Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Hey all.. Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.. I know we did and we had fun while were there at my MILs house.. It was one of the best days.. I look forward to going there each time we go.. I didnt take any photo's this trip. But I do have some more photo's from the weekend its self but that is another post later on this week if I get a chance to post it..

Anyway we had the usual. Turkey, mashed pots, gravy, cranberries, stuffing and home made pies this year. I only brought the apple pie we bought because I cant stand pumpkin.. I could have had some cherry but I like apple better.. Wonder what apple and cherry pie mixed together in one would taste Ok me and my weird taste buds going crazy again..

Of course Jeff was the butt of our jokes thursday.. Those of you who know him personally know he is very jumpy.. and He hates stuffed animals.. Well you can imagine what we did to poor Jeffrey..I mean yes we had Shari's 18 year old son with us this year but I see him a kid yet so he doesnt really count and POOR JEFFREY was out numbered by 3 WOMEN!!!!! What a concept huh??LOL!!

Well anyway he was ready to go home by time we got done with him on Thursday evening.. We had him so jumpy I am suprised he was able to drive the car home.. but I wasnt going to drive us in the dark.I hate driving on the highway anyway. I will drive in town or just hope over 172 here in Green bay to get to the other side of town but I dont like long distance highway driving.. No thank you..

I stuck my foot in my mouth thursday as well. Victor had said something about spitting or at least I thought he had and forgot how old his girlfriend was and who I was with. I piped up and said what did you expect her to swallow..LOL.. Yikes.. she is only 17 years old.. I havent seen Vic get red in his life until then and my MIL even got embarrassed and I apologize for that statement if you are reading this mom..

I had to tell them i put my foot in my mouth at least once..

I made a hat over the weekend that is pink and heather grey with curly q's on top of it.. I will post it when I do my next post. I have been working on some new scrunchies for my shop also.. Hopefully they will sell. I could use a sale right now but not asking any of you to buy..Just saying I could use one.. Well I suppose i need to go find some clothes. I am still in my jammies and I have to work tonight. So I am off to get dressed and then finish a couple more scrunchies before work hopefully. I have to get my lunch together yet. jeff has this week off for vacation.. Not doing much since I sleep all day long.. talk soon.. Hugs..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things to be Thankful For....

Tis the season to be thankful.. Well I have to admit I am thankful for a lot of things this year.. Well for starters I have my family. We have our home and our mortgage is almost caught up.. We both have jobs.. That is the biggest part in our lives right now to be thankful for.. Its still rough out there in this economy.. Walmart is hiring and I have applied several times over the last few years but they refuse to call me for some reason so screw them.. I am sick of places like that..

I am thankful to have a job I like except for working 3rd shift.. I get used to sleeping during the day Sunday through Thrusday and then have to adjust my sleeping schedule back to sleeping at night Friday and

I am thankful for having my parents in my life even though we dont see them as often as I would like.. I wish we lived closer but at least we have the internet and phone lines..

I am thankful to have my friends here and in real life. I mean you all are virtual and then those I have met in real life are really cool people.. I love each and everyone of you in many ways.. You all are very unique and I love reading your blogs..

I am thankful to have my etsy shop even though I havent made as much money with it as I had hoped to make even though its just a hobby..I am thankful to be able to crochet and make things I love to do..

Ok I know this post isnt to long but I cut my finger at work last night on some plastic and my middle finger hurts when I hit the keys so I am going to leave this for now.. but this is what I have for this year and I Hope you all have something very special to be thankful for also. I know I do and lots more but this is what i have for now.

Again Happy Thanksgiving and if you are traveling tomorrow or this weekend be safe and drive safely.. Have plenty of turkey..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Things in Life

Here is what has been going on since my last post.. Ihave been working or sleeping and trying to spend more time with my girls. I have been trying to get some house work done but just havent had the energy.. I have put sleeping bags to make our bedroom black where I can sleep during the day with out waking up. I hated when it was light in our bedroom. I was always awake and no sleep really.. Do you know how hard it is to sleep during the day?? I do and its impossible unless its dark in the bed room.. So I took our sleeping bags until I can get some heavier curtains and put them up on the windows over the curtain rods.. I have been sleeping much deeper and better since I put the sleeping bags up.. I am not as tired as I was before. Eight hours is doing me better than 9 or 10 hours of sleep was..

