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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday Ride to Stevens Point WI..

Hi there.. I havent been around again much.. I made rounds this morning but didnt comment alot. I have been reading but no commenting.. I am sorry I have been absent.. I am here every day reading but not posting much. I like the new job except for it being 3rd shift. Its an easy job except for when the material moves and I dont catch it and we have to start over in my box.. Yikes. I did that Thursday night and the lady running the machine wasnt happy with me.. Oh well shit happens as I see it. People make mistakes and if they want it perfect make a machine to do all the work.. I cant believe I missed the mistake though..

Anyway today Saturday October 9th we took a trip to Stevens Point Wisconsin to a Craft Store called Hershners..Its one of the biggest Craft Stores in the United States I read somewhere. I was in my glory. We spent some money on more thread and yarn for me to make some new stuff. I went because i couldnt find some orange crocheting thread here in town and didnt want to spend the shipping cost on this material I bought today. I got some pretty awsome colors while I was there. I got some Halloween colors for some scrunches Mrs Z asked me to make.

She wants 12 new scrunchies and I will do my best to accomadate her with colors.. I bought some orange, green, black, a Hawaii Blue, fudge brown, a Christmas color and some other colors and then I found a spool pound of thread for .99 cents worth 3.99 today. I grabbed that right up..

Anyway we bought two more paint by numbers they were on sale today. I couldnt pass them up. I got two with African theme to them. One is a three piece set and the other is just really cool.. I will have to take photo's of the boxes.

But here are some photo's of the fall colors I took today. I hope you can see them ok. the car was moving and I put the camera in its mode for vechile moving but I sometimes get them blurry anyway.. I am tired but doing ok I guess. I am still working on my afghan and no where near being done. That comes after Mrs Z's scrunchies..

If any of you want scrunchies that have girls just let me know.. OK here are some fall colors for you all..

Oh before I forget I met another blog friend on Wednesday. Do any of you know The Griper if not go into my side bar and say a big hello to him and The Dawg.. That is her name. She is beautiful White German Shepard and the sweetest Dawg I have met in along time.. Enjoy..

Most of these were taken on the way home because we took a scenic route home Jeff knew.. so we went down a road where there was lots of color. Just beautiful. anyway enjoy. and I will try to post in a few days.. N..


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Dog and very Beautiful Leaves, too....It's lovely to see the Fall colors...We don;t have to many trees that change color here....Thanks for sharing.

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Happy crocheting!

Candy Minx said...

Love the Dawg! And those trees!!! Amazing. what a gorgeous drive you had and I bet it felt great to get supplies.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Isn't Herschner's the greatest? That's where I ordered my yarn for the last afghan I had my mom make for me. Also, I LOVE German Shepherds, but you probably already knew that. One day within the next year I hope I'm financially stable enough to get another dog. Can't do it right now though. *sigh*

Kelly Miller said...

That's how work goes sometimes. Mistakes are inevitable for humans, some folks don't get that. That huge craft store sounds pretty fun. I also love taking photos when autumn comes around, the colors are amazing :)

Gardenia said...

Just scrolling down and catching up on your photos and blog posts. The photos are really nice, and the girls still growing!!!! What a pretty dog that is - will check out Griper's blog. I miss blogspot - I have been pell melling through life, but I miss blogging.