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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life here in The R house hold...

Hi there. It stormed like crazy yesterday here.. I ended up in the basement for an hour because they said we might have 70 mile an hour winds.. It was possible. So the girls and I headed down stairs for a while.. I turned on the weather radio and listened to that for a while.. Then last night I went to work and it had stopped for a while but I was just taking the trash out and it started up again. One bolt of lightening I thought was going to hit the building as I went outside to dump the trash and recycling..

To be honest with you I think its a waste of money for me to be out in this building once a week. I know I am keeping it clean for those that use it yet but once a week.. I suppose I shouldnt complain and just do the job..

Here is another funny thing. Tuesday I cleaned the Dentist office.. I was dusting off a table and it had one of those little signs in the plastic cover ok.. It said we offer Conscious Sedation.. To me Sedation means sleeping..LOL. I thought that was funny as hell..I had the boss walk me through the Dentist Office this last Friday.I met him out there and we walked through because I wanted to show him some stuff I was worried about. This is one building I hate being in after dark so I am moving my schedule around slightly for the second day I clean this building. I have to clean it Tuesdays and anytime after 5:30 on Thursday through Sunday afternoon. So I am planning on moving my Thursday evenings to Friday afternoons and then heading over to the Bank.. all over town.. Wish i was getting paid just a tad more than I am though..

After a certain amount of time arent employers suppose to do a review of your work.. Or is that not a set thing??

Anyway the bank account is going well. I got a note from The Boss and it said I forgot the toilets in the basement next to the breakroom.. then it was crossed out when he realized those are only done on Tuesdays..LOL.. and then I left some trash bags on the middle piece where people fill out there checking account forms and such..LOL. I knew about those..

Sometimes wish I could get 40 hours in cleaning.. then I wouldnt want to clean my own house though..LOL.. But It would be great to be making the money that I was when I was at McD's.. I know I am nuts. I would be working late at night again I dont want that really. I enjoy my schedule now because I come home and have an hour with the girls before they go to bed and then Jeff and I have a few hours together and we play yahtzee lately and then we can watch a movie if we want to also..

The girls scared the shit out of me the other day. Bri came in and asked to go into a neighbors house and I said no.. Well I went to check the mail and they were no wehre in site.. I was yelling my lungs out for them and then realized where they had gone. I was one pissed off mama.. Jeff and I have decided that they arent allowed to play with this neighbor unless he comes down here. He seems to get the girls to go places they arent suppose to go.. I have pix but I dont want to just upload four pix..

I have some more stuff in the making for my Etsy site. I have finished my 50 hair scrunchies for a fellow blogger.. I suppose I could take pix of those and post those too when I get around to posting pix. I am working on some pretty dish cloths.

We had to switch our phone and internet to U-Verse because the old wires were going out and I hate it. We have lost a lot of stuff with U-verse. We have lost our star 69. and Calling Waiting.. We are going to Cancel the cable we got free for one month because we cant afford it.. But for them to transfer the internet box we had to have the cable for one month. They wanted us to try there cable for one month and get free installation. I dont see how they can charge an existing customer installation when they are upgrading there wires anyway.. We are going from a regular wire to Optical Wire.. I hate AT&T..

Anyway that is what is going on here.. Not much else. We are taking the girls out to his mothers house the last week of July but Jeff has to call his mother tonight.. MOM and S if you read this before Jeff calls you let him call you before you call me..LOL...

Ok OK I am off to do some crocheting for now and then doing some dishes later this afternoon or we wont be able to eat tonight.. Talk soon my friends.. I make rounds every so often.. I even post every few days.. I havent been on Etsy lately either. I need to make a few sales there before posting anything new on there. I dont have any money left in pay pal..


Jeannie said...

I'm glad your work is going well and it's too bad you don't have more hours yet but the time with your kids is nice.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhh I don't do well with storms.

Glad you're keeping busy hope you can pick up some more jobs.

yeah on the scrunchies!!!

Ca... said...

Hi, Tweety,-Thanks for stopping by a Time and a Place. Thank you for caring. I'll start it up again one of these days,-I just don't know when. Have a nice day. JC

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sounds like you're busy and life is rolling right along. That's a good thing. Keep your chin up on the work front. This recession can't last forever.

Beej said...

oh I agree about AT&T. WE 'fired' them after a while and they tried to bill us for months after we changed servies!