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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Hey all.. Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.. I know we did and we had fun while were there at my MILs house.. It was one of the best days.. I look forward to going there each time we go.. I didnt take any photo's this trip. But I do have some more photo's from the weekend its self but that is another post later on this week if I get a chance to post it..

Anyway we had the usual. Turkey, mashed pots, gravy, cranberries, stuffing and home made pies this year. I only brought the apple pie we bought because I cant stand pumpkin.. I could have had some cherry but I like apple better.. Wonder what apple and cherry pie mixed together in one would taste Ok me and my weird taste buds going crazy again..

Of course Jeff was the butt of our jokes thursday.. Those of you who know him personally know he is very jumpy.. and He hates stuffed animals.. Well you can imagine what we did to poor Jeffrey..I mean yes we had Shari's 18 year old son with us this year but I see him a kid yet so he doesnt really count and POOR JEFFREY was out numbered by 3 WOMEN!!!!! What a concept huh??LOL!!

Well anyway he was ready to go home by time we got done with him on Thursday evening.. We had him so jumpy I am suprised he was able to drive the car home.. but I wasnt going to drive us in the dark.I hate driving on the highway anyway. I will drive in town or just hope over 172 here in Green bay to get to the other side of town but I dont like long distance highway driving.. No thank you..

I stuck my foot in my mouth thursday as well. Victor had said something about spitting or at least I thought he had and forgot how old his girlfriend was and who I was with. I piped up and said what did you expect her to swallow..LOL.. Yikes.. she is only 17 years old.. I havent seen Vic get red in his life until then and my MIL even got embarrassed and I apologize for that statement if you are reading this mom..

I had to tell them i put my foot in my mouth at least once..

I made a hat over the weekend that is pink and heather grey with curly q's on top of it.. I will post it when I do my next post. I have been working on some new scrunchies for my shop also.. Hopefully they will sell. I could use a sale right now but not asking any of you to buy..Just saying I could use one.. Well I suppose i need to go find some clothes. I am still in my jammies and I have to work tonight. So I am off to get dressed and then finish a couple more scrunchies before work hopefully. I have to get my lunch together yet. jeff has this week off for vacation.. Not doing much since I sleep all day long.. talk soon.. Hugs..


Jeannie said...

Sounds like a great time. I am ALWAYS saying inappropriate things. So much that my family can hear it coming and head me off at the pass.

KC said...

Hey Tweety... How R YA?

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie that sounds like me but this time they didnt even know it was coming out of my mouth until it was too

KC I am great... Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. I have been busy working full time and crafting.. how is the etsy site coming along..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I'm glad you had a good holiday and visit. I'm notorious for putting my foot in my mouth too, don't feel bad. Sorry I've been absent, been busy with other things.

tweetey30 said...

VV this time of year you are always busy.. Thanks for taking time to stop in from your busy time and saying hi.. I appreciate it..

Gardenia said...

Just checkin in. Family Thanksgivings - too easy to put feet in mouth - and so many other things, but still a pretty good thing!

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia yes very well done at MILs house this year.. I just made turkey noodle soup last night.. tasted pretty good. Looking at leftovers for lunch today at least for me..