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Thursday, July 22, 2010

People.. In General...

Hi there.. Over on Tuesday I had company from out of state for a little bit. They were driving from Chicago to Appleton WI.. And we are half an hour from Appleton. They came and visited us.. Well I have known this couple for almost 30 years.. I was six when I met them. M was my bus driver for kindergarden.. and his wife M met my mom after I accidently forgot to get off the bus one day. I was day dreaming and forgot where my stop was..LOL.. Six year olds are funny people..

Well M and M brought there grandson to Chicago to see his other grandma and decided since they were going to Appleton they could swing up here to visit too. Just a quick visit. It was a nice visit. Well anyway M and M's grandson has some problems and I knew about most of them.. He turned 5 today. I bought him a card and a dollar truck.. L the mother didnt even say thank you.. Rude little bitch if I have ever seen one in my life.

I have known her since she was about 3 and she is just rude. I hate when I see kids I have known that long and they are rude with me or my family.. Jeff and Mr M dont get along at all.. Jeff cant stand the way Mr M talks to people.

Well anyway I had to go get Jeff while they were here and Mr.M just took me because he said if he has to move the truck he might as well drive it.. So we went and got Jeff and you should have seen the look he gave me when I told him that he had to get in the back seat..LOL... It was funny.. But it wasnt a bad look. Nor disgust just a what the hell look basically..

But anyway.. Jeff and I had a small bet that J was potty trained. I guess it was more wishful thinking on my part for him having problems.. I guess according to my mom he cant talk, he can barely hear anything.

But my point to this all is that you can teach a mentally retarded child to use the toilet, a blind child you can teach, a deaf child.. So why cant they teach J to go to the bathroom also.. they dont force him.. My mom has told me J takes off his diapers and runs around naked but they just put him in another one and put his clothes back on him. He doesnt want to be in those diapers but doesnt know how to get out of them..

I feel sorry for him. I asked my mom yesterday while talking to her if that is borderline abuse.. I mean he is five and ready for the toilet and has been for some time now and they keep him diapers.. Come on. He has been giving them hints since he was like 18 months my mom has told me. She has watched the little guy for L when she has had to work..

You know how sick it makes me to see this. I dont know if its because my girls were exceptionally smart at the age of 18-20 months or what but they were both done by time they were 2.. it took us like 3 months with Kora to get her all the way done but we got it done.

Bri took like a month with night time. It was hit or miss with her at night time for me.. It took me a long time to get to her before she peed the bed.. I hated using diapers at night with her..

So what is wrong with these people that a five year old is still in diapers???? I dont get it..

Its like a neighbor girl I am not sure if I have mentioned or not. She is Bri's age and she still shits herself at night.. She cant go to Kindergarden until they stop her from doing that. She wont ask for anything. Daddy has to ask for her. She was here last week and she refused to ask for a glass of water and I refused to get her one until she asked for it.. Daddy isnt always going to be there to ask for her.. I may seem mean but come on.. Life isnt easy and I see it as you have to learn to ask for your self..

When we go out to McD's or any restaraunt for that matter both of my girls order for themselves.. Now that both girls can read for the most part. Bri struggles a little bit yet but not as bad as she did at the beginning of last year..

I hate comparing my kids to other peoples kids.. I just dont know if its because they are smarter or the way they are brought up.. I just dont know. but I try.

Ok I am off and will be around later maybe. I made rounds yesterday..

Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi all. I am sad today. I got a call from my Boss and I have been taken off one of my new accounts. Its the bank I was cleaning. Friday when I was there I opened one of the doors and I cleaned the windows and I came back into the building and swore I locked the door behind me. but I guess I didnt and he wont give me another chance.. He said I am not ready for it.. I have left lights on and he also said I dont do a final walk through but you know what oh well.. I will make it and do better on the other two accounts I have. I thought maybe it was to many accounts at once.. Not sure.. Anyway I am sad about the account but I am filling out applications to fill in the hours I am missing already..

Anyway on a lighter note here are some photo's I took on Friday afternoon and others I took before then.. the ones of Kora and Bri and there friend B on the slip and slide were taken from inside the house.. I took them through the window..

This photo was taken on my way into the bank and the rest are taken on my way home.. enjoy.. they arent as pretty as I have seen but i had my camera on Friday with me..

