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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things to be Thankful For....

Tis the season to be thankful.. Well I have to admit I am thankful for a lot of things this year.. Well for starters I have my family. We have our home and our mortgage is almost caught up.. We both have jobs.. That is the biggest part in our lives right now to be thankful for.. Its still rough out there in this economy.. Walmart is hiring and I have applied several times over the last few years but they refuse to call me for some reason so screw them.. I am sick of places like that..

I am thankful to have a job I like except for working 3rd shift.. I get used to sleeping during the day Sunday through Thrusday and then have to adjust my sleeping schedule back to sleeping at night Friday and

I am thankful for having my parents in my life even though we dont see them as often as I would like.. I wish we lived closer but at least we have the internet and phone lines..

I am thankful to have my friends here and in real life. I mean you all are virtual and then those I have met in real life are really cool people.. I love each and everyone of you in many ways.. You all are very unique and I love reading your blogs..

I am thankful to have my etsy shop even though I havent made as much money with it as I had hoped to make even though its just a hobby..I am thankful to be able to crochet and make things I love to do..

Ok I know this post isnt to long but I cut my finger at work last night on some plastic and my middle finger hurts when I hit the keys so I am going to leave this for now.. but this is what I have for this year and I Hope you all have something very special to be thankful for also. I know I do and lots more but this is what i have for now.

Again Happy Thanksgiving and if you are traveling tomorrow or this weekend be safe and drive safely.. Have plenty of turkey..


The Griper said...

many blessings and i consider you a very rich family, my friend.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I agree many blessings! Happy Thanksgiving my dear :)