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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things Going on Here..

Hi there.. I have quit Burger King and most of you will yell at me for not having a job now but you know what I couldnt handle only working 7 fucking measly hours a week. I was promised 30 hours a week and then it went from that down to maybe 20 before I hurt my foot and then I went back and she was barely giving me 15 hours a week and this coming week I would have had 7 measly hours.. I went in and talk to her yesterday and she told me I wasnt trying hard enough.. So I told her if she felt that way about me I quit. I handed her my shirt and visor she had given me when I started. I also told her that if she felt I wasnt trying hard enough oh well she could find some one else willing to do the job. There had been many applicants since I started.

I dont piss around with other people like that anymore. I did have a job interview yesterday and will know more this coming week if I got the job or not.. And I have been filling out applications like crazy way before my decision to quit was final yesterday.. I have more time to get my Etsy Shop going and also find better employment.. I am hoping the Assisted Living one calls back. I was going to do housekeeping for them.. But if the Service Master one Calls back first. i will take that one first..

I am not picky. I just want a little respect OK. Is that so hard to understand in a job. Sara the manager at BK told me I wasnt trying as hard when I came back to work after hurting my foot. You know you try walking on a foot that is still sore and let me know how well you work.. I was moving as fast as I could.. Or felt able to move.

I dont know about fast food. I am done with it for now.. I am just done with it.. Sick and tired of it.. I am sick and tired of managers thinking they can bully us employees just because they make way more than minimage wage... Anyway I am done with BK.. I have to admit I cant even eat there food anymore.. I get a yuckie feeling..

Anyway one more thing and I will quit ranting today.. I have my Etsy site at the botton of my Blog here. I cant move it up for some reason.. If anyone has any suggestions I am more than willing to take them.. Check it out and let me know if there is something you want.. I have ordered some more Ribbon Yarn to make another scarf or something with. Not sure what i am doing with it yet.. I wanted four balls but didnt have enough in pay pal. That is how I am paying for most of my supplies that go into my Etsy site. Not using Jeff's hard earned money..LOL.. Ok Ok I am off to help Bri with her reading.

Talking about that she is wanting to try now that its after the 1st of the Year.. So we have been working on her big book again.. She is doing great.. Just need to her to realize she can sound almost anyway word.. and have her memorize those words she cant... thanks eveyone for being my friends... Talk to you all soon.. Will either make rounds later this afternoon or tomorrow..N..

UpDate.. I am so happy..I got a new camera today for my B-day and x-mas present from Jeff.. Our State Taxes came back today.. Yayyy... Will give more details as I learn how to use it. Its a Kodak and wonderful little thing so far.. So much clearer pix.. Will load some later for you..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stupid McDonald's.. and New Eye Glasses

Hi there. I quit McD's in late July early August ok.. Well its tax time as we all know.. Well I had to fight with them to get my W-2's.. I went to the store I worked for and the store manager was really rude to me.. Well we looked up the Financial Investment they work with to issue the checks and I called them the other day. The message said they would call back within 24 hours.. I didnt hear a thing of course. So I went over to the investment place yesterday and asked for my W-2's.. She said they were going to mail them on Monday.

Well I made it sound like we were having our taxes done yesterday and I needed them. So she said as long as I have an ID I could have my W-2's there at the office.. One less stamp they had to use.. LOL..

But I hate fighting with people.. I hate knowing they were jerking my chain..

I am looking for new eye glasses. I have a new prescription but I dont want to pay 300 dollars for a pay of glasses. So us girls went over to Eyemart last night and I found two pairs I want for 98.61. They are beautiful and I can spend an extra 30 dollars to get a one year warranty on them and scratch resistance and tint on both pairs.. So for a 130 dollars roughly I can get two pairs of glasses instead of one pair for 300.. Yikess that is still like a third of the price..

What a deal huh?? Well all my other tax info came in the mail safely and so did Jeff's.. He should be home soon.. I need to get eating and then get ready to go get our taxes done..

I am going to take this afternoon to work on Zombieslayers blanket and then I am waiting for some yarn to make Mrs Z her hat.. I found some very beautiful yarn to do that.. I will post them when I am done and if you want one I can make you one as well.. Here is a sample of ZS's blanket if he doesnt mind..

I have some more stuff on my etsy account today.. I have face scrubbies and hats and scarves..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Foot any My Dad Ken

Hey all. I went back to the foot dr last night. I was late because I thought I had to be there at 4:45 insttead of 4:30.. Yikes.. HUH?? Anyway the foot is healing and I can finally wear my shoes again on that foot. I hated that surgical shoe... Esp while working..Thought everyone would like an update there at least..

You all know my grandfather passed away last month before x-mas.. Well the funeral is today in Texas and my mom and Ken are down there right as I type this.. But I got ahold of Ken's son and they are going to meet up at the funeral today and meet after all these years... Ken has wanted to find the kids for years and just never knew how to go about doing it..