I have been trying to get Jeff to help me with the front closet but hes been working so hard lately again. I think I will tackle it here my self shortly and suprise him when he comes home. He may be mad at me because I mentioned something about it before he left for work this morning..

He has taken off the last week of November for a vacation.. I took one night off to spend a whole weekend with him where he doesnt watch me sleep all week long. I think we are going to have to get him some milk where he can get up and get his own breakfast while I sleep.. Or i make something for him before I go to bed.. And then he will have to deal with lunch with the girls.. And then I will make some dinner when I wake up..

I just listed 15 books on FB that I have read that have stuck in my mind. I am not going to relist them here right now.. Maybe sometime I will do a list again..

Snowie has been spending alot of time with me lately too. She is most content when I am sitting in the livingroom on the couch crocheting.. She has been clinging lately and I dont mind one bit.. I wish she would have been more that way when we first brought her home.. I think its because now she can sleep with me and not have to be shut out of bedroom during the day. Jeff still wont let her sleep with us and she sleeps with the girls at night on weekends but she enjoys during the week when the bedroom door is open to her..

I may have become a big child but I have found some footed jammies. I bought a pair from Big Feet PJ Company and one pair from Walmart.. I also want some new crochet hook but they are 60 dollars.. they light up in the dark.. They are really cool and come in the sizes I use.. You can buy them one at a time but its more expensive that way.. You save money when you buy the package of 9 in sitting..

Update on my mom.. She is a diabetic and they had taken one med away and given her a new one and it was too strong. they had to lower the dosage and she is fine now. I havent heard anything from her since last Friday when I took the girls out for Lunch. they had one of there first book it badges.

I stubbed my toes this morning before it got light out and of course the bedroom was pitch black and I stubbed my toes on this movie thing we got from a friend. You need special Cd's to play in it. Its not a regular DVD player.. anyway I am off to find something for breakfast and then I am off to get the girls to help me with somethings before they go play.. then Jeff wont have to work so hard when he comes home..

Happy Thanksgiving my friends if I dont post again before then..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Suprise Post

Here is a suprise post.. We went to Mosinee WI on Saturday to meet up with one of Jeff's new friends and us girls went swimming.. I wish I would have gotten a photo of this but Bri decided she was going to put her arms out straight and just flop into the water and then stand up and ask me if I got that on Camera..LOL. My lil Sheet... but we had fun otherwise.

We went out for supper next door to the motel and ate a place called the Stage Stop. Wish I would have taken photo's of the inside of the restaraunt.. It was pretty cool.. Stuff animals and some pretty neat indian things around the place..

Jeff and his friend spent time in the motel room talking while us girls gave them sometime to get to know eachother better and we went swimming. Well the girls went swimming this time around. I just wasnt into the pool. I sat in the whirl pool for a while but sat where if they needed me I could get to them.

My tuckered out little girls from all that swimming.. They were in the pool for like 3 hours after dinner Saturday.. Yikes..

This was the suprise I have no idea what we are doing this weekend. I think we are staying home and I have some stuff I want brought down stairs and put away this weekend. I have a closet by our front door that I want cleaned out for our winter stuff. the girls cant get to there jackets with the boxes and stuff sitting there.. It sucks but we will move them this weekend. then we are going to clean out the garage again too I think. a cleaning weekend where we can get the car back in the garage this winter. I heard we are suppose to get snow this weekend but not sure if the source I heard it from is reliable.. He likes to pull my chain alot..

Ruth is back here in the States again for a Visit but not staying with us.. She has another host this time around and hope she has a great stay. She is going to get ahold of me when she has a free moment. I cant wait to see her again. We have patched things up and come to an understanding on when we hosted her at the house. It was very difficult to see things her way and vice versa.. Never doing something like that before it was a great opportunity.I am glad we tried.

My mom ended up in the hospital yesterday.. she woke up and couldnt talk or move and my dad thought she had, had a stroke. So he had to call an ambulance.. I am not ready to lose my mom yet. According to the drs it was one of her meds that made her blood sugar go to low. it was too strong of a dosage and everytime they got it back up it would just fall back down again so they kept her in the hospital last night..