Enjoy.. I took the girls to Bay Beach on Friday afternoon after I got done working at the Dentist office. I have said it before but anytime after 5:30 PM on Thursday through Sunday afternoon.. So I went to work early Friday morning and got the Dentist office out of my way and then we went out for the afternoon.. The girls rode for a while and then we went home. It was way to hot to hang around and ride the adult rides.. they wanted to go on the scrambler but I was way to hot to stand in line.. There were way to many people there for a Friday afternoon or it seemed that way anyway.. LOL.. Ok Ok I am off. I need to run to the store for a few things for dinner.. Hope all is good with my friends..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life here in The R house hold...

Hi there. It stormed like crazy yesterday here.. I ended up in the basement for an hour because they said we might have 70 mile an hour winds.. It was possible. So the girls and I headed down stairs for a while.. I turned on the weather radio and listened to that for a while.. Then last night I went to work and it had stopped for a while but I was just taking the trash out and it started up again. One bolt of lightening I thought was going to hit the building as I went outside to dump the trash and recycling..

To be honest with you I think its a waste of money for me to be out in this building once a week. I know I am keeping it clean for those that use it yet but once a week.. I suppose I shouldnt complain and just do the job..

Here is another funny thing. Tuesday I cleaned the Dentist office.. I was dusting off a table and it had one of those little signs in the plastic cover ok.. It said we offer Conscious Sedation.. To me Sedation means sleeping..LOL. I thought that was funny as hell..I had the boss walk me through the Dentist Office this last Friday.I met him out there and we walked through because I wanted to show him some stuff I was worried about. This is one building I hate being in after dark so I am moving my schedule around slightly for the second day I clean this building. I have to clean it Tuesdays and anytime after 5:30 on Thursday through Sunday afternoon. So I am planning on moving my Thursday evenings to Friday afternoons and then heading over to the Bank.. all over town.. Wish i was getting paid just a tad more than I am though..

After a certain amount of time arent employers suppose to do a review of your work.. Or is that not a set thing??

Anyway the bank account is going well. I got a note from The Boss and it said I forgot the toilets in the basement next to the breakroom.. then it was crossed out when he realized those are only done on Tuesdays..LOL.. and then I left some trash bags on the middle piece where people fill out there checking account forms and such..LOL. I knew about those..

Sometimes wish I could get 40 hours in cleaning.. then I wouldnt want to clean my own house though..LOL.. But It would be great to be making the money that I was when I was at McD's.. I know I am nuts. I would be working late at night again I dont want that really. I enjoy my schedule now because I come home and have an hour with the girls before they go to bed and then Jeff and I have a few hours together and we play yahtzee lately and then we can watch a movie if we want to also..

The girls scared the shit out of me the other day. Bri came in and asked to go into a neighbors house and I said no.. Well I went to check the mail and they were no wehre in site.. I was yelling my lungs out for them and then realized where they had gone. I was one pissed off mama.. Jeff and I have decided that they arent allowed to play with this neighbor unless he comes down here. He seems to get the girls to go places they arent suppose to go.. I have pix but I dont want to just upload four pix..

I have some more stuff in the making for my Etsy site. I have finished my 50 hair scrunchies for a fellow blogger.. I suppose I could take pix of those and post those too when I get around to posting pix. I am working on some pretty dish cloths.

We had to switch our phone and internet to U-Verse because the old wires were going out and I hate it. We have lost a lot of stuff with U-verse. We have lost our star 69. and Calling Waiting.. We are going to Cancel the cable we got free for one month because we cant afford it.. But for them to transfer the internet box we had to have the cable for one month. They wanted us to try there cable for one month and get free installation. I dont see how they can charge an existing customer installation when they are upgrading there wires anyway.. We are going from a regular wire to Optical Wire.. I hate AT&T..

Anyway that is what is going on here.. Not much else. We are taking the girls out to his mothers house the last week of July but Jeff has to call his mother tonight.. MOM and S if you read this before Jeff calls you let him call you before you call me..LOL...

Ok OK I am off to do some crocheting for now and then doing some dishes later this afternoon or we wont be able to eat tonight.. Talk soon my friends.. I make rounds every so often.. I even post every few days.. I havent been on Etsy lately either. I need to make a few sales there before posting anything new on there. I dont have any money left in pay pal..

Sunday, July 11, 2010

hi there...

Hi I a still here. I have been trying to figure out what to write about.. I have a book review I think I will do..

A Place of Hiding by Elizabeth George

China River is out taking photographs of somone in the desert and when she gets home her brother Cherokee is half naked in her front yard.. She asks what he's doing there and he wanted to talk to her.. He wanted to talk to her about an adventure of her life time. He had a plan to buy a boat.But he needed her help. He needed her help as a wife instead of sister to go to Guernsey with him and give some plans from an architecht to a man that is building a museum. China didnt want to go at first. But she finally agreed to it.

