Its about me and my family. Mainly me and the girls. I may twitter or tweet alot but its mostly thoughts and going ons here at home and thoughts about what we might be doing on weekend or our adventures. Sit down and Enjoy what you are reading.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Havent been around much lately

Hiya there blog buddies. I havent been around much lately and I am terribly sorry. No stories of what we have done today or this weekend or what nots.. We havent done much with me working 3rd shift and Jeff working his tail end off either. but we have been doing things just not outside. It was really windy here for like four days straight and its just starting to calm down enough to maybe do something tomorrow after jeff comes home from work..

I am still up because I have house work to do and its easier to do it when I dont have a little angel saying mommy i am hungry or can we go some place. I blew up at them both yesterday technically they asked if we could go to the park and I was in a pissy mood anyway and not getting any help from them. there chore is to keep the livingroom toy free and there papers off the floor and so forth and I finally blew up at them. they ask if we can go places but I get no help and then they complain because mom always has housework.. Finally yesterday I told them IF I DONT GET SOME HELP we arent doing a damned thing anymore. Well that got them motivated. Both bedrooms got cleaned and the livingroom. Still didnt have time for the park yesterday but at least it got cleaned..they got out of school work for helping me today. They have to do school work today though before Jeff comes home at noon.

It feels weird talking in todays and yesterdays after midnight yet for I am tired but have some mopping I want to finish and I should really go finish that. I have no new photo's to add to my blog tonight. Wish I did. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday sometime.. Lets see how things go this weekend.. I hope all are well. I havent been doing much not even crocheting. I have worked a bit on my green,red and black afghan with the Z in the middle but not much else. Well anyway I have to get going. Just thought I would let you all know I am still here but barely.. Hugs N

Friday, October 22, 2010

One week ago...My dad turned 57...

Hi there.. We went to my dads house one week ago tomorrow.. I havent felt like posting much and I posted some of my MILS stuff but didnt get much of a response..LOL.. OK OK.. Maybe trying to push it here.. She does some awsome work.. I am going to list some more stuff here shortly. On my etsy site.. anyway I have some photo's and some great stories to tell..

My younger Brother Dennis and his girlfriend Jen and dog Aldo were at my dads house on Saturday for his b-day. My sister and youngest brother were suppose to be there but couldnt make it.. But you know what I was happy that one of my siblings could make it.. the girls had fun playing with the dog and he enjoyed the girls throwing sticks for him..

My dad loved his cake I bought him. I was looking for the perfect cake. I wanted some one here in town to make him a cake in the shape of a fish but couldnt find anyone to do it. So I kept looking and finally a week before we went I found the perfect cake for him.. It wasnt in the shape of a fish but it was fish related.. it was a quarter sheet cake with blue frosting as water and a bass fish on top that was a tape measure..

Then like i said the girls had fun playing with the dog and being with uncle dennnis..

Here is the girls at the park playing with Aldo..

It was a beautiful day to be with family on Saturday. We are staying home this weekend and clean house.. So I am off to do some house work before going to get my hubby and then back to bed for a while..

I took some overtime with a 1.50 hour increase in pay.. for 3rd shift.. go me...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Placing my Crafting stuff here for a few days..

Here are some crafts my MIL has made and asked me to sell for her. If you want prices but want to buy them.. Look in my etsy site and e-mail me please.. So check away and let me know I have more stuff coming up for her. I just havent taken all the photo's I want to take yet of the items. She has earring and such to.. I have to take photo's of them.. This is my new post until I can get some of my photo's sorted from my trip Saturday to my dads house. Look and see what you want. I have lots more coming up but check my etsy site too just in case I dont get them loaded here.or on my crafting blog. I do have a better post but no time to get it posted today. I have to leave in 15 minutes to go get Jeff.. So I am off and will make rounds later on..

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday Ride to Stevens Point WI..

Hi there.. I havent been around again much.. I made rounds this morning but didnt comment alot. I have been reading but no commenting.. I am sorry I have been absent.. I am here every day reading but not posting much. I like the new job except for it being 3rd shift. Its an easy job except for when the material moves and I dont catch it and we have to start over in my box.. Yikes. I did that Thursday night and the lady running the machine wasnt happy with me.. Oh well shit happens as I see it. People make mistakes and if they want it perfect make a machine to do all the work.. I cant believe I missed the mistake though..