I am glad i could give Kendal a heads up on him meeting Ken after all these years. I was told by Kendal that my mom and Ken would have to go just miles away from his house to go back to MN anyway.. The way life goes.. I am happy.. I was jealous at first when I first found out that Ken had found his children. I thought I wasnt going to be loved as much as he might love his own two children.

I was wrong there. I was being stupid but I grew up with the man. But to be honest I always knew there was an empty space there too..Just like Stuart says on Stuart Little..He has an empty space.. LOL.. Getting bad when I am quoting quotes out of kids movies...LOL..

Well I have to go to the Post Office today and then I have to go to work.. I will talk to you all either later tonight or in the next few days..Talk soon. N..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Happy Happy B-day to You...

Hey all there are two B-days this month... LOL..Yes I know I already said that yesterday or the day before..But anyway...

Happy Happy Happy B-day to Kora Jo... She who turned 9 on us today... Yikess 9 already.. Where has time went.. I remember bringing her home and having a hard time with her.. She cried all the time.. She was border line Colicky.. Anyway I have said this before. I wish I had my digital camera when she was a baby.. I would add photo's of her when she was brought home till now.. Poo Poo.. On that.. Oh well it happens right..

Anyway here is the B-day girl today on her special day...Outfit number one from Grandma Carol.

Outfit number two and you cant see her newly white socks under her pants.. I was going to get them in a size eight but they are too big in a size 7 on her yet.. They are too long and to big in the waste yet.. Boy is she skinny..

Kora Jo with her two new books from Adopted Grandma Tshsmom and family...

Here comes the cake.. Chocolate cake with white frosting and Hershey Kisses on top.. for decoration this year.. Mom is getting a bit artistic in her old age... LOL..

Kora Jo with cake and candle lit.. But it took about four tries to get her to blow it out as we took photo's... It was funny..

This what Daddy finally got from her.. It was hiliarious.. I was in the bathroom and I heard him Say We got it...LOL... I am going to miss my young babies as they grow up.. They are growing up way to fast... You know we take them into a restaurant and Kora can order her own food now.. So can Bri with some help.. But still its the point. I see so many kids there ages and parents are still ordering food for there kids.. I mean when does a child learn??

I watch these spoiled children and watch them leave messes for other people to clean up.. I mean sure it was Kora's b-day today but she helped me pick up dishes from the livingroom and put them in the kitchen.. I may do the dishes and such but she helps clean the livingroom and her room that very seldom gets cleaned.. I try to enforce the play with one toy at a time rule but yeah right.. LOL..

Well here is my 9 year old baby to share with my friends...She did get somethign from us and I forgot to photograph it.. We got her two color by numbers.. She is doing well with them.. The only thing is the canvas doesnt have the numbers on them.. She has to follow the chart that does have the numbers on them.. But she loves doing them.. She loves to color and draw.. Both girls are showing artistic sides to them..

Anyway thanks for being friends and I enjoy sharing this special day with you all.. I will make rounds more than likely either tomorrow or Friday. I dont have to work on Friday.. Talk soon..

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hi all. I have been around somewhat... I visit and then miss a few days to go play on Etsy... I have sold ten items on there... I am working on a custom job for a lady right now.. She wanted twenty white facial scrubbies and 18 teal and then she also wanted 15 soap savers..Those dont take long to make.. She is helping me with the teal because I could not find it here and she lives in the Chicago area..

One more week from today I have to wear that awful surgical shoe when i am either walking around outside or at work. I havent worn it at home in weeks... I hate the thing... I dont think I hurt my foot more by not wearing it because I was sick for five days over x-mas and I couldnt walk even if I wanted to really.. Or stand for long periods of time I should say..

I have made a new item for my etsy site without a pattern and my own idea.. The pants are a bit tight.. But hey its a start.. I just need to know to make thema little a bigger next time.. Jeff swears you could get a preemie in them but I dont think so... Sorry but I just dont think so...

I am now working on a custom order for ZombieSlayer and Mrs Z.. Its turning out really nice.. I wont post pix of this one until I am done... No sneak peeks yet Mrs Z.. Unless you want me to e-mail Mr Z.... But no one else is going to get peeks until I am done with the blanket..

Kora is really into her color by numbers. We bought her two more on Saturday for her B-day.. These dont have the numbers on the canvas so she has to work with Jeff or I when she wants to do them where she can ask for help but Jeff and I painted some more of our paint by numbers last night.. I havent take photo's of them yet but will before we finish them and then of course after we finish them..

I am getting money from my mom for my b-day and I have no idea what I want to do with it.. No idea at all.. Kora is getting money from my mom also and I am looking at getting her some stuff she needs instead of getting her things she wants this time around..

I am a bitch people.. I may seem very nice on here but I am a royal bitch... I did something over New Years.. Not to my MIL but I have a little brother named Dennis and he is really Family Oriented... I finally told him I am not the oldest child and where our older brother is sort of.. And that they arent the youngest children there are two girls younger than they are..