They get to Guernsey and Guy Bourard meets them and has a party with the plans of the war time museum he is going to build.. Then Guy goes out for one of his early morning swims and later that day they find him dead.. His sister Ruth wakes up as he is going down to the water and see's this woman following him. She thinks she knows who it was.

Well in the mean time China Rivers has been arrested for the murder and her brother goes to London to fetch Debora and Simon. Debora is just finishing up on a Gallery she had. Everyone was just leaving and then the door bell sounded.. They thought it was a friend of theres.. But it was Cherokee Rivers at the door. Simon had no idea who the man was but Debora had a slight clue until he called her Debs.. Then she recognized him 100%..

They took him under there wing and asked how they could help him.. Well he needed help with the American Ambassy. Well Debora said they couldnt do a thing until mornig so why doesnt Cherokee stay the night.. So they feed him and put him in the spare bedroom. Morning rolls around and he is ready to go..

He tells Debora and Simon his sister has been arrested in Gursney for murder. Debora cant believe her long lost friend has commited such an act. So she decides she is going to go help her..

Simon goes over to Gursney with them and goes and talks to the local police.. Asks a few questions.. And then Debora meets up with her old friend because she has been released into a special set of apts but cant leave the Island.. she is still under suspicion.

Going on further into the book they start investigating people.. then cherokee is arrested.. they found some opiate with his finger prints on it.. So China is let go and Cherokee is arrested.

But Paul Fielder finds a painting and brings it to Ruth after the funeral and the cops are called because someone thinks he stole it.. But Ruth defends the boy. She said Guy had him holding it for me for my B-day.. So Paul was let go. Lots going on in this book. Trying to figure out where to go next without rewriting the whole book..

Well here we go I will do this I am going to skip to the end part of the book.. Bare with me..

Well they end up letting Cheorkee go also.. They tell the Rivers siblings they have one day to get off the Island and go home or back to Rome if they wish to go.. Simon had found some information out and was laying a trap for one of them..

Well in the end the trap worked.. That is all I am going to say. I am not saying who or what it was that got trapped.. Enjoy if you read this book. I know I did..

I have noticed it takes me longer to read a hard cover book than a soft cover book for some reason.. I dont know why.. LOL. But I will give this book an 8 out of ten tweets..

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Part one of my fireworks show from down town July 4th,2010...

I had to take these in segments or I wouldnt have had enough video to take the grand finalle. Enjoy... I got these off my facebook page. So they came off my camera.. Go me.. I have three kids outside playing in the water..

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Holiday Weekend not Very Eventful...

Hi there. here are some pix and what went on this weekend. Not very eventful..We spent Saturday out and about but Sunday Jeff went and helped a friend of ours move his store into the moving truck where he could be on the road to California today. And then we went and helped him clean up last night. I took my Kirby over and impressed him with how well it sucked up the stuff on the floor.

On our way back to the head of the trail Saturday we came across this lady that had fallen off her bike. Thankfully someone else had come across her first. I had left my damned Cell Phone home that morning. I had no way of helping her. When we got to her she wasnt responsive and she was bleeding perfusely from the head. It was scary really to see someone like that.

They took her into one of the hopsitals and I am hoping she is alright. she might have given herself one heck of a concussion..

I talked to my boss today and he is proud of what i am doing. I have missed a few things in each of the new buildings but he said to fix those as i go in and its because they are new to me. I will fix the Dentist office tonight since that is my first night back at work for this week. I have been working four nights a week but still getting most of my hours in.

I have the Dentist office twice a week and my original account once a week now and then a bank to do on Friday's.. So I am busy but we had a good laugh today when I talked to the boss. I was telling him that the Dentist office was creepy on thursday and he agreed with me and forgot to tell me about the building shifting..

Why is it me lately. the girls just cant seem to get along. I have to go deal with the shit going on there. Have a wonderful week and I will be making rounds in the next few days..

Friday, July 02, 2010

Thanks Mike S.

Have a great weekend my friends. And have a safe Holiday.. Happy 4th of July..

Thursday, July 01, 2010

AWWW isnt this cute

Got this one from Jeff's mom and partner. Isnt it cute..

It says "The photographer must have been happy" above the pix..

"Friendship isn't about who you have known the longest
It's about those who came and never left your side ...."

So true isnt it?? I love it.. I know for real most animals wont do this in these photo's but its great to see this.. You never know what a kitten might do. Its like if we brought a bird into the house with Snowie now. She would attack it.. But when she was a kitten you just never know.. you teach them.. So its cute anyway..