Anyway today Saturday October 9th we took a trip to Stevens Point Wisconsin to a Craft Store called Hershners..Its one of the biggest Craft Stores in the United States I read somewhere. I was in my glory. We spent some money on more thread and yarn for me to make some new stuff. I went because i couldnt find some orange crocheting thread here in town and didnt want to spend the shipping cost on this material I bought today. I got some pretty awsome colors while I was there. I got some Halloween colors for some scrunches Mrs Z asked me to make.

She wants 12 new scrunchies and I will do my best to accomadate her with colors.. I bought some orange, green, black, a Hawaii Blue, fudge brown, a Christmas color and some other colors and then I found a spool pound of thread for .99 cents worth 3.99 today. I grabbed that right up..

Anyway we bought two more paint by numbers they were on sale today. I couldnt pass them up. I got two with African theme to them. One is a three piece set and the other is just really cool.. I will have to take photo's of the boxes.

But here are some photo's of the fall colors I took today. I hope you can see them ok. the car was moving and I put the camera in its mode for vechile moving but I sometimes get them blurry anyway.. I am tired but doing ok I guess. I am still working on my afghan and no where near being done. That comes after Mrs Z's scrunchies..

If any of you want scrunchies that have girls just let me know.. OK here are some fall colors for you all..

Oh before I forget I met another blog friend on Wednesday. Do any of you know The Griper if not go into my side bar and say a big hello to him and The Dawg.. That is her name. She is beautiful White German Shepard and the sweetest Dawg I have met in along time.. Enjoy..

Most of these were taken on the way home because we took a scenic route home Jeff knew.. so we went down a road where there was lots of color. Just beautiful. anyway enjoy. and I will try to post in a few days.. N..

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sundays Hike before Work for Me.

It was a beautiful day to hike. We didnt go to far so I dont know if there was wild life out or not.Jeff was sore from Saturday and I didnt want to be to sore for Sunday night for work so we went for a really small hike. It was cool out but nice enough I wish we would have brought our books with us to sit for a while when we were done with our hike.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I am slightly Stupid.. Not really Stupid..

Just read this and realize your bloggy friend here is slightly on her way to losing her whole life.. Not meaning to lose it.. We went out for a while today because I love those paint by number paintings and wanted to see what they had at this one hobby store we like. Well we got there and I got out of the car ok.. We walked almost up to the door and I lost my foot or tripped or something. Well I stumbled about 5 feet and almost went crashing through the dang glass window. I couldnt stop. I stopped when my head hit the window.

I am still slightly shaky. I still dont have those photo's of my dang afghan up yet. I feel horrible for making everyone wait. I have my few more rows on it done just havent taken photo's. Been just lazy the last few days.

Been a little extra tired lately too because of female problems.. so I have been trying to rest and get my sleep in. I could have shot our neighbors friday morning. I came home from work and went to bed. about 8:30 they are out there banging and booming because they are having there driveway redone. I was pissed off. I tried and layed there in bed for a while but couldnt sleep. i finally got up and did some running but when I came home I bitched at the one guy.

He apologized but they are thankful I didnt have to work Friday night. I think when you are going to do something like that its nice to let your neighbors know ahead of time. Anyway its done and I got some sleep today. So I am not as crabby but boy was i one not to mess with yesterday. the girls stayed out of my way because they knew. I didnt mean to be so cranky but only two hours of sleep maybe 3 hours. Not real good after being up most the night before..

Ok I am off to go finish our late dinner. I havent eaten since this morning. I wasnt hungry. Now I am starving amost 11 hours later.. I ate about 8:30 this morning and wasnt hungry when Jeff came home from work.I should have eaten something but couldnt.. anyway talk soon. I made rounds earlier today.. Have a wonderful Sunday my friends.

UP date here is my afghan I am working on.. At least the first 8 rows of it.. I have one more row almost ready to add.. This will be the second row of the / part of the Z..