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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Happy Happy B-day to You...

Hey all there are two B-days this month... LOL..Yes I know I already said that yesterday or the day before..But anyway...

Happy Happy Happy B-day to Kora Jo... She who turned 9 on us today... Yikess 9 already.. Where has time went.. I remember bringing her home and having a hard time with her.. She cried all the time.. She was border line Colicky.. Anyway I have said this before. I wish I had my digital camera when she was a baby.. I would add photo's of her when she was brought home till now.. Poo Poo.. On that.. Oh well it happens right..

Anyway here is the B-day girl today on her special day...Outfit number one from Grandma Carol.

Outfit number two and you cant see her newly white socks under her pants.. I was going to get them in a size eight but they are too big in a size 7 on her yet.. They are too long and to big in the waste yet.. Boy is she skinny..

Kora Jo with her two new books from Adopted Grandma Tshsmom and family...

Here comes the cake.. Chocolate cake with white frosting and Hershey Kisses on top.. for decoration this year.. Mom is getting a bit artistic in her old age... LOL..

Kora Jo with cake and candle lit.. But it took about four tries to get her to blow it out as we took photo's... It was funny..

This what Daddy finally got from her.. It was hiliarious.. I was in the bathroom and I heard him Say We got it...LOL... I am going to miss my young babies as they grow up.. They are growing up way to fast... You know we take them into a restaurant and Kora can order her own food now.. So can Bri with some help.. But still its the point. I see so many kids there ages and parents are still ordering food for there kids.. I mean when does a child learn??

I watch these spoiled children and watch them leave messes for other people to clean up.. I mean sure it was Kora's b-day today but she helped me pick up dishes from the livingroom and put them in the kitchen.. I may do the dishes and such but she helps clean the livingroom and her room that very seldom gets cleaned.. I try to enforce the play with one toy at a time rule but yeah right.. LOL..

Well here is my 9 year old baby to share with my friends...She did get somethign from us and I forgot to photograph it.. We got her two color by numbers.. She is doing well with them.. The only thing is the canvas doesnt have the numbers on them.. She has to follow the chart that does have the numbers on them.. But she loves doing them.. She loves to color and draw.. Both girls are showing artistic sides to them..

Anyway thanks for being friends and I enjoy sharing this special day with you all.. I will make rounds more than likely either tomorrow or Friday. I dont have to work on Friday.. Talk soon..


Wandering Coyote said...

Happy birthday, Cora!

Wandering Coyote said...

Crap, I spelled her name wrong (my co-worker's name is Cora) - SORRY!

Let's try again:

Happy birthday KORA!

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday Kora!
The cake looks yummy and the clothes are very nice!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Awww, Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great one!

Beej said...

Oh, I enjoyed these photos! Thanks for posting them!

Today (the 14th) is my birthday. Tell your daughter we capricorns can do ANYTHING we choose, and do it well!


Grizzly Mama said...

Happy Birthday to Kora from all of us in the Grizzly Sloth.