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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Havent been around much lately

Hiya there blog buddies. I havent been around much lately and I am terribly sorry. No stories of what we have done today or this weekend or what nots.. We havent done much with me working 3rd shift and Jeff working his tail end off either. but we have been doing things just not outside. It was really windy here for like four days straight and its just starting to calm down enough to maybe do something tomorrow after jeff comes home from work..

I am still up because I have house work to do and its easier to do it when I dont have a little angel saying mommy i am hungry or can we go some place. I blew up at them both yesterday technically they asked if we could go to the park and I was in a pissy mood anyway and not getting any help from them. there chore is to keep the livingroom toy free and there papers off the floor and so forth and I finally blew up at them. they ask if we can go places but I get no help and then they complain because mom always has housework.. Finally yesterday I told them IF I DONT GET SOME HELP we arent doing a damned thing anymore. Well that got them motivated. Both bedrooms got cleaned and the livingroom. Still didnt have time for the park yesterday but at least it got cleaned..they got out of school work for helping me today. They have to do school work today though before Jeff comes home at noon.

It feels weird talking in todays and yesterdays after midnight yet for I am tired but have some mopping I want to finish and I should really go finish that. I have no new photo's to add to my blog tonight. Wish I did. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday sometime.. Lets see how things go this weekend.. I hope all are well. I havent been doing much not even crocheting. I have worked a bit on my green,red and black afghan with the Z in the middle but not much else. Well anyway I have to get going. Just thought I would let you all know I am still here but barely.. Hugs N


Jeannie said...

Glad you can get the kids to help out - I wasn't too successful at it.

Gardenia said...

The lament of a working mom - its so hard to do it all especially with little kids.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

You sound like your work shift has you all discombobulated. Get more sleep if you can.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh hun sounds like you need so sleep. Hope you get some in and some help.