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Monday, January 11, 2010


Hi all. I have been around somewhat... I visit and then miss a few days to go play on Etsy... I have sold ten items on there... I am working on a custom job for a lady right now.. She wanted twenty white facial scrubbies and 18 teal and then she also wanted 15 soap savers..Those dont take long to make.. She is helping me with the teal because I could not find it here and she lives in the Chicago area..

One more week from today I have to wear that awful surgical shoe when i am either walking around outside or at work. I havent worn it at home in weeks... I hate the thing... I dont think I hurt my foot more by not wearing it because I was sick for five days over x-mas and I couldnt walk even if I wanted to really.. Or stand for long periods of time I should say..

I have made a new item for my etsy site without a pattern and my own idea.. The pants are a bit tight.. But hey its a start.. I just need to know to make thema little a bigger next time.. Jeff swears you could get a preemie in them but I dont think so... Sorry but I just dont think so...

I am now working on a custom order for ZombieSlayer and Mrs Z.. Its turning out really nice.. I wont post pix of this one until I am done... No sneak peeks yet Mrs Z.. Unless you want me to e-mail Mr Z.... But no one else is going to get peeks until I am done with the blanket..

Kora is really into her color by numbers. We bought her two more on Saturday for her B-day.. These dont have the numbers on the canvas so she has to work with Jeff or I when she wants to do them where she can ask for help but Jeff and I painted some more of our paint by numbers last night.. I havent take photo's of them yet but will before we finish them and then of course after we finish them..

I am getting money from my mom for my b-day and I have no idea what I want to do with it.. No idea at all.. Kora is getting money from my mom also and I am looking at getting her some stuff she needs instead of getting her things she wants this time around..

I am a bitch people.. I may seem very nice on here but I am a royal bitch... I did something over New Years.. Not to my MIL but I have a little brother named Dennis and he is really Family Oriented... I finally told him I am not the oldest child and where our older brother is sort of.. And that they arent the youngest children there are two girls younger than they are..

Dennis has been asking me for ages and I finally got sick of carrying this secret around with me.. My dad asked me to not say a thing about it and I just finally felt Dennis needed to know also.. We are all adults now.. It pissed me off when my dad told me not to go to my grandmothers b-day party and to stay away from my family.. I didnt go to my grandmothers party because we couldnt afford it.. Other wise I would have been there.. And then telling me to send back any mail I get from the family.. I am sorry for what ever beef he has with the family its not my beef.. LOL.. I might have spelled that wrong.. In that context..

My parents have to go to Texas early February to have my grandfathers funeral. They need to go spread his ashes... They cremated the man.. Well when they come home they are going to give back the brand new truck my grandfather had bought before he got sick.. My parents cant afford 400 dollar truck payments... Life is a box of chocolates and you just never know what you are getting..

Well I need to go find some breakfast and work on Mr and Mrs Z's blanket.. My hands hurt but I am having a hard time putting the crochet hook down..

Happy Monday my friends and I will catch you all later.. I will be back with up dates later in the week with things and what we got Kora for her B-day on Wednesday and what she got from Tshsmom for her b-day that is sitting on my TV..

One more thing really quick.. Here is what my MIL taught me to do while we were at her house for NYE..

Ok now I am gone really.. Enjoy the pix.. If you know someone having a baby let me know I can strike you a deal on the hats and I ship world wide..I will just have to take these off my Etsy site for who ever buys something.. Well anyway gotta run.. Happy Monday again..


Jeannie said...

Cute stuff! I haven't done any knitting - bought yarn to make a hat and scarf for myself but haven't touched it.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very pretty things, my dear! I would think you would sell a lot of them---especially with all this cold weather!

tshsmom said...

I don't care what your Dad says; you kids should ALL know about each others existence! This is YOUR family and your Dad has no right trying to keep you away from your grandmother or siblings. Life's too short for that shit!
So you weren't being a bitch. You were just being nice to Dennis by telling him this stuff.

zydeco fish said...

Wow, such nice work.

Grizzly Mama said...

Thanks for the update, Tweetey. I've been wondering how you are. I agree with Tshsmom - what you did was not bitchy at all. Your dad is being very manipulative, and for you not to fall into line with that is not bitchy - it's just honest. HE may think you're a bitch for doing it, but that doesn't make it true...

Love the crochet items. The hats remind me of the hats we got at the hospital when the girls were born. I wish they had had cool ones like yours! I still have those little hats in my nightstand... I love the doll stuff, too. Adorable. Y'know - stuff like that would make good presents for your girls birthdays and stuff. I can see something like that being kept for a lifetime and lots of sentimental value knowing that their mom made it especially for them.

Take care!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wow, sounds like you're keeping very busy with your projects. Good job! As for the family drama, sorry about that, we all have it to some degree. All you can do is control your own reactions, you can't make others behave better. Good luck navigating the treacherous waters of family relations.