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Friday, October 22, 2010

One week ago...My dad turned 57...

Hi there.. We went to my dads house one week ago tomorrow.. I havent felt like posting much and I posted some of my MILS stuff but didnt get much of a response..LOL.. OK OK.. Maybe trying to push it here.. She does some awsome work.. I am going to list some more stuff here shortly. On my etsy site.. anyway I have some photo's and some great stories to tell..

My younger Brother Dennis and his girlfriend Jen and dog Aldo were at my dads house on Saturday for his b-day. My sister and youngest brother were suppose to be there but couldnt make it.. But you know what I was happy that one of my siblings could make it.. the girls had fun playing with the dog and he enjoyed the girls throwing sticks for him..

My dad loved his cake I bought him. I was looking for the perfect cake. I wanted some one here in town to make him a cake in the shape of a fish but couldnt find anyone to do it. So I kept looking and finally a week before we went I found the perfect cake for him.. It wasnt in the shape of a fish but it was fish related.. it was a quarter sheet cake with blue frosting as water and a bass fish on top that was a tape measure..

Then like i said the girls had fun playing with the dog and being with uncle dennnis..

Here is the girls at the park playing with Aldo..

It was a beautiful day to be with family on Saturday. We are staying home this weekend and clean house.. So I am off to do some house work before going to get my hubby and then back to bed for a while..

I took some overtime with a 1.50 hour increase in pay.. for 3rd shift.. go me...


Jeannie said...

Looks like a fun time. Congrats on the raise! ^5

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time togetjer. The girls always know how to enjoy all the good moments, don't they?
A Belated HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY to your Father....May he have 57 more Good Healthy and Happy years ahead.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Congrats on both the overtime and the raise. You go girl! The pix are wonderful, it looks like it was a gorgeous day! I've been beyond busy so I haven't been on-line to visit anyone in awhile. I'm supposed to be doing classwork right now, but am hoping I can pop in and maybe throw up a quick post, then get back to work.

Gardenia said...

Cute cake. The photos are so clear and colorful! It does look like it was a fabulous day!