Anyway that is whats going on here.. Hope you enjoy your weekend as mine is going to be cleaning and getting ready for winter here.. I am so not ready yet for winter.. Happy weekend and I will be back Monday hopefully with something more to

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

SunRise November 8th,2010

A beautiful sunrise before I came home yesterday morning. the first photo was taken through the front windsheild of the car and when the flash went off it bounced back at so that one doesnt show how beautiful it was when it first started.. I have another post but I dont have time for it.. I have to get my thoughts straight on it.. Anyway enjoy this post for now.. Hope you all have a great week.. N..

Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Eclipsed Heart By Kimberly Thomas

Ok Ok here is a good book. Not just because she is my sister either.. Well my adopted sister since her dad adopted me when I was like 3 or so. I have lost track after all these years.. but its a good book..

Young girl is being stocked by a man and teenage boy is asked to protect her more than once but he tries with all his heart and falls in love with her..

Rachel is a young teenage student in the process of graduating and she is very poor. She works for a diner and pays the rent while her mother sits at home and thinks she is going to die sometime soon.. Well her mother has been doign this for a few years now. Rachel wears Goodwill clothing and kids pick on her.. I know the feeling..(I have been there and done that)..

I dont know how to explain this book very well. I am having a harder time doing a book review on this book for some reason. Maybe because its too close to home for me in my personnal life than not. I am not sure why.

Except i wasnt being followed to be hurt by a man and I didnt fall for prince charming trying to protect me either. I love Jeff but he wasnt trying to protect me like Tom was Rachel in the book..

This is Kim's first book and she has a sequel coming out sometime.. I cant wait to find out what happens to Rachel and Tom and the bad guy.. I suggest if I have captured your attention with the book please read it.. I havent had my copy signed yet but will sometime. I messaged her on FB this morning and told her I enjoyed the book. I know I didnt grow up with her but she is my sister and I want to support her anyway I can.

I guess she got lots of hits with this book. Amazon kept running out of the book. Not sure how well Barnes and Noble did really..

Now I am reading what SME suggested on FB a while back. I think its hard reading but I dont read all that much really so I am taking my time understanding it all. Its called Bloody Falls of the Coppermine by McKay Jenkins.

Something to do with the first Eskimo murders in 1913. I am in like chapter 3 and just taking my time with it.. Interesting book so far.. I only paid a 1.99 for it and 3.99 for shipping because the book wasnt here at our local Barnes and Noble.. but it was well worth the money I paid for it. I suppose I could have went to the Library also but with something like this I like having in my home.

Kora is reading Black Beauty and then off to read Mark Twains Huckle Berry Fin I believe its called. i dont have it right in front of me. I have her reading summerizing each chapter this year where I know she is reading the book.. Sometimes she start at the beginning and then reads the end and then goes back and reads the middle.. So I want to make sure she is reading the book from cover to cover..LOL..

I know I have been absent and I have gotten a little more help at home. Jeff has been helping me alot this last week but I still dont seem to have enough time in the day for everything and everyone I want to see.. I want to spend time on here and Etsy and do my crocheting and spend time with my family. Its really hard. I try to cram all this in on Weeekend and then I get cranky because nothing gets done. I dont see jeff but maybe 2 or 3 hours right now during the week. Weekend are a little easier but not much. I have so much to get caught up on, on weekends that I am always working.. so we have gotten where i do one load of laundry at night and he brings up the bin i fold and put that load away and the following night the same thing..

things will ease up after his hours go down a bit in January but right now its tough. Bri is reading welll herself.. She has found some Dick and Jane books she likes.. I bought them from Barnes and Noble and she has taken to them like ducks take to water.. lol. Wish I would have found them earlier though for Kora also. But you know you never think when you have your oldest sometimes.. Kora is reading for fun the old Ramona Quimby books. I loved those books as a child.. I loved to read and still do but I also love to crochet. I have so many interests lately its hard tok keep up with them all..

Anyway I need to go do some things like fold my laundry so I can go get Jeff here shortly. I will be around to make rounds tomorrow sometime. Sorry I have been absent and sorry for the rant on my book review..