be will to contact the people and let them know who they are matched up with.

Of course for the person I am I said yes and I am just waiting for him to e-mail me the list of names and instructions on how to do the job I have been assigned. I am quite excited about this new assigned job. Its all voluntary but its still doing a good cause really.

This guy does the big AIDS run every year. He was just about to announce it today after he e-mailed me and asked if I lived in the area. I had to decline that but sort of wished I did. Well I am looking forward to doing whats a good cause and just hope I can help people become friends and long lasting friends for that part.

I know AIDS can kill a person if you dont have the right medical attention and still sometimes even if you do. I hope this will work out for those that are looking for Pen Pals and making new friends.

I have an admission to make to you all. I dont think my husband knows what to think of his wife. I told him what I am doing and he just opened his mouth and shut it again last night when I told him when we got home.

You all know I have been having religious troubles. Well this tops the cake really. Jeff still thinks this is the best church for him and I just cant get myself to go. I have had issues well anyway to go on and tell what happened. The pastor to this church left this morning to go on a cruise they have been saving up for and Jeff called him last night and said I cant wait any longer I need you to baptize me. Well I wasnt going to go but he made me feel really bad about not going so I went. People tried to get me to go to the Alter and watch and I just couldnt. I felt numb and stupid for being there.

Then when it was all over he was talking to everyone but me. I mean he didnt even come over and give me hug and ask how I was feeling about this. He just plain assed ignored me. I have this terrible feeling that my marriage is on its last legs if I dont do something with my religious life soon. I am not saying this church but some church. I know Tshsmom what you have suggested and I am still looking into it.

Well anyway that is whats going on here. I feel like I need a long vacation by myself and no family member with me. I just need time alone to think but that wont happen either because no one wants to take the kids while he works. So I am stuck being mom and wife for I dont know how long. I am workign on making my marriage right but its taking a while now esp since he is part of that church and doesnt want to listen to me. I didnt meant to depress anyone by this last tad bit of information. talk soon to all of you. Tweets.


Hammer said...

Good for you on following through with the aids kids. They could use some nice folks to talk to.

As far as religion goes you have to be comfortable in it. It can't be forced or it does you no good.

Being a good person outside of church counts for a lot more in gods eyes. Churches are for people to feel better about themselves rather than to actually promote good deeds and clean living.

tshsmom said...

My thoughts EXACTLY Hammer!!

Gayle said...

Hammer is right that God is with you wherever you are and whether you attend church or not, but I disagree that Church is only for people to feel better about themselves. I attend church because I enjoy the ceremony involved in the worship of God in my Church, and because we do a lot of good things for our community in our church. I personally put on a Thanksgiving dinner every year at our church which is open to the public. Many people who live alone attend. If they didn't have that, they would be eating Thanksgiving dinner all alone. That's only one of the good things the Church does. We pay people's bills when they get behind, and I'm not only speaking of the people who attend our church, but people who come by and ask for help. A good church is in the business of helping people, not just preaching the word. A good church takes an interest in the children and helps them with their college education. We give out scholarships to deserving students every year. Again, not only students who attend church but students from the local High School, some who have probably never been to church in their lives. A good church has many purposes other than to preach or worship, but for me, the worship is a large part of it too.

I have a feeling you haven't found a church you feel comfortable in. I don't think it's fair of your hubby to pressure you. You need time to think and to feel out different places of worship. You are a good person and a child of God just as much as your husband is, whether you attend church or not. Your quest to help Aids victims proves that. Your love of your family also proves that. If your husband loves you he will give you time to figure this out. Forcing you to attend church is wrong and only makes you resentful.

May God bless you and help you with this problem. I wish I could reach out to you and give you a hug. It sounds like you need one!

Ortho said...

Hi Tweetey. Great job with the AIDS pen pals. People with AIDS need friends too. Good luck completing your task.

Best of luck with the religion thing. I don't know what to tell you about it. I don't believe in a god or the hocus pocus of organized religion. I can't imagine what I would do if my partner did.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer thanks. Yes it makes me feel good to help these kids and adults too. My religion views are slowly changing but very slowly. I have talked to the Pastors wife about my feelings and she isnt pushing and being very supportive of my decisions. This has happened since I wrote my post.

Tshsmom I know how you feel and I am learning to love God very slowly. Its a rough time in my life right now.

Gayle some good news on the church thing. I had posted a long while ago about them trying to build a church and them not being able to. Well Pastor is trying to finally get some funding for the church and land to do it on. they found land with 7 acres of land a house on it.

Ortho life is to short and Jeff knows that if I decide not to go with him or follow him its ok. Thanks for the support with the Aids and kids. Its interesting. The guy hasnt sent me the names yet for this but he will. He is organizing the yearly AIDS run or something like that. He was suppose to go public sometime in the next few days.

Gayle said...

I'm glad things are looking up, Tweetey, and I pray that they will continue to do so. :)

tweetey30 said...

Gayle thanks me too. I have two weeks before the Pastor and his wife come back to finish my thoughts with her. They went on a mens and womens retreat in Florida and then on a cruise they have been saving up for a long time to do.