Dennis has been asking me for ages and I finally got sick of carrying this secret around with me.. My dad asked me to not say a thing about it and I just finally felt Dennis needed to know also.. We are all adults now.. It pissed me off when my dad told me not to go to my grandmothers b-day party and to stay away from my family.. I didnt go to my grandmothers party because we couldnt afford it.. Other wise I would have been there.. And then telling me to send back any mail I get from the family.. I am sorry for what ever beef he has with the family its not my beef.. LOL.. I might have spelled that wrong.. In that context..

My parents have to go to Texas early February to have my grandfathers funeral. They need to go spread his ashes... They cremated the man.. Well when they come home they are going to give back the brand new truck my grandfather had bought before he got sick.. My parents cant afford 400 dollar truck payments... Life is a box of chocolates and you just never know what you are getting..

Well I need to go find some breakfast and work on Mr and Mrs Z's blanket.. My hands hurt but I am having a hard time putting the crochet hook down..

Happy Monday my friends and I will catch you all later.. I will be back with up dates later in the week with things and what we got Kora for her B-day on Wednesday and what she got from Tshsmom for her b-day that is sitting on my TV..

One more thing really quick.. Here is what my MIL taught me to do while we were at her house for NYE..

Ok now I am gone really.. Enjoy the pix.. If you know someone having a baby let me know I can strike you a deal on the hats and I ship world wide..I will just have to take these off my Etsy site for who ever buys something.. Well anyway gotta run.. Happy Monday again..

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Damned Schools in America

I was watching the news at Noon today they are cutting more schools next year again.. For the school year 2010/11.. They are looking at laying off more teachers and closing another school or two here in WI.. I am so glad we home school our girls.. Its not here in Green Bay this happening but you just never know when its going to be our turn here in town..

That means bigger classroom sizes and more drop outs because the kids arent going to understand what is going so instead of asking for help they are going to get fustrated with the system and walk out and not go back.. This is my opinion here... But it hurts to hear about it..

I grew up in a small town in MN and we had up to 30 kids in a class. That was tough sometimes.. I didnt understand alot of what was going on to be honest with you. I barely graduated.. I sort of gave up my senior year of school.. I decided running with my friends was more important than doing home work..

We had to do a 15-30 page report before we could graduate with English and I flopped taht one.. I got a D- on mine if i remember right.. So how do these kids that are used to smaller classes going to feel next year when they have 30-40 kids in a class. A new school because the old one had to shut down.. I dont get it..

SME you might remember that dang report we had to do for the English Teacher back home.. I almost slipped on where it was... Just fustrating for me since my parents were no help with home work and my friends had there own problems.. I couldnt stay late at school half the time.. I had no way home.. I didnt have my drivers liscense and I had no car, no parents that cared enough to pick me up from school...

But anyway I am hoping these kids here in WI have it better than I did. I look at them and wonder why they need 30 million dollars to run a school.. How is closing a school they obviously need going to help them because they will just have to pack more kids into another school and give that school that much more money to deal with..

I cant understand it.. I am angry inside and really just glad we are home schooling our girls.. Bri fights with me on loads of things but she is learning slowly.. Kora still hates math but she is trying.. Its not like if they were in a school setting.. Anyway I am off but just thought i would mention this.. Hope you all have a wonderful night... I will be around tomorrow before I go to work.. I only work three hours tomorrow..

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Eve

Hey there... I know its been like four days but its better late than never again... We went to his mothers house and I forgot to take photo's of the girls and grandma's... Oh well... Maybe next time... We had a fun time... I made dinner and Jeff sat and visited with his mother and partner.. He hooked up there DVD player they had bought at the Dollar Store for 20.00 bucks.. Nice little machine for that price to be honest..

The girls opened there presents from them.. They got horse stuff and two movies and each a set of clothes...They got candy and crackers in there stockings and each a small bear..Very nice stuff.

We had ham that we were suppose to have had for X-mas but kept it for NYE instead.. I made the girls Shirly Temples with dinner... But I think they had way to much sugar though because on Friday they were both just too mouthy for there own goods...

Oh Jeff and I bought something yesterday for us..We got our paint by numbers back.. Yayyy... I miss doing those with him..We have cleaned off the table with and put them up there when we are painting and put them in the closet where they dont get destroyed when not using them..The only thing we have found is that you cant find one that you dont have to mix paint with anymore.. All of them are where you have to mix the dang paint.. I hate it..

But anyway that was our x-mas gift to ourselves... I go back to work on Thursday because Thursday starts a new pay period.. So she didnt want me working Mon-Wed and having to pay me for them I see...LOL.. I dont get it...Oh well...But at least I am going back.. I cant complain to much..

Ok well I gotta go for now.. I will be around in a bit to say hi and see how everyones doing. I need to get some food down my gullet and then help Kora with her cursive writing.. She struggles with some of the letters yet.. So we are taking our time there...So talk soon. N..